Ushi No Tane PHP-Update LoH DLC for Steam, LDC EU Date, and RSG EU Sale
Happy Farm'n Friday! Things are beginning to cool down as Fall slowly creeps up. This year's PotatoLand has started to flower, and the Fall raspberries are beginning to ripen on the canes. Even the springtime baby goldfish in the pond are beginning to turn gold from their juvenile brown coloring. It's a bit melancholy to see Summer fade away, but the seasons must go on!

The dahlias are still opening up and hopefully will continue to do so until October. This fellow is another dahlia plant that bloomed for the first time this year. This particular flower was too heavy for the plant and eventually bent its own stem, so now it is in a vase on the kitchen island.

Light of Hope PC DLC
On Tuesday, Natsume surprisingly updated their PC version of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope to version 2.0, adding the initial console-only "Special Edition" features to the Steam version of their game. This free update adds bug fixes and several SE features such as a herding bell on the outside of the chicken barn, the animals' names and friendship when you stand close to a livestock or chicken, a way to track cooked recipes for earning the 5-Star Chef Steam achievement, and new character Soleil the gem sprite. Just like in the Ps4 and Switch versions, Soleil is a potential marriage candidate and a local multiplayer option.

On the downside, the 2.0 update also added Milk as a required ingredient when making Delicious Feed at the Windmill; the PC version didn't require Milk until this 2.0 update was released.

With the Special Edition features launched on the Steam platform, the optional DLC packs also available as separate purchases. Players can buy and download the Decorations and Tool Upgrade Pack ($0.99) with the magnificent Doc statue, the Divine Marriage Candidate Pack ($1.99) that unlocks Gorgan and the Goddess as potential spouses, the Doc and Melanie's Special Episodes ($2.99) that brings new clothing outfits and farmhouse interiors, and finally the New Marriage Characters Pack ($3.99) that adds new characters Michelle and Shirlock into the PC game. Players can by them individually or buy a combined DLC bundle for $9.96.

Now that Light of Hope Special Edition features are also on PC, I'll see about recording all of Gorgan's romance events! Oh la la, as Elise might say.

The game is on sale until August 21 (next Tuesday) in the Steam Store to promote the Steam release of the Special Edition features. The base game (without DLC) is 30% off (down to $20.99 USD, regularly $29.99). A bundle edition that includes the game and the four DLC packs is on sale for 23% off ($30.95, regularly $39.95).

Since my 240+ hour PC game now has all the same features as the Nintendo Switch game, guess I don't need to play the physical console edition anymore. That frees up the console for Little Dragons Cafe!

Little Dragons Cafe Updates
Rising Star Games revealed that the European (physical and digital) and Australian (digital only) release date for Wada's Little Dragons Cafe will be September 21. The game is out NEXT FRIDAY (the 24th) in North America!

In Japan, publisher Marvelous has added a 10-page digital manga to the game's promo website, drawn by Bokujou Monogatari long-time artist, Igusa Matsuyama. In the manga, a reporter and cameraman from LDCTV interviews various villagers and the main characters, bumps into the island's wild animals, and even has a tasty meal prepared by the cafe chef. You can read the digital Japanese manga on the Marvelous website:

Special Synopsis Comic - Little Dragons Cafe
Europe Digital HM Sale
Rising Star Games is having a sale on their Nintendo eShop titles. Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns is on sale for €9.99 (50% off) and Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is on sale for €19.99 (also 50% off). The sale is scheduled to end on August 30.

Until next time!

- Cher
(More Christmas lights arrived today!! Now to start constructing this year's addition to the Light Extravaganza! 11 weeks to go!) Fri, 17 Aug 2018 20:15:49 +0000
Land of Amara, LDC Updates, and JP RF4 Sale Happy Farm'n Friday! The zucchini plants are finally producing something harvestable, though they have tree rat bite marks on them. The local squirrels like to bite a squash and then move onto something else. The stinky marigolds next to the zucchini plants are not fending off tree rats, even though the marigolds are now large enough to crowd out the nearby scallions. Pretty sure the 'ol farmer's tale of planting scented marigolds to deter pests doesn't work at all on our local squirrel population. Their noses must be broken because these marigolds smell terrible!

