Ushi No Tane PHP-Update RF5 Steam Release Date, New Farm'n Kickstarter Campaign, and Farm'n Game Discounts on Steam and eShop
Happy Farm'n Friday! Today was the harvest day for the radishes planted earlier this spring. Since I have a problem forgetting when something should be harvested, I scheduled a calendar event for 70 days out from planting, as recommended on the back of the seed packet.
Alas, I apparently can't grow a proper radish. Not sure if the leggy outcome is because of the unexpectedly cold and wet season or those pesky slugs that somehow got into the raised bed. Though one common-sense solution is that the variety I keep planting just isn't the best option for growing in Oregon. Oh well, guess this radish experiment was a bust! I'll let the strawberries take over the radish/daikon area and move on to growing something else, like replanting the Coleus killed by an unusual frost earlier this year. Seems like I'm doing more replanting this grow season than I typically do. Sheesh...
I helped out Captain Livia with the rune issues in the Meline Crystal Caverns in Rune Factory 5, and now I've to do the same with the lava dungeon. At least I finally found a source of Gold Ore in the Meline depths! The recipes in the crafting and forge are asking for monster drop items that I haven't located yet. You would hope that after all these years of Rune Factory that there would be a proper monster bestiary in the game by now. Even if it was something as simple as paying Terry a fee to investigate where a particular item could be found; he is a detective, after all. Go detective something useful!

RF5 PC is Official
Marvelous announced this week that Rune Factory 5 will be released on Steam on July 13 in North America and Europe, and July 14 in Japan. Preorders are open now on the game's Steam Store page.
The normal edition costs $59.99.The Digital Deluxe Edition costs $69.99 and comes with the base game and the Rune Factory 4 marriage candidate costume DLC.
Currently, both Steam bundles are discounted 15% ($50.99/$59.49) until July 13. Preordered farmers will also receive the Beach Day outfits for Keil and Forte from Rune Factory 4, along with a special New Ranger Care Package that contains 9 Healing Potions, 9 Orange Juice, 9 Cooking Bread, and 9 Tomato Seeds.
Compared to the Nintendo Switch version, the PC edition of RF5 is anticipated to be the better, smoother, and less crashy version of the game.

New Kickstarter
A new farming video game crowdfunding campaign launched on Kickstarter this week. The Gods Fabled: Soil Frontier is an open-world fantasy farming game in the land of Telaku. Players will take on the role of farmer and rebuilder of Paleeto Town.

This in-development indie game has an extensive crop system where plant growth is impacted by environmental factors (sun, water, and temperature), so paying attention to the weather report is important for crop success. Crops can also influence the other plants grown within their area of effect, changing the properties of neighboring plants. Each mature crop's attributes will be graded by a local retired farmer, Parik, who will tag the crop with its weight, color, and other properties.
Farmers will also raise livestock, craft goods using processing stations, document new and interesting things found while exploring, locate and unlock the Pintari sprites hidden worldwide, and fill the museum with exhibits. Can you help Mayor Bolkido rebuild the town?
This PC game currently has an alpha planned for early 2023, with a full release later in 2024. You can learn more about it on the Kickstarter website:
The Gods Fabled: Soil Frontier

Steam Summer Sale
The annual mega-sale of PC games on the Steam platform is taking place from now until July 7. Lots of farming games are discounted!
Atomicrops - 60% off ($5.99)Big Farm Story - 50% off ($9.99)DeadCraft - 20% off ($19.99)Deiland: Pocket Planet - 60% off ($7.99)Doraemon: Story of Seasons - 45% off ($27.49)Farming Simulator 22 - 10% off ($44.99)Garden Paws - 25% off ($14.99)Harvest Days: My Dream Farm - 20% off ($11.99)Harvest Moon: Light of Hope + DLC - 50% off ($9.99)Harvest Moon: One World - 25% off ($37.49)Hogvalord - 25% off ($8.24)Immortal Life - 10% off ($15.29)Kitaria Fables - 40% off ($11.99)Little Dragons Cafe - 70% off ($17.99)Littlewood - 50% off ($7.49)Monster Harvest - 65% off ($5.94)My Time at Portia - 75% off ($7.49)Rune Factory 4 Special - 35% off ($19.49)Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin - 25% off ($22.49)Slow Living with Princess - 20% off ($9.59)Stardew Valley - 40% off ($8.99)Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - 40% off ($23.99)Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town - 25% off ($29.99). Expansion Pass is also 25% off ($14.99) and DLC costumes are 50% off ($0.99)Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands - 85% off ($3.74)Summer in Mara - 60% off ($9.99)The Farmer's Story: Slow Life - 25% off ($18.74)

Nintendo eShop Sale
There's also a game sale taking place on the digital Nintendo eShop in various regions.
Farm for Your Life - 50% off ($9.99 US / £8.99 UK / $10.69 AU)Farming Simulator 20 - 50% off ($22.49 US). Not discounted in the UK or AU.Monster Harvest - 60% off (£5.99 UK). Not discounted in the US or AU.Rune Factory 5 - 20% off ($47.99 US). Not discounted in the UK or AU.Stardew Valley - 20% off ($11.99 US) and 25% off (£7.99 UK) and 30% off ($8.55 AU)Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town - Regular edition is 25% off ($29.99 US), Game + Expansion Pass is 35% off ($38.99 US). Not discounted in the UK or AU.Summer in Mara - 60% off ($9.99 US) and 65% off (£8.99 UK / $11.23 AU)

