Ushi No Tane PHP-Update Mad Dash Difficulty, Mining in SoS:FoMT, Dec Mobage events, and Week 7 SoS:FoMT Sales Happy Farm'n Friday! The Christmas light extravaganza is still in process. Currently it stands at about 9600 lights, with lots of unopened boxes of mini lights waiting to be plugged in this weekend. We added some leftover strings to the Christmas tree, but the strings included a strobe light every 4 bulbs. The rave-like flashing white lights are a bit too much for an indoor tree.I'm still playing through Harvest Moon: Mad Dash too. It's a great Switch game for when you just want to pick up a quick puzzle game for a few minutes before going to bed. The downside is that it has become VERY difficult to successfully complete the higher levels on my own. I've failed Level 55 over and over again!Not even the Helper Sprite assistance can get me through this level. The stones in the middle of the field really make it tough to maneuver around. The cows are restricted to the top of the field and can't get to the fodder because ponds and crops spawn that block their movement. Super challenging! Underworld Level 4-2 is another one I can't complete by myself.Luckily Mr.Fogu plays with me on the Playstation 4 version of the game, but on the Switch version he just shakes his head and reminds me I'm trying to solo play a party game. I'll get through those levels eventually, dang it...

Mining in SoS:FoMTJust like the original Gameboy Advanced game, there are two mines in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town: an all-year mine next to the Goddess' waterfall (the Spring Mine) and a mine on the island in the middle of the lake in the field next to the summit of Mother's Hill (the Lake Mine), which is accessible during winter when the lake water freezes. Both of these mines are 255 floors deep and require some patience to reach the bottom. Each floor contains a staircase down to the next floor below. Players will use their hammer to break apart the rocks to locate hidden ores/gems and use their hoe to dig for the stairs down to the next level.
In the Switch version of the game, there are now hidden pitfall holes that will drop players up to 5 floors. The holes help to reduce some of the tediousness of having to dig down to floor 255 one floor at a time. The pitfalls don't appear until you've reached at least floor 20, and then become more common the further you descend into the mine. To utilize a pitfall, you simply have to run over the patch of dirt where they're hidden, and then see what floor you land on. Pitfalls can be uncovered by using the hoe too. Not every floor beyond level 20 will have pitfalls though; in the Spring Mine there are no pitfalls between level 94 and 100, and in the Lake Mine there are several 10-floor gaps where you'll be forced to locate the hidden staircase in the dirt of each floor to make progress.
Sometimes, there are too many pitfalls, and they become obstacles to avoid. For example, when trying to locate Kappa Gems or Alexandrite in the Lake Mine, you're more likely to stumble into a pitfall before you can locate the hidden gem within the rocks on their designated floors. This is where you'll need to utilize the available save slots in the game to ensure you stay put before moving down to the next floors.Get as close as you can to the floor above the floor you want to explore and then save your game before moving down to the next floor.On the new floor, save your game on a different save slot than your first save.Save your game frequently on the second save slot until you find what you're looking for in the stones.If you never find what you're looking for, you can reload back to your first slot to go back down the stairs and try again, as you'll get a freshly-generated floor when you go back down and another chance to locate what you seek. If you do run across a pesky pitfall during your search, reload the save game from your second save slot and continue searching the floor. In my case, I like to reload and then dig where the pitfall was so I know not to run into it again. On one large floor I ran into over 25 pitfall traps!