Farm'n in Virtual Reality
A virtual reality farming game by PawStamp Studios, titled Land of Amara, is currently in development for Oculus Rift. Players can control the farm by using the farm control board, used to make the avatar farmer clear land, till soil, and harvest crops. The solo developer of this VR game has a Patreon site for more information, including alpha game images and a gameplay video:

PawStamp-Studio is creating Land of Amara | Patreon

The sheep are just so cute... auuu...

Little Dragons Cafe Updates
Yasushiro Wada's latest game will be released in Japan and North America in a few weeks. Aksys Games (North America) is sharing more information via their email blasts about the game such as running your own cafe. In Japan, Marvelous is still promoting their retweet-and-win contest where players in the Japan region can enter to win a Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch. Marvelous also released a new promo video of the game on the video section of the JP official website. The dragon buddy can be used to break down barriers, push rocks to jump to higher areas, dive for fish, and produces "fertilizer" players can collect that can be used to promote plant growth for harvest.

If you're interested in hearing more of the background theme song, Ano Sora e, the bottom video on the movie page contains just the song without overlapping voice commentary that would drown out Amu Sera's singing voice.

This week, Rising Star Games revealed a new English summary video via their Twitter account about exploring the island in the game. The short video below shows areas of the world, with the main character moving around and collecting ingredients for the cafe.

Explore the lands and find scattered pieces of tasty recipes, fresh ingredients and much, much more with your trusty Dragon by your side!Coming to #PlayStation4 and #NintendoSwitch - the cutest adventure of 2018 - #LittleDragonsCafe!— RSG Team (@RisingStarGames) August 7, 2018

RSG hopes to reveal their region release date soon.

Ultra Summer Sale
In Japan, Nintendo is having a sale on 3DS games in their digital eShop. This sale covers more than 500 Nintendo 3DS titles including Rune Factory 4 for 2000 Yen (37% off, originally 3218 Yen). Other Bokujou Monogatari games on the JP eShop (SoS: Trio of Towns, SoS1, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, and Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns+) are not included in the sale.

Until next time!

- Cher
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Aug '18 Mobage Events, LDC LE Contest, and LoH DLC #4 Happy Farm'n Friday! The berry-only community supported agriculture (CSA) box we signed up for this Spring has gifted us with six pints of blackberries for the past two weeks. Previously it was a few weeks of blueberries (and we have a lot of blueberries in the freezer now) and some strawberries. Last weekend we had banana-blueberry bread, and this weekend is a blueberry/blackberry crisp. Can't really complain too much about that! Mmmm tasty.

While my pathetic little tomato plants are still trying to produce fruit to replace what was stolen by who know's what, the dahlias are starting to wake up!

This is a collarette-style dahlia that makes cute little flowers. It didn't get the chance to bloom last year, so it is a bit exciting to finally get to see it after waiting for so long!

August Bokumono Mobage Events
It's a new month and a new set of community events in the Japan social farming game, Bokujou Monogatari for MOBAGE.
On the 1st of August the Beach Holiday event started. Farmers can grow sandcastle sunflowers and surfing palm trees, and raise sandcastle cats and holiday penguins. Awards are given at the end of the event for the amount of harvest points earned compared to all other players. During random special times, the number of points earned during harvest can be double or triple the normal amount, which can then award farmers with Friend Hearts to exchange with other social game users. These hearts can then be exchanged for more prizes. This harvest-style event is the only event that I do well enough in to earn a new background graphic for my farm! This event ends on the 9thThe funtime bingo event starts on the 11th. Farmers will grow special bingo crop seeds and hope they get three of the same crop in a row or a full board of the same crop for a max bingo, which is worth more points. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the total number of bingo points collected during the event.Finally on the 22nd a big crop event begins; this one is kind of fun too. During this event, players grow special crops on a dedicated event field. Harvesting these crops will increase a level bar. Once the bar is filled, then a three-card monty game triggers where players pick one of three random cards. As you pick the right card the pick-a-card chain continues until the wrong card is selected, at which point players are awarded with in-game nuts. These nuts will award prizes based on the amount collected during the event. There will also be a large crop in the middle of the dedicated event field that changes shape as players trigger the three-card mini game.
Little Dragons Cafe Updates

Rising Star Games has revealed the boxart for the European version of Little Dragons Cafe. RSG doesn't have a release date to announce yet, but hopes to have a date finalized soon.

