Ushi No Tane PHP-Update Stardew for iOS and 4-col comic Happy Farm'n Friday! We finished up all the tasty zucchini recipes by the start of this week, only to discover today that there's more zucchini! Oh my! This latest one is a good size for Yakisoba, or perhaps even turning into zucchini noodles. Or zucchini noodles in the Yakisoba... hmmm... though the Zucchini Cobbler recipe looks interesting enough. There'll be another 'zuc ready for harvest in a few days that will work for that recipe.

Today is National Farmer's Day in the US, where we recognize the hard work that our farmers do. Thank you Farmers!

LDC Mobile App Update
The mobile app for Little Dragons Cafe now appears to work outside of the Anime Expo promotion. If you download the app from the Android Store or the iOS Store, it will prompt you to "Scan the Package" to get started. Just point your phone to the game box. The app will bring up an AR image of the little dragon running around in a circle while also triggering the front-facing camera, allowing you to take a selfie of yourself with the dragon running around your head (or a picture of the dragon running around the nose of a large plushie of Donkey Kong, as imaged here).

The "Scan the Package" will also work with an image of the game box open on your computer screen, so you don't actually have to buy the game to take a picture with the little AR dragon.

Stardew Valley on iOS
The super-popular farming game, Stardew Valley, will be coming to Apple devices on October 24. The full game will retail for $7.99 USD and does not require any in-app purchases to play. Your Apple device must be running on iOS 10 or higher to support the game. While the game features version 1.3 story content, it does not have multiplayer support. The game will support English, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish languages.

Stardew Valley on the App Store
4-col Comic
And here's the translated September 2012 four-column comic from Nintendo DREAM, featuring Hart from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Only 10 Fridays left until Christmas!) Fri, 12 Oct 2018 20:15:34 +0000
Oct '18 Mobage, LoH News, and eShop Sale Happy Farm'n Friday! The dry weather last weekend allowed for some Christmas Light Extravaganza crafting. Managed to complete one of the 12-foot tree wraps that will attach to the tall pine trees in the front yard. With its 450 LED bulbs, it's definitely going to be a bright tree!

Just two more trees wraps to create and that project will be done. Then it is onto other Extravaganza planning! November 1st is fast approaching!

October Bokumono for Mobage Events
Rolling into fall season we've a set of three new community events in the online version of Bokujou Monogatari on the Mobage game network.

On the 1st a harvest event be gain where players care for Bread and Fall Leaf Trees, basket flowers, Relay race Rabbits, and Goal-line Pandas. Awards are given at the end of the event for the amount of harvest points earned compared to all other players. During random special times, the number of points earned during harvest can be double or triple the normal amount, which can then award farmers with Friend Hearts to exchange with other social game users. These friendship hearts can then be exchanged for another set of prizes. This event is scheduled to end on the 9th.Starting on the 11th a big crop event begins. During this event, players grow special crops on a dedicated event field. Harvesting these crops will increase a level bar. Once the bar is filled, then a three-card monty game triggers where players pick one of three random cards. As you pick the right card the pick-a-card chain continues until the wrong card is selected, at which point players are awarded with in-game nuts. These nuts will award prizes based on the amount collected during the event. There will also be a large crop in the middle of the dedicated event field that increases its size (i.e., becoming a big crop) as players trigger the three-card mini game and earn their nuts.Finally starting on the 21st will be the bingo event. Farmers will grow special bingo crop seeds and hope they get three of the same crop in a row or a full board of the same crop for a max bingo, which is worth more points. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the total number of bingo points collected during the event. Players can use their Sunshine Ability to increase the number of harvestable items on their friends' bingo cards, but bonus bingo points will only be awarded if the ability is used on an active three-in-a-row bingo. Typically it is best to wait until the board is full of the same crop to trigger a max bingo and then wait until a multiplier triggers to earn bingo points. This event often has time-based prizes that no longer become available for players to win once the availability time expires.

Natsume Plushies on Ebay
If you missed out on some of the North American preorder plushie offerings with Harvest Moon games, several game+plushie combos are now available on Natsume's Ebay store. The peach-face llama from Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns, the little pig from Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands, the horse from Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar, and the Multiverse Studio cow mega-plushie are each for sale along with a copy of Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.

