Ushi No Tane PHP-Update Locations of the Pets from HM:OW DLC #3, XSeed's Fanworks Contest, and Farm'n Kickstarter Updates Happy Farm'n Friday! The fill-dirt adventure from last weekend was a success! Neither of us managed to locate a truck or trailer to move the dirt from my neighbor's house to Fogu HQ, but I do have many heavy-duty felt bags used for growing tomatoes! So yes, we did end up transporting about 2 yards of fill dirt using tomato felt bags. We could get 4 tomato bags of fill dirt in each of our cars (his SUV and my little Fiat 500), so it took us about 2 and a half trips to move the dirt. Not the most efficient way of moving soil two miles from one property to another, but it worked! Now the ground around the front-yard grow beds are level, and the beds are ready for garden soil.
The typical last-frost-date for our region was the other night, which means it's almost dahlia planting time! Hopefully none of the stored tubers rotted over the winter.

HM:OW Precious Pets Locations
The third DLC for Harvest Moon: One World came out on Tuesday, adding twelve more pets to the base game. The Precious Pets DLC brought four horses, four cats, and four dogs into the game. Half of the animals can be bought, but the other half are found wild and must be tamed if they are to join your farm.
Since it can be a pain to try and hunt for these new pets, below are the locations where you can obtain the twelve new animals:

The Champagne Horse and the Silver Dapple Horse are for sale at the Calisson animal shop for 200,000 G each.
The white Unicorn is wild in the desert of Pastilla, at the start of the pathway that leads to Halo Halo, just a bit north of the Sparky machine.
The Pink Unicorn is also wild, found on the pathway leading to the Harvest Goddess shrine, in the clearing south of the Cacao Trees.

The Black and Tan Welsh Corgi and the Merle Cardigan Welsh Corgi are for sale at the Calisson animal shop for 25,000 G each.
The Red and White Border Collie is in Tristan's farm area in Lebkuchen on sunny days, though sometimes it doesn't appear when expected.
The Merle Border Collie is in the snowy field past Salmiakki on sunny days.

The Siamese Cat and Russian Blue Cat are for sale at the Pastilla animal shop for 50,000 G each.
The American Shorthair is in the clearing along the path from Mom's house to the Calisson farm area, the one blocked by rocks where there is a single tree growing.
The Abyssinian Cat can be found wild in the southern jetty area of Halo Halo, between the two Coconut Trees where the green grass grows.

Players have also noted that the Lava Rabbit from the upcoming
Mythical Wild Animals Pack (DLC #4) has hopped into the game through the Precious Pet Pack. If it appears in your game, you can find it along the path to Lebkuchen's volcanic lava flow, in the little alcove before you reach the lava crop field.

XSeed Art Contest
XSeed Games is holding a farm-y creative works contest for US residents. Artists can submit up to three entries to win a copy of the Buffy-the-Buffalo premium edition of the game, a disposable camera with a PoOT-printed cover, a little PoOTy "planter bucket," and a special art print.
The submitted works must fall within the three categories of judging: "It's Wild Out There" for animals, "Love is in The Air" for marriage candidates, and "25 Years of Story of Seasons" for other characters, locations, etc. specifically from the SoS franchise (NOT anything from the Harvest Moon franchise, sorry Murrey and MukuMuku). Entries can be digital art or photographs of physical art such as cross-stitch, polymer clay, etc.
You can read the rules for the contest and submit your entry at XSeed's website:
SoS:PoOT Fanworks Contest 2021

PoOT Week 7 Sales from Japan
According to Weekly Famitsu estimates, during the week of April 5 to April 11, about 2900 physical copies of SoS:PoOT were sold in Japan. The total number of physical copies sold in Japan is now at about 270,000. The game's sales are slowing down, so it may drop off the Top-20 list in a few weeks.

My Time at Sandrock Updates
Pathea Games are still hard at work with their crowdfunded sequel to My Time at Portia. The game is still in beta through Steam for supporters who purchased early beta access, with pubic early access planned later. Originally, early access was to occur this spring, but legal technicalities with game-rating boards have brought on some delays.

Nonetheless, Pathea is still moving forward with developing the game, such as adding festivals, quicksand pits for sand fishing, and ridable mounts. The game is planned to have an official Steam release in Spring of 2022.

Deiland: Pocket Planet Now Available
Chibig's galactic farming game Deiland: Pocket Planet is now available for purchase from the Nintendo Switch eShop.
A long time ago, when the universe was young, children were sent to Minor Planets. Their mission was to awaken the magic of the Crystals kept within the planet's interior. This is the story of Arco, the youngest of these children who lives on the smallest planet, Deiland. The tiniest of them all.
This Kickstarter-funded game is an updated version of Chibig's earlier game, Deiland. The Nintendo Switch version includes the PC/Ps4 version's expansions along with additional content such as crop growing seasons, updated artwork, and new music. The updated Deiland takes place 6 years after Summer in Mara, so characters from Mara will make guest appearances in the updated Deiland world.

Until next time!

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OW Precious Pets DLC, PoOT Patch 1.0.4 and 1.0.5, and May Nindori PoOT Dev Interview Happy Farm'n Friday! We put together the font-yard garden boxes last weekend, though we did have a small setback. Mr.Fogu wanted the boxes to be level with the dahlia bed's top edge, but it turns out the ground where the raised beds were being installed has a downward slope. Oops! Creatively, he opted to build mounds of soil for the box to sit on to make it level, but the ground still needs to be raised up to match the bottom of the box. So this weekend, I'm working with a neighbor down the street to do that; he wants to get rid of a lot of fill dirt, and I need fill dirt. Neither of us owns a truck or a trailer to move the dirt. I'm sure together we can come up with another imaginative solution!

One World DLC #2
The second of four optional download content bonuses for Harvest Moon: One World will be released on the 13th (next Tuesday).

The Precious Pets DLC includes 12 new pets; four cats, four dogs, and four rideable horses. You can read more about the expansion pass contents on the Natsume community blog page:

The Harvest Moon: One World Precious Pets DLC
As for my progress towards solving my money problems in One World, a fellow farmer let me know about selling Orange Punch for 6000 G each. The kitchen cooking recipe only requires an orange, cherry, and peach to make, and those trees grow wild in the farm space south of the Harvest Goddess shrine. I'm slowly building up to pay for the 350,000 G house upgrade!