Aksys Games, the North American publisher of Wada's latest game, is promoting an LDC contest in preparation for the game's August 24 release. You can enter to win a now-sold-out Limited Edition of LDC, which includes the game, art cards, CD soundtrack, and little dragon plushie. You can enter the contest by submitting your email address on Aksys' official LDC website. The drawing will be held on the game's release date and the winners announced on the company's Twitter account:

Little Dragons Cafe | Official Site
Light of Hope DLC #4

On Tuesday the last DLC was released for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, the Divine Marriageable Candidata DLC Pack. This latest (paid) bonus content unlocks Gorgan and the Harvest Goddess as marriage candidates. Ya, it isn't Doc, but at least it is an underdog candidate! Both of these marriage candidates have romance events that need to be completed before proposing marriage, though it is unknown yet if they live with you (I'm assuming "no"). I haven't had much time to sit down and tackle 'ol grumpy king's romantic events; hoping to get a chance this weekend!

If you already bought the DLC via the game's season pass and you're playing on the Nintendo Switch, to download the DLC you've to exit the game, press the + button on your right Joycon, and then pick "Update Software."

Until next time!

- Cher
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Stardew MP, Farm Folks 100%, and LDC Daily Activities Happy Farm'n Friday! It has been very hot here for the past week. The weather reports have classified it as a heat wave, with temperatures in the mid-90s (35° C), with next week reaching the 100s. I've added more umbrellas to protect the raspberry and marionberry plants to prevent their new-growth leaves from becoming crispy. The blackberry and blueberry don't seem to mind the heat.

Unfortunately, something has been stealing the tomatoes. Earlier this week I noticed all of the tomatoes were gone from the Black Vernissage plant, and this morning the ripening tomatoes on the Tappy's Heritage vine were gone. Tree rats typically don't swipe tomatoes. I'm assuming this culprit is a black-masked furry bandit. Doesn't appear that we'll have tomatoes this year either! The plants were damaged due to my overuse of herbicide anyway. I was hoping to harvest what tomatoes has started before the herbicide impact, but now there's nothing left. At least someone enjoyed them...

That gardener's trick with growing Marigolds to keep tree rats and other varments away doesn't seem to work. Or maybe the Marigolds aren't stinky enough? Must grow more Marigolds!

Stardew Valley Multiplayer
On August 1st, the PC, Macintosh, and Linux versions of Stardew Valley can be updated for free to support multiple players. When utilizing the multi-player functionality of Stardew Valley, you and up to three friends can visit your farm, either on an existing save file you have or on a newly created farm. Each of the friends will have their own cabin on your farm, with a maximum of three cabins for each of your three friends. All of you share the same money, farm, festivals, and can even compete for villager marriage candidates. Players can even marry each other! Visiting another player's farm will require you to make a new character in their game. Likewise the host-farm needs to be active for the other players to join in.

There are plans for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of the game to support multiplayer at a later date.

Farm Folks Funded
The crowdfunded farming game reached 185% of its funding goal, but it wasn't enough to reach the stretch goal to develop the game for XBox, Playstation, or Switch. This means the game will move forward on Windows PC, but no confirmation for Mac or Linux.

A nifty feature the developer, Overgrown, revealed this week is the option to fashionably decorate your farm animals. I always like it when a dress-up feature is added in a farming game. Because the animals typically all look the same, it would be great to add bows or hats to a cow to tell the difference between all the look-alike cows. In Farm Friends you'll be able to add bows to your animals to spruce up their style.

Another feature is the addition of a little reptile called a Galdrie. This alligator-looking fellow like to hang with human companions. Looks like these little guys might become a pet of some sort.

If you're still interested in funding this game, the game is now available for pre-order on their publisher's website, Crytivo.

