Ushi No Tane PHP-Update RF4 DS vs Switch and Dec '12 4-col NinDori Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! The goji are growing nicely, except for #4, which still hasn't sprouted yet even after a replanting of seeds. No hurry though, as they won't be harvestable for two years or so. Also started two types of watermelon, four types of tomatoes, and zucchini last weekend. The watermelon are growing faster than I would prefer. Two of the seedlings are already starting on their second leaf growth. Probably should of waited a few more weeks to start those, heh.

I also started playing Rune Factory 2 again. The last time I played I remember having problem with a giant chameleon boss in the Messhina Valley, but it looks like I started using the Workshop to upgrade short swords and increasing Aria's character level. Last night I easily defeated that lizard! Now to stumble around some more until I find the next boss.

Rune Factory 4 Graphic UpgradeNintendo DREAM posted some images of the upgraded graphics being implemented into the Nintendo Switch version of Rune Factory 4, set to be released on July 25 in Japan with a North American release date to be announced in the future. They also posted some DS version versus Switch version comparison images:

NintenDori also posted some images of the revamped opening movie and the added Newly Married Scenario feature. There is also a new detail about the "hell" mode difficulty added to the game: choosing that difficulty level in your basement room will significantly increase the damage players received when hit by a monster, even more so than if a player had picked Hard mode. That might not be the only feature of "hell" mode, so keep an eye out of more details on that one.

You can scope out some more screen shots on the Nintendo DREAM website:

美麗に甦ったファンタジー世界を堪能『ルーンファクトリー4スペシャル』発売決定! 本作の魅力をご紹介 | Nintendo DREAM WEB

NintenDori ComicHere's the newly translated December 2012 4-column comic drawn by Igusa Matsuyama from Nintendo Dream magazine!

Until next time!

- Cher
(It lightly snowed again today, really unusual. Luckily it didn't stick around!) Fri, 22 Feb 2019 21:24:12 +0000
New RF4 (Woo!), RF5 (What?), Doraemon Bokumono (What What?!), and JP Discounts Happy Farm'n Friday! Earlier this week I came home from a long day at the office and went to give the red goji seedlings their little daily pep-talk and pats on the head, only to discover four of the six seedlings were missing from their seedling tray. Did they uprooted themselves and walked away?! What the heck? They were just simply gone!

The culprit was sitting on the heater vent a few feet away, who quickly took off once she realized that my vocal outbursts of "What the...?!" meant that those tasty green treats were NOT something she should of eaten. Yea, Intern Reba decided to go exploring while we were gone for the day, discovered the little innocent plants under the grow light, and then ate them. The two that did survive the massacre where outside of her kitty reach in the back of the seedling tray.

I guess it's not too bad; I did only want to grow two shrubs. She just picked out which two I was going to keep, and I had no say in the matter.

As for the black goji, so far only one of the six have sprouted. They seem to be slower to germinate than the red goji. Though now that there's space in the red goji seedling tray, thanks to Reba, the seedlings can be combined together in the same tray so the leftover tray can start on tomato germination.

Dangit, cat! Naturally, Mr.Fogu found the situation hilarious...

Rune Factory 4 AND 5!Wednesday the 13th was a Nintendo Direct presentation, where both North American and Japan videos revealed that Rune Factory 4 is being remastered for the Nintendo Switch. Rune Factory 4 Special is scheduled to be released in Japan on July 25, and sometime in 2019 for North America via XSeed Games.

The updated version of the 3DS game has a new "Newlywed Mode" selectable from the title screen where players can enjoy married life in a new scenario added into the Switch edition. Also included is a new "Hell" level of difficulty for battles, an upgrade to HD graphics, and a redesigned opening title movie. I'll play it this time, really! Just got to finish Rune Factory 2 first...

Marvelous' website in Japan is also open:

『ルーンファクトリー4スペシャル』| Nintendo SwitchRune Factory PR Official Twitter

Also revealed was that Rune Factory 5 has emerged and is in development, with a 2020 planned release in Japan. Yoshifumi Hashimoto revealed on his Hakama Studio Twitter account that the game is being worked on by his studio. The game, along with RF4 Special, have now been included as working titles on the Hakama website:


Doraemon Bokumono?!Also in the Wednesday Direct presentation, Nintendo of Japan revealed Doraemon: Nobita no Bokujou Monogatari for Nintendo Switch, set to be released sometime in 2019 in Japan.