I would guess there's a few farmers out there who already have the game and just want the plushie. Since Christmas is coming up, it might be efficient to buy the bundle, keep the plushie, and then re-gift the game!

LoH Price Reduction
The PC edition of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope has a new price in the Steam Store. The game launched last November with a retail price of $29.99 (USD), but this week the game was reduced to $19.99 (USD). The bundle containing the game and all four DLC is now at the $29.99 (USD) price point. The individual DLC packs did not receive a price reduction and are still the same price (between $1.99 and $3.99 each).

LoH Mobile Update
An update to the mobile version of Light of Hope on iOS devices was released on Wednesday, fixing a few minor issues, improving gameplay, and updating the game to version 1.0.2. The Android version is still on version 1.0.

Nintendo NA eShop Sale
In North America, Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition is on sale in the Nintendo Switch eShop for $29.99 USD (regularly $49.99), while Farming Simulator 18 is for sale in the Nintendo 3DS eShop for $10.49 USD (regularly $29.99). The sale on these two farming games will end on October 11.

Until next time!

- Cher
(The trees are beginning to drop their leaves all over the ground. Makes for good over-winter mulch on the iris bed!) Fri, 05 Oct 2018 22:51:07 +0000
FarmSim 19 and HM Extravaganza Happy Farm'n Friday! Our first attempt at Zucchini-crust Pizza did not turn out well for the crust. The recipe didn't mention greasing the pan the crust was pressed onto, resulting in a zucchini crust disc stuck to the sheetpan. Oops! We're going to try again with parchment paper under the crust. Think we're going to try Dawnstorm's recommended Chicken with Mushrooms and Zucchini soon. We also have Zucchini Alfredo on the menu for this week. We have made this recipe in the past, but I've to go light with the cream cheese because Mr.Fogu doesn't like it.

Farming Simulator 19
This week, Giants Software released a promotional video explaining the different machines players can use to develop their agricultural crops in Farming Simulator 19. Farmers will be using a wide variety of farm vehicles to plow, cultivate, plant, pull weeds, fertilize, and harvest. Wouldn't that be super to have in Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons? I bet Doc could invent something that could automatically pull weeds, since players are expected to pick them up one at a time...

Farming Simulator 19 is scheduled to be released November 20 for PC, Mac, Playstation 4, and Xbox One

Light of Hope Goes Mobile
Earlier this week, Natsume revealed that Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is now available for Apple iOS and Android devices. The full game retails for $15 USD and is a full-game download (in other words, no persistent internet connection is needed to play the game). The mobile edition is the original Steam version and not the Switch/Ps4 Special Edition, so you won't find Soleil or any of the download content bonus features.

Harvest Moon Sale
If Light of Hope isn't your thing, there are several Harvest Moon versions that are for sale during the HARVEST MOON EXTRAVAGANZAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa. Until October 2, several farming flavors are 50% off:

In the North American Nintendo eShop, Skytree Village is $14.99 (originally $29.99), Lost Valley is $14.99 (originally $29.99), The Tale of Two Towns 3DS is $9.99 (originally $19.99), and A New Beginning is $14.99 (originally $29.99). This sale does not include the Virtual Console Gameboy games (HM1, HM2, and HM3)Over on the Playstation Store, both A Wonderful Life SE and Save the Homeland are $7.49 (originally $14.99). This extravaganza sale does not include Light of Hope, as it is still $39.99.

More HM Merchandise
Natsume also announced that additional Harvest Moon shirts are available from such as a long-sleeved sweatshirt. Also now for sale are Harvest Moon themed mobile phone holders that suction to the back of the phone.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Found a large box of clearance stuff at the craft store today, full of last year's Christmas floral picks! Less than $10! Score!) Fri, 28 Sep 2018 21:27:09 +0000
LDC in EU and LoH Gorgan Wedding Happy Farm'n Friday! Now that we've finally received multiple zucchinis, we've been trying to find some good recipes to cook them up. The Zucchini Enchiladas aren't too bad, though we add spaghetti sauce to the zucchini filling to make it a bit more flavorful. This week we have Zucchini-crust Pizza on the dinner menu. I'm hoping that recipe will use up the extra large zucchini that was hidden under the plant, growing unnoticed for too long. Those zucchini seem to appear no matter how close you keep an eye on the plant. I've a friend who let her zucchini grow for a bit too long. She swears that they were small one day and then giant sized the next. Several two-foot long zucchini would make a lot of zucchini bread.