A Day in Little Dragons Cafe
The official Little Dragons Cafe website updated with a general overview of how players might spend their days in the game. After waking up at 6:00 am, you can spend the morning updating the menu at the cafe, harvesting ingredients from your garden plot, or perhaps triggering events. In the afternoons you can help out at the cafe or go out and search for wild ingredients that are requested by the customers and characters. The cafe closes at midnight, though you can still run around the island after the cafe is closed for the night. Each night you'll see how well the cafe did that day such as the number of guests (and in comparison to the previous day's visitor count), the reputation of the cafe, how many recipes you fully learned or if you know pieces of a recipe, and how well the staff worked that day.

LDC will be released for Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch on August 28 August 24 in North America, August 30 in Japan, and an undetermined "Summer" date for Europe.

Until next time!

- Cher
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Farm Folks Add-Ons and Marriage Candidates Happy Farm'n Friday! The second Junco nest I wrote about last Friday unfortunately didn't turn out so well. While watering the hanging basket this week, I noticed something had raided their nest and snatched the eggs away. Since there's nothing left to hatch, the parents have flown away. Perhaps they'll return again next year.

On the happier side of things, a few of the front-yard dahlias are beginning to bloom. This particular one didn't have the chance for its blooms to open last year. The plant was just about ready to show off its flowers when the autumn frost hit and killed off its foliage. It's nice to see this dahlia already has the energy this year to produce some flowers.

There's not much news to report about this week. We've the last DLC for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope coming out on the 31st, but that's still two weeks away. Then we'll have the option to marry smexy Gorgan! Guess that would make Nova your step-daughter in a sense.

Farm Folks Add-Ons
Since the crowd-funded farming game on Kickstarter is now over 140% funded, the developer has presented plushies for backers as add-on items for their pledges. Those who put funds down towards the game's development can now increase their pledges by about $30 USD to obtain either a carrot plushie, a radish plushie, or a baby stagoat plushie. The hen plushie and unicow plushie will remain specific to those pledge tiers (i.e., they aren't add-on items).

This week the Farm Folks developers introduced some of the marriage candidates (from the Colorful Cast news):

"One of the most hardworking, dedicated people you'll ever meet, Dr. Tungani spends her life caring for others. She has a difficult time with the concept of 'taking a break' and so she works every day of the week. She owns the clinic in Port Meridia and cares for all its citizens with the help of her loyal assistant and apprentice, Cora. She hails from a faraway continent where there were far fewer opportunities, and spent much of her early life working her hardest to make her way somewhere new. Her drive and determination every aspect of her character, and she always gives herself 100% to anything she puts her mind to. Will she treat love the same way?""It's hard to meet someone more positive and upbeat than Silas. He's a big man with a massive heart of gold, always willing to help a neighbor. Despite his struggles to maintain the land he owns, he maintains a happy demeanor, and spends his free nights climbing up to the Astronomer’s Observatory so he can watch the stars with a sense of wonder and joy. Silas owns a small plot of farmland called Plot Partridge that neighbors your own farm, and helps to grow food for Port Meridia. During his off-time he likes to explore the forest with Gilbert or map and learn about the night sky. Perhaps he would have preferred to be an Astronomer with how often his eyes are looking up at the sky.""It's almost impossible not to notice Valente when he's in the room. Between his carefully prepared outfit to the glittering jewelry on his body, he makes himself stand out with a flourish. His personality is no less ostentatious, with a slightly dramatic flair and passion for all elements of his life. He owns the Jewelry Shop in Meridia, and turns rare gems the player finds into beautiful jewelry. Valente comes from a long line of jewelers, and he was more than happy to follow in his father's footsteps. He came to Port Meridia after several unique and particularly rare gems to his mainland shop from Softshoal Island, and set up a new place of business in town with the hopes of getting his hands on more of those rare gems. However recent problems on the island have meant fewer people mining, and fewer gems..."
Note that there isn't a for-gals or for-guys designation, as the game will include same-sex marriage. You can see larger images of the candidates by visiting the project news page. The above are just a few of the candidates that will be available in the game once it is released, which is currently scheduled for an undefined date in 2019.

Farm Folks by Overgrown - Kickstarter

Until next time!