PoOT Patch 1.0.4 and 1.0.5
The latest patch for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town was released earlier this week in all regions. The free updated includes:

Overall loading time improvements
Made a correction with an animation that could trigger when interacting at the shrine in the forest north of Olive Town
Fixed a bug that triggers when an animal is born that could potentially corrupt a player's save data
Fixed a bug that would prevent the game from continuing beyond the childbirth scene
Fixed a bug that allowed players to get infinite items (This was done during the animation that plays while the farmer was placing an object on the farm. During the animation, opening the bag inventory and swapping the item being placed with an unwanted item resulted in the placed item being duplicated after closing the bag inventory menu.)
Other minor, unspecified bugs were fixed

After the 1.0.4 update, my farm does seem to be a little smoother. Before the patch, when my character gets out of bed in the morning, the whole game would pause for a brief second as I ran across the house to pet my cat, Doctor Meows. After downloading the patch, my farmhouse interior is now pause-free. Every so often, there will be a little bit of a stutter where it used to be a full-blown did-my-game-lock-up pause. Definitely a great improvement!
Marvelous JP also posted a follow-up article written by Producer Takemura, where he outlined the upcoming changes to the game planned for patch 1.0.5. The latest updates were emergency patches to make corrections and adjustments to the game. Future updates will be for more bug fixes and content updates. Producer Takemura plans for the following to be included in the 1.0.5 update:

Additional conversation text for villagers and marriage candidates. Producer Takemura noted that a new scenario writer has been brought in to expand the in-game dialog.
Improve the maker machines, allowing the farm factories to produce more than 1 item at a time.
Change the meal eating scenes that play at the bistro and cafe, so the protagonist's eating scene is no longer the same meal of a drink, vegetable salad, grilled fish, roll, and tea when ordering any edible item.
Add the ability to move the farmer in a straight line, as this will help ensure the blue target-box moves more efficiently when watering, harvesting, and so on.
Adjust the 30-minutes of time that passes when cooking in the farmhouse kitchen.
Remove the A-button prompt when exiting a building; you'll still have to press A to confirm entering a building.

The content changes patch is planned to be released at the end of May. Before the planned 1.0.5 patch, North America and Europe will receive the Animal Attire costumes for the marriage candidates and protagonist and the Olive Town Mystery Files scenario with Cindy and Mikey. Around the time of the 1.0.5 release, we'll have the Windswept Falls expansion that adds Dunhill, Hina, Felicity, and Neil to the game.

PoOT Weekly Sales Numbers
For the week of March 29 to April 4, Weekly Famitsu Sales Data reports that PoOT sold another 4400 physical copies, bringing the Japan physical sales to a total of about 266,900.

May 2021 Nintendo DREAM Developer Interview
In the May edition of Nintendo DREAM magazine in Japan, there is a new 4-page interview with Producer Takemura, Director Nakano, and Assistant Director Hoshina. They answered questions about the character development of PoOT:

When it comes to creating romantic characters, Nakano explains that they started with laying out all the characters in the game and had Igusa Matsuyama draw them. Then after that, they made the scenarios. It was important to him that he listened to everyone on the team, especially the women. Hoshina further explains how they write everything down in detail, such as the characters' looks and personalities.
As he remembers it, Nakano believes the first heroine they designed in the initial stages of PoOT was Bridget, and Reina was the last one they planned. Reina was initially intended to be a medical professional, but the doctor role was dropped during the game's planning phase, and she became part of the museum staff instead. Nakano confirms with the interviewer that their intention is to create characters from the perspective of whether they would be needed in Olive Town.
They had some difficulty designing Iori, as they didn't want him to be the typical Japanese-style good-looking character, so Nakano had a hard time expressing Iori's style. Originally, Iori was designed as an old-fashioned samurai, but Nakano asked for a revision because Iori wasn't an actual samurai. Nakano is aware that BokuMono has a global appeal, so he wanted to add a Japanese character. His final design was well-received by the women staff members. Takemura thinks Iori's story scenario is fascinating. Nakano explains writing Iori's scenario was challenging for such a good-looking guy, but they were pleased with how the Heian-period nobleman turned out. (The Heian period took place in Japan between 794 and 1185 AD)
Blaire was the bachelorette they were most pleased with. Nakano explains that Blaire's backstory was that she was not pleased with living in Olive Town and wants to move to the city; what girl wouldn't want to take that chance to step out? He described it as an American drama, where the protagonist goes to the city, becomes successful, then returns to the countryside and meets up with a girl during their high-school reunion. The pretty girl was there the whole time! Takemura feels it is important to make each character unique enough to not be disliked by everyone. Nakamura continues to explain that each marriage candidate has their own troubles and life challenges. Becoming friends allows the player to tackle those worries together with them. So with Blaire, they gave her romantic events a bit of recklessness as she attempted to travel to the big city.
The types of gifts that characters like are decided during scenario development rather than during their initial design. With Bridget, they wanted her to like items relating to animals, while Iori prefers Japan-style gifts.
Nakano confirms there are no hidden marriage candidates, as he is satisfied with 5 bachelors and 5 bachelorettes. There were also other problems, such as development scheduling issues. The only hidden-like character is the ninja, Matsuyuki, from Iori's scenario. That character won't appear until players advance Iori's storyline. Takemura reminds the interviewer that the upcoming expansion pass will bring in additional marriage candidates.
The interviewer noted that they were shocked to find that Huang (from Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town) had become a handsome character. Nakano joked that perhaps in the future, there will be a world where Lovett becomes a handsome guy too!
Hoshia confirms that the town medals can simply be shipped for money, but Mikey might like them as gifts.
The interviewer noted that a mailbox isn't in the game. Nakano explains that this was by design; with the in-game system messages that pop up, the mailbox's purpose was no longer necessary. Likewise, it is a sign of the times (in a sense), as not many people actually write letters anymore.
The inability to pull weeds by hand was also intentional. Materials can be produced when the weeds are cut, so the weeds need to be harvested using a sickle rather than picked up.
Pressing the A button to move through the map was also by design, as Nakano noted that players could move to another section when they didn't intend to, so the button confirmation was added to prevent accidental map transitions. Though, he now recognizes that players don't like it. (The button movement confirmation is one of the issues being addressed in the future 1.0.5 patch)
The availability of 10 save slots wasn't intended to be for the 10 marriage candidates; Nakano just wanted players to have the ability to play the game in various ways.

Until next time!

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PoOT Week 5 Sales, Kickstarter Updates, and April '21 BokuMobile Events Happy Farm'n Friday! Late last summer at the farmer's market, the veggie-crop folks were selling purple broccoli seedlings at their booth. Touting how tasty the crop was, she gave a convincing sales pitch on how well the plants will over-winter. When spring comes around, the vendor explained that there would be lots of tasty purple broccoli to harvest! Oh boy!
Based on the awesomeness of their broccoli, I brought some plants home and put them in the front yard.
Of course, they did not grow into the magnificent stalks as described by the crop vendor. They were snacked on by cabbage butterfly larva and barely doubled their size. They did indeed over-winter beautifully as she said they would! Not her fault my front-yard soil turned out to be craptacular.
So yesterday afternoon, while we were preparing the front-yard area for the new raised garden beds, I was surprised to find that one of the plants had a tiny crown of purple broccoli on it. It really is a pretty gem of a crop. Maybe I can convince the niece to give broccoli a try if I give her this one little piece and explain to her it was my entire harvest for the season.

Week 5 PoOT Sales Data
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is still selling in Japan, the only region where we get some sense of how well the game is selling week-by-week. reports that the game sold another 6,100 physical copies for the week of March 22 to 28, bringing the total physical copies sold in Japan to about 262,500. That's an amazing number of sales for a BokuMono game.
The sales numbers from Famitsu typically don't include the digital copies sold directly from the Nintendo eShop. But last week, Marv JP issued a press release announcing that PoOT has shipped over 700,000 copies of the game in Japan, Asia, North America, and Europe. Marv's 700k number included both physical and digital versions of the game. The press release also confirmed the ongoing collaboration with Tencent Group for the region-specific mobile game.
Marv JP also confirmed the company intends to continue its relationship with Three Rings by forming a capital ($$$) and business alliance with them. Three Rings Inc. is the production company that planned, wrote, and programmed PoOT for Marvelous, as noted in the game's credit roll.
We're still waiting for the to-be-determined updates to the game. North America/Europe will get the first expansion pass bundle on April 29.