Little Dragons Cafe in EU
The digital version of Little Dragons Cafe is available for purchase and download from the Playstation Store and the Nintendo Switch eShop, but the physical version appears to be delayed by a week until the 28th. The game will display its language in English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish. Rising Star Games does not have a Collector's Edition available, so no bonus plushie for EU, sorry.

Light of Hope Gorgan Events
I was finally able to grow masses of Sunny Red flowers in my second girl file in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (you've to sell 30 of them to unlock the seeds), so now I'm becoming best buddies with the Underworld King in all his gargantuan glory. Huzzah! Here are the rest of his romance events, the Blue Feather proposal, and the actual wedding. If you missed it, the first love event is on the Ushi no Tane Youtube Channel:

Gorgan Love Event #2

Gorgan Love Event #3

Gorgan Love Event #4

Gorgan Marriage Proposal

Gorgan Wedding

Post-wedding, Gorgan remains in the Underworld and does not move into your farm house. I don't know yet about pregnancy/childbirth yet, as there are still more romance videos to record with other marriage candidates on this particular save file. It would be great if there were more than three save files, yea?

Natsume Hints at Harvest Moon Stuff
In a Twitter tweet this morning, CeeCee from Natsume encourages fans to keep an eye out next week for some Harvest Moon news and deals. Ooh how mysterious!

Until next time!

- Cher
(Not going to make Zucchini Patties. Got stuck eating those as a kid. Nope nope nope!) Fri, 21 Sep 2018 21:15:15 +0000
LDC Update and '12 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! The cooler weather means the appearance of powdery mildew on the zucchini and dahlias. Soon it'll be time to pull the plants up in preparation for the first fall frost of the year. Until then let's hope we get more crops and flowers to enjoy.

The supplies for making this year's Christmas light extravaganza have started to arrive too. If the weather is pleasant this weekend, I'll be able to start planning how to efficiently decorate the three tall pine trees in the front yard. Also going to start redoing the porch garland, inside this time! Standing outside trying to decorate garland in the rain isn't much fun.

There actually isn't much going on farming-wise over the past week! I apologizes for being so booooooring today, but sometimes that's how it goes.

LDC Update
Little Dragons Cafe is still on the sales charts in Japan, but have dropped to #28 (Switch) and #49 (Ps4) in the retail sales raking.

In North America, Aksys Games is promoting another contests for their Limited Edition version of the game. The first place winner can receive a copy of the LE edition (either Ps4 or Switch), which includes the game, a CD soundtrack, collector cards, and the dragon plushie. Second place is a copy of the game, third place is a LDC t-shirt, fourth place is a copy of the collector cards, and fifth place is the CD soundtrack. You can enter the contest via Aksys's contest page:

Little Dragons Cafe Giveaway!

Rising Star Games still has the game scheduled for a September 21st (next Friday!) release date in Europe and Australia.

NintenDori 4-col Comic
Here's the Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 4-col comic drawn by Igusa Matsuyama and published in the August 2012 Nintendo DREAM magazine! That Toni is so crafty...

Until next time!

- Cher
(Started Dragon Quest 11. Enjoying talking to the weather-forecasting cows!) Fri, 14 Sep 2018 20:51:11 +0000
September Bokumono Mobage Events and LDC Review Happy Farm'n Friday! Our random trip to Seattle to crash PAX West turned out a'okay. We mainly went for catching Unowns in PokemonGo, but we also walked around the city and checked things out. Even had a weird pistachio and saffron smoothie, which actually was pretty tasty. Though we live only a few hours away, I had never been to Seattle before. Saw a few cosplayers and a fellow dressed up as Link playing the violin outside the conference center.

