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Farm Buildings

When you first start your game, the only building you own is your own farm house. You can construct additional buildings to help your farm prosper in Flower Bud Village.


Visit the carpenter's shop between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm to talk to Woody. He and his apprentices, Kurt and Joe, will build you any type of building you can order from them. Just talk to Woody from the opposite side of the counter to see his available options.

Remodel: If you wish to upgrade your existing farm house select this option. You can then pick your house(es), pick the size and color, and then confirm the transaction. If you are just changing the color of your house you just have to pay a price instead of supplying the required lumber. You can also Remodel a small animal barn to the larger animal barn, which can hold up to 8 creatures. If you have a second house you can remodel that too!

You can't de-model your house, so once you change your Level 2 house to a Level 3, there's no way to go back to a Level 2 house unless you hire them to build you a second, separate house.

House Lv 1 - Red01000 G
House Lv 2 - Woody403000 G
House Lv 2 - Green403000 G
House Lv 3 - Woody8011,000 G
House Lv 3 - Blue8011,000 G
House Lv 3 - Brick8011,000 G
House Lv 4 - Woody8015,000 G
House Lv 4 - Orange8015,000 G
House Lv 4 - Brick8015,000 G
House Lv 5 - Woody10050,000 G
House Lv 5 - Green10050,000 G
House Lv 5 - Rock10050,000 G
Barn Lv 24010,000 G

New Construction: When you have multiple areas of land purchased, you can hire the carpenters to build you a second home. You can hire them to build animal barns and other items for your farm.

House Lv 1 - Red404000 GA 2nd small house
House Lv 2 - Woody807000 GA 2nd medium house
House Lv 2 - Green807000 GA 2nd medium house
House Lv 3 - Woody12015,000 GA 2nd large house
House Lv 3 - Blue12015,000 GA 2nd large house
House Lv 3 - Brick12015,000 GA 2nd large house
House Lv 4 - Woody20030,000 GA 2nd extra large house
House Lv 4 - Orange20030,000 GA 2nd extra large house
House Lv 4 - Brick20030,000 GA 2nd extra large house
House Lv 5 - Woody30080,000 GA 3rd supersized house
House Lv 5 - Green30080,000 GA 3rd supersized house
House Lv 5 - Rock30080,000 GA 3rd supersized house
Barn Lv 1403500 GHolds 4 Cows, Sheep, and Horses
Barn Lv 28013,000 GHolds 8 Cows, Sheep, and Horses
Chicken Coop303000 GHolds 5 Chickens
Windmill404000 GTurns Corn into Chicken Feed
Watering Hole20600 GFill your Watering Can on another land
Well20700 GA fancy Watering Hole

Relocation: This allows you to move anything you might have built onto another section of land you own. The cost of relocating varies depending on the building's size.

Demolition: Destroy a building on your farm. Pretty simple.

Rename: Don't like the name of your house? You can rename any building for free.

Furniture: Here you can purchase many types of furniture for your house. If you want to get married you'll have to buy a double bed first!

Lumber: Instead of chopping your own wood you can buy it for 50 G each.

Land Purchase: As you become better friends with Theodore, he'll open up various lands in the village for you to purchase.


When you are construction a new building, Woody will ask you where you want it to be placed. You can only build on your own blue-colored land. During construction you can also rotate the face of the building by pressing the L or R buttons on your controller. If when placing a building you see a big X on it then the area you are placing it has something blocking its spot. When you see a large O then the spot you've picked is good and you can confirm by pressing the A button.

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