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Ushi No Tane
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Endangered Weasel

To kick off this ending you must become good friends with Gwen. To do this give her at least one Blueberry or Egg each day for a while. If you have a Golden Milk on hand, give that to her because those are her favorite. A few days later the three Harvest Sprites will wake you up in the morning at your farm. They exclaim that some creature is picking on them and they want you to take a look at it. The Hero and the Sprites then venture off to the Goddess Lake and hide behind in the brush. You then will see a furry white critter poking in and out of the trees. This is the creature they say is picking on them. Then Gwen comes up and yells at them to stop threatening her friend Snowball, the Weasel.

Now go and speak with the Harvest Goddess to see what can be done about this. She will suggest that you talk with the townspeople about this white creature and suggests you spread a rumor of it being rare. While doing this, continue to give gifts to Gwen. One morning she will stop by your farm and have a word with you. She says that she wants to save the homeland, but she doesn't want the weasel exploited to save the homeland. She doesn't believe that this would be fair and she states that she will have to think long and hard about this and then get back to you. For the next period of time keep on giving her more gifts. After a week has passed, she will stop by your farm again. She will tell you that Louis has made a camera and she would like to take action. She says to meet her at the Goddess Lake that evening at 7:00 pm to take the picture.

When you arrive at the Goddess Lake at 7:00 pm, Gwen will show up and hides with you and the camera. Unfortunately though, this night isn't a good night for the weasel and the picture doesn't happen. Gwen tells you that she must think about this again and get back to you. About two weeks later (after giving her more gifts) she will show up again at your farm. She will then tell you to meet her once again up at the Goddess Lake around 7:00 pm. Head on up there and after you arrive Gwen will follow with the camera. This time the weasel comes out and she gets off a couple of good pictures. After the weasel runs off, she states that she hopes these pictures turned out well.

One week later, Louis and Gwen will stop by your farm and Louis will hold up a book with the Weasel's picture in it. Coincidentally the weasel is an endangered species. Because of this the area is declared a natural preserve and the developers cannot develop on this land. Gwen still seems down on taking the picture but she at least says that now the weasel will be happy and he can live his life to the fullest. After the ending credits, Gwen and the Hero are found sitting on top of your barn. Gwen starts talking about right and wrong and how it's relative to life. She then realizes that everyone has to make some mistakes in life and all that you can do is keep on going forward. Gwen then asks the Hero to bend down, and when you do this she kisses the Hero on the cheek, then the scene fades out...

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