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HM:1W at NGPX, SuperGroupies SoS Goodies, and Steam Farm'n Summer Sale | Posted at 12:53 PM 2020 6 26 June 2020

Happy Farm'n Friday! Mr.Fogu has been showing me his monster-seed farm added in this season of Path of Exile, and even sent me a picture of his "crops." It's definitely not the kind of farm I would have expected.

He seems to be doing pretty well! He's still skeptical about enjoying "farming" in his game, but the other day I watched him design a grid to optimize his crop placements. I think he's getting into the groove. Planting monster seeds and then harvesting the monster-dropped crystals is a little bit different than growing a turnip. I'm impressed that he's happily farm'n!

HM One World In Development Gameplay

Tuesday was the digital New Games Plus Expo live streaming event. During the one-hour showcase event, Natsume showed some in-development gameplay of their latest entry in the Harvest Moon series.

The rough gameplay video showed the protagonists running through some of the areas where different shops and villagers lived. Even some of the farm animals were showcased in the video. The protagonist runs much smoother than in Light of Hope, and a bit faster too. There were some villagers present, though there were neither character portraits nor conversation dialog aired during the NGPX showcase. Hmm... I didn't see Doc anywhere...

The towns also had shops, and the tropical town had a cafe and fruit-drink carts. One of the carts had a broken wheel and looked in disrepair; maybe we help fix it up? And who is the lady with the large yellow backpack and green outfit?

The not-final footage was pretty interesting. Excited to see how the final game ends up!

SoS:FoMT Twitch Stream

Today, starting at 5:00 pm Pacific time, XSeed Games will be live streaming an unboxing of the new Story of Seasons Nintendo Switch game, showcasing gameplay and giving out prizes to stream attendees. You can catch it live later today on XSeed's Twitch channel:

Snacko Kickstarter Finale

The Kickstarter for Snacko: A Farming Cat-Venture ended earlier this week. The project received 152% of its funding goal. That's meooootastic!

More Bokumono Product Collabs

Fashion brand Super Groupies is collaborating with Marvelous JP on a line of five Story of Seasons branded accessories. And they are suuuuper adorable and available for preorder until July 20, with final delivery taking place later this fall.

I just want that cute little gold-cow charm! It's mooooootiful!

Steam Summer Sale

The annual summertime sale is taking place on the Steam PC gaming platform. The sale on the following farming games expires on July 9:

Doraemon: Story of Seasons, Pumpkin Days, and Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town are not included in the summer sale. Wada's Little Dragons Cafe is also on sale for $17.99 USD (70% off).

Until next time!

(Two weeks until SoS:FoMT is out in Europe!)

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