Bokumono Mobage EventsIt's a new month and a new batch of holiday-themed events in the online Bokujou Monogatari game on the Mobage social game network.On the first a Merry Cookie House harvest event began, where players grow cookie crops and care for stocking korgies and hamsters. Awards are given at the end of the event for the amount of harvest points earned compared to all other players. During random special times, the number of points earned during harvest can be double or triple the normal amount, which can then award farmers with Friend Hearts to exchange with other social game users. These friendship hearts can then be exchanged for another group of prizes. There's also a third group of prizes based on the 10-person team that players join. This event is scheduled to end on the 9th.Starting on the 11th is a bingo event. Farmers will grow special bingo crop seeds and hope they get three of the same crop in a row or a full board of the same crop for a max bingo, which is worth more points. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the total number of bingo points collected during the event. Players can use their Sunshine Ability to increase the number of harvestable items on their friends' bingo cards, but bonus bingo points will only be awarded if the ability is used on an active three-in-a-row bingo. Typically it is best to wait until the board is full of the same crop to trigger a max bingo and then wait until a multiplier triggers to earn bingo points. This event often has time-based prizes that no longer become available for players to win once the availability time expires, so it's good to earn points as fast as possible before the prizes expire!Finally on the 22nd is a Hungry Animal event. During this type of social competition each farmer will be assigned one of three random animals for a few hours. Each animal has a specific number of treats it wants before it will be full; the easiest is only 100 treats and the most difficult is 500 treats. If you don't feed the animal during their appearance time they'll go away and a new animal will appear in their place. Feed the animal to have it count towards unlocking in-game rewards. Your in-game friends can also feed the animal that you're assigned, helping to complete the feeding task for everyone who participates. The animal food is obtained by growing event crops on an event-specific field, with normal crops being worth 1 treat and rare crops being worth 2 treats. When everyone successfully feeds enough treats to an animal, those who feed the most snacks will be rewarded with mystery nut seeds. These seeds can be planted to harvest nuts that can be used in a random gotcha pull to win more in-game prizes.

Famitsu Game Sale DataThis week in Weekly Famitsu's sale data for November 25 to December 1, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town has sold another 2300 retail copies, bringing its total to about 104,100 physical sales. The game has dropped a little bit in the top-30 ranking, moving down to spot #28 since its release 7 weeks ago.

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(I want to play XSeed's new HeroLand game for Switch, but there's so much farming to do!) Fri, 06 Dec 2019 21:56:34 +0000
Black Friday 2019 Sales and Classic 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! We've been busy installing the outdoor Christmas lights. The roof line was finished last weekend, and this week the three evergreen trees in the front yard had their light wraps attached. This weekend will be the porch and retaining wall installation, and I've a new idea for the 72 feet of front-facing wall.Last year one of the trunk wraps lost 50 lights for reasons unknown. I assumed it was a fuse (because it was exactly half of the lights on the string), but swapping out the fuses didn't turn the darkened lights back on. Turns out THAT wasn't the problem at all...
A stupid tree rat had chewed through the wires and STOLE one of the bulbs and its lamp holder. That little thief! Mr.Fogu reconnected the wires so the remaining 49 bulbs lit up again. The missing lamp is at the top edge of the tree wrap (about 12 feet up the tree), so it is not as obvious from the street that it was ripped off by a squirrel. Grrr...
Holiday Discounts!It's the end-of-year shopping season and a good time to pick up some farm'n video games! Holiday discounts are available on multiple platforms:
PC/Steam (End December 3)Farming Simulation 19 = $19.99 (20% off, normally $24.99)Fantasy Farming: Orange Season (early access) = $9.79 (30% off, normally $13.99)Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE = $9.99 (50% off, normally $19.99)Little Dragons Cafe = $17.99 (70% off, normally $59.99)Littlewood (early access) = $13.49 (10% off, normally $14.99)My Time at Portia = $20.09 (33% off, normally $29.99)Stardew Valley (just updated to version 1.4) = $13.49 (10% off, normally $14.99)Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands = $20.99 (16% off, normally $24.99)Doraemon: Story of Seasons and Harvest Moon: Mad Dash are not included in the Steam farming game discounts.
Nintendo Switch (Ends December 4)Farm Together = $13.99 (30% off, normally $19.99)Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE = $19.99 (50% off, normally $39.99)Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE Bundle = $24.99 (50% off, normally $49.99)Little Dragons Cafe = $17.99 (70% off, normally $59.99)Wada's Happy Birthdays for Nintendo Switch is also on sale for $14.99 (62% off).
Nintendo 3DS (Sale ends December 4)Harvest Moon: A New Beginning = $14.99 (50% off, normally $29.99)Harvest Moon: Skytree Village = $14.99 (50% off, normally $29.99)Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley = $14.99 (50% off, normally $29.99)Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns = $9.99 (50% off, normally $9.99)The 3DS sale also includes Hometown Story for $9.99 (50% off)
Xbox One (Sale ends December 2)My Time at Portia = $20.99 (30% off, normally $29.99)
Game Sale DataAccording to Weekly Famitsu, the Japan release of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town has now hit 100,000 sales! The Nintendo Switch game sold another 2400 copies to place it at about 101,700 sold. On the other hand, the game's ranking dropped to #25 out of 30.
Nintendo DREAM 4-col ComicIt's been a while since we've had one of these! Here's the translated version of Igusa Matsuyama's 4-box comic that originally was published in the March 2013 edition Nintendo DREAM magazine, featuring protagonist Hart from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.