- Cher
(It's been so hot here that I've had to shade the golden raspberry canes with a rain umbrella. They're useful all year long!) Fri, 20 Jul 2018 20:41:19 +0000
LoH DLC #3, LDC Chars, and Farm Folks Funding Happy Farm'n Friday! I assumed we were done with bird nesting for the season, but last weekend I spotted another Junco bringing bits of twigs into the far-left hanging flower basket on the front porch. Looks like we're in for another few weeks of being chirped at every time we leave the house through the front door!

This time there's only two eggs, and their flower basket of choice is the one in the shadier section of the front yard. The basket doesn't need as much water as the other two hanging baskets. It's a good spot to raise some little Juncos!

Light of Hope DLC #3
The third downloadable optional bonus content for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition was released this week. This DLC is available to those who are playing the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch editions of the game; no DLC is available for the Steam platform version. This bundle includes interior farmhouse renovations at Doc's shop and new character outfits from Melanie, basically turning her into a shop when she's located inside Gus' blacksmith shop.

The options at Doc's house are plentiful. There's a retro-plus style (with SNES-style graphics), flowery, sci-fi, fluffy, magical, eastern, and steampunk. You can always switch back to the original log cabin style too. Each of Doc's options are really inexpensive and only require 1000 G, 2 Softwood Lumber, and 4 Stone (or 2 Material Stone). You can only have one house interior active (you can't mix-and-match interior styles) and the remodeling is instantly complete after you confirm the order.

Melanie's outfits are a bit more challenging. The DLC does unlock one outfit for your farmer character, which you can switch to by using the Dresser inside of the farm house. The rest are a combination of 20,000 G and donkey fur, wool, cotton candy wool, silkie fur, and flowers. The flowers required for the men's seasonal outfits are color mutations: white dahlia is a mutation of pink dahlia during summer, pink carnation is a mutation of red carnation during fall (and only when grown on mixed/mountain terrain), and purple pansy is a mutation of pink pansy during winter. So, naturally, I don't have the necessary materials yet in my Switch game to unlock any of the seasonal outfits.

New LDC Characters
This week Marvelous revealed the last characters from their official website for Wada's Little Dragons Cafe.

Doctor Zeff is an elderly man who has converted more than half of his body into cybernetic parts for the sake of efficiency. He was once a world famous pharmacist, but now he seems to be very angry.His little sidekick, Chita, is considered by the doc as a good-for-nothing piece of junk robot. Poor little guy! The robot has been Doctor Zeff's assistant for a long time until the doc left him behind for unknown reasons.
Also new is information about the ingredient drops of the monsters you battle on the island. The different colors of the same species will help you determine the rank of the ingredient drops. The ranks include yellow, green, red, silver, and finally gold-colored monsters. There are also giant forms of the Zukiton and Yakidori monsters that drop a lot of ingredients.

The official North American website by Aksys Games now includes the English names of the in-game characters. Wada spent last weekend with Aksys Games at AnimeExpo in downtown Los Angeles, California, talking about his new game, signing autographs, and participating in a panel to promote LDC.

The game will be released in Japan and North America next month! Sorry Europe *shrug* Though you guys do have a cute trailer!

Through wise decisions, proper nutrition, and empathetic nurturing, your cute Dragon will evolve from helpful food hunter to flying companion that’ll open up a world of possibilities.Find out more in #LittleDragonsCafe, coming to Europe on #NintendoSwitch and #PS4 this Summer.— RSG Team (@RisingStarGames) July 13, 2018

Farm Folks Funded!
The Kickstarter game posted about last week has been completely funded by farming fans and is moving towards its first stretch goal: the inclusion of ridable bikes, scooters, and llamas into the game. The game is over 125% funded at the moment with 13 days left until the crowdfunding campaign ends.

This week the developers introduced a new ridable animal: the Sorbet Elolas. These large birds swam over to Softshoal Island from another area of the Yurtaan Archipelago to make a new home for themselves.

If you still want a chance to contribute to the game's funding, and score yourself a digital PC version of the game for about $20 USD, head over to their Kickstarter page:

Farm Folks by Overgrown - Kickstarter
Until next time!

- Cher
(I need to finish Ni no Kuni 2 before Little Dragons Cafe is released!) Fri, 13 Jul 2018 20:09:53 +0000
July Mobage Events and Farm Folks Kickstarter Happy Farm'n Friday! July is a great time for tomatoes to ripen, unless they're tomatoes growing here in the backyard....

