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Mad Dash Difficulty, Mining in SoS:FoMT, Dec Mobage events, and Week 7 SoS:FoMT Sales | Posted at 01:56 PM on 06 December 2019

Happy Farm'n Friday! The Christmas light extravaganza is still in process. Currently it stands at about 9600 lights, with lots of unopened boxes of mini lights waiting to be plugged in this weekend. We added some leftover strings to the Christmas tree, but the strings included a strobe light every 4 bulbs. The rave-like flashing white lights are a bit too much for an indoor tree.

I'm still playing through Harvest Moon: Mad Dash too. It's a great Switch game for when you just want to pick up a quick puzzle game for a few minutes before going to bed. The downside is that it has become VERY difficult to successfully complete the higher levels on my own. I've failed Level 55 over and over again!

Not even the Helper Sprite assistance can get me through this level. The stones in the middle of the field really make it tough to maneuver around. The cows are restricted to the top of the field and can't get to the fodder because ponds and crops spawn that block their movement. Super challenging! Underworld Level 4-2 is another one I can't complete by myself.

Luckily Mr.Fogu plays with me on the Playstation 4 version of the game, but on the Switch version he just shakes his head and reminds me I'm trying to solo play a party game. I'll get through those levels eventually, dang it...

Mining in SoS:FoMT

Just like the original Gameboy Advanced game, there are two mines in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town: an all-year mine next to the Goddess' waterfall (the Spring Mine) and a mine on the island in the middle of the lake in the field next to the summit of Mother's Hill (the Lake Mine), which is accessible during winter when the lake water freezes. Both of these mines are 255 floors deep and require some patience to reach the bottom. Each floor contains a staircase down to the next floor below. Players will use their hammer to break apart the rocks to locate hidden ores/gems and use their hoe to dig for the stairs down to the next level.

In the Switch version of the game, there are now hidden pitfall holes that will drop players up to 5 floors. The holes help to reduce some of the tediousness of having to dig down to floor 255 one floor at a time. The pitfalls don't appear until you've reached at least floor 20, and then become more common the further you descend into the mine. To utilize a pitfall, you simply have to run over the patch of dirt where they're hidden, and then see what floor you land on. Pitfalls can be uncovered by using the hoe too. Not every floor beyond level 20 will have pitfalls though; in the Spring Mine there are no pitfalls between level 94 and 100, and in the Lake Mine there are several 10-floor gaps where you'll be forced to locate the hidden staircase in the dirt of each floor to make progress.

Sometimes, there are too many pitfalls, and they become obstacles to avoid. For example, when trying to locate Kappa Gems or Alexandrite in the Lake Mine, you're more likely to stumble into a pitfall before you can locate the hidden gem within the rocks on their designated floors. This is where you'll need to utilize the available save slots in the game to ensure you stay put before moving down to the next floors.

  1. Get as close as you can to the floor above the floor you want to explore and then save your game before moving down to the next floor.
  2. On the new floor, save your game on a different save slot than your first save.
  3. Save your game frequently on the second save slot until you find what you're looking for in the stones.

If you never find what you're looking for, you can reload back to your first slot to go back down the stairs and try again, as you'll get a freshly-generated floor when you go back down and another chance to locate what you seek. If you do run across a pesky pitfall during your search, reload the save game from your second save slot and continue searching the floor. In my case, I like to reload and then dig where the pitfall was so I know not to run into it again. On one large floor I ran into over 25 pitfall traps!

Bokumono Mobage Events

It's a new month and a new batch of holiday-themed events in the online Bokujou Monogatari game on the Mobage social game network.

Famitsu Game Sale Data

This week in Weekly Famitsu's sale data for November 25 to December 1, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town has sold another 2300 retail copies, bringing its total to about 104,100 physical sales. The game has dropped a little bit in the top-30 ranking, moving down to spot #28 since its release 7 weeks ago.

Until next time! - Cher (I want to play XSeed's new HeroLand game for Switch, but there's so much farming to do!)
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