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Vacay Over, Sneaky Yams in SoS:FoMT, and Weekly Sales Data Happy Farm'n Friday! Two weeks ago Mr.Fogu had a work conference to attend in Orlando, Florida, so I went along to spend some much-needed time away from the office. The first week was his conference, but the second week we spent in Disney World! I'm a fan of pressed coin machines, and had saved up a lot of pre-1982 pennies to squish. US penny coins minted after 1981 are copper-coated with zinc cores, whereas pennies minted in 1981 or older are all copper. The zinc-core pennies will eventually tarnish after being pressed, so using all-copper pennies results in a better pressed coin. With the large number of coin machines surrounding the parks, I was going to need the two weeks we were there to snag them all!There is a lot of animal characters at Disney World, but not a lot of cows. Clarabelle the Cow was the only cow-based character I spotted at Magic Kingdom, and she was only included in parades or on the TV cartoons back at the hotel. I had some better luck with cow-spotting over at Animal Kingdom. The Ankole cattle at the Animal Kingdom Lodge had some very impressive horns. There was also a cow at the petting zoo up at Rafiki's Conversation Station along with some sheep for visitors to interact with.We also watched the filming of the holiday specials that air on TV on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and watched music performer Sting sing Soul Cake a few times because they needed several recordings of it. At night there was firework filming, but the Disney film crew would only light off a few fireworks at a time so they could film the displays in spurts. The downside is that they were still filming at midnight, and our hotel room was across the lake from Magic Kingdom, so no sleep for us! KabooooomOverall it was a nice trip. We smashed a total of 724 pennies and 45 quarters!

Farm'n Got-chas!So things were fairly quiet in the video game farm'n genre while I was away. There's no new information on the overseas localization of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town yet. Natsume's latest mayhem party game, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is now available on Steam for $29.99 USD. While the beginning levels are pretty easy to clear, that changes rather quickly. At level 30 the challenges became more chaotic, especially when trying to play solo. I was cursing like a naughty sailor because I kept failing levels after having lava dropped on my head and being run over by boars while at the same time trying to maneuver around obstacles to place crops on once-empty field spaces that suddenly have water ponds generated on them so I can't put down my crops anymore and OMG how am I suppose to handle all this chaos by myseeeeelf?! Mr.Fogu was implying that perhaps I should be asking for help when trying to play a party game. Maybe he has a good point.Aaaaanyhow, I thought I'd cover something I experienced that caused a bit of a stumble in my in SoS:FoMT game:
During fall season you can grow Sweet Potatoes and Adzuki Beans on your farm. The sticky point is knowing when the crops are mature enough for harvest. A mature Sweet Potato does NOT have any purple tubers poking out from under the plants' leaves, and Adzuki Beans have just a slight change in color when they're harvestable. In Trio of Towns, crops that are ready for harvest won't receive water when the watering can is used on them, making it easy for players to determine when a crop is ready to be picked, but in Friends of Mineral Town the mature crops can be sprinkled with the watering can. Basically I spent most of a season watering the ripe Sweet Potatoes instead of harvesting them. Only after I hired a Sprite to harvest the other crops did I realize that the fellow was also harvesting what-I-thought-were-unripe Sweet Potatoes. So lesson learned I guess.

Game Sale DataAccording to Weekly Famitsu, the Japan release of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town has reached about 99,300 copies sold. Just a few more and it will reach 100,000! It is currently at spot #19 of Famistu's Top-30 list.And the #15 spot? That fabulous Fishing Spirits game for Nintendo Switch! Bandai Namco recently released a patch for their Japan-only arcade fishing game that updates the controller options for those who are playing on a Switch Lite and can't detach their joycons. Probably won't be localized into English, but it is available for purchase on the Nintendo JP eShop. Hmm...

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Mad Dash Delay, SoS:FoMT Animal Info, and Farm'n Game Sales Happy Farm'n Friday! The overnight temperature unexpectedly hit sub-30s this week. Brrr! I started covering the little radish sprouts with a towel at night to protect them from frost. So far they all have survived. The mystery pest that was gnawing away at the plant leaves has stopped. Perhaps the cold temperature did away with the little bugger.

This second crop that was planted after the tree rats destroyed the first crop of Shawo Radishes is making progress. I'm hoping they mature before it becomes really cold outside.

