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RF4 Official Release Date and Latest Farm'n Game Discounts | Posted at 03:47 PM on 24 January 2020

Happy Farm'n Friday! It's still January, but it feels like springtime is just around the corner. Even the anemones are starting to give the 'ol heave-ho to winter.

"Winter? Psaw, it's MY time to bloom!"

It's not just the anemones that are sprouting early. The neighbor down the street has a patch of daffodils that are almost ready to show off their bright-yellow flowers. The iris next to the mailbox are beginning to sprout too. Hope I'll get to see some pretty iris blooms this year!

Rune Factory 4 SE Release Date

This week both Marvelous EU and XSeed Games announced that Rune Factory 4 Special for Nintendo Switch will finally be released next month. In North America the game will be released on February 25, and in Europe/Australia the game will be released on February 28. The game was originally released in Japan in July 2019, so about a 7-month localization period.

XSeed posted a localization blog entry that explains some of the going-ons that occured during localization. Localizer John explains in clear language some of the challenges they faced when localizing the game for the Nintendo Switch, as it wasn't as simple as swapping in the original 3DS English text.

Physical releases are available for preorder. XSeed's website has both the Standard ($40) and Archival ($60) editions, and Marvelous EU's website has the Archival edition only; the physical Standard edition is available for pre-order at select retailers listed on the company's website. Digital versions are available for preload on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Both Standard and Archival are available for purchase at Amazon.com .

All digital pre-orders and Archival editions will receive the Swimsuit Day DLC that allows players to change the marriage candidates' default outfit from everyday wear to skimpy swimsuit wear. The Standard edition of the game will not include the Swimsuit Day DLC, as the day-wear swimsuits will not be sold on the eShop. All copies of the game will have the extra Another Episode DLC available as a free download from the Nintendo eShop until late-March, when it will become a $4.99 paid DLC option. The Another Episode content includes 12 new voice drama stories starring Ventuswill that players can listen to.

The game will be published in English, French, and German, and include both English and Japanese audio tracks. Players can switch between the audio language from the game's main menu.

So if the Switch localization of the Rune Factory 4 remake took 7 months of hard work by XSeed Games, maybe we'll get Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town sometime in late May or June? We'll see!

Latest Farm'n Game Discounts

In North America, Sony is having a Totally Digital sale with discounts on several farming style games. This sale ends February 4:

There's also a bun'cha farming game discounts during Steam's Lunar New Year Sale. These specials expire on January 27:

Until next time!

- Cher
(Warmer weather means the ants are emerging... grumble...)

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