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Nintendo eShop Sale, Mara Digital Preorders, and Marv EU Interview with Matsuyama-san | Posted at 11:37 AM 2020 6 12 June 2020

Happy Farm'n Friday! Our state was in the process of opening back up, but that was halted today by the Governor because Covid-19 cases are beginning to increase. The highest number of confirmed cases since this situation started three months ago was reported this past week. As a result, the state government is pausing the approval of additional reopening rules for one week to evaluate the possible impact on health care facilities.

One of my coworkers safely visited the building earlier this week to take care of some paperwork, as our permanent in-office coworker took the day off. He checked in on the lotus experiment and sent me this lovely picture. Yucktastic... it may be time to conclude this trial attempt at an indoor-lotus pot as a loss. The seed has grown a lot of roots, but it's difficult to determine if there are any viable lotus leaves among that green muck. The fish aquarium looked rough too. The one snail that was living in the tank appears to have passed away, and the floating water-surface plants have blocked all light from reaching the underwater plants. It's like a mysterious, abandoned mini world. It can't smell pleasant...

The completed portions of the SoS:FoMT guide were made public last weekend, though there is still more work left to do. The Nintendo Switch game comes out in four weeks!

Nintendo eShop Sale

Nintendo is hosting a mega-eShop sale on a lot of video games, including some digital farming games, until June 16 (North America) and June 14 (UK and Europe). The HM games are only discounted in EU/UK (Rising Star Game's publishing terratory):

The EU/UK sale also includes Little Dragons Cafe (Switch) and Hometown Story (3DS).

Summer in Mara eShop Preorder

The ocean exploration game with home-island farming functionality, Summer in Mara, is now available for digital preorder on the Nintendo eShop in North American and Europe. The game retails for $24.99/€19.99 (plus tax if applicable) and requires 2 GB of SD card space. There is a 10% preorder discount currently available, which ends on June 23rd. Summer in Mara is scheduled for a June 16 release. At the moment the game is digital only, with a Ps4 version planned for release later this summer.

Igusa interview Marv EU

As part of their Europe-only art contest, Marvelous Games published an interview with the long-time series game character designer, Igusa Matsuyama. In his interview, Igusa talks about his "nostalgic but new" inspiration for the updated character designs originally from Bokujou Monogatari 2 (known as Harvest Moon 64 outside of Japan), the types of animals he'd like to draw for the series, and how he draws the character designs for the Bokujou Monogatari franchise as though each entry is a unique installment and not as a sequel of previous games.

You can read more of Igusa's interview on the Marvelous EU site for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town:

Don't forget, the European fanart contest ends this Sunday (the 14th), so upload your entries soon!

Until next time!

- Cher
(How many rainy weekends in a row are we going to get?! The front-yard terraces are muddy!)

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