FYI, I will be on a magical adventure for the next two weeks and will be occupied with much-needed funtimes. Farm'n Friday will resume on November 22nd!

Mad Dash DelayedThis week Natsume announced that the collaborative farming party game, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash will have its physical release delayed until November 5th in North America. The digital version of the game is available for download in the Nintendo Switch eShop and the Playstation Store for $29.99. Over in Europe, Rising Star Games has a digital version available now, with a physical release set for November 15.This collaborative game can be played by up to four farmers as they work together (or make an attempt at working together) to get high scores and move onto the next round of the game. We had some friends over last Friday to try out the game in 4-player mode. They are fans of the party game Overcooked, so they both enjoyed this game as well. The beginner levels (before level 30) can be pretty easy, but as the environments change things became a little more challenging. There are about 100 levels in the game to work through as players locate the scattered Seeds of Time and restore the inhabited areas of the island. Level blocks will require players to collect a minimum number of stars before they dissolve away; the better the score in the mission level, the more stars received from clearing the mission (up to a maximum of 3 starts).Another feature of Mad Dash is the Helper Sprite. For players who need a little assistance to hit the 3-star score, the Helper Sprite can add 30 seconds to the level, make it easier to fill the Power Meter, or prevent crops from wilting or other types of ailments. Even one of our board game friends started calling Mr.Fogu her "Helper Sprite" and directed him to bring her some water.We'll definitely play more of Mad Dash the next time they visit!

New SoS:FoMT Animal FriendshipRunning your own farm in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town means that you can also raise animals. In the updated Switch game there's cows, sheep, and chickens, but new animals have been added too: three types of cows, an alpaca, and a rabbit.The four types of cows are the normal black and white Cow, a brown Coffee Cow, a pink Strawberry Cow, and a golden Fruit Cow. The three special cows cost 10,000 G a piece and produce flavored milk (coffee, strawberry, and fruit).There are two types of chickens: a normal white chicken and a new brown chicken. Both chicken types costs 1500 G each and produce the same eggs. Basically just pick the color you like, or mix and match!The Angora Rabbit and Alpaca both qualify as entries into the fall animal contest, now called the Fluffy Festival instead of the Sheep Festival. These critters produce wool just like the normal Sheep.Typically the products collected from farm animals will increase in quality the more friendship you have with the animals. In the GBA game the size of the products received was determined by the number of friendship hearts the animal had. For example, a cow produced Small Milk if it had 3 hearts or less, Medium Milk if it had 4 to 7 hearts, and Large Milk if it had 8 or more hearts. In SoS:FoMT things are a little different...

Purchased animals now have a maximum limit of friendship hearts. When you buy an animal from Barley or Lillia, it will have a maximum of 5 heart containers. The number of heart containers will not increase no matter how many years you own the animal. This means the animal will produce small-sized products up until 3 hearts of friendship, then medium-sized product once its friendship hits 4 hearts, but cannot produce large-sized products. Large products require a minimum of 8 hearts of friendship and a starter animal has no more than 5 containers to fill with love.To get an animal that has more than 5 hearts, animals have to be bred by placing an egg into the nesting box (chickens) or by using miracle potions (everything else). Each time a baby is born, it will have an additional maximum heart of friendship. So breeding will be required to obtain a 10-heart farm animal.Chickens don't take very long to hit 10 hearts, since it only takes 3 days to hatch a chick. But when it comes to breeding the larger livestock, a pregnancy lasts 21 days; it can last 30 days if you happen to accidentally NOT feed the parent for a day. Then the child has to mature (10 to 15 days for a rabbit, even longer for the other livestock), have at least 3 hearts of friendship, and then will need to be bred to get the next heart container on its offspring.Just like in the GBA game, your cows and sheep need to have at least 8 hearts of friendship to win their annual festivals. You'll need to breed to win those festivals if you want unlock Gold, Platinum, and X-quality animal products. Winning the Chicken Festival is basically a matter of spooking the competition at the right time (higher hearts helps, but not required), but you'll still need to have 8 hearts of friendship before the chicken will lay Gold, Platinum, or X Eggs.

