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Ushi No Tane
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Treasure Hunt I

To kick off this ending, first become good friends with Tim and Bob. Make sure to give Tim plenty of Eggs (at least one a day) and give Bob plenty of Very Berries (at least one a day) to get this ending going. The other thing you must have is that your dog needs to have a heart rating of five hearts. You will need the flute to do this to help train him in to make him love you more. Also remember to feed your dog every day.

When your dog is at its five heart rating, bring your dog to Tim and show Tim your dog. Tim will be surprised and will get all excited. Within the next couple days Tim should stop by your farm and he will bring important news. He apparently has found a treasure map and he wants you to help him dig up the buried treasure. You will then be off to the Walnut Forest (across from the Sunny Garden Cafe/Bar) to dig up some buried treasure. Tim will follow the map, count off the spots and then find the location. This is where you jump in. The Hero will start digging in the spot that Tim tells you to dig. When you finally open the chest and then open it, you will find a bunch of old toys and pretty much, junk. Bob will then come into play and he will explain how when he was a kid he had buried this treasure and had forgotten about it. He then says that at the time these items were very important to him, but they aren't that important to him now. The scene comes to an end.

Continue giving Eggs and Very Berries to Tim and Bob and eventually Tim will stop by your farm again. This time he has found another treasure map, which he calls a real treasure map. He says that it has to do with the Sacred Land of Praria Forest (north of Clove's Villa). Tim doesn't know what to do or anything about Praria Forest, but he does give you a copy to hold on to. This is where you come in. No one around town really knows what the Sacred Land is so talking to the towns people doesn't really help. Go visit the Goddess and she will give you the one and only hint you need. She will tell you that only if your dog is smart will you find the Sacred Land (this is why your dog needs five hearts). Make sure that no matter what, you do not enter Clove's Villa because if you do you will activate the Treasure Hunt II Ending with Dia. You still haven't finished up the Treasure Hunt I Ending.

Keep on befriending more and more townspeople, especially Tim and Bob (do not talk to Dia at all costs). It might not hurt to ask the Goddess for the Dog selection at the Goddess Lake. If you activate another ending, don't worry about it because you will do that alot. Just stick to this one because this one takes quite a while. You can't really set a specific time or date of this next event, it will just happen on its own. One sunny day while you are making your rounds, go to Clove's Villa (just don't talk to Dia) and a cinema should come up. The Hero's dog (leave him at the farm) will run away from you and go towards the Villa. After Martha comes out to see what's going on, your dog will start running for the hill to the left of the Villa. The Hero will chase after your dog and then the two of you will automatically be transported to the Sacred Land of Praria Forest. Tim will appear from hearing your dog's bark and compliment you on how well you've trained your dog.

The three of you (Tim, Your Dog, and the Hero) will venture off further into Praria Forest and eventually you will come across a large Stone Tablet with a field on the other side of it and a well next to it. Tim and the Hero will examine the tablet for a few seconds and then Tim will depart, due to the fact that he thinks the Sacred Land looks like some type of wasteland. Now read the inscription on the tablet and you will find that it says, "Plant crops as land tells you and gold will appear". The tablet will then give you detailed information about which crops to plant (before getting this far, make sure you have at least 10 seeds of each kind of crop). If you look at the field next to the stone tablet, you will see different markings on the squares. They are four different symbols which represent which plants to plant.


Star: Root Plant (Potato)
Square: Yellow Plant (Corn)
Musical Note: Brown Plant (Breadfruit)
Heart: Red Plant (Tomato)

Now your job is to plant the correct seed on the correct square, and then water all of them until they bloom. In case you plant the wrong seed on the wrong square, you can use your Hoe to remove the plant. Then if you forgot which seed you were supposed to plant, come back the next day (or look at our chart below) to complete the puzzle. As you are facing the stone tablet and looking out at the field, you will see a five by five grid of squares to plant with the symbols on them (they will disapear when you plant the crops).

Then plant the crops according the image above and then water them every day until all of them are ready for harvest. After 8 days have passed, go to the Sacred Land and a cinema will occur. When you walk in there will be a treasure chest sitting next to the stone tablet. Then Tim will enter and congratulate you on finding the treasure. After opening the chest Tim will mention that he thinks it's seeds and he wants to grow them. So the Hero will hand the seeds to Tim and Tim leaves to go plant them.

Tim goes and askes Lyla if he can plant the seed in one of her flower beds, and she agrees to let him do so. Visit the Flower Shop every day and on the 3rd day a cinema should occur. Tim will visit your farm and tell you that the seed has sprouted, you two will venture off to the Flower Shop and then you question what kind of flower this might be. After a week passes, Tim will show up on your farm again and he will tell you that the flower is blooming. Both of you will venture off again to the Flower Shop and you will see the flower. Lyla will comment how the flower has a glow to it and Parsley will say that it has some type of golden light to it. Lyla will then remember her grandmother telling her of the golden fruit that this flower bears. Parsley will take off to further research this flower.

After 2 days have passed Tim will stop by your farm again and he will tell you that the flower is ready to be dug up. When you both arrive at the Flower Shop, Lyla and Parsley will already be there. After the fruit is dug up, Tim says that it looks like a Potato (because it is dark and not glowing). Then Woody and Gwen will stop by to see what's going on. Then Parsley comments that it is a Golden Sweet Potato and that it is incredibly hard and nutritious. This fruit has been rumored to give eternal life and was nicknamed the "Fruit of Happiness". Woody then remembers how back in the day this was the only food in which they lived on upon his arrival into the homeland. Then Gwen suggests that they have a Sweet Potato Festival and everyone agrees on it being the next day.

The next day head on over to the Walnut Forest (Carpenter's House) area and a big cinema will come up. Woody is bossing around Bob, Joe, and Kurt and he tells them to get the tables ready. Then Martha and Gina will enter and they have a short conversation. Then the Hero will walk up the hill and talk with Bob, Gwen, Ronald and Wallace. Then Woody will tell his old tales of what it was like growing up here. Then Parsley makes his entrance and announces that he sent the potato to a lab and they found that they have a lot of interest in this plant. Apparently they can use this plant to feed starving people. Then Parsley states that no theme park will be built due to the islands great potential with this plant.

After the Festival you will find Tim, Your Dog, and the Hero walking around your farm. Tim will talk about him hearing that the homeland will remain as it was and will always stay that way. Tim also says that he is very happy because now he knows that he can always return to a place that he knows of. Then Tim talks about going off and enduring many different adventures, and he wants you to stay around to hear his tales. After Tim walks out, the Hero slowly glances up into the sky and the scene fades out.

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