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Cher(Put my seed starter boxes outside in the sun. Forgot to remove the clear lids. Soil reached 130°F. Oops. Replanting again...) Fri, 24 Jun 2022 21:55:47 +0000
Snacko for Ps4/5, Coral Island Early Access Date, Lightyear Frontier, and Free Koa 5P Demo Happy Farm'n Friday! We finally recovered from Covid (whew). I also caught a mini-cold earlier this week (not Covid), so that might be why I'm still stuffed up. Now that the four of us have recovered (myself, Mr.F, and the 2 friends we unknowingly infected), we've learned of 5 others in our social circle who also managed to avoid Covid for the past 2 years and unfortunately have tested positive this week. Stay safe out there!
Captain Livia sent me back into the Meline Crystal Caverns to set another rune crystal in Rune Factory 5. I'm finally beginning to see more challenging monsters and boss battles after being over-leveled for most of the game. My leveling up has slowed after reaching level 100, though I'm doing pretty well with farming and shipping everything to complete the shipped item list challenges. On the downside, now I must be careful about dying because I'm carrying a lot of money! I dread the fee penalty if I end up at Simone's clinic. I've been trying to spend money on costumes to reduce the financial liability of a clinic recovery, but I'm running out of outfits to buy.
The RF5 Woolie mega-plushie also arrived this week, and it's plenty big! It's bigger than both the Fogu interns. It is soooo soft and sheep furry. If you didn't know about the RF5 promo item, this plushie is currently an arcade prize at participating game centers in Japan. Players in Japan then sell their unwanted woolie prizes online at places like Yahoo JP Auctions or Mercari JP.
Today (June 17) is also the 25th anniversary of the release date of Natsume's Harvest Moon game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I guess if Pres.Hiro hadn't taken a chance to localize his friend's game into English, we might not have been introduced to our favorite BokuMono game series, along with all the games inspired by Wada's original game.
And thanks to all who send their good wishes regarding Intern Reba's passing. The short-legged calico kitty from the Kelseyville, California, goat farm was an awesome cat and had a well-spoiled and happy life. Intern Hondo slept beside her bed for a few days but has since taken it over as his preferred sleeping spot.

Snacko Announced PS Release
The upcoming kitty farming game, Snacko, revealed last weekend during the 2022 Wholesome Direct that there are plans to release the in-development indie game on Playstation 4 and 5. Snacko is currently set for a PC/Steam and, in the future, a Nintendo Switch release. Snacko doesn't have a defined release date yet.

Coral Island EA
Stairway Games announced this week that their tropical island farming game, Coral Island, will enter Early Access on the Steam gaming platform on October 11, 2022.

If you haven't heard of Coral Island yet, it was a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign back in 2021 that received over $1.6 million in funding. In this game, players take on a farmer role to revitalize the local town and the surrounding coral reefs that have become negatively impacted by careless residents. There are over 50 villagers in and around Scarlet Town, including marriage candidates, a lot of field crops and orchard trees, animal ranching, cooking, fishing, villager requests, and even cave exploring. Players will also be tasked with cleaning garbage off the ocean floor to encourage the appearance of rare fish and the nearby merfolk. There is also an extensive character customization component.Stairway Games plans to have Coral Island eventually released on Switch, Playstation, and XBox.

Lightyear Frontier on XBox
Developer Frame Break had their upcoming farming game, Lightyear Frontier exhibited during Microsoft's XBox Showcase on Sunday. This farming game is set in the far future, where players set out on an open-world alien planet to start a new life of mech-based farming.

We'll grow strange crops, build a homestead, and explore the world with up to three friends. It's so pretty! The game is planned for a Steam (store page) and XBox release in Spring 2023.
Koa Demo
The action game Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara now has a demo available until June 20 during Steam's latest NextFest. This spinoff of the tropical island farming and exploration game Summer in Mara places heroine Koa in a level-exploration game to locate the stolen pirate treasure. You can download the free demo from the Steam store page:
Koa and the Five Pirates of Mara
The game is planned for a full release by the end of 2022.

Until next time!

Cher(Fishing Paradiso was released on Steam! Check it out if you're a fan of pixel-like fishing games!) Fri, 17 Jun 2022 21:17:54 +0000
SDV Demo for NSO in Japan, Pacha Free Demo, Switch Farm'n Game Sales, and HM2 Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! Something has been bothering the hybrid watermelon plants :( When the first of the four plants got weak and wilted, I figured it was a fluke. But now a second one has started to wilt too. I don't see any evidence of the slugs I'm constantly combating, but there are pill bugs - those little buggers that roll up into a ball when disturbed. They tend to eat decaying material, not fresh plants, so I assume they're evidence of a problem and not the root cause. Perhaps it's the weather that is rotting the watermelon... it's been colder than I remember, plus we have had a LOT of rain.
I also finally got Ludmilla to appear in Rune Factory 5. I just needed to continue with the story to see her set up shop in Rigbarth. Captain Livia sent me back into the Belpha Ruins to retrieve an item for her, which simply uncovered more mysteries!
I think we're almost recovered from Covid as well. Just some mild head congestion left, which I expect to be gone within a few more days. Our local health authority is expecting cases to go up for another week, then start to decreases after that.