Kickstarter Updates
Development of the topical island farming game, Coral Island, is still progressing forward at Stairway Games. The crowdfunding campaign funds allowed them to hire additional developers to fine-tune the residents' in-game models and improve their house interiors.

Backers who joined in the campaign with an alpha-access reward will be able to try out the game starting in July. Updated versions of the alpha build will be released in August and September, with an early-access (beta) release later in Quarter 4 (Oct/Nov/Dec) of this year.
Coral Island has also added Dutch and Italian as supported languages along with English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, German, French, and Russian. Whew!
Those who have alpha access to Roots of Patcha have been sending feedback to developer Soda Den. They've made changes such as contributing multiple items to the settlement and withdraw an item you may have accidentally added.

Soda Den has also started adding the cooking mechanics to the game and fish drying and fermenting to the food processors. Roots of Patcha has a 2022 planned release window.

April BokuMobile Events

New social events are scheduled to take place this month in the online browser-based version of Bokujou Monogatari in Japan:
A cherry blossom petal themed Harvest Event started on April 1. Farmers will raise raincoat foxes and galoshes bears and harvest umbrella crops and trees. Players will harvest as much as they can before April 9 to earn in-game goodies based on the total amount of points earned from harvests.A large crop events begins on April 11. Grow crops to earn points towards playing a three-card-shuffle game, where players earn points for keeping their card-picking streak going.Finally, April21 is the bingo event. Grow special crops on a 3x3 grind and hope they mature into the same type of crop to score big points.

Until next time!

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EU be PoOT'n, Far East Expansion for One World, Kickstarter Updates, and PoOT Expansion Pass in JP Happy Farm'n Friday! It has been a few weeks of waiting, but the new raised garden bed kits finally arrived this morning!

These raised beds are made out of non-toxic woodchip-cement and manufactured by a company here in Oregon. The raised bed panels' rough texture means slugs hate crawling across it, which is the primary reason I went with these instead of the typical wood-cedar or corrugated metal raised beds. Last year, the lettuce and strawberries grown in the wood-constructed raised bed were destroyed by slugs. It was really frustrating.
Before ordering, the company sent me a small 5"x5" panel sample that I used to test its anti-slug properties. The sample piece was placed outside in the slug world (i.e., the mossy back patio) with a piece of lettuce sitting on top. I watched some slugs crawl up to the panel, check it out, and then move on. The piece of bait lettuce stayed outside for weeks without being nibbled by any pesky slug.
Screw you, slugs! You're not eating my crops this year! Imagine if there was pest damage to crops in Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons games. Egads...

PoOT EU Release
Stroy of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is now out in Europe and Australia!
Marvelous EU sent copies of the game out to EU-based video game streamers that included a grow-your-own veggie kit, with seeds and peat pods to grow beets, tomatoes, spring onions, rainbow chard (yuck!), leeks, and kale. The seed-growing competition is part of a collaboration between Marvelous EU and the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland to raise awareness of the rare pine hoverfly. The little plant-pollinator is critically endangered in the UK and needs help. Marv EU has also donated £20,000 towards the RZSS' efforts towards building a new breeding facility for the insect.

OneWorld Expansion Pass 2 Now Available
The Far East Adventure Pack is now accessible in Harvest Moon: One World. This expansion pass adds the island of Wagashi in the ocean to the west of Halo Halo. To access the cursed island, talk to Kanoa to build a boat. The little boat to Wagashi will then be found on the south end of Halo Halo, close to where the beach ends and the grassy area begins.
Wagashi Island is an eastern-style island with cobblestone paths and stone lanterns, ruled by the Kokemomo clan. There is a sense of enchantment surrounding the village, as though it really is cursed!

New marriage candidates and brother/sister Shogen and Sana live together in their grass-roof house, close to the rice paddies where you can plant lotus seeds and rice seeds collected from nearby Harvest Wisps. There is a mysterious backstory about why the island looks as though it has been abandoned. You can live on Wagashi too, by accessing the Sparky Machine and moving your farm to the island.
You don't need to complete the main storyline of One World to access Wagashi Island. The extra island has its own story players will go through.

PoOT Expansion Pass 1 Now Available in Japan
The first package of goodies from the SoS:PoOT expansion pass was released in Japan yesterday. This first of five releases include dog and cat costumes for the marriage candidates and protagonist. The new Mystery Files mini-story scenario with Cindy and Mikey is also added to the game, which has a special detective costume for the protagonist.
Image from Famitsu of Bridget's first heart event with cat/dog costumes enabled.
North America and Europe/Australia will receive this first bundle of cat/dog costumes and the Mystery Files scenario on April 29. For those who haven't preordered the expansion pass from the Nintendo eShop yet, the expansion pass bundle is 15% off until April 15.

PoOT Sales Data
I totally forgot about reporting last week's sales data from Famitsu. sorry!
For the week of March 8 to March 14, PoOT sold about another 13,000 copies, bringing its total to 249,000.And for last week, March 15 to 21, the sales momentum continued to decrease with only about 7400 copies sold, with a grand total number of about 256,400 copies sold.
Used copies of the Japan-region game are popping up on and Mercari, along with the JP-exclusive preorder goodies and download codes for Felicity's costume and Yuzuki's costume. For example, if you really wanted the animal-print tote bag from the Rakuten preorder edition of SoS:PoOT, it can now be purchased on Mercari for about $5 USD (plus shipping fees and other charges if using a proxy purchase service).
Still no update yet from Marvelous as to when the planned changes to the maker machines and villager dialog will be released.

Kickstarter Updates
The stone-age farming game, Roots of Pacha successfully reached its crowdfunding goal, receiving over $355,000 when the campaign ended yesterday. Originally, developer Soda Den was only asking $35,000, so receiving over 10x as much is quite an achievement! Congratulations!
ChiBig's crowdfunded remake of their game, Deiland, has an official Nintendo Switch release date of April 15:

In Dieland Pocket Planet, players play as the prince of Dieland and rule over their own planet, where they can farm crops and craft decorative objects. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will have a season system, new crops and crafting recipes, all the DLC released for the Steam/Ps4 versions, and even new music. The game will be available for purchase directly from the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 USD / € 19.99 / $30.00 AUD.

Until next time!

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Custom SoS Switch from Jeux Video, and the Marriage Systems in HM:OW and SoS:PoOT Happy Farm'n Friday! And HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING tomorrow! Yes! Goodbye to winter, and a hearty "hello" to wonderful floral-scented days! The neighborhood flowers are popping up from their dirt beds, greeting everyone who walks by. Spring also brings lots of rain, and with rain, there's lots of moss. The backyard lawn is a squishy green bed of mossy goodness.
The lawn may look a bit enchanting, but under the green carpet is where the squirrels are burying their peanuts. They have also flattened a little muddy path across the yard, from the fence line to the patio door. Initially, we thought the mystery dirt road through the green grass was water run-off from the neighbor's gutters. We only learned that it was a tree rat highway after we watched one of them travel the lane towards the bird feeders hanging by the back door. Little buggers...
The Limited Run Game's edition of One World has finally shipped from the online retailer's shop, but it hasn't arrived at Fogu HQ yet. The chicken plushie and musical diorama are on their way! That'll have to wait another week, I guess.

