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SoS:FoMT on the JP eShop, Coconuts, and JP Sales | Posted at 12:45 PM on 06 September 2019

Happy Farm'n Friday! I had planted my little Shawo Radish seedlings into the garden bed last weekend, and it only took a day for the tree rats to discover my little raddy babies. Only two of the 14 sprouts survived the squirrel onslaught... waaaaaaa nooooo!

Now the remaining sprouts are each surrounded with a cage of gutter guard that I found in the furnace room. The stuff is used to keep fallen leaves out of the roof gutters, but it appears to also work well for protecting precious seedlings. Next I'll have to replant the radish seeds. The first batch of seeds sprouted rather quickly, so this won't be too much of a setback. It's still an annoyance though.

I plan on pulling up two of the tomato plants too: the Black Vernissage and the Purple Russian. The vernissage is too mushy-tasting, and the russian is constantly being eaten by tree rats because the fruit takes so long to ripen. They also split a LOT and the leaves curled. It isn't growing very well in my local climate.

New SoS:FoMT Info

The digital edition of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is now available for preload on the Nintendo eShop in Japan. The digital download is 999 MB in size; for a comparison to other digital titles, the upcoming Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is about 5900 MB (5.8 G), Final Fantasy 8 is about 2600 MB, and Undertale is only 221 MB.

The preorder is currently 10% off with a sale price of 5637 Yen instead of 6264 Yen. Along with being on sale, digital preorderers will receive a DLC cow costume for the farmer, which can be worn by using the mirror inside of the farm house.

You can see the costume in action in the above tweet. There is also a gold-colored cow in the barn interior scene. Maybe a contest winner? We'll find out soon enough when the game is released next month in Japan! The 10% discount will last until September 30.

The JP Switch eShop is region locked when it comes to adding funds, so you'll need to use a Japan-region prepaid card/code, get crafty with Paypal, or if you have a Japan-region Nintendo 3DS, use the 3DS to add funds to the eShop (which isn't region locked) and then transfer the 3DS funds to the Switch eShop.

Also this week Marvelous tweeted a short snippet of Jennifer's black heart event. If you wanted to watch the scene unfold, you can check it out over on their twitter feed; I'll leave it unembeded here for those who don't want to be spoiled about her events.

Mad Dash Obstacles

The couch-party game Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is expected to be released sometime this Fall. Players will inevitably run into obstacles on the playing field that will hinder their progress to match crops to ship before the time's up. Today, Natsume added a Facebook note on how to deal with the coconut obstacles when working on a beachy field. Initially the falling coconuts can be an annoyance if they hit the player on the head, but when combined together they can create a tasty beverage that boosts the Power Meter. You can read more about coconuts on the official company Facebook page:

Mobage September Events

This month in the social online Bokujou Monogatari for Mobage there's a ballet-themed Harvest Event scheduled from 1st until the 9th, a Bingo event starting on the 11th and ends on the 19th, and finally a Hungry Animal event from Sept until Sept 30.

Weekly JP Sales

For this week's Famitsu's Top 30 Sales, we have:

I didn't expect to see Doraemon outlast RF4, but maybe it'll return to the chart soon. The Fishing Spirits game is still selling well, with a total of 144,100 physical copies sold.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Preloaded and ready to go with SoS:FoMT!)
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