The three tomato types growing here have unfortunately developed some sort of twisted-leaf symptom. While there is fruit on the plants, the leaves are in terrible shape. Two of them were doing great last month, but things have gone downhill over the past two weeks or so. Internet research implies that it is either a virus or it is an after-effect of herbicides. I'm thinking it is the herbicide, as I had used some to take out weeds growing in the cracks along the concrete pavers. It wasn't even applied to the tomatoes, but the plants were placed in the same area. Apparently tomatoes are very sensitive to it. Well drat, there's so much to learn about vegetable farming!

July Bokumono for Mobage Events
This month on the social version of Bokujou Monogatari on the Mobage gaming network in Japan, three community events have been scheduled.

The Dreamy Sky event started on July 1 and will last until July 9. This is a harvest-style event where players grow white star trees and glimmering flowers, and care for whale princes (yes, they've little king crowns on their heads) and fluffy star sheep. Awards are given at the end of the event for the amount of harvest points earned compared to all other players. During random special times, the number of points earned during harvest can be double or triple the normal amount, which can then award farmers with Friend Hearts to exchange with other social game users. These hearts can then be exchanged for more prizes.Then starting on the 11th there is a big crop events. During this event, players grow special crops on a dedicated event field. Harvesting these crops will increase a level bar. Once the bar is filled, then a three-card monty game triggers where players pick one of three random cards. As you pick the right card the pick-a-card chain continues until the wrong card is selected, at which point players are awarded with in-game nuts. These nuts will award prizes based on the amount collected during the event. There will also be a large crop in the middle of the dedicated event field that changes shape as players trigger the three-card mini game.Finally on the 21st a hungry animal event beings. During this type of social competition each farmer will be assigned one of three random animals for a few hours. Each animal has a specific number of treats it wants before it will be full; the easiest is only 100 treats and the most difficult is 500 treats. If you don't feed the animal during their appearance time they'll go away and a new animal will appear in their place. Feed the animal to have it count towards unlocking in-game rewards. Your in-game friends can also feed the animal that you're assigned, helping to complete the feeding task for everyone who participates. The food is obtained by growing event crops on an event-specific field.
Kickstarter - Farm Folks
A fellow farmer sent me an email about Farm Folks, a farming simulator video game currently asking for crowdfunding support via Kickstarter. As the main character farmer, you wash up on Softshoal Island after your boat is destroyed by a storm. Taking the chance to start a new life, the protagonist moves into a local farm and starts working the land. The game includes farming, fishing, mining, and even a marriage option with kids. You can customize your farmer and participate in holidays. The local town, Port Meridia, is where a wide variety of villagers reside. You can complete requests for the villagers and raise your friendship with them.

The game has a plethora of livestock to care for such as chickens, sheep, goats, and a magical unicow. Whaa... a unicorn cow?! Well now that's unique!

The game is planned for PC release, but has stretch campaigns for Playstation, XBox, and Nintendo Switch. Currently the game is already 85% funded, but there are only 19 days left to reach 100%.

If you're interested in learning more about Farm Folks, there's videos and descriptions on their Kickstarter page:
Farm Folks by Overgrown - Kickstarter
Until next time!

- Cher
(Marionberries are ripening on the vine, but Mr.Fogu keeps eating them before I can harvest! Nom nom...) Fri, 06 Jul 2018 21:17:26 +0000
LoH in EU, RF4 Collab, and New LDC Characters Happy Farm'n Friday! The blueberries are ripening on the bushes in the backyard here at the urban Fogu "farm," which are being enjoyed by the native wildlife. Wish I could train the birds and tree rats to eat the whole berry before moving onto nibbling on another one! There are little bird beak marks on many of the blueberries. The berries are plentiful this year and I don't mind sharing with the critters. The tree rats have not bothered the dahlias at all this year, so they are free to enjoy the berries on the lower branches of the bushes.

Light of Hope EU Release
Farmers across Europe can now play Harvest Moon: Light of Hope along with those of us in North America. Huzzah, more farming for everyone!