Custom PoOT Switch
Long-time French video game news site Jeux Video is hosting a contest on Twitter, sponsored by French game publisher Just For Games, for a custom-designed SoS:PoOT Nintendo Switch and matching Switch Dock.

This special console was designed by Belgium artist Vadu Amka, who has made several Switch and controller customizations. If you happen to live in France, entries for this cute Switch and its matching dock will be open until March 29. To enter the drawing, simply retweet this Tweet and then follow @JVCom and @JustForGames_FR.

Marriage Systems in OW and PoOT
Let's go over how the marriage systems work in Harvest Moon: One World and Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. Players can get married in both games, though there are some differences. While PoOT allows the player to marry any available candidate, OW limits the marriage options to the opposite gender of the player's protagonist. This gives PoOTy players a pool of 10 marriage candidates to choose from, while One World has 5 marriage candidates. Both games will have future paid DLC to add more marriage candidate options.

Marriage in HM:OW
Despite the best character in the game not being available for marriage again (*cough* Doc *cough*), OW does have a nice variety of marriage candidates. Every named character in the game has a friendship gauge of 5 hearts. Talking, winning festivals, and giving gifts will increase the friendship hearts. The world residents accept just about anything as a gift. Everyone seems to be a-okay with the wild-foraged coconuts I throw at them, except for Malika. Some players stick to giving easy-to-make Fertilizer to everyone. Even if the gift isn't something the villager enjoys, players aren't penalized with a negative affection hit. You just don't gain any affection for gifting that day. The current affection level of every villager in the game can be found in the Making
Friends area of the DocPad.

As the friendship hearts increase with marriage candidates, you can trigger events with them. These happen at 0.5 hearts, 1.5 hearts, and 2.5 hearts. The events happen when you walk close to the marriage candidate, which isn't always at the location they typically hang out. For example, if you notice that Gabrielle isn't wandering close to her house, then it means she's at another spot waiting for you to start her heart event.
During a heart event, you'll be given a choice of three responses. One (or sometimes two) of these responses will result in a heart-level boost after the event is over. Picking the poor choice will simply mean you don't receive bonus affection for the event.

While both genders of protagonist can see the first three heart events, the confession event is only available for the opposite-gender farmer. This happens once the marriage candidate reaches 3.5 hearts of affection. Talk to the candidate to hear how they've started to have feelings for you. You can see the confession event for all 5 available candidates without locking yourself to a specific person.
You'll need to reach 5 hearts of friendship to get married, as well as collect a Blue Feather. The feather naturally comes after you complete the game's main storyline. You'll be instructed to repair the ruins of the marriage ceremony shrine, which rewards you with the Blue Feather.
You'll also need to upgrade the farmhouse twice and construct a second bed. And.. that's where I'm stuck. The second farmhouse upgrade costs a whopping 350,000 G, and I am just a poor farmer who instinctively hoards all her grown crops in the farmhouse refrigerator instead of selling them. The marriage system in OW is definitely a challenge for those who have completed the main storyline!

Marriage in SoS:PoOT
Getting married in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is more affordable than One World. It can also happen very quickly because while it is just as easy to increase affection in PoOT as it is in OW, players don't have to complete the main storyline to unlock the Blue Feather. This game also has gifts that will only result in positive affection increases. Villagers have special gifts, love-level gifts, and liked gifts. Even trash gifts like branches and stones will earn you a tiny bit of friendship. There are no disliked, hated, or horror gifts in PoOT.

As you raise your friendship hearts, you'll trigger events with the marriage candidates. They aren't the same style of events as in previous games, where you always have three responses to choose from during the event. Instead, these events are small cut scenes where you learn more about the person and what they're passionate about. Some of the events will have response selections to move the conversation along, though it's just for flavor.
After you have seen the events for heart #1 through #5, you can give a going-steady pendent when the person has reached heart #6. This pendant can be bought at Angela's general store for 10,000 G or 8000 G if you're playing in seedling mode. Handing over this pendant will trigger another event where they accept your request to become a couple.
Note that you can switch between normal mode and seedling mode at any time through the game's options, located by pressing the Plus Button on your controller.

You can then see more heart events at heart #7, heart #8, and heart #9. You can propose marriage once you reach heart #10.
To marry, you just need the first house upgrade after the tent - the Log House - that costs 2000 G and 20 lumber. A big bed is not necessary. Next, you'll need the Blue Feather from the general store. This costs 20,000 G (normal mode) or 16,000 G (seedling mode). Hand the feather over, and if all requirements have been met, you'll see a scene where your now-fiance lets their family know that they have accepted your marriage proposal.
The next morning, Victor will stop by your farm to ask about the date for the wedding ceremony. He'll give you three dates to pick that are 5 days, 6 days, or 7 days out from the day of his visit. Whichever date you choose will not be marked on your calendar. After you select the date, Victor takes you to the town hall to choose your wedding attire. You can't leave the town hall until you make a clothing choice, and you don't get to try on the clothes to see if you like how the outfit looks.

The wedding ceremony will take the entire day, where you and your sweetie will confirm your vows and sign the town register. After the credits roll, you'll return to your house. There will be a dresser for your new spouse, and the bed will increase in size to accommodate two people. Your new spouse's maximum affection level increases to more than 10 hearts.

Until next time!

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HM:OW LRG Edition Starts Shipping, PoOT JP Promo, and More Fogu PoOT Gameplay Impressions
Happy Farm'n Friday! I took the week off from office work to catch up on things at Fogu HQ. The Christmas tree was finally dismantled and put away, windows were cleaned, and the blueberry bushes were pruned, among other things. Seems like there is always more work to do!
Long-time Farm'n Friday readers might remember my rants about the Fogu HQ front-yard garden space and its terrible all-clay soil. It's been amended with various fixings over the years, yet there has been no improvement to its productivity. This year, I decided to give up on the native dirt and install raised planter beds filled with fresh soil and nummy worm casings. The hardware won't arrive for a few more weeks, but I'm optimistic that maybe this will be the year for front yard veggies!
While working between chores, I managed to finish the storyline of Harvest Moon: One World! The UNoT guide walkthrough is almost finished, with several more pages in process. My in-game encyclopedia says I'm only 35% of the way through collecting all the crops, recipes, fish, and animals. So much left to do! (and document, of course)
The Limited Run Game special bundle for One World has started shipping after the goodies successfully passed through customs. There are a few extras LE editions available for purchase (Ps4 or Switch) on the LRG website.

OW Orchestrated Theme
Did you know that the main theme for One World was recorded by a quintet of musicians?

I had no idea until Natsume posted a recording on their Youtube channel. What a lovely tune! Do da do do...

New Game Center Prize
Last month, two large plushie cows were made available as prizes at select video arcade centers in Japan. This month, an extra-large turnip plushie is the prize as part of the continuation of the 25th anniversary BokuMono celebrations.

This squeeiiiiishy premium turnip plushie will be at select game centers for a limited time in Japan.

Week 2 PoOT Sales reports that the Japan edition of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town sold another 33,600 copies the week of March 1 to March 7, putting its two-week total at 236,000 copies. The game's first-week sales were about 202,400 units, so that's quite a drop between week one and week two. I'd guess those who really wanted the game bought it at launch.

