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Ushi No Tane
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Music Notes 61 to 80

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Note 61 - Moon Viewing
Date festival on Fall 09. The person will come by in the morning and ask if you would like to go moon watching that night. Head to the Square when you are ready and the two of you will go to the lookout point and watch the moon. If you have a high affection with that person you might get a kiss.

Note 62 - Harvest
On Fall 23 place something edible into the blue box in the Square. The item will be used as an ingredient for the pot luck, so you can't use cooked food. On the 24th visit the Square to attend.

Note 63 - Pumpkin
This festival is in the Square on Fall 30. On the 29th you'll need to place a pumpkin in the blue Square box. You can buy pumpkin seeds from Liz and grow the squash yourself. If you grow your pumpkin at the start of the season you can't leave it on the ground until the 30th because it will eventually rot. You can place the pumpkin in your refrigerator and store it until the 29th.

Note 64 - Flame
On the 18th of Winter place a log in the blue ship box in the Square. You can easily find logs by chopping up stumps or looking up in the mountain area. The log will be covered in snow but that doesn't matter. The next evening (19th) go to the western beach to warm yourself next to a fire. The marriageable-person with the highest affection will meet you there. If your highest person is Ann then she'll appear, and it doesn't matter if you're playing as the boy hero or girl hero.

Note 65 - Popular
This is a valentine/thanksgiving festival on Winter 12. It won't have the "FESTIVAL" icon displayed on your screen but you still can join in. Basically you just walk around receiving and giving slices of cake. To receive cake you'll need to talk to someone who has at least 3 hearts. You can then take the cake and give it to someone else, or just give it back to the same person who gave it to you.

If you receive cake from 5 villagers you'll also receive this Note.

Note 66 - Starlight
Festival in the Square on Winter 24. The Sprites will come by in the morning if you are not married and allow you to select which person you want to view the stars with. If you're married the Sprites will still stop by, but they will just ask if you want to participate or not.

Note 67 - New Year's Sunrise
A date that occurs on Winter 30. Meet with your honey at the Square that night. The two of you will walk to the lookout point and you'll watch the sun rise on the new year.

Note 68 - Full Bloom Flowers
Ship all types of herbs and flowers. You can find a lot of them in the mountainous area above the village. The plants will grow in the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. You can use these same plants to dye your sheep's yarn

Note 69 - Treasure Hoard
Ship all the ore you can find in the Moonlight Cave. You don't have to worry about the jewels you can find in the Lake Cave, just the ores from the cave behind Jamie's farm. In the cave you can find Junk Ore, Limestone, Copper, Silver, Gold, Moonstone, and Rare Ore.

Note 70 - Animal Kingdom
When you have your level 2 barn and fill all 8 stalls with animals, this Note will appear.

Note 71 - Book
Maria's Library is open every day except Mondays (and festival days). In the library you'll find bookcases with a lot of information for you to assist you with the game. Some books are seasonal. If you read all of the books you'll receive this Note. The books also appear in your summary screen after you've read them so you can review them whenever you want.

Note 72 - Super Chef
When you buy cooking utensils from Michael you'll also receive cooking recipes. When you collect 100 recipes you'll earn this Note.

Note 73 - Second House
You will start the game with one house but you can build additional houses when you purchase plots of lands. Each house will have a shipping bin next to it, so theoretically you're building extra bins and not really anywhere you would live. You can have Woody's team build your extra houses on any area that you own. You can also furnish the house with anything you already own.

Note 74 - Expert Angler
Catch all types of fish in the game. Some fish are seasonal and some you can find year round. There are 4 one-shot fish that can be thought of as "Kings".

Squid Prince = Sea island, south side, the day after rain or snow
Huchen = Lake
Jamasquid = Floor 100 of the Lake Cave
Right Boot = River

Note 75 - Master Angler
Catch 100 fish with your fishing pole.

Note 76 - Rubber Boots
Catch 10 rubber boots from fishing. The boots don't sell for anything so put them in your garbage can.

Note 77 - Wild
You will need to befriend one of the wild animals to receive this Note. To befriend an animal, pick it up when you see it and give it food as well. When the wild animal reaches 6 Hearts it will stop by your house in the morning and give you this musical Note.

Note 78 - Art
As you become friends with Henry you'll trigger events with him at the lake to the western part of town. The first event will be with Maria, who is impressed with his painting skills. The second will be with you.

When Lyla moves in she will have several new pieces of furniture for sale. If you have Henry at 6 hearts or more you can also purchase one of his paintings. The painting has a Note hidden in it.

Note 79 - Very Rich
When you acquire 100,000 G you will receive this Note the next morning. It is not too difficult to earn this large amount of money if you are in the Winter season. The Lake Cave is full of jewels that sell for a lot of money. You can also find lots of a certain jewel hidden on a special floor of the Lake Cave.

Note 80 - Flower Girl
When you raise Nina's heart level up to almost 3 hearts, she will stop by the next morning and give you Honey as a gift.

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