The promo items included in the RSG special edition physical bundles is different than the NA version: a Harvest Moon coffee mug, a Harvest Moon tote bag, a season pass for all four DLC packs, and a fancier lapel pin set, all combined in a barn-shaped collector's edition box. The NA version contained a CD soundtrack, the chocolate cow plushie, a hard-bound farmer's notebook to write in, a lapel pin set, stored in a box printed with the game's characters.

Doc's theme song is track 18 on the CD soundtrack, just in case you needed more Doc or someth'n... heh...

Rune Factory 4 Mobile Game Collab
The Japanese mobile game Ordinal Strata is about a shrine maiden searching through time to find the lost souls of the God of Time, Resetia. In the game you pick a party of characters to participate in turn-based mission battles against the game's enemies. Naturally being a mobile game, it has random gacha rolls for weapons, equipment, and party members.

In collaboration with Marvelous, the protagonists Lest (with an earth-based attack) and Frey (with a cure ability) from Rune Factory 4 will be available as weapon/party members for a limited time in a special in-game mission. Players will have to complete the stage mission to obtain the special Ventuswill weapon.

Since the battle characters in Ordinal Strata are voiced, so too are Lest, Frey, and Ventuswill as played by their original Japanese voice artists. The official Twitter account for the mobile game is having a retweet-and-win contest where participants can enter to be chosen to receive autographs of the Rune Factory 4 voice artists Chiwa Saitou (Frey), Kouki Uchiyama (Lest), and Satomi Akesaka (Ventuswill).

LDC Character Updates
This week Marvelous revealed two more characters from Yasuhiro Wada's latest game, Little Dragons Cafe. The game is scheduled to be released on August 28 in North America (Aksys Games), August 30 in Japan (Marvelous), and sometime this "Summer" in Europe (Rising Star Games).

Meil is a fortune teller with a great confidence in her ability to predict what's to come. Unfortunately she's more famous for her predictions not coming true. One day she predicted that the world would end, though she's the only one making a fuss over it.Ranche is a girl who travels with a lot of bats. She may look like a little kid, but in actuality she's an 800-year-old vampire! She seems to be on a journey in search for someone specific.
These are the character names in the Japanese version; their actual English names haven't been revealed yet.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Didn't get to play Light of Hope last weekend. Spent it updating the website to https instead. Work before play!) Fri, 29 Jun 2018 18:13:45 +0000
LoH DLC #2 and LDC Chars and Pre-order Bonuses Happy Farm'n Friday! It's now officially summertime in the northern hemisphere. On the bright side, the weather will be great for growing crops. On the downside, the days are going to start getting shorter until the Winter Solstice in December. Shorter days means Christmas Light Extravaganza TIIIMEEEE! Woo!

Light of Hope DLC #2 Released
This Tuesday the second download content for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope was released for the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. This bonus content brought the arrival of two additional marriage candidates: Shirlock (for girl farmers) and Michelle (for boy farmers).

Shirlock will be unlocked by walking into Beacon Town, where you'll startle the poor chap. After calming down, he explains that he has arrived to be Naomi's assistant. Since he also dabbles in a bit of sleuthing, he also plans to investigate the three mysteries of Lighthouse Island. An earthquake-causing eel? Well that is a mystery to be solved!Michelle is unlocked by going to the mountain area, where you find her searching for Doc. You won't find out who she is until you visit Doc's laboratory and bump into her again. Turns out Michelle and Doc collaborated together at the same research lab until one day Doc suddenly up and disappeared. Michelle wants to continue her time machine project, so she hunted down Doc and his genius brain to help her with it. Yipee to science!
It's nice to have more Doc-isms in the game, ya? I may have to start a boy file and play through to get to the closest thing we have to a Doc marriage candidate. I was able to finish my girl file story on Summer 10, which took about 11 hours. The unexpected addition of 2 Milk required in the SE version to make Delicious Feed added to my weeny attempt at a completion speed run.

Bokumono Character Goods
Starting on July 7 in Japan, a graphic art shop called GraffArt (short for "graffiti art"), located on the fourth floor of the P'Parco shopping mall in Tokyo, will start to sell Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns accessory items.

The shop will be selling iPhone cases, card wallets, key cases and key chains, coin purses, tote bags, pen cases, pin badges, and even a masking tape dispenser. All of these will be printed with stylized Bokumono characters and farm animals. Auu, so cute!