Farm'n Game Sales!Sony has a North America/South America digital game sale that includes several farming games. PS+ members have an even greater discount on the on-sale games. This sale will end on November 22nd:Farming Simulator 19: Normally $39.99, on sale for $27.99 (PS+) or $33.99 (no PS+)Farming Simulator 19 Premium: Normally $79.99, on sale for $55.99 (PS+) or $67.99 (no PS+)Harvest Moon - Light of Hope SE (base game): Normally $39.99, on sale for $19.99 (PS+) or $29.99 (no PS+)Harvest Moon - Light of Hope SE Bundle (base game + DLC): Normally $49.99, on sale for $24.99 (PS+) or $37.49 (no PS+)Harvest Moon - A Wonderful Life SE: Normally $14.99, on sale for $5.99 (PS+) or $10.49 (no PS+)Harvest Moon - Save the Homeland: Normally $14.99, on sale for $5.99 (PS+) or $10.49 (no PS+)Pure Farming - Digital Deluxe Edition: Normally $39.99, on sale for $11.99 (PS+) or $25.99 (no PS+)Rune Factory - Tides of Destiny (PS3): Normally $29.99, on sale for $11.99 (PS+) or $20.99 (no PS+)Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure (PS4) is also on sale for $14.99/$22.49 as well as Reel Fishing: Master's Challenge (Vita) for $7.99/$13.99.
Also in North America, XSeed Games is celebrating their 15th Anniversary by giving discounts out to their digital farmer friends:Return to Popolocrois - A SoS Fairytale: Normally $19.99, on sale for $9.99Story of Seasons: Normally $19.99, on sale for $17.99Story of Seasons - Trio of Towns: Normally $29.99, on sale for $17.00

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SoS: Friends of Mineral Town Info (Marriage/Food) Happy Farm'n Friday! The leaves on the blueberry bushes have turned bright red, though they're still hanging onto the plants in an attempt to hold the memories of summertime. The radish seedlings are growing well too! There's some sort of plant predator eating the radish leaves. I know it is not caused by the local tree rats, as the squirrels haven't bothered the well-caged seedlings. It is probably slug damage.

New SoS:FoMT InfoSo I've played a little bit more of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town over the past week and have reached fall of year 1. It's enjoyable and plays much faster than SoS: Trio of Towns. An in-game hour in SoS:FoMT lasts about 18 real-time seconds, whereas an in-game hour in 3oT is about 35 real-time seconds. So a day is roughly half the time in the Switch game as it is in the 3DS game. Players may feel overwhelmed with having to manage the farm in such a short time, but that's what the "Nature" Sprites are for! Just hire them to handle the watering, harvesting, or animal care (for 3, 5, or 7 days) and then go off to do whatever else you want to spend the day doing. Time does not proceed when indoor or inside of the mines.So here's some more tidbits that players have discovered as we work through the game:

Friendship is ridiculously easy to increase. I gave Gotz his gift of Honey for a season and he's already at 8 out of 10 music notes of friendship. Kappa was at a full 10-notes in early summer (I had saved some cucumbers from spring to toss into the water during summer). Choosing Seedling Mode when beginning the game would make raising friendships even easier.I haven't been able to trigger the Ann/Cliff or Popuri/Kai rival events yet, which (I believe) is because their friendship levels are too high for the rival events to trigger. The official strategy guide that was released in Japan today confirms that there are NO rival marriages in the game, but the first two rival events can be triggered in SoS:FoMT.Kai didn't say he was leaving in fall. He just disappeared without explanation. None of the other characters even seemed to cared... maybe Kai is part of the Mineral Town dreamscape...In general, to get married to a normal candidate (male or female, as same-sex relationships are possible) you see their original four heart events and then hand them a pressed Orange Venus flower to confirm you want to go steady. The Orange Venus was the winning flower name during the Pick-the-Daisy-Name contest earlier this summer. The first one is free and is given to you after you have seen the four heart events with a particular candidate. Extras are for sale at Jeff's store. After handing over the pressed daisy, you can see two new heart events for that person. You can give the preserved flower to all of the normal candidates to see their events; there's even an in-game achievement to see everyone's romantic events before you marry one of them.Marriage still requires the big bed inside your farm house and a hand-off of the Blue Feather purchased from Jeff's store. The ceremony for normal candidates takes place at the church regardless of the sex of the candidate. Wedding attire too! There's a thread on the UNoT community forum if you want to see images of the wedding outfits.All normal candidates can have a child. Same-sex spouses will have the child gifted by the Goddess. Players can choose if they want a boy, a girl, or let the game choose for them.Everyone is still trying to confirm the marriage system for Kappa, Goddess, and Gourmet. We'll let you know how it goes!