The game is being released in Japan by Bandi Namco, with production by Marvelous and development by Brownies, the studio that split off from the restructuring of Brownie Brown into Nintendo's 1-Up Studio.

Located in Season Town, you play as Nobi Nobita as you build heart-warming bonds with the game characters along with Nobi's robot cat, Doraemon, and his friends Goda, Minamoto ("Shizuka-chan"), and Suneo. Doraemon's magical pocket gadgets will surely come into play at some point. From my perspective, the game looks a lot like the cute April 2015 alternative-farming game Popolocrois Bokujou Monogatari; even the shops and animal barns looks similar to PopoBoku.

Bandi Namco has already launched the official website for this Bokumono spin-off game:

ドラえもん のび太の牧場物語 | バンダイナムコエンターテインメント公式サイトOfficial Twitter for DoraeBokumono

There's no official word yet of the game being released outside of Japan, though I'm expecting it to be a Japan-only release. We'll see, I guess!

Japan eShop SalesUntil March 6, the Bokujou Monogatari games on the Nintendo eShop in Japan are all on sale:

Hajimari no Daichi (HM: A New Beginning) = 2000 Yen (66% off)Tsunagaru Shin Tenchi (Story of Seasons) = 2500 Yen (51% off)San-tsu no Sato no Saitetsuna Tomodachi (SoS: Trio of Towns) = 2500 Yen (53% off)Popolocrois Bokujou Monogatari = 2000 Yen (66% off)Futago No Mura+ (HM: Tale of Two Towns+) = 2500 Yen (41% off)

Until next time!

- Cher
(Looks like it's a good time to plant carrots outside, if I could grow carrots...) Fri, 15 Feb 2019 21:26:24 +0000
Fishing Star Review and Lunar New Year Farm'n Discounts Happy Farm'n Friday! The red Goji are coming along just fine. All six of the cells in the seed starting containers have little sprouts in them, though it will be a few weeks before they're large enough to move to bigger containers.

The black Goji seeds arrived last week and have been planted too. The first one popped up out of the soil yesterday. Soon it'll be time to start the tomatoes.

It doesn't look like spring season though. Last week it did snow on Monday, but it wasn't too bad. A lot of people stayed home anyway. This weekend has another bout of snow forecasted, but this time it goes on and on until next Friday! The snow here looks cute and fluffy, but underneath it hides an evil core of ice and misery, making for a very not-fun time trying to get anywhere. Only the main roads get plowed, and the heavy-traffic streets get plowed and showered with gravel. Everywhere else is a fend-for-yourself scenario.

I'm hoping it isn't as bad 2008, when we were home-bound and snowed in for a week!

Review: Fishing Star World TourLast week a new fishing game was released for Nintendo Switch in Japan, Europe, and North America regions. Fishing Star World Tour is published by Wright Flyer Studios (WFS) and costs $29.99 USD on the Nintendo eShop.

I was hoping it would be similar to Legend of the River King, but it isn't like the classic fishing series. There's no storyline in this game; players are just simply going from location to location, catching fish and completing the in-game Fish Book. There are over 180 fish (and non-fishy items) to catch in eight distinct lands, with each land having five fishing locations. There are also over 70 pieces of fishing gear divided between lures, rods, and reels. The rods and reels affect your fishing power (tackle strength, power, etc.), while the lures determine which fish you can catch. The game will indicate the fish that will bite when picking the lure from the game's tackle menu. You unlock new gear by completing the in-game missions.

Fishing is pretty easy. Just pick the fishing gear, the location, and then cast your line. After the bite, then just reel in the fish. The fish will try to break the line by increasing the tension bar, so you have to coordinate pressing and releasing the A button to ensure the fish doesn't break free. There's also a jumping circle that if you time it correctly, will reduce the fish's distance and bring the fish closer to being caught.

The Switch joy-cons can be detached to act as fishing controllers. The left joy-con becomes the reel and the right joy-con becomes the rod. To cast, you hold the right joy-con up and then swing it forward. And if you aren't holding on tight enough, the right joy-con will slip from your hand and go flying across the living room (oops). Then rotating your left hand while holding the left joy-con will reel in the line. This sounds all and well, but in my case the right joy-con became twisted and pointing in different directions, so rod pointing was off to the side, behind me, and so on. The game also can interact with the Nintendo Labo Toy-con Fishing Rod.