More PoOT Gameplay Details
Nothing publicly announced from Marvelous JP yet when an optimization update will be added to the game. We know it is in development; we just have to be patient for now.
I reached summer in my game and now bumping into some of the issues the JP players have been vocal about. Generally, I am still enjoying the game, but it's beginning to have its quirks.
One issue is the speed at which tree saplings and wild grass regrow. They can be cut back to the ground, only to pop back up a day later. The wild plants have no consideration for where your crops or barns are located. The happy little trees will sprout between your tilled fields without a care in the world. Players are encouraged to craft paths, as laying those down on the ground will stop the excessive sprouting in that spot. Unfortunately, a path cannot simply be placed anywhere on your farm. In my case, the trees and wild grass will sprout along the shoreline, right in front of my maker machines where I can't place a pathway to stop the unwanted weeds from appearing.
The seedlings also sprout right in front of the barns, obstructing access to the barn entrances. I've tried cutting the trees down to stumps to stop them from reappearing, but the leftover stumps and random-spawning rocks are the way instead. The cow barn has two trees that keep growing right at the entrance, which gets the cow stuck when it exits the barn. It's kind of funny to watch it slide around as the game tries to move the cow out of the way so the sheep can come out of the barn too. Adding paths in front of the barns should put a stop to those pesky trees, I hope.

The Olive Town residents' conversation text really doesn't vary a lot, at least in the Japanese version. Typically around a festival date, I'll see text about their excitement for the upcoming festival. Then for several days afterward, they'll simply comment on how much they enjoyed the festivities. It's like nothing is going on in the villagers' dreary lives, so a festival is the topic of conversation for days.
I've also put maker machines out on the farm, but that's beginning to slow things down. There are 12 machines on the Fogu farm at the moment, with 3 more I haven't built yet. It is kind of fun to see all the little machines chugging along as they process their goods, but moving through the farm seems to have diminished with all these machines, trees, and crops in the farm area. The game has even flat-out stalled as I ran through the field.

Perhaps the digital version of the game runs smoother than the physical edition? At least PoOT looks pretty when it stutters!
One feature that I do like is the new fishing mechanic. It is much easier than fishing in Stardew Valley.

After getting a bit on the line, a gauge appears with your fishing stamina on the left side and the fish's strength on the right side. The fish will either be thrashing about with a red highlighted gauge, relaxing with a blue highlighted gauge, or resisting a bit without any gauge highlight. When the red gauge displays, avoid holding the Y button to reel in the fish because that action uses a lot of your fishing stamina. When the gauge is blue, hold down Y to more easily reel in the fish and use very little fishing stamina. You can also reel when the fishing gauge is not red or blue, which uses a normal stamina amount. If the fish icon reaches the top of the gauge before the green fishing stamina is exhausted, the fish will be caught
Each fish has a red/blue/normal pattern that they rotate through, which allows you to time the reeling in based on what status you anticipate will display on the gauge. Some fish rotate through all three stages, while others mix it up with a normal/red/normal/blue sequence. Players can tell whether they're reeling in a Tilapia or a weeny Crayfish just by watching the fish's pattern of thrashing and relaxing.

Until next time!

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New Farm'n Games! Harvest Moon: OW and Story of Seasons: PoOT Happy Farm'n Friday! There have been two big farming game releases over the past week, so let's just jump right into it!

HM One World Release
The latest game from Natsume, Harvest Moon: One World released this week for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4. Natsume noted on their community blog that the Limited Run Game's special bundle has not shipped yet due to the bonus goodies being held up in customs. We'll have to wait a bit longer before I can show you the special music showcase that comes with the LRG version. The Gamestop preorder plushie chickens are also delayed and will be delivered later.

In the meantime, I'll continue to play the Nintendo Switch version instead! I must have my Doc fix! Though Doc is now personified as his descendant, Doc Jr, he is still just as ka-blamy as he always is. Doc Jr helps the protagonist with ore processing, house upgrades, and fancy inventions like the sprinkler that waters the crops in the morning. He's even to befriend simply by giving him Material Stone.
One World sets players out in a search for a way to revive the Harvest Goddess and save the world's bountiful soil. Along the way, they'll discover new crop seeds and five villages that have their own unique problems relating to the poor quality of their environments. Crop seeds can be found all over the place, for free! They'll also appear based on different weather, time of day, and season. Seed wisps hold both base crops (tomato, potato, etc.) and their mutations (crimson, sweet potato, and so on).
The world is large and has few loading scenes. Running around is smooth from one area to another, with just a short display change when moving in and out of buildings. Sometimes I'll see a little bit of a stutter when running through the paths, but it's just a quick blip before things smooth out again. The paths between towns have little alcoves to explore with fruit trees, more wisps, and even wild animals to find.
This game has a large encyclopedia to complete, so it's a good game for those who are completionists and must grow them aaaaaalll. There are over 220 crops, 30 fish to catch, over 300 cooked recipes, and 65 animals to discover. Some animals are easy to find, such as the basic black and white cow, while others only appear at night somewhere in the world.

Growing crops is a bit easier too, with each area of the world having different types of soil where crops could mutate into new varieties. In this version of Harvest Moon, the game encyclopedia shows the mutation path a crop can take. If you haven't discovered the mutation yet, the charge on the crop profile's right-side will have a gray-colored box. Now you'll know whether a crop does or does not mutate.
All in all, I am enjoying One World. The marriage candidates have flavorful personalities and seeing Jamil getting teased by his mom for not having a special someone was pretty amusing. The story is challenging enough that it will take longer to complete than the storyline from Harvest Moon: Light of Hope.

PoOT Updates
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town released last week on the Nintendo Switch. Famitsu states that the game has sold over 202,000 physical copies since its release on the 25th. That's a lot of one-week sales! The game sold more than Square-Enix's Bravely Default II, which was released on the 26th.
Despite the strong one-week sales, there have been rumblings in the Japan fanbase about the game's shortcomings. The high expectations stemming from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns has resulted in a less-than-stellar acceptance of the game from some farmers. There's the complaint about the lack of festivals, of which there are only two per season and none relating to farming. When interacting with Olive Town's villagers, the conversations are stale, and there are many long loading screens when moving between areas. Then there's the problem with the maker machines that can only process one item at a time.
The discontent has been great enough that Marvelous and Producer Takemura have published a response and laying out a plan to make updates to the game. The first update will occur mid-March and include bug fixes and optimizations to the loading screens. Another update will be published later that improves the villager conversation dialog, makes the maker machines more efficient, enhances the player's sense of immersion, adjusts gameplay balance, and applies additional corrections.
With PoOT coming out in English at the end of March, I would guess that we'll get the bug-fix patch but unsure about the additional changes.

PoOT JP Physical Edition Preorder Goodies
My copy of the game arrived on Monday. The version I ordered was the special edition, which came with a game code for the Agate costume, metal clips, and a pluuuuushie!

The stainless-steel metal paper clips are about 1 inch tall and etched with familiar farm animal faces. These can be used as bookmarks or just for holding a stack of up to 10 papers together.

The soft cow plushie is a bit bigger than Marvelous' previous preorder bonus plushies and has a felt bell on its tail. It also has a clip attached to its head to carry it around since it contains a little surprise inside

Folded up within the cow is a medium-sized reusable grocery bag, with one side printed with the BokuMono logo and the reverse side with small vegetable images. It could hold some light-weight groceries, but I wouldn't carry around a 10-lb bag of oranges with it. It's too precious for that!

