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Part-time Job

part time job

There is one job in which you can work for whenever you choose to on a Sunny Day. The job is at Brownie Farm at the Farmer's Market.

The Job: The job is a simple task. Simply Milk one cow, Brush the one cow and five horses, and Talk to the one cow and five horses. You will be given a Milker and a Brush to use during this time period. At the end of this job you will be able to keep the Milk as a bonus and sell it for Gold.

The Pay: The pay is simply 50 Gold per hour and 150 Gold for the Milk (small) if you decide to sell it. The more time you take, the more money you will get, but 50 Gold per hour isn't that much. Usually you will get around 210 Gold to 240 Gold if you work at a good pace.

Location: This job is located at the Brownie Farm Farmer's Shop. Go on into the Farmer's Shop and select the list. On the list will be Part-Time Work. Bob will then run through the details of how the job works and you will run on down the the race track to tend to the animals.

Hours: To do this job it must be a sunny day and before 3:00 pm in the afternoon. It also must be on a day when the Farmer's Shop is open. They are closed on Thursdays.

Bonuses: The one bonus to working this job is you get a horse, not right away of course. You have to work with the horses long enough for them to start to like you. The horse that likes you the most, Bob will stop by your farm one day and drop it off. Love the horse that Bob gives you and soon you will have the fastest horse around.

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