Unlocking all of the fishing ponds and catching the majority of the fish species took about 10 hours. There are some longer missions like "catch 700 fish" and "catch all fish with 4-star rank," but most of the missions are completed as you unlock each land. It's an OK game if you just want to sit back and catch some fish. It reminds me a little of the Nintendo DS eShop game Hooked on Bass Fishing or the 3DS StreetPass Ultimate Angler game.

Digital Farming Game SalesThere is a Lunar New Year Sale taking place on the Steam gaming platform, with several farming games discounted:

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE = $9.99 (50% off)Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE + 4 DLCs = $19.99 (50% off)Harvest Life = $4.49 (70% off)Farming Simulator 19 = $31.49 (10% off)Farming Simulator 17 = $11.99 (40% off)Farming Simulator 15 = $11.99 (40% off)
Also on sale is Little Dragon's Cafe for $29.99 (50% off, regularly $49.99). Stardew Valley isn't on sale this time.

Until next time!

- Cher
(I don't like doing office work from home when snowed in. There's too many farming distractions...) Sat, 09 Feb 2019 00:16:58 +0000
Goji Seeds, Feb '19 Mobile Events, and Digital Farming Sales Happy Farm'n Friday! Now that all of the Christmas goodies are stored away in the attic until the 2019 Christmas light display development begins this summer, it's time to start planning for springtime plantings. It is still a bit too early here for starting tomatoes, but I can start on the Goji Berry plants! The plan is to grow the shrubs in pots this year until they're large enough to be planted in the side yard. That also gives me time to pull out the unkept Rhododendron bushes that were planted long ago by previous homeowners. I've tried to shape and nurture them, but after 10 years they look just as bad as before; time for them to go and be replace with something more useful!

Planted a cell of 6 seeds and so far after 6 days there's one teeny tiny little red Goji Berry sprout. I'll eventually be planting black Goji too!

February Bokumono Community EventsIt's a new month and a new schedule of community participation events in the online Bokujou Monogatari on Mobage game network. Last month's event themes were the New Years Flower Festival (Jan 1-9), Kotatsu Hotpot Party (Jan 11-19), and Elegant Restaurant (Jan 21-30). This month we have

A bean-scattering themed Harvest Festival where players grow Maki Roll flowers and Bean-box Trees, and raise Bean-box rabbits and Bean-munching Demon Rabbits. Awards are given at the end of the event for the amount of harvest points earned compared to all other players. During random special times, the number of points earned during harvest can be double or triple the normal amount, which can then award farmers with Friend Hearts to exchange with other social game users. These friendship hearts can then be exchanged for another group of prizes. There's also a third group of prizes based on the 10-person team that players join. This event is scheduled to end on the 9th.Starting on the 11th is a Hungry Animal Festival. During this type of social competition each farmer will be assigned one of three random animals for a few hours. Each animal has a specific number of treats it wants before it will be full; the easiest is only 100 treats and the most difficult is 500 treats. If you don't feed the animal during their appearance time they'll go away and a new animal will appear in their place. Feed the animal to have it count towards unlocking in-game rewards such as feeding 5 low-level animals to earn a Goddess Coin for the Goddess Fountain (i.e., the in-game gotcha random item generator). Your in-game friends can also feed the animal that you're assigned, helping to complete the feeding task for everyone who participates. The food is obtained by growing event crops on an event-specific field.Finally on the 20th is a Big Crop Festival. During this event, players grow special crops on a dedicated event field. Harvesting these crops will increase a level bar. Once the bar is filled, then a three-card monty game triggers where players pick one of three random cards. As you pick the right card the pick-a-card chain continues until the wrong card is selected (a maximum of 5 hands are dealt), at which point players are awarded with in-game nuts. These nuts will award prizes based on the amount collected during the event. There will also be a large crop in the middle of the dedicated event field that increases its size (i.e., becoming a big crop) as players trigger the three-card mini game and earn their nuts.
The game also had a navigation graphics overhaul this week, replacing the older green-colored buttons with snappier wood-colored ones. Now it's a bit easier to see how much money players have, when the next 2-hour update occurs in the game, if there're items waiting for pick-up in the player's mailbox, and if there are any new game announcements.