NSO Demo in Japan

One of the features available to Nintendo Switch Online members is free demos of full Nintendo Switch games for a limited time. From June 13 until June 19, NSO members in Japan can try Stardew Valley for free. The full version of the game will also be on sale to entice those who want to buy after trying their hand at video game farming. From June 13 until June 26, the digital download of SDV will be discounted by 32% (from 1400円 to 1000円).

Nintendo eShop Super Sale
Nintendo UK is having a super sale, including several farming games for Nintendo Switch, from now until June 15:
8-bit Farm - 40% off (£7.01) until June 14Atomicrops - 60% off (£5.39) until June 19Doraemon: Story of Seasons - 80% off (£8.99) until June 19Farm Tycoon - 10% off (£15.29) until June 26Farming Simulator 20 - 50% off (£19.99) until June 19My Time at Portia - 75% off (&pound6.24) until June 15Real Farm, Premium Edition - 75% off (£8.99) until June 16

In North America, we have some Nintendo Switch games on sale too!
Farm Tycoon - 10% off ($17.99 USD / $21.59 CAN) until June 16Monster Harvest - 60% off ($7.99 USD / $10.63 CAN) until June 20Hope's Farm - 90% off ($1.99 USD) and 95% off ($0.99 CAN) until June 18Deiland: Pocket Planet Edition - 55% off ($8.99 USD / $11.96 CAN) until June 12Summer in Mara - 60% off ($9.99 USD / $11.99 CAN) until June 26My Time at Portia - 75% off ($7.49 USD / $9.44 CAN) until June 15

Roots of Pacha Demo
The free demo for Roots of Pacha is now available on Steam. Soda Den's bonus festival has also started and quickly met several of the the bonus tiers such as an extra in-game hat.You can try out the prehistoric farming game for free on Steam until June 20:
Download Roots of Pacha Demo

HM2 Comic
In this newly-translated comic from the HM2 guidebook, new-farmer Sara is introduced to the mountain area.

Until next time!

Cher(RIP Intern Reba, thanks for all your grouchy meows over the past 17 years.) Fri, 10 Jun 2022 20:40:01 +0000
Indie Game Dev Updates and the June '22 Bokumobile Events Happy Farm'n Friday! The community forum upgrade went well last Friday. There are a few tweaks here and there that still need to be implemented, but in general, all's well as could be for a 20-year-old message board. Just some more baby steps in the long walk to make this ancient site more accessible and mobile-friendly.
I also had to venture into the realm of Switch surgery to replace the CPU fan on my launch-day console. Five years of fun had taken a toll on the fan. The poor component would make a loud whirring noise while I played Rune Factory 5. Bedtime play wasn't possible because the WHHIIIRRRRR from the fan would keep Mr.Fogu awake. I know sending my out-of-warranty Switch to Nintendo would be costly and take precious gameplay time, so a little online sleuthing revealed a step-by-step guide on swapping in a new fan. It's sooo much quieter now, just like it should be.
As for my adventures in Rigbarth, I finally learned who the strange lady who hates the protagonist was. I guess I'm not going to be a detective with Terry's agency for too much longer? There were never any tasks on his outside message board anyway, so it's not like I was solving any small-town crimes. I was looking forward to unraveling some mysteries for Terry, but it was not meant to be, I guess.
I also met Ludmila. She seems to be a nice person. I can't find her in town though! She's on my list of townsfolk, but I can't find her in a building or wandering around Rigbarth. Maybe she becomes accessible after I continue with the story? It's been a few in-game days since I rescued her from the dungeon she was hiding in.

Indie Farm'n Game Updates
Blobby farming Ova Magica is still making progress. ClaudiaTheDev has recently been working on the mining components and a new fast-travel system that will move players quickly through the overworld.
Game studio Stairways Games has been working on the diving aspect of Coral Island, where players will explore the underwater areas to pick up litter and perhaps discover something more. The deeper areas of the ocean will be blocked by NPCs, such as Grantle the sea turtle, who need to be compensated or bribed before they will grant access. Players also have to consider the water pressure when deep diving and will need to obtain upgrades to their diving suit. Coral Island's next alpha build for certain backers (under a non-disclosure agreement) will be released next week, with a general Steam Early Access release planned for the end of 2022.
To celebrate the upcoming 2-hour demo of Roots of Pacha, Soda Den is holding a festival to unlock extra functionality (and fun) to the free demo of their game that will be available for download during Steam's Next Fest, taking place from June 13 until June 20. This social event requires participants to follow the devs via their Twitter, Youtube, Discord, and TikTok social media channels. Soda Den will issue social activities, such as raffling off beta access to Pacha or adding a bunny hat to the demo game, when specified follower goals are met.
The newest Wholesome Games Direct 2022 will air on Saturday, June 11, at 9:30 am Pacific Time (-7 UMT) and will feature almost 100 heart-warming and cozy indie-developed video games. Specifically, crowdfunded farming games Snacko, Puffpals: Island Skies, and Critter Crops will be showcased during the streamed event. The full list of games appearing during the free online event hasn't been released, but there may be more cute farming games included!