Gameplay Impressions
My copy of the game arrived on Monday, so I've had a limited time to play. I am enjoying what I have seen so far. There is plenty of small details that I do enjoy, such as when it is raining, the protagonist leaves behind wet footprints when running across the pavement in town. Or the wild animals make little sounds to let you know they're around. Or when the day falls to dusk and the sounds of bugs float through the farm area. So there are plenty of nice things to see.
But then there are some odd design choices, such as the bombardment of loading screens. Press A to confirm you want to enter your barns or leave the farm and go to Olive Town. While Trio of Towns required an A-button confirmation to go into a villager's house or shop, no confirmation was required to exit the house like there is in Olive Town.

Whenever moving from one area to another, the game opens a loading screen that displays basic photographs or photographs captures by other PoOT players. Cow butts are cute, but sometimes the images can get on the creepy side. Seeing a photo of Linh's chest area over and over can get a bit awkward after a while.

Another noticeable functionality is the movement of the villagers themselves, or lack thereof, to be precise. While the protagonist will animate their arms when left idle, the villagers will simply stand in place inside their houses until their scheduled time to walk somewhere else.
My farm only has two maker machines placed within the space, but there is a little bit of a slowdown while running past groups of trees. While it is nice that the game makes an effort to insert gaps through the tree foliage so you can see the protagonist behind everything, the chopped-down trees reappear on the farm as tiny seedlings after a day or so. While the little seedlings can be smashed back to the ground with the hammer, they keep sprouting like crazy! It's like the wild squirrel on grandpa's farm is planting quick-grow trees overnight.
Looking forward to seeing how the planned change improve the game!

Until next time!

- Cher(Finally started taking the ornaments off the Christmas tree this week. Gotta do it sometime, right?) Sat, 06 Mar 2021 00:15:08 +0000
PoOT Release Info, NGPX 2021, Stardew goes Tabletop, Kickstarters, and Farm'n Game Discounts Happy Farm'n Friday! Last weekend I was back in the utility room looking for something but soon became overwhelmed with all the junk in the room. Purge time! That always feels good, doesn't it? And as a bonus, I found an old teapot that I had forgotten about. Now it's home for some of those succulents that I used the water-bottle method to propagate.
I also discovered several baggies of loose seeds that were in the wrong spots. Looks like one was a bag of Moss Rose (Portulaca) seeds, another was a clear bag of broccoli seeds, some poppy seeds, and so on. There was one odd bag with several small seeds and a sheet of instructions on planting the seeds. The funny thing is that the instructions don't specify exactly what the seeds are, but it does list instructions for three crops: Shiso, Wasabina Mustard Greens, and Shungiku. Some internet sleuthing came up with some sort of windowsill herb kit, so these seeds appear to be from the former homeowner. We'll have to plant the seeds and see what happens! Mystery Seeds Wooo!
Harvest Moon: One World is out next week in North America (March 2), Europe (March 5), and Australia (March 5)! The game is available on the Nintendo eShop for preorder, either the stand-alone version (all regions) or a game + season pass bundle (EU/AUS). The season pass is also available as a separate preorder on the eShop in Europe and Australia. While it will also be available for Playstation in North America, it doesn't appear to be on the PSN store for digital preorder at the moment.

PoOT JP Release!
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town was released the other day in Japan, with some mixed reaction from Japanese players, some good and some not-so-good:

The game has 10 save slots
The in-game voice can be disabled by turning the voice volume setting down to zero.
Other players' camera pictures will appear in the loading screens when moving between areas, which results in some pretty hilarious in-game pictures. On the downside, loading the pictures from the internet seems to cause uncomfortably long load times when moving from area to area. Turning off the Switch's internet connectivity (so it can't load pictures) helps to speed up the loading times, but then you can't see other player's photographs.
The villagers have been described as boring or non-existent. They're around, but their dialog doesn't vary much. This is the JP text, so perhaps the XSeed EN localization will be a bit livelier.
While the reason for the lack of conversation portraits was that the Switch can better handle the display of character emotions, JP players are having problems with seeing said emotions. While talking to villagers, the townsfolk will face away from the protagonist, or the in-game camera angle is placed so that players can't see the villagers' faces.
Clearing the farm and building it from scratch appears to be a positive aspect of the game.
The museum seems to be the long-term goal for players to complete. The building needs to be filled with hundreds of artifacts, fish, and oddities.
The maker machines can only process ONE group at a time and not multiple stacks like in Trio of Towns, hence why early screenshots of the game highlighted so many maker machines out on the player's farm. There are about 44 types of maker machines for processing goods that, in past games, did not need individual makers to produce (e.g., there is a separate Seed Maker, a Mushroom Seed Maker, and a Tree Seedling Maker. Butter, Cheese, Yogurt, and Mayo are also separate makers. Why?). Using higher star-rank ingredients may result in additional goods being produced (up to +3 extra).
There truly are a limited number of festivals in the game, none of which are related to farming. No cow festival, crop festival, etc. Just either a mini-game (like the pet race) or a romantic festival (like fireworks).
There are 10 romance levels for each marriage candidate, and a love event happens at each level. A pendant needs to be handed over at level 6 to go-steady with a candidate and unlock the later romantic events. So 10 candidates x 10 events equals 100 romance events. With Marv promoting the game with having over 200 events, it's probably safe to assume about half of those are love events.
Each villager also has two events based on your friendship level, so 26 x 2 = 52 of the 200 promoted events.
The cute mini-eggs that chase after the Earth Sprites are called Followers (at least in the Japanese version). The Earth Sprite village unlocks after players discover 25 Followers, which can be found by doing tasks like cutting weeds or breaking stones on the farmland. Finding more Followers will unlock more special areas (like the sky garden) and additional benefits.
There has already been a version update released by Marv to fix bugs and make improvements. We'll see if the changes also reflect in the EN versions set to be released at the end of March. I am still waiting for my copy to arrive in the mail.
EN Streamers
Marvelous EU has shared early copies of the game's English adaptation with several EU-based video game streamers. Awesome! Their stream times will be in EU time, of course.

BiggusBennus - March 1 and March 2
Little Legs TV - March 1
CakeJumper - March 1 and March 3

NGPX 2021
Another New Game Plus Expo (NGPX) occurs next Thursday, March 4, at 8:00 am Pacific Time. This free online digital event showcases upcoming games from unique publishers such as INTI Creates, NIS America, Arksys Games, and Natsume. You can watch the expo stream on the NGPX Twitch channel:

Tabletop Stardew Valley
ConcerenedApe has been busy developing a new Stardew Valley board game based on his game. The board game is a collaborative game for 1 to 4 players where they all work together to restore the community center. Players have one year to revive the valley, else Joja Corporation is victorious. The first print of the game is already sold out, but a second print is planned. You can learn more about it on the official website:
Stardew Valley the Board Game
If you are interested in a tabletop farming game, check out Agricola (Wikipedia). In this game, each player competes to earn the most points at the end of the game. Managing resources and trading them in for upgrades will get players closer to big points. I used to play it with my board game group, but they became bored with playing the same game every week XD It supports up to 5 players and will play differently depending on the card deck selected during game setup.