Bokumono for Mobage September EventsThis September in the Japan Bokujou Monogatari mobile game on the Mobage social network, there are only three events planned:
A noodle party themed event started on the 1st of September. This is a harvest-style event where players grow kabosu somen flowers and flowing somen noodle trees, and care for somen noodle cats and somen noodle foxes. Awards are given at the end of the event for the amount of harvest points earned compared to all other players. During random special times, the number of points earned during harvest can be double or triple the normal amount, which can then award farmers with Friend Hearts to exchange with other social game users. These hearts can then be exchanged for more prizes. This event is scheduled to end on the 9th, and so far I'm doing absolutely terrible in ranking (doh!)Then starting on 11th is the hungry animal event. During this type of social competition each farmer will be assigned one of three random animals for a few hours. Each animal has a specific number of treats it wants before it will be full; the easiest is only 100 treats and the most difficult is 500 treats. If you don't feed the animal during their appearance time they'll go away and a new animal will appear in their place. Feed the animal to have it count towards unlocking in-game rewards. Your in-game friends can also feed the animal that you're assigned, helping to complete the feeding task for everyone who participates. The food is obtained by growing event crops on an event-specific field.Finally starting on the 21st is the fun-time bingo style event. Farmers will grow special bingo crop seeds and hope they get three of the same crop in a row or a full board of the same crop for a max bingo, which is worth more points. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the total number of bingo points collected during the event. Players can use their Sunshine Ability to increase the number of harvestable items on their friends' bingo cards, but bonus bingo points will only be awarded if the ability is used on an active three-in-a-row bingo.
LDC JP Release and EN SummaryLittle Dragons Cafe released last week on the 30th in Japan. Media Create reports that the physical version of the Switch edition sold 11,860, while the physical edition of the Ps4 version sold 5,306 copies. Media Create doesn't track digital game sales.

For those who are still on the fence about purchasing the game, in general LDC is cute with interesting character stories and a completionist collect-it-all aspect when it comes to ingredients and exploring the island. The gameplay is rather simple though; you wake up in the morning, tootle around with cafe help or ingredient collecting while you wait for the proper time to trigger a cut scene that progresses the story (with the proper time of day hinted at in the Story portion of the main menu), then go to bed and repeat the whole process the next day. The cafe itself is interesting, but you barely need to interact with its employees to move the story forward. Even though three employees (Billy, Ipanema, and your twin sibling) will randomly slack off and stop working, the cafe manages to function just fine on its own. Chef Luccola is the only non-slacker of the group.

Since there's no monetary gain for running the cafe, you are awarded with cafe reputation points at midnight based on how well the cafe did that day. Earning a certain amount of points will unlock the next special guest to visit the cafe in search of a solution to their troubles. Since each character's story (i.e., chapter) can take between 8 and 11 cut scenes to complete, you get 8 to 11 days of earned reputation to unlock the next visiting character. The reputation bar will stop progressing when you get too close to the start of the next chapter, to prevent character stories from overlapping, with the reputation that is earned each day queuing up until the lock is released. Often there's a big boost in the reputation bar when the current guest leaves the cafe and the next one becomes available.

Then there are situations like this:

Absolute customer chaos! Trying to help out your fellow employees will turn into a mess of being pushed around by other characters, customers leaving because they don't have their order collected, customers leaving while you are bringing them their order (which then requires you to take the wasted meal to the Clean Up section of the kitchen before you can do anything else), along with the random chance that your fellow employees will start slacking off. It seems like a terrible situation, but again it doesn't matter so much; I never noticed a decrease in reputation on "disappointed"-rated days. Once you finish the main storyline and the reputation bar reaches its maximum size, the reputation earned at midnight doesn't appear to have any positive or negative impact.

The highlight of the game is the dragon itself, despite the reference to the "cafe" in the game's title. It follows you around, making cute little noises, helping you collect ingredients, and so on. At certain points in the story the dragon will increase in size so you can explore other areas of the island. Color changes trigger at midnight based on the cooked meal you fed the dragon the day before, and you can also pick up a limited amount of Dragon Manure from its bed to fertilize ingredient foraging spots to collect higher-quality items.

The dragon doesn't do well with hunting Zucchidons though. The aggressive oversized-boars on the island will give chase if they spot you, stealing a cooked dish you have in your inventory. Pressing the action button while standing near a Zucchidon is suppose to command the dragon to tackle and defeat the big pig, but that is if the Zucchidon isn't already on a charge towards you. The Hunt command triggers a whistle animation, and by the time the animation finishes the Zucchidon has already plowed into you and stolen some of your cooked goodies. Or you end up in situations where the dragon begins to hunt the Zucchidon, only to watch the dragon bob its head up and down in attack mode behind the Zucchidon, like those drinking water bird office desk toys, while you're still trying to escape the path of the charging pig. Mr.Fogu has heard quite a lot of flavorful words as I'm yelling at the dragon to do something to protect me from the Zucchidons while I'm simultaneously trying to find an in-game rock to hide behind. Zucchidons also travel across height obstacles that you can't without the help of the flying dragon, so falling into a deep pit areas while being chased by a raging Zucchidon turns into running around in wide circles to avoid the Zucchidon until your dragon catches up to your location and allows you to hop on its back and safely fly away.