The kitchen is built by Gotz when he upgrades the farm house for the first time. It doesn't come with utensils or a refrigerator. Because TV Shopping does not exist in SoS:FoMT, the utensils will be sold at Jeff's grocery store. He will send a letter in the mail once a week when a utensil is available at his shop. Gotz sells the refrigerator at his carpentry shop.Recipes cannot be discovered by experimenting with ingredients like in the GBA game. In the Switch game, recipes must be known and in the cookbook before you can cook the dish. Recipes can be learned by watching the Tuesday cooking show on TV, by raising friendship with villagers (they'll give you recipes), or by inspiration when you cook a known dish.Any edible item in the main rucksack menu will display the amount of Fatigue and Stamina it recovers when consumed. While you can eat items from the rucksack shortcut menu by holding the edible item above the protagonist's head and watching the eating animation, it is much faster to go into the game's main menu and tab over to the rucksack menu, where pressing the Y Button allows you to eat food directly from the bag as well as choose how much of the stack you want to consume.
A patch was released this week for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Version 1.0.2 fixed the bug where animals would get stuck on the farm such as my little horse splashing around in the stream. Other non-specific bugs were also corrected.According to week-one sales from Weekly Famitsu, SoS: Friends of Mineral Town sold a little more than 66,000 copies in the first four days of its release; the game came out on the 17th and Famitsu's tallies end on the 20th. Nice! It was beat out by Ring Fit Adventure with 68,000 copies.

Stranded Sails Physical ReleaseThis week Roka Publishing announced that the physical editions of Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands will be released on November 8 in EU and November 12 in the US. The physical signature edition is still available for preorder, which includes a copy of the game, special packaging, art cards, a numbered certificate of authenticity, enameled pins, art book, and treasure map. The Switch edition of the physical game is about $5 more than the Ps4 edition.The game had a few patches published for it recently to correct save state corruption issues, game freezes, and other bugs.

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Doraemon:SoS Review and an intro to SoS:FoMT Happy Farm'n Friday! Every year I make an attempt to grow something I've never grown before, which is pretty easy to do with the wide variety of garden crops available throughout the world. This year I picked out a crop that I know Mr.Fogu likes to eat and yet I've never grown it before.The mystery crop this year was Jicama, or at least an attempt at growing Jicama. It grows similarly to a potato, with vine-like foliage above ground and the tuber below ground. It seemed simple enough; plant the large seeds in the soil and then just give it some water. What I didn't take into account was the unusually cool summer season here in the Portland area. We only received a few days of high-90s (Fahrenheit) temperatures at the end of August, when typically we'll reach into the 100s for a while. Mostly the weather was in the mid-80s the entire summer season. Since Jicama is a tropical crop, it just wasn't warm enough this year for it to grow well. The vines never matured enough to flower and move onto root production. It was an interesting experiment though.