Digital Farming Game DiscountsIn North America, the digital PS4 versions of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life SE are on sale for $11.47 (25% off, regularly $14.99). If you're a PS Plus member, the sale price is discounted to $7.49 (50% off). Also on sale is Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE, the base game plus the four DLC, for $39.99 (20% off) or $29.99 (40% off for PSPlus Members). This sale will end February 5th (Tuesday).

Farming Simulator 17 is also on sale on PSN, down to $13.49 (55% off, regularly $29.99), with the premium edition on sale for $23.99 (60% off, regularly $59.99). PS Plus members have sale prices of $10.49 for the regular version (65% off) and $17.99 for the premium version (70% off). The game is also on sale in the UK. This sale ends February 6th (Wednesday).

The most recent edition of the series, Farming Simulator 19 is not on sale; its premium edition costs $89.99, plus a $49.99 season pass is available. Farm'n isn't always cheap!

On the Nintendo Switch in North America, Harvest Life is discounted to $24.99 (regularly $29.99). Also on sale is Wada's Happy Birthdays world simulator game, discounted to $29.99 (regularly $39.99).

Until next time!

- Cher
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Farm'n Joins the eSports Leagues! Happy Farm'n Friday! We added some more RAM to my PC to try and get My Time at Portia to run, but it appears my issue is the inadequate on-board video chip. Though it seems that Portia isn't as complete as players expected it to be when it was launched last week, and has had several gameplay additions and bug fixes. So no hurry with getting a powerful-enough PC together if the game is still under development, I guess.

I never did find my retractable 3DS/USB cable. Had to pick up an adapter to use a regular micro USB cable to charge my 3DS. I've been playing a lot of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns lately!

Farming becomes an eSport

This week GIANTS Software, the developer of the popular Farming Simulator video game series, has announced an eSports Farming Simulator League (FSL) where elite teams of virtual farmers test their skills against competing farmer teams. There have been competitive FS Championships at video game conventions such as at the official Farming Simulator FarmCon that takes place each summer in Europe. The championship tournaments were a timed event where the teams compete to see which of them could harvest, bale, and stack hay the fastest.

For example, here's the winner of the haybale stacking tournament at last year's HeroFest18, team ChaosCrew 2. They had to harvest the straw and stack the bales onto the trailer without the bales falling onto the ground, and managed to do it faster than the other teams.

The new Farming Simulator League begins this summer, spanning 10 tournaments across Europe, with the finale taking place at this year's FarmCon. Each tournament will award points to teams as well as prizes, with the top teams competing for Farming Simulator Champion. The new league will promote 3-person farmer teams against each other in competitive modes. The game mode that players will challenge each other in will be announced by GIANTS Software later; it may be more than just loading hay bales!

FSL will have sponsors, such as Logitech and Noblechairs, with a pool of cash prizes totaling 250,000 Euros (about $285,000 USD). Teams can also be sponsored by actual farm-tech companies to be named later.

You can read more about FSL on the Farming Simulator website:

Introducing the Farming Simulator League

Until next time!

- Cher
(58 days until spring!) Fri, 25 Jan 2019 22:33:38 +0000
Upcoming Farming Game - Stranded Sails Happy Farm'n Friday! The Shawo Radish seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds were available again, so I just had to order them and more!

The envelope of Cubanelle Pepper seeds came in the mail too, though it wasn't part of my order. Hey, if it really wanted to be planted, I'm more than happy to grow it. The Goji is going to take a few years of care before producing fruit, and that's if I can keep them alive for that long. I'm always ready for a plant challenge.

I also gave My Time at Portia a try this week, but I have the same problem with MTaP as with Harvest Life; my PC isn't powerful enough to run the game. If I reduce the window size to 512 x 384, the game DOES run at at normal speed for the most part, but the text is unreadable: "Woo I picked up *squints eyes* Animal Feces?!" Good thing there's plenty of audio voices in the game to guide me along. Might be time for a PC upgrade...

Castaway Farming

Roka Publishing, the same folks who released Harvest Life for Steam and Nintendo Switch, plans to release Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands later this year (April/May/June) for Steam, with a Nintendo Switch version coming in July/August/September.