June BokuMobile Events

How is it June already?! It's time for a new round of social events in the online Bokujou Monogatari game.
This month's harvest event is themed after a hydrangea first-date. Players will care for frogs and poodles, and harvest hydrangea baskets and hydrangea guitar trees. Earn points during harvests to earn individual and team prizes, and collect friendship hearts for helping other players' farms to unlock another group of individual prizes. This event ended on June 9.
A match-3 bingo event begins on June 11. Farmers will grow crops on a special 3x3 field and earn points depending on how many identical crops sprout. Getting 3 in a row is good, but getting an entire board of the same crop is even better! In-game prizes are awarded based on how many points are earned when harvesting bingo crops. This event ends on June 19.A Hungry Animal event begins on June 21. Players will grow special event-themed seeds. The harvested crops are then used to feed the random event-themed animals that appear on the player's farm. Full animals award nut seeds to be planted, harvested, and then exchanged for prizes. Reaching level goals by feeding specified numbers of hungry animals will also award more prizes. This event ends on June 29.

Until next time!

Cher(I avoided it for 2 years, but Covid finally caught up to me... bleh... quarantining with some video games isn't too bad, but I can't visit the garden nurseries or estate sales for a while...) Fri, 03 Jun 2022 20:24:35 +0000
RF5 Mega Woolie in Japan, Possible PC port, and New HM2 Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! Remember the plastic bag of seeds I picked up at an estate sale a few months ago and how difficult it was to get even a few of them to sprout? The three that did germinate were planted in a pot outside a few weeks ago. They're now happily thriving in a pot at the top of the stairs and have started producing blooms! Auu, this little flower sure is cute. It is nice to imagine the late gardener would have been pleased that the seeds she harvested from her marigold plants were enjoyed by people she had never met.
As for our carrot seedling, it too has been destroyed by the vilest of creatures: slugs. I found the remains of our last carrot warrior earlier this week, along with the fat little guy who chomped the seedling to bits. Now I've been checking on the radish seedlings every rainy morning and evening, picking out the little brown boogers that I catch munching on the crops. I haven't determined how the slugs gained access to the 2-foot tall raised beds with rough, slug-proof exteriors. I guess that there was an adult slug that made it into the raised bed via climbing the slug-friendly irrigation line that led into the garden box, laid a bunch of eggs, and now I'm picking out slug neonates every morning and evening. I pulled out 10 more last night! Gosh darn slugs!
On my progress through Rune Factory 5, I took the advice of other players and continued my adventure onto the Atohl, which was a pretty cool dungeon. I wish it was bigger! But then afterward, a Big Plot Twist™?! Oh dear, my adventuring days as a recruited ranger appear to be over, but at least now my heroine gets to work alongside hunky Terry. The new boss sent me into Gadeus Grassland, where I finally found silver ore (huzzah!) and met another strange character who seemed to dislike me for unknown reasons.

Mega-Woolie in Japan
Last February, amusement arcade prize manufacturer System Service released a Bokujou Monogatari 25th anniversary series of plushies: several XL-sized cows, a giant pillow turnip, a series of medium-sized farm animals, some smaller-sized cows, and lastly, a series of tiny lit-up bubble cow figurines. This week, the company posted a new promo collaboration with Marvelous on their Twitter account.

With Rune Factory 5 now 1-year-old in Japan (May 20, 2021), a Woolie mega-plushie will be released next week at participating game arcade centers. This premium plushie is about 15 inches tall and super cute. As this is not a retail offering, woolie hunters will need to win the mega-plushie at an arcade center or wait for someone else to win it and then sell it on Yahoo Auctions, Mercari, or another online option.

Possible Steam RF5?
According to, an entry for Rune Factory 5 has been added to the Steam backend. This isn't necessarily a promise that RF5 will be coming to Steam in July, but a PC release appears to be in the works. Still, with RF4 already on the platform and how much better Marv's recent Switch games run on PC than on Nintendo's console (look'n at you, PoOT!), RF5 would definitely benefit from a Steam release. Of course, any official confirmation of a Rune Factory 5 Steam release will come from Marvelous.

HM2 Comic
Here's a newly translated comic from the Harvest Moon 2 Gameboy guidebook!

In HM2, the shipper picks up at 5pm, and anything put into the bin after 5pm doesn't get shipped. There's no carry-over to the next day like we have nowadays. And when tossing an item into the bin, it will land on the ground and be destroyed if the player's aim is off. Glad our modern-day shipping bins have improved!

Break Time Next Week
There won't be a Farm'n Friday next week, as I'll be spending the time on the forum upgrade I had been putting off for a loooong time. Hopefully, it won't take the whole weekend, as the upgrade has been in development in a secret location (oh ho ho!) for several weeks. There'll finally be a mobile-friendly format for the 20-year-old message board if all goes well.
I know forums have gone by the wayside in favor of other communication formats, but there's a lot of historical game content that might be useful to new players or those looking for old farming data. Once that project is finally off my to-do list, I can get back to working on guide pages

Until next time!

