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Harvest Moon GBC 2 is now for sale in NA | Posted at 12:07 PM on 17 October 2014
This week, Harvest Moon 2 GBC became available on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. The game sells for $4.99 in the Nintendo 3DS eShop and requires 57 blocks of SD card space. In this version of the game you can choose to play as a girl or boy farmer, and will be given the task to revive the local farm within three years or the village will be forced to turn it into an amusement park. You'll interact with the villagers, wander around a mountain area, collect pictures in a Photo Book, catch insects and fish, raise crops and animals, but not get married.

The game has a few differences between the genders; if you start out as a girl, you'll have 500 G more than if you start as a boy. There are also crop differences such as the girl can grow Potatoes and the boy can grow Turnips. In the original game, you could use a Gameboy Link Cable to trade seeds between games to fill in the missing crops, but the Link Cable is clearly not compatible with the Nintendo 3DS.

The Fogu guide for Harvest Moon GBC 2 is actually the first one I wrote on the farming series, 14 years ago. After that, players asked for another, then another, and so on and on and on!

There's 18 days to go before Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley is released in North America. In less that three weeks, those of us who buy the game will be exploring a version that doesn't have existing Japanese information or guides. There'll likely be a lot of "how do I....?" questions and information sharing between players. It's a good thing there's an intre-net-dohicky now that allows for such things. No need to call Nintendo's 1-800 game support number!

XSeed Games has updated their localization progress log for Story of Seasons with information about the Television set. This house item can be made once you by the blueprint from Mistel's antique shop. The TV has three channel on it: the daily weather channel, the variety channel, and the Oak Tree channel. There's seven shows that can appear on the variety channel and three shows that appear on the Oak Tree channel. The show that airs will depend on the day of the week. Personally, I'm fond of the Georgio's Elegant Farm Life show because, well, it's Georgio :)

Until next time!

- Cher
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