Review: Doraemon: SoSSo last week the SoS spinoff game, Doraemon: Story of Seasons was released in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia for the Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam platforms. This game is a Doraemon story with SoS features, kind of like Popolocrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale from a few years ago. Doraemon is not meant to be a full-blown SoS game with all the bells and whistles of the farming series. Rather, it takes basic game play aspects of SoS and melds them into a cute tale staring a group of kids and their robot cat from the future.The game beings with Noby Nobito, the protagonist of the Doraemon series, trying to decide what to do for his summer project. He stumbles across a large seed and decides to grow whatever plant this seed belongs to as his project; I would do the same thing if I found a weird seed on the ground! Noby fetches his friends Sneech, Big G, and Sue to show them the tree that sprouted from the seed. Suddenly a windstorm blows through their town and sucks the group of five and the big tree into the sky, planting them (ha!) into the unknown world of Natura.Noby and friends are tasked with trying to find Doraemon's gadgets that were lost in the windstorm and landed in various places around Natura. Hopefully when the gadgets have been collected they can be used to calm the Elder Tree and return the group back home. This basically involves the player triggering cut scenes as friendship is raised with the villagers. There doesn't appear to be day-of-the-week requirements for storyline events to occur, so players shouldn't have too much difficulty unlocking the storyline events if they run around the various areas frequently enough.There's a lot of lighthearted humor in the game's dialog. There's plenty of quirks with the villagers such as livestock shop owner Taurus' constant sleepiness, Chef Cafet's insatiable appetite, and Mark's obsession with trying to find "Harvest Sprites" in the forest, as he takes off mid-day to go on his sprite hunt and leaves Gennie to mind the store on her own.In this game, fishing has an interesting trait whereas the fish will take longer to bite the hook the more you catch fish in the same area. It is described in-game as the fish become cautious the more you pull them from the water. Basically, the fish will bite the fishing line's hook fairly quickly during the first few times you fish in an area per day, but then take much longer to bite on your third cast, fourth cast, and so on. There's bait in the fishing shop that is used to entice fish to keep biting if you really want to keep fishing in a particular area that day.Farming has been simplified to field crops, chickens, cows, and sheep. The field area available on Noby's run-down farm is HUGE, and there are a lot of fence options and decorations that can be added to the field. The tool upgrades from the town blacksmith will help to make farming tasks easier, but these upgrades require a lot of materials. For example, an iron-quality watering can requires 50 building stone, 40 copper ore, and 50 iron ore. That's a lot for a basic upgrade!There's also a nap feature that allows players to take a on-screen sleep break wherever they desire! The nap can be used to recharge stamina or can be used to pass the time while waiting for shops to open.Natura's watercolor-like qualities are very pleasant to see, as it feels like playing through a mural. I know some players don't like the Japanese-isms that are voiced throughout the game, but that can be turned down (or off) by going into the game's options and turning down the volume on the voiced bits. The white border surrounding the game's screen cannot be removed, as that acts as the edge of the Natura painting.In general, this is a cute game with an interesting story and a farming system that is clean and easy to understand. The beginning of the game is an hour or so of dialog, but once you get past that Natura opens up. The controls can be a little awkward sometimes, as the "talk" and "eat" commands are both tied to the A Button. There's been many a times I've walked up to a villager to chat, only not be close enough and end up eating the food I had in my active bag slot that was intended to be given as a post-conversation gift. Likewise the daily villager dialogs don't vary too much from day to day, but that's true for SoS games as well. If you're on the fence about Doraemon, it may be good to wait for a discount before jumping into the world of Natura. I don't see myself playing too much of the game after the main storyline is finished, mainly because I've other games to play such as...

SoS:FoMT Released!The remake of the 2003 Gameboy Advance games, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town is now out on the Nintendo Switch in Japan. I've had a few hours to play it so far, and have made it through the first week in the game (adulting gets in the way!). So I'll have more information as I get the chance to play through the Switch game.At the beginning of the game you can choose one of the four protagonists as well as three skin tone options. After choosing your name (max limit of 8 characters) and birthday, you can choose to play in Normal mode or in Seedling mode. The easier mode starts out with 2500 G (instead of 500 G on Normal mode), you earn a little bit more money when shipping items to Zack, friendships are easier, and there are 18 Turnips already growing on the farm field (9 ripe and 9 unripe). You can't switch between Normal and Seedling after the game begins. The farmer's clothes can be changed on the first day of the game by using the mirror inside the farm house, and clothing options can swap between old-farmer overalls and new-farmer parka clothing.So far it feels like a mix of Friends of Mineral Town and More Friends of Mineral Town. Both bachelor and bachelorette heart events will trigger regardless of the sex of your protagonist, and events are not tied to one per day. I've seen heart, rival, and random events all on the same day.One quality upgrade in the Switch game is with fishing. Zack will give a fishing rod when first visiting his house, just like in the GBA game, but knowing when to reel in a caught fish is now easier. The bobber goes into the water as expected, but the joycons will vibrate when a fish has been caught on the line. After the vibration ends, just press the A button once to reel in the fish. No need to mash the A button anymore or watch for the "!" to reel in the fish. Just feel for the vibe!

Stranded Sails Released!A second farm'n adventure game, Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands is now out on Steam, GoG, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Ps4 for $24.99 USD. For a limited time there is a 15% release discount on Steam, GoG, XBox, and Nintendo Switch. So many farm'n games!

