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May Mobage Events, Doraemon Characters, and Farming Simulator 19 Free DLC | Posted at 05:02 PM 03 May 2019

Happy Farm'n Friday! The tomatoes were planted in their snuggly 15-gallon black felt bags last weekend. The smallest one, a cherry tomato, had its stem bent somehow. Since tomatoes can be planted deep, the bent section is now under the soil with a bit of the plant crown above soil. If it doesn't survive there's still plenty of seeds to sprout again, so not the end of the world.

This year I'm planting a crop I haven't grown before. Any guesses? The seed package says it takes between 90 and 120 days to mature, and there's been this one seed that has sprouted so far. The plan is to put the seeds in another above-ground black felt bag, water them, and then just leave the plant alone. Part of the plant are NOT good eats!

I did finally defeat that mean 'ol raccoon in Rune Factory 3, but now Marjorie charges me money when I pass out and end up at the clinic. I thought we were buddies?!

I'm still playing My Time at Portia too; beat up a mean rat in an abandoned cave that was stealing the townsfolks' belongings. But there are so many tasks that keep being thrown at me that it's a bit challenging to juggle everything that is going on. I was really tempted to pick Emily's prized Mr.Melon that will be her crop festival entry...

May Mobage Events

Last month's events in Bokujou Monogatari for Mobage started with the strawberry shortcake harvest event, followed by a mini tulip price themed event, and finally a strawberry mochi bingo event. This month the community events are:

Doraemon SoS Characters

There are a variety of characters who live in and around Siezen Town in Bandai Namco's Doraemon Story of Seasons for Nintendo Switch and Steam, scheduled to release on June 13 in Japan and later this year in North America and Europe. Besides Noby (Nobita's English name as stated by Bandai Namco), Doraemon, and his three friends (not sure yet if BN is using their localized EN names), there's Lanch, the struggling farmer with foot troubles, and Pasty, the kind elderly woman who lives with Lanch. Additional characters include:

Free DLC in FarmSim 19

On May 16, GIANTS Software will release a free Holmer Terra Variant DLC to all Farming Simulator 19 gamers. The DLC includes two carrier vehicles and their associated spreaders: one for injecting slurry (i.e., liquid manure) and the other for manure spreading into their virtual fields.

Until next time! - Cher (Happy 14th birthday Fogu Intern Reba!)
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