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List of Changes from the SoS:FoMT 1.1.2 Update, and Sakuna Delayed | Posted at 02:31 PM on 13 December 2019

Happy Farm'n Friday! Now that the Christmas Light Extravaganza installation is complete, it's now onto other tasks like baking cookies and wrapping presents to give to others. And then cleaning up the mess I left behind! Cookie time is always fun though, as long as the cookies are simple to make. Not really interested in multi-step cookies that take all day to prepare and bake. I even get to play some farm'n while waiting for the cookies to bake in the oven!

My aunt likes home-made marshmallow, so I usually cook up some Marshmallow/Chocolate Fudge for her every year. It is a two-step recipe, but the steps are pretty easy and the resulting candies are ooh so tasty. I found a hand-written recipe for a cookie bar called Chenice Chew in grandma's box o' cookbooks she gave to me. The bar looks to have a brown sugar base with a coconut/sugar/nut middle and a citrus juice glaze. Seems kind of interesting.

This year I'll be heading over the river and through the wood to my mom's out-of-state Christmas party, so I'll be out on another adventure next week. Farm'n Friday will resume on the 27th!

SoS: FoMT 1.1.2

This week Marvelous released a patch to their latest farming game, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. The developers have gifted everyone with a free red-nosed reindeer outfit along with the bug fixes. No word yet if the retailer-specific player costumes (dog, sheep, chicken, and chick) will become available to everyone at some point in the future.

(I'm in the middle of a Kappa Jewel run through the Lake Mine, so that's why there's a lot of Curry Udon in my inventory. It restores 60 STA when eaten and is quite easy to make in large quantities: Udon [Flour + Seasoning Set + Pot + Knife] + Curry Powder + Pot.)

According to the Bokumono News, the new download patch updated the game in the following ways:

The game dropped off the Famitsu Top-30 Sales for last week. We do know it has sold over 100,000 physical copies.

Sakuna Delay

Edelweiss' action game with a bit of farming, Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin, was initially scheduled to be published this winter by XSeed Games, but has been moved to 2020. In this fantasy-setting game, players control goddess Sakuna who was banished to a remote island inhabited by nasty demons. Sakuna will explore the island to defeat mythical demons using her trusty farm hoe. Besides fighting off baddies, she harvests rice with the local humans to help make their lives better.

Until next time! - Cher (I hope you pre-ordered your copy of Wattam! WOOOO!)
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