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Ushi No Tane
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Goddess Dress

To kick off this ending you must start off by giving gifts to Gina (Martha's Granddaughter) at Clove's Villa. Very Berries will do fine, you also could give her some Eggs too. After a few days of sweetening her up, she will stop by your farm to chat with you. Gina tells you about the Flower Festival in Flowerbed City since that's where the Hero is from. She has heard about the Goddess Robes that are worn there. She wants to make a new design to wow and amaze everyone who will be going to the festival. She asks for your help in doing this. Now that you've been informed of this, you must find someone who can design the dress. Go and talk to Katie. Become better friends with her by giving her Moondrop Flowers daily. In no time she will be your friend and she will stop by your farm one morning to show you some sketches for the Goddess Dress and Gina wants your opinion. Then the Hero goes off into great detail describing the Goddess Dress, making Katie wonder if you'd seen the Goddess yourself.

After telling her your ideas, head on up to Clove's Villa and you will see Gina and Katie under a tree discussing some ideas for making the Goddess Dress. In the middle of this discussion, Dia will come out calling for Gina and she scolds Gina and says that Gina must find her scarf. Katie waves goodbye to Gina and runs off, then Gina takes off looking for Dia's scarf. Now you must start becoming better friends with Dia. Giver her plenty of Very Berries and after a week or so you should have her buttered up nicely.

Head on over to the Goddess Lake and a cinema will occur. The Goddess then tells you in order to make the right Goddess Dress, you must have silk thread. In addition to this, the silk must be dyed with Very Berries and Woven under the Moonlight. The Hero seems a bit flustered with all of this, but the Goddess explains to you that all you need is to bring her the thread and she will take care of the rest. Now become good friends with Louis and head on over to the Tool Shop. Eventually he will announce that the silk thread is in but it will cost 3000 Gold.

Now that you have the silk thread, head on back to the Goddess. Another cinema will occur, this time the Goddess will take the thread off your hands. She then says that she will begin work on the cloth and get back to you. It will take about 2 weeks for her to finish this, and then the Goddess and Sprites will stop by your farm. She will announce that she has proudly completed the work on the Rainbow Cloth and she hands it to the Hero. Then the Harvest Sprites complain about how the Harvest Goddess made them do so much work. This is the time where you head up to Clove's Villa.

To give Gina the cloth, you must make sure that she is inside to do this. She is usually inside the Villa around 11:00 am except on Saturdays. When you catch her you will enter another Cinema and the Hero will hand Gina the Rainbow Cloth. Gina will comment on its beauty and then she will wonder how on earth you got your hands on this beautiful piece of artwork. After the Hero tries to explain it to her, Gina gives him a confused look and says that maybe it's better that she didn't know. Now Gina will leave and start to work on the dress. Continue to be friendly with the main characters in this ending. It will take about 3 to 4 weeks, but when it's done visit Clove's Villa and a cinema will occur. Gina and Katie will be sitting under the tree again, but this time Gina is busy sewing the dress. Martha will call out to Gina and Gina responds to Martha's call. Then Dia wanders out of the Villa and questions Gina why she has been hanging around Katie so much lately. Dia then chews out Gina for ignoring her job. Katie in turn starts to have her way on Dia. Dia then runs away to go cry. The Hero goes to comfort and chat with Dia, and then Dia returns and apologizes to everyone and offers a helping hand. Gina comments on how Dia would be a great model for the Goddess Dress.

The next morning Gina and Dia will stop by your farm and Dia will be sporting the new dress. Gina says that she is sending it off to Flowerbud City for the festival. It will take another week, but Gina, Dia and Katie will stop by your farm once again and Gina will exclaim that her dress has taken first prize at the festival. Katie pulls out a brochure stating that they want Gina to teach others how to sew. They will set up dye workshops and sewing classes at Sugar Valley. As this scene fades, the next scene appears with the Harvest Goddess and the Harvest Sprites. The Goddess says that the village will soon become noisy and busy around these parts but the homeland has been saved. The Harvest Sprites still complain to her about how much work they had to do.

After the credits scroll through, Gina comes up to your farm. She then thanks the Hero for all of his help. Then Gina states that it was the Hero who motivated her and gave her the strength to go through with all of this. Gina then gets real embarassed and then runs off with the Hero chasing after her, after this the scene fades out...

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