So while it is a cute game, it could also be so much more. LDC is like an elaborate version of a visual novel game with an option to explore an island world while waiting to watch the next plot scene of the current linear chapter. This is a good story game, though light in content on other aspects as well as expensive ($60 USD) for what it delivers gameplay-wise. The post-game content is the challenge of locating all 160 types of ingredients and the 100 cooked recipes. While there are Playstation achievements tied to those challenges, there isn't such offerings on the Nintendo Switch version.

Until next time!

- Cher
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Little Dragons Cafe NA Release and 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! The smoke from the wildfires has cleared out of the valley, so we can all go outside again without too much worry. We have a lot of walking to do to hatch all those Pokemon eggs to continue our quest for catching Celebi in PokemonGo! Though now it is predicted that it might rain... guess I've to stay inside and play Light of Hope and LDC instead... oh shucks and darn...

Little Dragons Cafe NA Release
Yasuhiro Wada's latest game is out today in North America, with a Japan release set for August 30 and an European release next month on September 21st. Aksys Games has been publishing small interviews with Wada about his time working on the game.

In Episode 1, Wada explains that initially LDC was going to just be about visitors to the cafe. His friend Tomio Kanazawa inspired him to make it more.

In Episode 2, Wada talks about collaborating with Igusa Matsuyama, the character designer for the Bokujou Monogatari series.

The game has been reviewed by several video game news outlets along with their impressions:

Destructoid - Review: Little Dragons Cafe (8.5/10)
GameInformer - Little Dragons Cafe (5/10)
IGN - Little Dragons Cafe Review (6.4/10)
Famitsu (Japan) has also reviewed DLC and gave it a score of 31/40. Reviewer Ashida wrote that there are a lot of loading screens such as when entering the cafe and between events; the characters were cute though!

July '12 4-col Comic
Since it's a slow news week, let's dig up and translate a classic Nintendo DREAM 4-col comic from July 2012, featuring farmer Hart from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning! Looks like placing all those mushroom logs into a multi-harvest combo went a little out of control...

Until next time!

- Cher
(The local kids start the school year next week. No more free time for them!) Fri, 24 Aug 2018 20:46:02 +0000
LoH DLC for Steam, LDC EU Date, and RSG EU Sale
Happy Farm'n Friday! Things are beginning to cool down as Fall slowly creeps up. This year's PotatoLand has started to flower, and the Fall raspberries are beginning to ripen on the canes. Even the springtime baby goldfish in the pond are beginning to turn gold from their juvenile brown coloring. It's a bit melancholy to see Summer fade away, but the seasons must go on!

The dahlias are still opening up and hopefully will continue to do so until October. This fellow is another dahlia plant that bloomed for the first time this year. This particular flower was too heavy for the plant and eventually bent its own stem, so now it is in a vase on the kitchen island.

Light of Hope PC DLC
On Tuesday, Natsume surprisingly updated their PC version of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope to version 2.0, adding the initial console-only "Special Edition" features to the Steam version of their game. This free update adds bug fixes and several SE features such as a herding bell on the outside of the chicken barn, the animals' names and friendship when you stand close to a livestock or chicken, a way to track cooked recipes for earning the 5-Star Chef Steam achievement, and new character Soleil the gem sprite. Just like in the Ps4 and Switch versions, Soleil is a potential marriage candidate and a local multiplayer option.

On the downside, the 2.0 update also added Milk as a required ingredient when making Delicious Feed at the Windmill; the PC version didn't require Milk until this 2.0 update was released.