Cher(It's almost tomato planting time!) Fri, 20 May 2022 22:24:33 +0000
Ooblets Coming to Switch, Upcoming Farm'n Game Demos, DeadCraft Release, and HM2 Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! I'm still bummed about losing most of the outdoor-sowed carrot seeds at the hands of an unknown entity. I found some slugs munching on the radish seed sprouts, but they were all really tiny (𝅘𝅥𝅮 baby slugs do do do-doo do do 𝅘𝅥𝅮) and not likely the destroyers of carrotdome. Like with poppies, sowing carrots directly outdoors is the ideal way to plant the seeds. My seedling trays aren't deep enough to hold carrot seedlings. I can try to kick-start a new set of seeds by soaking them in water for an hour and then placing the seeds between wet paper towels in an air-tight container for a few days. Hopefully, that will be faster than waiting several weeks for them to naturally germinate.
As for my adventures through Rune Factory 5, Livia wants to send me on a special mission with Scarlett to a cursed place called Atohl's End. Now that I'm determined to play the rest of the game on Hard mode, I want to work on crafting better armor. The problem is that I can't find Silver Ore! I found one piece of silver somewhere and used it for crafting Chain Mail before venturing into the Kelve Lava Caves, but I need more of it to make a Scale Vest and other improvements. No luck so far in Meline Crystal Caverns. I'm a-okay with damage output (my home-grown Plant Sword has 218 ATK), but I'm super squishy when receiving damage. At least the SEED ranger helper jumps in when needed. Though at level 62, my Punky protagonist may be over-leveled for the Atohl anyway.
Speaking of RF5, Marvelous JP's latest end of fiscal year report (from April 2021 to March 2022) notes that sales of its consumer video game are doing well globally. The game has shipped over 500,000 units between the game's initial release in Japan (May 2021) and the end of March 2022. As the game was only out for about a week in NA and EU during Marv's fiscal year, that number would be greater today. In its next fiscal year (April 2022 to March 2023), Marv is looking forward to the release of DeadCraft, the Ps4/5 version of SoS:PoOT in July, the new Switch game Loop8, and a new mobile game from Honey Parade Games (it's a new IP, so NOT another Senran Karuga game).

Ooblets Coming to Switch
Nintendo released an Indie World Showcase this week, which included an announcement that Ooblets will be released for Nintendo Switch this summer in North America and UK.

In Ooblets, the protagonist moves to troubled Badgetown to start a new life. Sympathetic to the protagonist's dream, the cute top-hat-wearing mayor gives the player a small, abandoned farm outside of town. Farm'n time!
Besides crops, players can grow ooblet seeds that mature into more ooblet creatures. The ooblets can be used in dance battles against other ooblet owners or even help out on the farm. You'll also complete missions from the Badgetown villagers, join an ooblet club, cook meals, and have all sorts of fun!
Ooblets has been in early access on the Epic Game Store and XBox for two years and will launch on Switch in its complete, non-beta form. There is no official word on a Steam release yet or how much the Switch version will cost. The EGS and XBox early access version is priced at $29.99 USD.
Ooblets did not appear on Nintendo of Japan's Indie World presentation.

Upcoming PC Demos
Steam Next Fest happens a few times per year and celebrates upcoming video games planned for release on Steam's gaming platform. Next Fest will occur next month from June 13 to June 20 (how is it almost June already?! Slow down 2022!) The prehistoric farming and life sim Roots of Pacha will have a free demo available during that time. Soda Den plans to have the demo of Pacha contain about 2 hours of playable content, which they highlighted on their latest development blog.
Also appearing in demo form during Next Fest will be Chibig's Summer in Mara spin-off, Koa and the Pirate of Mara.

DeadCraft Launches Next Week
The zombie farming game, DeadCraft, launches next week (May 19) in all regions on Nintendo Switch, Ps4/5, XBox1/X, and Steam. In this game, players control zombie hunter Reid as he investigates what happened to his hunting partner within the wall of the fortress-like Ark. An evil dude and their henchmen are boarded up in the city, and it's up to Reid and his allied residents of the free slum to discover what's going on inside. Players have to grow crops, cook meals, and craft weapons and other goods to survive the zombies and the henchmen's attempts to capture Ark-escapee Reid again.

The game's director, Akira Kurochi, and producer, Hisashi Fujii, created a 75-minute-long developer's commentary and walkthrough of the game's demo. For example, they explain that using a knife to dispatch bad humans actually cuts them up too much for their corpses to be usable as zombie crops on the player's farm. Using a different weapon, such as a club or gun, is necessary if the player intends to collect a corpse for planting and harvesting on their farm. You can watch the developer's commentary on their Youtube video:
DEADCRAFT - Developer Demo Walkthrough

HM2GB Comic
Here's another translated comic from the Shogakukan's Harvest Moon 2 GB guidebook from 1999, drawn by Igusa Matsuyama!

Oh "Peat," there are no golden sheep in this game either...
Until next time!

Cher(Started the cauliflower seeds too!) Fri, 13 May 2022 21:22:59 +0000
Steam Farm'n Game Discounts, May BokuMobile Events, and a HM GB2 Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! Lately, I have been toying with what vegetable to plant next. While doing the weekly grocery shopping last weekend, the natural order of things pointed me in the right direction: cauliflower.
Cauliflower is one of the few veggies that Mr. Fogu will voluntarily eat, along with zucchini, broccoli, spinach, and corn. He hates tomatoes, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, radishes, red lettuce, onions (unless they're coated in batter and deep-fried), cucumbers, and so on. He even dislikes yams! As he's such a picky veggie eater, we regularly buy cauliflower. Last weekend, I was in for a sticker shock when a single head of normal 'ol cauliflower rang up as $6.60 at the checkout stand. Egads! Scew that, I just grow it myself! (cue billowing cape animation while I turn my back and walk into the garden)
The downside is it's little late to be planting cauliflower. Cauliflower is a cole crop, meaning it produces its best harvest when the temperatures are colder. When the outdoor temp is too hot, their texture can become terrible, or they can flower and go to seed. Luckily, I did manage to find a cauliflower seed variety that can tolerate warmer weather, plus it should be harvestable in about 45 days. That's the plan, anyway.
I'll have to tolerate the high cost of cauliflower in the meantime...
As for my adventures through Rune Factory 5, it turns out I didn't need super-armor and leveling up to clear the Kelve Volcano Region. I assumed that the Flower Lion gate just past the Ancient Forest indicated the monster's strength in the Lava Caves. Those seed-shooting evil plants killed me multiple times! After upgrading my equipment and levels, the dungeon was terribly easy . I'm now over leveled! So I had to switch the game's difficulty from Normal to Hard. Now there's a forgetful fellow in Rigbarth who needs SEED's assistance. Off to the Meline Crystal Caverns I go!

