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The Ushi No Tane websites specialize in information, FAQs, and guides about the Nintendo console versions of the Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Legend of the River King video games. These game genres are created and published in Japan by Marvelous. In other regions, you'll find Natsume, XSeed Games, Marvelous AQL of Europe, and Rising Star involved in the series' release.

The latest version of the mainstream farming series in various regions of the world are:

The latest version of River King, in all regions of the world, is River King: Mystic Valley (NA 2008, EU 2009).

Since 2000, Ushi no Tane has been run by a grouchy old lady who happens to be fond of video game agriculture along with two one feline intern. The website is not officially affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, or employed by the developers of Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, or River King. This is simply a fan site.

Latest Farming Video Game News

More DoraBoku Updates and Patch for Next Week's Portia Launch | Posted at 01:20 PM on 12 April 2019

Happy Farm'n Friday! Picked up some garden center herbs last weekend to plant into the raised bed. I like to use basil in cooked meals during the summer. Mmmm tasty. Went with good 'ol normal Sweet Basil, as Mr.Fogu does not like anything that tastes like licorice such as Thai Basil or Cinnamon Basil. The snow peas went into the garden bed too, and they're doing okay for being close to where the tree rats like to dig in the dirt. Grrrr annoying squirrels...

New DoraBokuMono Info

This week's edition of Famitsu Weekly includes some new information about Doraemon Bokujou Monogatari, currently scheduled to be released in Japan on June 13. The article confirms that ore mining will be in the game along with fishing and bug catching. There's events as well.

Players can use Doraemon's gadgets to upgrade farm tools like the watering can and hoe. Getting along with the Sheezen Town residents will also unlock more of Doraemon's popular gadgets such as the Anywhere Door that transports you to other locations in the game, Translation Jelly to talk to the villagers in different languages, and the Keron Pass frog sticker that will conserve stamina. There's also farm-based gadgets like fertilizer that will increase the growth rate of crops.

The world map was also revealed in the article, showing the location of the town in relation to the farm plot. There's forests, lakes, rivers, beaches, mountains, and an event plaza. Lots of places to explore!

This week's article also includes an interview with members of the development staff: Kasumi Sugita and Shuhei Yamashita from Brownies, the game's planner and designer (respectively); producer Kouji Nakajima from Bandai Namco; and Hikaru Nakano from Marvelous, described as the Bokumono production director. Some take-aways from the interview are:

Portia Switch Patch

The farming/workshop game My Time at Portia will be out next week for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 for $29.99 (USD). Pathea Games revealed today that they plan to release an update patch for the Nintendo Switch edition that will speed up the game's load time when moving between areas. The efficiency update will be available as close to the 16th (next Tuesday) as possible.

The XboX One achievement list and Playstation 4 trophy list have also been revealed.

Until next time!

- Cher
(The blueberry bushes are about ready to flower! Berries will be here soon!)
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