Kickstarter Updates
Ova Magica, the farming game with cute blob battle companions, wrapped up its crowdfunding campaign last night. ClaudiaTheDev from Germany originally requested about $24,000, but ended up with over $300,000! All stretch-goals were met, such as a museum for collectibles and a beauty salon. The final stretch-goal was the blob fusion lab, where players can play with blob DNA to customize their blobs' look. The current development plan for Ova Magica has the game scheduled sometime around July 2022.
The tropical island farming game, Coral Island, has about 4 days left to go for its Kickstarter campaign. Stairway Games from Indonesia originally asked for $70,000, and so far has received $1.2 million. Holy smokes! All of the base-game stretch goals have been met, so there are a few after-release goals at the moment, like an end-game addition of ship exploration. Stairway Games plans to have
Coral Island release later this autumn.
If you're looking for a different style of farming, such as prehistoric farming, a new campaign launched this week on Kickstarter:

Roots of Pacha tasks the player (and their optional co-op friends) with helping their once-nomatic clan settle down and learn to live with nature. Players will be tasked with tasks such as farming, domesticating animals, construct village housing, go mining for precious resources, date and marry, collect recipes for their stone-age cookbook, and solve the mystery surrounding mother nature herself, Pacha.
Roots of Pacha has already reached its funding goal, as many popular farming games tend to do. The game is planned for a Steam and Nintendo Switch release around April of 2022, with Xbox and Playstation release afterwards. You can join in on the campaign on the Kickstarter page:
Roots of Pacha - Farm in the Stone Age with Friends

Farm'n Game Discounts
There are some nice discounts currently available for several farming games:
Nintendo Switch (NA)
Atomocrops - 40% off ($8.99) until March 1My Time at Portia - 75% off ($7.49) until March 10Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - 25% off ($29.99) until March 9

Nintendo Switch (EU)
Atomicrops - 40% off (£8.09/€8.99) until February 28Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE - 20% off (£27.99/€31.99) until February 28Little Dragons Cafe - 30% off (£31.49/€34.99) until February 28My Time at Portia - 75% off (£6.24/€7.49) until March 7
SoS:FoMT is not on sale in the EU.

Atomicrops - 40% off ($8.99) until March 10Farming Simulator 19 - 25% off ($22.49) until March 3 Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition - 20% off ($31.00) until March 3Farming Simulator 19 Premium Edition - 25% off ($39.99) until March 3Farm Together - 25% off ($14.99) until March 10My Time at Portia - 65% off ($10.49) until March 10
Playstation Plus members will receive double discounts on the Farming Simulator games.

Until next time!

- Cher(Back to playing Harvest Moon: One World this weekend!) Fri, 26 Feb 2021 22:33:45 +0000
HM:OW Bachelor and Digital Preorders in EU, and Nindori Interview with PoOT Developers Happy Farm'n Friday! The snow and ice have finally melted away, leaving behind the muddy and mossy yard. A few tree branches fell to the ground because of ice buildup, and a neighbor down the street had a tree fall in their front yard. My uncle just got power restored to his house this morning! We should be out of the snow-woods for the rest of the year. I think. I hope! It's almost time to start preparing seedlings for this year's garden plot!

HM:OW Bachelor
The last marriage candidate was revealed today for Harvest Moon: One World:

Braden lives in Calisson, where he runs a cattle ranch. Or, at least he is trying to run a cattle ranch. He seems really gruff at first, but it's because he is very stressed about his cows' health. Braden is having problems with unhealthy cows that you'll have to help with, else he plans on giving up being a rancher.

EU One World Digital PreordersRising Star Games announced this week that digital preorders for Harvest Moon: One World are now available on the Nintendo eShop in Europe and Australia. The game requires 1.2 G of card space, supports cloud saves, and includes English, Spanish, French, and German languages. The digital preorder costs € 49.99 / $69.95 AUD and will be released on March 3, 2021.

NinDori PoOT Interview
In the latest Nintendo DREAM magazine edition in Japan is a 25th-anniversary Bokujou Monogatari interview with Director Hikaru Nakano, Assistant Director Rika Hoshina, and Producer Dai Takemura.

Nakano states that the planning for Pioneers of Olive Town started in early 2018. Because they didn't want fans to have to wait for such a long time for a new game, the remake of the GBA was published while they were working on PoOT.
The game was developed to be released for the series' 25th anniversary. However, they confirm no connection with the anniversary and the game's February 25 release date; the chosen day was because they wanted to have the game released on a Thursday. Takemura is pleased that the game's release coincides with the Year of the Ox.
They liked the look of the cow in Mineral Town, so they are using it in PoOT.

The original concept art they felt was too overwhelming and dark.
With the theme of pioneering, they wanted it to feel as though the player is building their farm from scratch.
Moving from development on 3DS (Trio of Towns) to the Switch allowed them to expand the things they could do, such as adding vast areas of forest.
Takemura notes that they wanted the player to choose how they wanted to play, whether mining, fishing, or talking to the villagers and expanding their community.
Hoshina likes how players can cut grass to collect various materials, rather than simply relying on garbage to make items from scratch.
This time, the game focuses on farming and nature. Like Island of Happiness in its development of the island, this game's subject is the development of the farm. Nakano noted that, for example, if you didn't go to the mountain in previous games of the series, you couldn't collect ore. In this game, players can do all of those activities within their farm area. The farm is intended to change more than the town will.
They've added some new details, such as the farm's ground will get muddy when it rains, and if there are too many puddles, the area will become swampy. So the solution is to clear the water with a bucket but make it easy enough that players don't have to spend all day trying to clear out water from ponds. It'll be exciting to see what surprises appear after draining the water.
The treasures found from the ponds are documented in an in-game picture book and exhibited at the museum.
The camera will let players see a distinct viewpoint that hasn't been included in a Story of Seasons game. There may be some secrets that players can only see by using the camera.
There are now maker machines to craft lumber and material stone. Nakano explains that they felt it was more rewarding to craft materials rather than buy them. (I disagree, as I find having to craft every ingredient of a recipe to be tedious, but I'm not in charge of game development...)
The interviewer asked about the addition of perfume, dyes, and bouquets at the flower shop and other feminine elements in the game. Nakano revealed that many women worked on the development of PoOT, so it was easy for him to listen to their opinions regarding such things as dyes and lining up furniture, which is naturally reflected in the game. All development staff are welcome to give their opinions.
At the beginning, there is only one Earth Sprite of each attribute, but little followers will appear later. They wanted the sprites to be cute!
There are no Harvest Goddess or magical Witch characters from previous games, as Takemura wanted to have all-new characters.
The interviewer noted that it is easy to get animals and high-level tools in the first season, so how did that affect the tempo of the game. Nakano was concerned that if players didn't do well in their first season in past games, it made it difficult to move forward. He wanted players to have fun cultivating their farm; even cutting down weeds is easy work. Players can even collect items from cutting weeds.
Other features to make it easier were adding the number of water units remaining in the watering can and a map that shows the villagers' current location in town. Nakano plans to continue to make game play adjustments to the series.
It was a challenge to develop the expansion for the game. With Mineral Town, it was distributed via updates to the game and required a bit of trial-and-error to get it right. Adding marriage candidates also took a bit of testing, but Nakano hopes that fans will enjoy the additions. Some elements aren't typically included in a standard Story of
Seasons story line but can be added via the expansion pass.
The characters added with the expansion pass are not in order of popularity.
Hoshina really likes the addition of the field sprinklers and the little Earth Sprites!