Golden Week Game Discounts
Bandai Namco currently has Doraemon: Story of Seasons on sale on Steam in celebration of Japan's multi-holiday period called Golden Week. The game is discounted 75% until May 9.Separately, Slow Living with Princess is also 20% off until May 9.The crazy crop game Atomicrops is on sale for 60% off until May 10.Marvelous USA is also participating in a publisher sale. Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is 40% off, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town and Fri, 06 May 2022 21:07:45 +0000
Two New Farming Game Announcements, Marriage Candidate Bonaza in Sandrock, and Kickstarter Updates Happy Farm'n Friday! Last weekend's rain lightened up just enough to spend some time outside and bring the dahlias out of hibernation. Some of the tubers that were pulled up last autumn were divided into more tubers (aka, I accidentally broke them while digging them up), so there are multiples of the same plant this year. Though there are fewer plants than in years past, but that's okay. The dahlias will simply have more room to spread out, plus I can plant more sunflowers in between the rows. I picked up a package of white sunflower seeds that I've been itching to try once the weather is warmer.
This weekend, I will be transplanting the tomato sprouts into larger containers, as it's still too cold outside. We also have germination of the cross-pollinated watermelons! It will be fun to see if there will be a tasty watermelon crop from the hybridization of Sugar Baby and Baby Doll
I also discovered a large, strange plant growing in the raised garden boxes in the backyard. It appears to be a plant gift from one of the local squirrels; unfortunately, they neglected to add a label to the plant. The plant's roots are fairly thick but not very long, and I couldn't find a bulb or rhizome that might hold a clue as to what the plant is. The bladed leaves are rough to the touch, and it was easy to dig the plant up and transplant it into a pot. Google Lens hints that it might be a Wood Rush, but that doesn't look like any rush that's normal around here. Hopefully, it'll bloom so we get a better idea of what it might be.
I need to chat with those dang tree rats. My garden boxes aren't for hiding goodies...
As for my adventures in Rune Factory 5, meany Scarlett challenged me to explore Kelve Lava Caves. I guess I should be upgrading my armor before tackling that place. My trusty beginner's Shirt has a few holes! So I've been eating Recipe Bread to learn new armor recipes. I have made a stronger shield so far, but I have yet to be rewarded with body armor crafting instructions.

Sandrock Opens Marriage Candidates
The developers of the sequel to My Time at Portia announced today that they will be unlocking romance options for most everyone in My
Time at Sandrock. Now no longer restricted to a group of defined bachelor and bachelorette characters, Pathea will be adding romance options to the rest of the currently unmarried, age-appropriate, and humanoid characters; the lovely Sandy the camel is still not available to woo, sorry. Another human who has no marriage options is the protagonist's boss, Yan. While he is unmarried and age-appropriate, Yan is said to be married to his love of money.
Finally, we have a game where (almost) everyone can potentially be the player's spouse! Now if we could only convince our favorite farming game series to do the same thing...

New Farming - Immortal Life
A new game launched on Steam Early Access this week. Immortal Life, developed by YiFang Studios and published by 2P Games, sets the player in a peaceful valley where their assistance is needed to help the exclusive Guiyun sect. The sect members are so busy mastering swordsmanship that there's nobody left who can grow crops in Misty Valley. One of the Guiyun leaders invites the protagonist to take over the fields, but on arrival, a natural disaster destroys much of the town, with just a handful of new sect recruits surviving the event. The lost recruits, including the player, then decide to work together to restore the sect.

Players will grow crops, complete bulletin board tasks, catch fish, construct buildings, and build relationships with the sect recruits. As magical as the area is, players will use their spiritual abilities to manage their farm, such as summoning a cloud to water crops. Who wants to use a plain 'ol watering can nowadays anyway!?
Players can also customize the interior of their house, and the types of home decorations can better restore energy after a good night's rest. Even cooking is a cute mini-game, requiring multiple steps to process each ingredient into a meal.
The Early Access price of $16.99 will be 10% off until May 4. The game's full release isn't expected for 12 to 18 months. The current build of the game uses keyboard/mouse controls only.
A free demo of this visually-lovely game is also available! You can learn more about Immortal Life on the Steam store page:
Immortal Life (仙郷物語)

New Farming - Dreamlight Valley
Video games with our favorite farming functionality continues to become mainstream. This week, Gameloft announced a Disney-themed life simulation game titled Disney's Dreamlight Valley that will include crop growing, construction, cosmetic decorating, mining, cooking, and fishing components.