With the Special Edition features launched on the Steam platform, the optional DLC packs also available as separate purchases. Players can buy and download the Decorations and Tool Upgrade Pack ($0.99) with the magnificent Doc statue, the Divine Marriage Candidate Pack ($1.99) that unlocks Gorgan and the Goddess as potential spouses, the Doc and Melanie's Special Episodes ($2.99) that brings new clothing outfits and farmhouse interiors, and finally the New Marriage Characters Pack ($3.99) that adds new characters Michelle and Shirlock into the PC game. Players can by them individually or buy a combined DLC bundle for $9.96.

Now that Light of Hope Special Edition features are also on PC, I'll see about recording all of Gorgan's romance events! Oh la la, as Elise might say.

The game is on sale until August 21 (next Tuesday) in the Steam Store to promote the Steam release of the Special Edition features. The base game (without DLC) is 30% off (down to $20.99 USD, regularly $29.99). A bundle edition that includes the game and the four DLC packs is on sale for 23% off ($30.95, regularly $39.95).

Since my 240+ hour PC game now has all the same features as the Nintendo Switch game, guess I don't need to play the physical console edition anymore. That frees up the console for Little Dragons Cafe!

Little Dragons Cafe Updates
Rising Star Games revealed that the European (physical and digital) and Australian (digital only) release date for Wada's Little Dragons Cafe will be September 21. The game is out NEXT FRIDAY (the 24th) in North America!

In Japan, publisher Marvelous has added a 10-page digital manga to the game's promo website, drawn by Bokujou Monogatari long-time artist, Igusa Matsuyama. In the manga, a reporter and cameraman from LDCTV interviews various villagers and the main characters, bumps into the island's wild animals, and even has a tasty meal prepared by the cafe chef. You can read the digital Japanese manga on the Marvelous website:

Special Synopsis Comic - Little Dragons Cafe
Europe Digital HM Sale
Rising Star Games is having a sale on their Nintendo eShop titles. Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns is on sale for 9.99 (50% off) and Harvest Moon: Skytree Village is on sale for 19.99 (also 50% off). The sale is scheduled to end on August 30.

Until next time!

- Cher
(More Christmas lights arrived today!! Now to start constructing this year's addition to the Light Extravaganza! 11 weeks to go!) Fri, 17 Aug 2018 20:15:49 +0000
Land of Amara, LDC Updates, and JP RF4 Sale Happy Farm'n Friday! The zucchini plants are finally producing something harvestable, though they have tree rat bite marks on them. The local squirrels like to bite a squash and then move onto something else. The stinky marigolds next to the zucchini plants are not fending off tree rats, even though the marigolds are now large enough to crowd out the nearby scallions. Pretty sure the 'ol farmer's tale of planting scented marigolds to deter pests doesn't work at all on our local squirrel population. Their noses must be broken because these marigolds smell terrible!

Farm'n in Virtual Reality
A virtual reality farming game by PawStamp Studios, titled Land of Amara, is currently in development for Oculus Rift. Players can control the farm by using the farm control board, used to make the avatar farmer clear land, till soil, and harvest crops. The solo developer of this VR game has a Patreon site for more information, including alpha game images and a gameplay video:

PawStamp-Studio is creating Land of Amara | Patreon

The sheep are just so cute... auuu...

Little Dragons Cafe Updates
Yasushiro Wada's latest game will be released in Japan and North America in a few weeks. Aksys Games (North America) is sharing more information via their email blasts about the game such as running your own cafe. In Japan, Marvelous is still promoting their retweet-and-win contest where players in the Japan region can enter to win a Playstation 4 or Nintendo Switch. Marvelous also released a new promo video of the game on the video section of the JP official website. The dragon buddy can be used to break down barriers, push rocks to jump to higher areas, dive for fish, and produces "fertilizer" players can collect that can be used to promote plant growth for harvest.

If you're interested in hearing more of the background theme song, Ano Sora e, the bottom video on the movie page contains just the song without overlapping voice commentary that would drown out Amu Sera's singing voice.

This week, Rising Star Games revealed a new English summary video via their Twitter account about exploring the island in the game. The short video below shows areas of the world, with the main character moving around and collecting ingredients for the cafe.

Explore the lands and find scattered pieces of tasty recipes, fresh ingredients and much, much more with your trusty Dragon by your side!Coming to #PlayStation4 and #NintendoSwitch - the cutest adventure of 2018 - #LittleDragonsCafe! RSG Team (@RisingStarGames) August 7, 2018

RSG hopes to reveal their region release date soon.