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is out in Japan next Thursday.

Until next time!

- Cher(There's a portrait of Doc in Doc Jr.'s house. It's amaaaaazing.) Sat, 20 Feb 2021 00:14:58 +0000
New Gameplay details for HM:OW and SoS:PoOT, and Special Japan-only PoOTy Collabs Happy Farm'n Friday! It has been a few weeks, and the water-bottle method of succulent propagation has appeared to work for some of the cuttings. The smaller ones have sprouted roots, but the larger ones haven't grown much at all. The larger cuttings are actually growing new leaves and no roots, while the smaller ones are growing new roots and new leaves. Either way, using the water-bottle method has been more successful compared to simply tossing the cuttings on some dirt and misting them from time to time. Now to grow my succulent army... mwa ha ha...
The snow/ice mess that started on Thursday is expected to last the entire weekend. Since such weather would have destroyed that early-bird blooming daffodil, I cut the stem and brought it inside. I didn't realize how overwhelming its scent is, and that's not in a pleasant way! Wow, it is powerful.
Last night's freeze also damaged a potted geranium that was under-cover on the front porch. I didn't account for the freezing wind last night, and while it isn't covered in any snow, its leaves have ice damage. Let's hope it can recover.
As for my adventures through Rune Factory 4, the storyline finally moved forward after bumping into several cut scenes. Huzzah! I made it through the challenges and unlocked Rune Prana. I had no problems with the prior two bosses, but this dungeon is not at the same level I was expecting! Ouch! I'll need to work on improving weapons and armor and trying to find a better Cure spell. I haven't seen one for sale at the Magic Merchant yet.

HMOW Gameplay Details
This week, we finally learned some new information about Harvest Moon: One World, as Natsume released details to media and game streamers. Over on their Community Blog, we learn that Doc Jr.'s Expando-Farm invention will allow players to package up their house and combined livestock-and-poultry barn and move to a new area. The Expando-Farm does not move crops due to the nature of crop mutations (i.e., you don't want to kill off your mutations by moving them to a new environment). Traveling back to the old fields will be possible as players proceed through the game. Sections of the world tend to have a preferred season (Halo Halo is summer, Salmiakki is winter, etc.), so players will want to move their farm around for easier access when growing specific crops or mutations.

The little harvest wisps hold the special seeds that players will grow in their fields. Wisps can appear in various locations throughout the lands and even at different times of the day. Players can stay up late into the night (and early morning), hunting down little sparkles and not be forced to bed.

There are various animals that players can have on their farm, such as cows, sheep, and chickens, but players can also befriend wild animals and invite them to live on the farm as pets! The poultry and livestock are now sectioned off within the same barn.

Fishing is a little more detailed, as players can start by using optional bait to cast their line (fishing can be done without bait). When the fish gets close, a wavy gauge will appear above the bobber. Wait until the fish gets within the green area, and then press A to reel it in!
Like in the prior game, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, this game will also have optional download content. These four packages of goodies can be purchased separately or as a season pass and will be released on and after the game's March 2 release date in North America.

Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack ($2.99, March 2) - Adds five interior designs for the farm house (Farm, Castle, Steampunk, Spaceship, and Starlight) and ultra-level tool upgrades to make farming easier.
Far East Adventure Pack ($12.99, March 23) - Adds new crops, animals, and two new marriage candidates from the new island of Wagashi. Shogen and Sana will be available to woo after downloading this content. Neither of those candidates is Doc!? What the heck!
Precious Pets Pack ($2.99, April 13) - Adds 12 new animals to the game, such as dapple horses and Siamese cats. Meow!
Mythical Animal Pack - ($2.99, May 4) - Adds 10 new and usual animals to the game, such as mint tigers and lava rabbits. Oh my!
Players can purchase each separately as they are released, or they can purchase a season pass for $14.99 starting on March 2. The season pass will add each DLC to the player's game as they are released. The season pass is the better deal, as individually, the four DLC cost about $22.
A special preorder bundle for One World is now available from Rising Star Games in the United Kingdom. Sold directly from Nintendo UK, this package includes a copy of the Nintendo Switch game, a sticker sheet, and a chicken keychain for £39.99:
Moon: One World - Nintendo UK

Cafe Collab
In Japan, the GraffArt Shop in the Ikebukuro commercial district in Tokyo has an in-store cafe. From March 20 until April 18, the GraffArtCafe will serve Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town themed snacks and drinks. Yum!

The cafe will offer four BokuMono-branded treats:
The Spring Thanksgiving Amazing Delicious Milk Set comes with a slice of tea-flavored chiffon cake, whipped cream, mixed berries, a sprig of mint, and a mug of either hot or cold milk. This treat is themed after Harvest Moon: A New BeginningA flavorful Lulukoko drink from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns blends yogurt, mango juice, banana syrup, and milk, topped with a spring of mint.
The very-purple Mineral Town Grape Soda combines grape juice and cider with a topping of mixed berries and mint.
Lastly is the Olive Town Pancakes and Ice Cream combo: a set of cocoa-powdered cow-print pancakes with honey syrup, vanilla ice cream, mixed berries, and mint.
All orders will come with one of three special BokuMono drink coasters as a free gift, each printed with official artwork from the Olive Town game.

Ushi Game Center Prize
Also a Japan-exclusive, a stuffed cow and a strawberry cow will be available at select game arcade centers.

In celebration of the BokuMono series' 25th anniversary, these two udder-ly awesome large cows will be prizes for playing games at the arcades starting next week.

SoS:PoOT Details
Marvelous JP has also been sharing their latest game with media and streamers in Japan. Some of their Let's Plays have appeared on Youtube (Source 1, Source 2)

We've seen how the game starts out by having the player customize their character and select their motor scooter color: red, blue, yellow, green, pink, just to name a few options.
Players can easily remodel the dilapidated chicken coop within the first few days of the game and entice the wild chicken to live there. So basically, a free chicken right from the start.
Mines have ore nodes and rocks to smash to find goodies. The ladder down to the next floor can be found under broken-up rocks. The Magma Earth Sprite can be found on floor 10. Another mine farther up the mountain contains pitfalls to fall down. Within that mine are moles that pop up out of the ground that you can hit with a hammer (whack-a-mole finally returns!) After hitting the mole enough times, it will drop an item for you.
Furniture can be added to the house. Besides lamps, tables, etc., players can hang items on their walls like clocks.
The dilapidated livestock barn takes a little bit more work, as it requires lumber to fix up. Players have to build lumber maker machines to convert branches into lumber before they can be used for construction. There is also a wild cow nearby that can easily be enticed to live in the fixed-up barn; so a free cow too!
After upgrading the tent to a house, a pet can be purchased from Bridget. The pet sleeps inside the house on a cute little floor mat.
There are different styles of storage boxes for hoarding items, such as a wooden box and a stone box.
Collecting milk and wool does not require a milker or sheers. Just stand next to the animal when it has an icon above its head that indicates it can be milked or sheers, and then press the A Button.
One Youtuber was able to go fishing in a rain puddle in the field area of their farm and catch a crayfish. No idea if that is an actual game feature or a bug!
Extra barns can be purchased at Nigel's carpentry shop, and each barn (fixed up or built) can be assigned a name. The starting barn can hold up to 5 animals, but a large barn from Nigel can hold up to 10 animals.
The black and white chicken is a Silkie Chicken.

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