Developed by Lemonbomb, in this part-farming/part-adventure game you play as the child of a mighty exploration ship's captain. The ship you were all sailing on shipwrecked on an island in a mysterious archipelago. With captain papa injured and unable to lead, it's up to you to take charge of the surviving crew and build a new ship to escape the cursed islands. To survive, you'll have to build a farm to produce food for the crew and for fueling your exploration of the archipelago's islands as you search for materials to build a ship. A happy crew means they'll take care of the crops (no livestock or pets) while you search for a way for all of you to leave.

Players will visit seven different islands, solving puzzles and locating treasures (and new crop seeds) that might help complete the goal of getting back onto the ocean. The stranded crew are not the only inhabitants of the islands, as the game contains a combat system for fighting off the local spooks. While you can choose to play as a male or female protagonist, the game doesn't contain a marriage system; the goal is to survive and escape the islands, not to stay put and build relationships!

If you're interested in participating in a future beta of the game, the official website has information on signing up for the newsletter:

Stranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands

Until next time!

- Cher
(Okay, okay, I'll start taking the Christmas tree down this weekend...) Fri, 18 Jan 2019 22:13:50 +0000
My Time at Portia Update and Nov '12 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! It's about time to start moving the mophead hydrangea from the back yard to a better location. Whoever originally planted it put the plant in a full-sun location, so the poor guy's leaves turn crispy brown when summertime rolls around. It's going to be moved to a happy spot under my bedroom window, but the boring bushes that exist there need to be pulled out first.

I saw some Shawo Fruit Radish seeds at the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds website, but they were sold when I got off my duff to order them :( doh! That would of been an interesting crop to grow.

Full Portia Launches Soon
The game My Time at Portia will leave early access next week and go into full release on Steam and the Epic Game Store. Currently, Steam players have an early access version of the game while its developer, Pathea Games, has continued building the experience of Portia. Now they're ready to release the full version of the game for PC on January 15, with a Mac version being released on a date to be revealed later. Coming later will also be a Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One version.

Published by Team17, in My Time at Portia, players are tasked with taking over their family construction workshop. To do this players will collect materials and minerals, and then complete commissions from the town villagers. There's also a farming aspect where seeds and tree sprouts are sowed in planter boxes and harvested to be used for crafting, cooking, or given as gifts to the town residents. Cows, sheep, chickens, and ducks can also be raised once an appropriate shed is built on the farm area.

The town itself has a lot of residents, so there's plenty of opportunities for relationship building. Marriage is in the game and open to either gender partner, but is restricted to in-game adults who aren't married, elderly, or animals; the town cat is not marriageable (auu...)

There are seasonal festivals in town to participate in such as the fishing tournament, horse race, snowball fight, and even a martial arts tournament. As there is a combat feature in the game, there are battle skills the player can develop that helps with fighting while exploring the ruins or hunting monsters for crafting materials.

When the PC game is fully released on January 15 the price will be $29.99/24.99. If you purchase the game before the 15th at the early access price ($19.99/15.99), the game will automatically update to the full version next Tuesday. Check it out soon!

November 2012 Comic
And here's the November 2012 edition of Nintendo DREAM's 4-column comic by Igusa Matsuyama!

Until next time!

- Cher
(And the Christmas tree is still up! Mr.Fogu hasn't said anything yet! Woo!) Fri, 11 Jan 2019 21:56:55 +0000
Jan '19 Mobage Events and Farm Folks Alpha Plans Happy first Farm'n Friday for 2019! Mom delivered the bags of garden soil last weekend, but now I have to find a spot to use the five 15-gallon felt pots for tomatoes. I still have some seeds from last year (Striped Roman, Tappy's Heratige, and Black Vernissage), so that leaves two more varieties to try. I'm thinking some cherry tomatoes will be super, but not Sweet Millions. I don't need millions of flowers and zero tomatoes again. One plant per pot is probably a good idea too.

Cherry tomatoes coated in olive oil, garlic, and then roasted are sooo tasty.... ooh nom nom...

I also tried out more of the Playstation VR this week. Had a lot more fun with Beat Saber than with Catlatoral Damage!