Along with the life simulation aspects, this game has an adventure side where players have to clear out the memory-draining Night Thorns from the realms where Disney characters live. The characters can then move to the Dreamlight Valley and bring their stories, quests, and rewards.
The game is planned for a 2023 launch on PC/Mac, iOS, Switch, XBox, and Playstation platforms, with a Summer 2022 early access launch. While it will launch on Early Access as a single-player game, it will include an online component that will allow players to share in-game-created content on their external social media channels. Those who have XBox GamePass or pay for a Founders Pack will be granted Early Access.
Dreamlight Valley will be free-to-play with paid microtransactions for cosmetic features and future gameplay extensions. Players will not be expected to pay for energy to make actions or move time forward.
You can learn more about the Disney farming game on the official website:
Disney Dreamlight Valley | Wishlist Today

Kickstarter Updates
The successful crowdfunding campaign for Skyreach Studio's Critter Crops: Mystery of Mullery Mansion wrapped up this week. The game is planned for a Steam release closer to the end of this year.
Super-popular PuffPals: Island Skies is still going strong. The crowdfunding campaign is almost $1.3 million, with 7 days left until its funding date.
A new campaign launched this week for another magic + farming game. Mystfang Media is asking for public help to fund their new Steam game, DraeAscaria. The campaign was funding within 5 days of launch and is now working towards stretch goals. In this game, the protagonist is a mage in training who travels to start their internship in Elder Grove. Players will learn spell casting, potion brewing, and growing seeds into magical plants.

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PuffPals KS Getting Closer to $1 Mill, and a New Undead Farming and Crafting Game Happy Farm'n Friday! I'm still annoyed about the coleus crop wipe-out (grr...), but there's no time to give up on growing stuff! The vegetable when-to-start chart noted that it's time to begin planting tomatoes and melons indoors. So far, the tomato seedlings have started to sprout (Starlight Grape and Tomimaru), but nothing yet with our cross-pollinated watermelons from last summer. It can take a while for watermelon seeds to germinate, though. Let's hope they're viable!
Now that we're officially past the last-frost date (finally, I hope!), last weekend I also planted some carrot seeds and those dang radish seeds I've been trying to successfully harvest. For years I've only been able to harvest more radish seeds from the plants instead of the actual root vegetable. The weather should remain fairly mild until mid-July, which should be more than enough time for them to grow without bolting. Though anticipated, average weather has turned into unexpected, extraordinary weather more often than I'd like.
I wonder if there is a when-to-start chart for flowers? I could use that, for sure.
I'm still playing Rune Factory 5, and recently met Scarlett. I don't know what her problem is! She's so mean! Also, I somehow recruited a random SEED ranger to be my hit point support person. During the fish variety contest, I used up my RP and was taking HP hits while fishing, and suddenly this blue-outfit Seed dude showed up in a swirl of fancy cut-scene to refill my hit points. I was not expecting to be on the receiving end of unsolicited heals. Can Terry do that too? 'Cuz that'd be awesome if he randomly popped in, showered my girl in hit-point glitter while yelling "A MYSTERY IS AFOOT!", then poofing away back to his house to figure out why my HP was low in the first place.

Two Weeks Left for PuffPals KS
The cutesy sky-farming and exploration project, PuffPals: Island Skies has 14 days left on its Kickstarter campaign and has blown waaaaay past its initial goal of $75,000. The crowdfunding campaign is about $900,000 and still increasing. Can Fluffnest reach $1 million for their farming game development? The stretch goal at that level is to add multiplayer functionality to the game, so there's a good chance that we could have a $1,000,000 funded game soon.

DEADCRAFT - Zombie Farming?
Marvelous announced this week that a new end-of-the-world crafting and farming game called DEADCRAFT will be released on May 19 A free demo of the game is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5, and XBox One/X/S. Fair warning: the below trailer is a bit bloody and weird!

A farm the dead to stay alive game, the protagonist is tasked with helping out the local slum-town residents while working on finding out what happened that caused his zombie-hunting partner's death. Decades ago, meteors destroyed the planet and severely damaged humanity by bringing a pandemic virus that reanimated the dead. Now the world is covered in zombies. The surviving humans congregated into make-shift cities ruled by bad dudes. These bad dudes are super bad. Like, revenge-level bad.
Not typically my style of farming game, but I might as well give it a try!
The game uses an action point system similar to what you would find in Rune Factory. Taking actions (fighting, crafting, etc.) take energy points, and when those are used up, actions will use hit points instead. Ideally, players should watch their energy level to not damage their health. You also have to watch the protagonist's hunger and thirst, as having those levels low will also negatively impact movement. The hunger/thirst system is difficult to juggle until the reduce-hunger and reduce-thirst skills are unlocked.
The "farm" area in the demo comes with Sludge (i.e., gross water) collectors and a small 3x3 field plot. Tilling the soil simply requires you to interact with the soil, then you plant some seeds and water the crops using Sludge or "Aqua Cola," the filtered version of Sludge. After a few days, the crops can be harvested. The crops can then be turned over as part of a mission quest, though cooking them into hunger-recovery food is best.
The farm also comes with a crafting table that can be used to craft weapons and farm supplies such as more 3x3 fields. You'll need to learn recipes to craft goods. The crafting recipes are unlocked by interacting with townsfolk and spending skill points in the game's skill-point tree. The downside to crafting is that a 5-second animation plays every time an item is crafted. Luckily, you can disable the crafting cut scene by enabling the Text Skip option in the game's settings.
The fun farming starts kicking in once you unlock the ability to grow your own zombies. Sometimes after dispatching a baddie, you can collect a corpse that can be crafted into a zombie seedling. The seedling is then planted on the farm field, watered using zombie blood, and after a few days, the zombie is ready for harvest! The farm-grown zombies have cute flowers on their heads to distinguish them from the normal nasty zombies, and the weapons they equip are whatever the person had when they were alive. Yes, you can kill the human townsfolk and local bandits and transform their corpses into your undead battle buddy by planting them on your farm.
Auuu, aren't they cute! The zombie companions follow the protagonist around, attacking other zombies and other aggressive bad people. Though, I discovered that if they go off to fight something and you leave the map, the zombie buddy disappears... sorry about that zombie #1...
Besides weapons, farm-grown zombies also have health statistics such as muscle mass, bone density, blood circulation, and strength bonus. The demo didn't go into whether the head flower color could change or how to increase the quality of the zombie crop.
The zombie blood water can also be sprinkled on normal crops to make zombiefied crops like purple Hybrid Pumpkins.
The mix of farming and crafting feels a bit like My Time at Portia and other similar games, but with wandering undead, lots of gory scenes, and some colorful language scattered here and there. Maybe with a mix of Atomicrops flare with its post-apocalypse crop mutations.
The game costs $24.99 and has two DLC options available for $8 each. The content DLC unlocks more post-story adventures and missions that probably could have been included in the main game, but you know how it is nowadays.
A deluxe edition is available for preorder for about $40. This edition contains the two DLC, an in-game bonus outfit, and additional starting materials like extra Aqua Cola, Tomato Seeds, and Pumpkin seeds.