Ultra Summer Sale
In Japan, Nintendo is having a sale on 3DS games in their digital eShop. This sale covers more than 500 Nintendo 3DS titles including Rune Factory 4 for 2000 Yen (37% off, originally 3218 Yen). Other Bokujou Monogatari games on the JP eShop (SoS: Trio of Towns, SoS1, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, and Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns+) are not included in the sale.

Until next time!

- Cher
(Two days of PokemonGo Community Day this month?! So many Eevee evolutions to get shiny forms in! Gotta catch 'em all!) Fri, 10 Aug 2018 21:27:27 +0000
Aug '18 Mobage Events, LDC LE Contest, and LoH DLC #4 Happy Farm'n Friday! The berry-only community supported agriculture (CSA) box we signed up for this Spring has gifted us with six pints of blackberries for the past two weeks. Previously it was a few weeks of blueberries (and we have a lot of blueberries in the freezer now) and some strawberries. Last weekend we had banana-blueberry bread, and this weekend is a blueberry/blackberry crisp. Can't really complain too much about that! Mmmm tasty.

While my pathetic little tomato plants are still trying to produce fruit to replace what was stolen by who know's what, the dahlias are starting to wake up!

This is a collarette-style dahlia that makes cute little flowers. It didn't get the chance to bloom last year, so it is a bit exciting to finally get to see it after waiting for so long!

August Bokumono Mobage Events
It's a new month and a new set of community events in the Japan social farming game, Bokujou Monogatari for MOBAGE.
On the 1st of August the Beach Holiday event started. Farmers can grow sandcastle sunflowers and surfing palm trees, and raise sandcastle cats and holiday penguins. Awards are given at the end of the event for the amount of harvest points earned compared to all other players. During random special times, the number of points earned during harvest can be double or triple the normal amount, which can then award farmers with Friend Hearts to exchange with other social game users. These hearts can then be exchanged for more prizes. This harvest-style event is the only event that I do well enough in to earn a new background graphic for my farm! This event ends on the 9thThe funtime bingo event starts on the 11th. Farmers will grow special bingo crop seeds and hope they get three of the same crop in a row or a full board of the same crop for a max bingo, which is worth more points. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the total number of bingo points collected during the event.Finally on the 22nd a big crop event begins; this one is kind of fun too. During this event, players grow special crops on a dedicated event field. Harvesting these crops will increase a level bar. Once the bar is filled, then a three-card monty game triggers where players pick one of three random cards. As you pick the right card the pick-a-card chain continues until the wrong card is selected, at which point players are awarded with in-game nuts. These nuts will award prizes based on the amount collected during the event. There will also be a large crop in the middle of the dedicated event field that changes shape as players trigger the three-card mini game.
Little Dragons Cafe Updates

Rising Star Games has revealed the boxart for the European version of Little Dragons Cafe. RSG doesn't have a release date to announce yet, but hopes to have a date finalized soon.

Aksys Games, the North American publisher of Wada's latest game, is promoting an LDC contest in preparation for the game's August 24 release. You can enter to win a now-sold-out Limited Edition of LDC, which includes the game, art cards, CD soundtrack, and little dragon plushie. You can enter the contest by submitting your email address on Aksys' official LDC website. The drawing will be held on the game's release date and the winners announced on the company's Twitter account:

Little Dragons Cafe | Official Site
Light of Hope DLC #4

On Tuesday the last DLC was released for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, the Divine Marriageable Candidata DLC Pack. This latest (paid) bonus content unlocks Gorgan and the Harvest Goddess as marriage candidates. Ya, it isn't Doc, but at least it is an underdog candidate! Both of these marriage candidates have romance events that need to be completed before proposing marriage, though it is unknown yet if they live with you (I'm assuming "no"). I haven't had much time to sit down and tackle 'ol grumpy king's romantic events; hoping to get a chance this weekend!

If you already bought the DLC via the game's season pass and you're playing on the Nintendo Switch, to download the DLC you've to exit the game, press the + button on your right Joycon, and then pick "Update Software."

Until next time!

- Cher
(Only three months left until its time to install the Christmas Light Extravaganza!) Fri, 03 Aug 2018 22:09:27 +0000