January Bokumono Mobage EventsNow that the holiday season has passed, the online Bokujou Monogatari on Mobage farming game has started with its New Year event, celebrating the year of the pig.

This is a harvest-style event were we grow pig mochi towers and pig darumas, and care for daruma dogs and new year's ferrets. Awards are given at the end of the event (such as the blue/pink heterochromia eyes for the farm sprite) for the amount of harvest points earned compared to all other players. During random special times, the number of points earned during harvest can be double or triple the normal amount, which can then award farmers with Friend Hearts to exchange with other social game users. These friendship hearts can then be exchanged for another group of prizes. There's also a third group of prizes based on the 10-person team that players join. This event is scheduled to end on the 9th.

The other events scheduled for this month are:

Starting on the 11th is the big crop event begins. During this event, players grow special crops on a dedicated event field. Harvesting these crops will increase a level bar. Once the bar is filled, then a three-card monty game triggers where players pick one of three random cards. As you pick the right card the pick-a-card chain continues until the wrong card is selected, at which point players are awarded with in-game nuts. These nuts will award prizes based on the amount collected during the event. There will also be a large crop in the middle of the dedicated event field that increases its size (i.e., becoming a big crop) as players trigger the three-card mini game and earn their nuts.Finally the bingo event starts on the 21st. Farmers will grow special bingo crop seeds and hope they get three of the same crop in a row or a full board of the same crop for a max bingo, which is worth more points. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the total number of bingo points collected during the event. Players can use their Sunshine Ability to increase the number of harvestable items on their friends' bingo cards, but bonus bingo points will only be awarded if the ability is used on an active three-in-a-row bingo. Typically it is best to wait until the board is full of the same crop to trigger a max bingo and then wait until a multiplier triggers to earn bingo points. This event often has time-based prizes that no longer become available for players to win once the availability time expires.
Farm Folks Update
Overgrown sent out a notice to Kickstarter backers that they hope to have a pre-alpha build of Farm Folks by the end of January to those who supported the backing tier that included the pre-alpha, with an actual alpha of the game later this Spring. The pre-alpha game will include the player's farm, some springtime crops, and the ability to plant, water, and harvest the crops. The alpha build will include the player's farm and whatnot, some buildings to construct, a few farm animals, fishing, and a day/night cycle with a 30-day season.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Half of the outdoor Christmas lights are down, but the indoor tree is still up!) Sat, 05 Jan 2019 00:41:55 +0000
Marv's 2019 Message and End-of-Year Farming Game Discounts Happy Farm'n Friday! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday! My mom gave me some new felt grow bags and 5 bags of garden soil so I can grow tomatoes again using soil that isn't infected with Round Up herbicide. I even got some new lotus seeds! Mr.Fogu got me a new filter for the fish pond, but it's a HUGE filter! I'm thinking I need a bigger pond to match the size of the new filter. Maybe I can have some koi again with a bigger pond, or convince him I need a green house to go with the pond filter.

We also were gifted a Playstation VR, which is an interesting experience. I tried out Catlateral Damage, the kitty game where players knock items off of shelves to earn points, but I lasted only a few minutes of my kitty jumping up onto boxes before nausea set in. Perhaps the VR headset needs more adjusting, or I just need to adjust to it! I'd like to play the fishing Final Fantasy VR game, Monsters of the Deep, 'cuz it's fishing and vidya game fishing is kewl.

Marvelous Drop'n Hints

In the January 10-17 edition of Weekly Famitsu magazine, video game developers published well wishes for the new year. Marvelous also sends their greetings for 2019 along with Senran Kaboobra and Daemon X Machina art cards:

Happy New Year. In 2019 starting with Daemon X Machina, from frights to shivers, we'll deliver a wide range of excitement. A new entry to that series will be announced soon, so please look forward to it! Everyone, have a marvelous year in 2019!

Daemon X Machina is an action mech game for Nintendo Switch coming out in 2019. What's the other series Marv is referring to? Maybe Bokumono for Switch? I'm guessing a new Senran game, but who knows! Trio of Towns was announced in the January 28, 2016, edition of Weekly Famitsu, which was released on January 13 of that year. It could be about time for a new Bokumono reveal.

Farming Game Discounts

The Japan version of Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is part of Nintendo of Japan's 3DS Winter Sale. The digital download is 2500 Yen (54% off, normally 5378 Yen). The sale will end on January 8.

