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You can grow crops on your land (blue) or land that you might purchase (green) in the future. You can purchase the crop seeds from Spring Farm. The first time you visit Liz she'll give you 2 bags of Turnip seeds for free.

To prepaire the ground for seeding you'll need to till the soil with your Hoe. You can make any pattern you want, but the most common is a 3x3 square, or the common U-pattern made up of 8 squares of tilled ground. There are 3 types of soil. Depending on the soil you choose to plant in, the crops will give a different profit price when you ship them.

Sandy Soil
Low profit
Slow growth
Beach areas
Normal Soil
Average profit
Normal growth
Very common
Fertile Soil
High profit
Fast Growth
Next to watery areas

You can turn any type of soil into a high yield Fertile soil area by purchasing Fertilizer from Liz. Once you've shipped at least 10 Limestone from the Moonlight Mine, Liz will put the Fertilizer for sale in her shop for 150 G each. A pouch of Fertilizer will upgrade the soil by 1 level. If you want to turn Sandy soil into Fertile soil you'll have to sprinkle it with 2 bags of Fertilizer. The Fertilizer will stay permanently, even if the ground returns to it's pre-tilled state. When giving gifts, the villagers always prefer crops grown in Fertile soil compaired to a plant that's grow in anything else.

Each season the Spring Farm will have different crops for you to grow. At the beginning of the next season the previous season's crops will die. You can buy the seed pouches from Liz, or even buy a pouch of random seeds that gets you a variety of plants. Even if you haven't shipped the requried 50 Cabbage needed before Liz sells Strawberry Seeds at her shop, there's a chance you might get a Strawberry plant from a Spring Seed Pouch.

Don't forget to water your plants every day! If you forget to water your crops then they'll dry up and die. You don't have to water the crops on rainy days.

If you plant Tomatos, Potatos, or Yams, the sell profit is the same no matter what type of soil you grow the crops in.

The soil types also affect the speed the crops mature. Normal soil produces crops at the standard rate, Fertile soil cuts the growth time by 1 day, and bad Sandy soil forces the crops to take an extra day before they can be harvested.

Spring Season
NameCostGrowthSandy $$Normal $$Fertile $$
Turnip Seeds 20 G 4 days 63 G 90 G 180 G
Moondrop Flower Seeds 20 G 5 days 40 G for all 3 types
Green Herb Seeds 20 G 4 days 100 G for all 3 types
Potato Seeds 30 G 6 days 100 G for all 3 types
Cabbage Seeds 40 G 7 days 119 G 170 G 340 G
Breadfruit Seeds 60 G 7 days 105 G 150 G 300 G
Strawberry Seeds 300 G 7 days 140 G 200 G 400 G
Spring Season Pouch 60 G Varies Varies

Summer Season
NameCostGrowthSandy $$Normal $$Fertile $$
Onion Seeds 20 G 4 days 63 G 90 G 180 G
Pinkcat Flower Seeds20 G6 days150 G for all 3 types
Corn Seeds 40 G 9 days 105 G 150 G 300 G
Cocoa Seeds50 G9 days112 G160 G320 G
Tomato Seeds 50 G 8 days 150 G for all 3 types
Summer Seed Pouch60 GVariesVaries

Fall Season
NameCostGrowthSandy $$Normal $$Fertile $$
Carrot 40 G 5 days 77 G 110 G 220 G
Bell Pepper40 G5 days49 G70 G140 G
Eggplant 40 G 6 days 84 G 120 G 240 G
Pumpkin70 G8 days126 G180 G360 G
Orange Herb Seeds 20 G 4 days 130 G for all 3 types
Spinach Seeds40 G6 days91 G130 G260 G
Yam Seeds 30 G 6 days 80 G for all 3 types
Fall Pouch Seeds60 GVariesVaries

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