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The Ushi No Tane websites specialize in information, FAQs, and guides about the Nintendo console versions of the Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Legend of the River King video games. These game genres are created and published in Japan by Marvelous. In other regions, you'll find Natsume, XSeed Games, Marvelous AQL of Europe, and Rising Star involved in the series' release.

The latest version of the mainstream farming series that have been released in various regions of the world are:

The latest version of River King, in all regions of the world, is River King: Mystic Valley (NA 2008, EU 2009).

Since 2000, Ushi no Tane has been run by a grouchy old lady who happens to be fond of video game agriculture along with two one feline intern. The website is not officially affiliated, sponsored, endorsed, or employed by the developers of Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, or River King. This is simply a fan site.

Latest Farming Video Game News

A Paused Lotus Experiment, Stranded Sails Update, and the June '13 4-Column Comic | Posted at 02:51 PM 2020 3 13 March 2020

Happy Farm'n Friday! In my wondrous journey through Rune Factory 4, I moved forward with the investigation of the water ruins south of town, where a mysterious voice has been emanating and spooking the townsfolk. The sound was a bit horse-like, and I soon discovered that I was not ready to search the ruins! After exploring a few rooms, I was shot at with arrows by Orc Archers and ended up back at the clinic.

Ok, so obviously I need to work on upgrading my equipment. I then started getting the forge and materials to work on weapon remodeling. While out smashing ores in the overworld, I discovered a hidden Cluck-Cluck cave. It seemed pretty safe, right? Just a bunch of chickens, I told myself. Noooo that was not the case, as a giant bird kicked my butt with one peck of its beak. Back to the health clinic I reappeared! Luckily, Nancy has not been charging a fee for my frequent visits.

The world outside Selphia is not a safe place. Maybe I should stay within the city walls for a while...

Speaking of staying safe, I hope everyone is doing well given what is going on globally. The Coronavirus has started creeping around here in Oregon. Yesterday the Governor ordered the schools statewide to close on Monday and remain close until April 1.

My weekday employer shut down the office on Wednesday, with most of us now banned from the building and required to work from home. I'm not sure how the office lotus experiment will turn out while I'm away, but the remaining employee in the building said she would care for all the office plants while I was away. I guess it will be a surprise whenever the bosses allow us to return to the office. When I left, the seed had sprouted three leaf-stems that had reached the surface of the water, with a fourth large stem beginning to sprout. I gave it a little bit of aquatic plant fertilizer and ensured that the blinds weren't blocking all the sunshine. Hopefully, it will be fine while I'm away.

Locally, we're keeping in contact with our older relatives and looking out for those who don't work in industries that permit work-from-home situations. There's also a lot of chatter in the neighborhood from parents volunteering to watch school kids whose parents might have to head out to work and weren't expecting this extended spring break.

Let's hope the restrictions help contain the spread of the virus and things return to normal somewhat soon. Wash your hands, keep a reasonable distance between other people, and look out for your fellow humans (and their pets if applicable). We've stocked up on grocery essentials like flour, fish sticks, and the all-important ice cream. I'll also be glaring at the sky, as a cold front flowed down from the north today, causing a few snowflakes to fall in the backyard. Not on my watch! Go away snow! GRRRR!

Stranded Sails Dev Updates

The folks behind Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands are still hard at work on their next update to the game. This week, Lemonbomb confirmed they were still working on improving the relationship system the protagonist has with their fellow stranded crewmembers. The relationship status with a crewmember will soon be documented within the in-game menu with pictures of the crewmembers that will change as the player improves their relationship status. Sounds exciting!

Classic 4-Koma Comic

Here's the newly-translated four-panel Igusa Matsuyama comic from the June 2013 edition of Nintendo DREAM magazine!

Hina is referring to the previous month's comic, where the residents of Echo Village dressed up as Girl's Day dolls.

Until next time!

- Cher
(7 days to go until Animal Crossing!)

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