New LDC Characters
This week Marvelous' website for Little Dragons Cafe introduced two more characters who come to visit the little restaurant.

Ginji thinks of himself as a great thief, though he seems to be worried about something and can't stop tapping his fingers on the table. He claims to only steal from bad guys.Celis is a magical witch who is found passed out in front of the cafe. Despite being helped, when she awakens she treats the cafe staff poorly and feels that humans are inferior to witches.
Pre-order bonuses are now available in Japan at select retailers. LDC currently has 11 pre-order bonus options depending on the retailer Japan players decide to order the game through, which seems about the same with what Marvelous did with their prior Bokumono releases: 7 pre-order bonus options for the Japan release of Tale of Two Towns last December, and 13 pre-order bonus options for the June 2016 release of Trio of Towns. The Japan select retailer bonuses include digital wallpaper (at and Rakuten), a keychain (HMV), a lapel pin (Animate and Takarajima), scented writing pens (Geo), and even cookie macarons (Joshin). None of which are as cool as the North American Limited Edition being published by Aksys Games that includes a dragon plushie, a CD soundtrack, and physical art cards.

Until next time!

- Cher
(The Junco eggs hatched! Now I can sneak in and water the hanging basket while the parents are out fetching baby food.) Fri, 22 Jun 2018 17:48:03 +0000
LDC Contest in JP and eShop Sales Happy Farm'n Friday! For the past few years a pair of Oregon-region Dark-eye Junco sparrows have been nesting in the same middle hanging flower basket on my front porch. Sure enough, they're back again this year. The upside is that it is kind of neat to have a bird's nest right by my front door, but on the downside it makes watering the hanging basket a bit challenging. The Juncos don't like being disturbed (or sprinkled by my watering can), but the basket needs to be watered so the plants shading their little love nest don't wilt.

The parents were out getting breakfast early this morning, so I snuck in for a quick peak while they were away. Looks like we have three chicks this year. It will take about two weeks for their eggs to hatch, then another two weeks for the chicks to leave the nest and start living on the ground. Eventually the chicks will be mature enough to survive on their own and fly away.

Juncos don't chase squirrels though. Drat.

Marvelous' LDC Contest
In Japan, Marvelous is holding a retweet-and-win contest in celebration for the upcoming release of Wada's Little Dragons Cafe for Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 on August 30. Entering the contest requires participants to retweet a contest entry Tweet, one for the Ps4 contest and another for the Switch contest, until the deadline on June 28. The winners will be sent a direct message via Twitter. While Twitter is a global platform, contestants must be living in Japan to be awarded their console prizes.

Aksys Games, the North American publisher of LDC, has confirmed that the North American release will be on August 24. Some media folks were able to play the game at Aksys' area at this week's E3 show in Lost Angeles, where RPG Fan and PS Nation nominated the game for their top game of the show.

The game is scheduled to be released in Europe on August 28.

Digital Nintendo Farm Game eShop Sales
In North America a sale is taking place on select digital eShop video game titles on the Nintendo eShop. On 3DS, Farming Simulator 18 is on sale for $14.99 (50% off, regularly $29.99) and Story of Seasons: Trio of Town is on sale for $19.49 (35% off, regularly $29.99). For the Switch, Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition is on sale for $29.99 (40% off, regularly $49.99). The sales are scheduled to end on June 21.

In Japan, the digital version of Rune Factory 4 is on sale for 2000 Yen (37% off, regularly 3128 Yen) on the 3DS eShop. The game will return to full price on June 27.

And in Europe, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop on June 21 (next Thursday)! The price is currently discounted until release day: 35.99 Euros for the regular game, or 40.49 for the game plus the Season Pass that includes the four DLC packs. On the 21st the game will be at its standard price (39.99 and 44.99).

I'm still squeezing in some LoH Switch time in between chores and work hours. The Switch battery doesn't seem to last as long as I would like it to...

Until next time!

- Cher
(The next PokemonGo Community Day is tomorrow. Hope to catch some shiny Larvitars to evolve!) Fri, 15 Jun 2018 20:36:03 +0000