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Bah Snow, Kickstarter Updates for New and Existing Campaigns, BM Radio Ep.2, and HMGB2 Comic
Happy Farm'n Friday! Soooo.... yea. For some crazy climate reason, it snowed here earlier this week. According to the National Weather Service, the last time it snowed this late in the year was in 1903. Yea. What the snot. It's been about 120 years since snow appeared in April.
All the marigolds lived through the unexpected dusting of white junk. The Antigua Gold sprouts I planted down by the mailbox were a little unhappy at first, but they've since improved. The Durango marigolds in the hanging baskets were super troopers and had no problems. Even the mystery marigolds took the snow like champions, and one of the sprouts is already trying to produce a flower.
Unfortunately, the coleus were not happy campers. They're warmer-weather plants, preferring above-50° F temperatures, which it has been for a few weeks; we even had a 78° F day recently. Though they were planted under the porch and didn't have contact with the snow, the cold snap damaged many of them. I'll have to plant another batch of seedlings to replace everything destroyed by the weather. Bah...
As for my adventures in Rune Factory 5, I won the first Bean Throwing Festival, and Livia sent me to explore some ruins on the southern edge of town. After clearing the ruins of the boss monster, some weird royalty guys moved into the place. Why are they living in the Belpha Ruins instead of one of the empty houses around town? Are they secretly sewer-thriving vampires? It's so weird. I'm sure there's a mystery there to solve...
I also managed to finish my sloppy speed-run of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town as I worked on writing the guide page about Victor's help requests. The luxury liner unlocked on Autumn 7 for me. Betcha you guys can get through it faster than that! I got stuck for about an in-game week progress-wise because I didn't have enough points to trigger Victor's next help request.

Kickstarter Updates
The beta for Roots of Pacha started last week. Those who helped fund the game at the beta key level have been sent their PC game keys to download and play the game. Soda Den hopes to have a playable demo available this June. The latest dev blog introduces "ideas," the system used for triggering inspirations that lead to new developments for the tribe. There are a lot of additions to the game too, so check it out!
The Halloween-themed farming game, Critter Crops: Mystery of Mullery Mansion reached its funding goal this week as well as its second stretch goal. The campaign still has about 10 days left if you're interested in supporting this witchy farming game.
As for new farming indie games looking for funding via Kickstarter, we now have PuffPals: Island Skies. This sky island exploration game will allow players to visit floating islands, manage a farm, and interact with the cute PuffPal villagers.

Players can also customize their protagonist and choose the design of their farmhouse, both exterior and interior. Plus, there are lots of interior furniture options! This game also has a collection aspect, such as documenting new types of fungi or locating ancient artifacts.
The developer of this game, Fluffnest, has previously launched successful crowdfunding campaigns for their line of plush dolls. The company now sells plushies, stationery, and stickers from its online website. The Island Skies campaign has already reached its initial funding goal with the help of its fans, receiving 8x more than intended since its launch on April 6. It is currently trying to match several stretch goals such as an artbook ($700k), desert ruins ($800k), new jungle and underwater island biomes ($900k), and multiplayer ($1 million).
You can learn more about this Kickstarter and help push its funding on its campaign page:

PuffPals: Island Skies - A wholesome life simulator game

HM2 Comic
It's been a while since the last newly-translated Igusa Matsuyama comic from the Harvest Moon GB 2 guidebook. In our last comic panel, "Peat" (as his name is spelled) wanted new-farmer Sara to start taking care of animals. His help isn't turning out to be very useful...

BM Radio Episode #2
Last weekend's episode of Bokujou Monogatari Station has been uploaded to Youtube by A&G Tribal Radio. In this 10-minute session, Daiki Yamashita talks about the upcoming release of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Special for Playstation 4 on July 28 (in Japan) and his thoughts on making friends in the game.
牧場物語 山下の大輝のラジオステーション #2

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