The PC version of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is discounted 50% off as part of the Steam Winter sale. The game combined with its four bundled DLC packs is currently $14.95 USD. The stand-alone game is $9.99 USD, with the DLC ranging from $0.49 and $1.99. Other farming games on sale during Steam's sale, which ends January 3, include:

Stardew Valley = $11.24 USD (25% off)Farming Simulator 19 = $31.49 USD (10% off)Farming Simulator 17 = $12.49 USD (50% off)Farming Simulator 15 = $11.99 USD (40% off)Farm Together = $15.99 USD (20% off)My Time at Portia (Early Access) = $15.99 USD (20% off)Harvest Life = $4.49 USD (70% off)Cow Milking Simulator (VR) = $0.99 USD (80% off)
(Ya I had to throw that last one in there, he he he).

On the Switch in North America, Farming Simulator - Nintendo Switch Edition is $24.99 USD (50% off). While on the 3DS, Farming Simulator 18 is on sale for $10.49 USD (65% off). Nintendo's NA sales end on December 31.

In Europe, Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns for 3DS is on sale for 9.99 (50% off), and Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is 19.99 (50% off). This sale ends January 3.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Happy New Year to all of my fellow video game farmers! Let's grow lots of crops in 2019!) Fri, 28 Dec 2018 20:13:57 +0000
Farm Folks, Digital Discount Sales, and EU 3oT Patch Happy Farm'n Friday! It isn't quite cold enough for Winter, but not warm enough for Spring either. The allium and Peruvian Lilly are trying to grow through the bed of leafy mulch that was raked on top of them last month. The tulips are smart enough to stay underground though!

I did manage to prune the 5 blueberry bushes this morning, so they'll be happy and ready to go come springtime. The retiree next door doesn't do any yard work in his back yard, so there's all sorts of baddies trying to creep into our backyard from under the fence. There's one mean vine with thorns that loves to visit from his yard; today I found a bit of it growing between the fence boards half-way up the fence!

Farm Folks Update
Game developer Overgrown wrote this week about some more of the community members players will meet as they go through their farming adventure on Softshoal Island and its town Port Meridia in Farm Folks. These three villagers are also marriage candidates that player can choose to woo:

Ravindar Dayal runs the operations of Dayal Distribution, a business that he runs with his sister. The developer writes that Ravindar is, "... a man who looks quite keen in his pinstripe suits and thick glasses, but he's a tough nut to crack socially. He's the man all about numbers and organization, but his people skills might be seen as lacking by some folks. When he isn't tucked away in the back office of the Distribution Center buried in logs and ledgers, he's often found in the back corner of the library, reading away."Ma-Tai is the local carpenter, logging expert, and a lover of nature. Overgrown describes him as, "If he's not off in the forest admiring the local birds, Ma-Tai can be found in his cabin in the woods with his beloved cat, Bu, or in Port Meridia's tavern or library. His laugh can be heard across the island, and he loves to socialize with those he shares the land with. Once a month, he and the Blacksmith are known to have woodcutting competitions just outside of town that often draws a crowd. He's also happy to share some of his carpentry and woodcutting knowledge with the player if they care to ask."Asheema Dayal is the sister of Ravindar and more social than her book-sense brother. She wants the residents of Port Meridia to know that they can rely on Dayal Distribution to get their goods from the island to the mainland. Asheema is described as, "She loves bright clothes and lives boldly, acting as the face of Dayal Distribution, and the one that people tend to think of when they need to ship their belongings. We think you'll find Asheema particularly useful for finding out what gifts and goodies people on the island like, or which location you might be able to find that ever elusive villager."

Digital Farming Game Updates

In Japan, Little Dragons Cafe is on sale for 21% off (4582 Yen) on both Ps4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

In North America, both Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns and Rune Factory 4 are on sale in the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $19.49 (35% off their regular price of $29.99). The sale will end on December 20. Rune Factory 3 and 4 are both in my video game backlog, as I need to finish RF2 first! Someday? At least that's the plan.

In Europe, there aren't any game sales but a free download patch is now available in the Nintendo 3DS eShop for Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. This is a bug-fix patch and apparently does not contain any download content bonuses.

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