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Doraemon Release Day, 1 Week untili SoS:FoMT, and Stranded Sails Demo Happy Farm'n Friday! Since I had been working on filling in missing pages on the Sunshine Islands guide, I decided to pop my 'ol game of SI into my 3DS to look up some shop inventories. But on the title screen there was only the option for New Game o.0 Apparently 10+ years ago I used my JP copy of the game and never started a game of the EN version! So it's like I'm playing for the first time, which has actually kind of been fun. Raised a couple of islands, unlocked Will and Lily, built a chicken coop, and just about to upgrade the farm house.I've also been playing Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure. That game had an unexpected difficulty jump once I reached the Tropical map (Arapaima are tough to catch!) and I'm finding that I don't have enough materials to craft the necessary fishing lures for the next challenges. Fishing isn't as simple as I assumed it would be! Gotta catch 'em all!

Doraemon:SoS Released!Today's the day that Doraemon: Story of Seasons is out in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. The game is available on both Nintendo Switch and Steam/PC for $49.99 USD. The game is digital-only in North America, and both digital and physical in EU. The physical copy of the game comes with an actual package of tomato and basil seeds for players to plant; though this time of year is not the best time for growing tomatoes. The digital copy requires 788 MB of SD card space.The Nintendo Switch edition also has a free demo available for those who want to give it a try before deciding to commit to buying a Doraemon game. The demo content is the same as the Japan version demo, which gives Noby the task of growing a Turnip in 3 days to present to Mayor Ryam of Natura.The game languages are English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. All of the little audible spoken phrases are still in Japanese ("Ohayoooo!") but the game's dialogs and user interface are displayed in the game's chosen language. The character names in the English game are based on the US version of the Doraemon anime series (Noby, Sneech, Big G, and Sue), but in other languages the names will be the Japanese names (Nobito, Suneo, Gian, and Shizuka).Keep in mind that this game is not a full Story of Seasons game, but does have the feel of an SoS game. There are crops, festivals, bug catching, fishing, friendship bonds, and so on, but it does NOT contain a marriage system. Noby and friends are children and not married in the anime series.In Japan, two new fix patches for Doraemon:SoS were released last night, bringing the game to version 1.0.5 and then to 1.0.6. The version .5 patch fixed a gadget event with the magical spirit Vera, and version .6 updated the caught bug list trophy from "catch the largest size regardless of quality" to "catch a 5-star." No idea if these updates are in the outside-Japan version that was released today.I'll be playing this here and there over the weekend and into next week, though it may have to be put aside for the upcoming SoS:FoMT game. I don't have any plan to make a thorough Fogu guide for the Doraemon spin-off game. I'm only one person who farms on the weekends, and there's a mainline SoS game coming up!

SoS:FoMT NewsThe latest edition of Famitsu Weekly contained a 2-page article about Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, which is scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch next week in Japan. One of the notes in the article says that pasture grass will regrow without water. Basically as pasture grass grows, it will spread to other non-tilled areas but not onto already cultivated soil.The mirror inside of the farm house can be used to change the color of your basic clothes as well as put on costumes such as the pre-order bonus cow costume. In Famitsu's screen shot there are listings for overalls colors as well as colors for the new-protagonist parka outfit.Another confirmation is the existence of Ruby and Van from A Wonderful Life into the GBA remake. In the original game, players used the GBA-to-Gamecube link cable to unlock these two characters in their GBA game. Van would open his shop in Doug's Inn on Wednesdays, where he would sell the Record Player, music records for the player, and some common ores. If you happen to give him a Van's Favorite item (that randomly appears in your mailbox as a lottery prize in MFoMT), then he would give the option to purchase some very high-end items like the TV Remote that allowed you to watch every episode of the television shows. When Ruby would visit on Sundays at the Inn, she would give you cooking recipes.For their Switch appearances, after the currently unknown criteria for them to unlock in the game, Van will open his shop on Wednesdays at the Inn. Also on the 15th of every season, Van will open a pet store in the Plaza. The Famitsu article shows his inventory of a Pet Treat for 1000 G each, a blue Penguin for 30,000 G, and an Orange Penguin for 30,000 G.As for Ruby, the Famitsu article simply says that she comes to Mineral Town from Forget-Me-Not Valley once a week to buy ingredients.

Stranded Sails Demo Released!Next Thursday (the 17th) another farm'n themed game, Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Island, will be released on all three consoles and Steam/PC. In this game you play as the child of an exploratory sea captain whose ship crashed on a deserted island. Finding yourself suddenly responsible for a crew without a ship, you explore the islands to locate materials that can be used to construct a boat to escape the cursed islands. Players will also be tasked with growing food at the shipwrecked camp by finding seeds while out exploring the islands. The food can then be eaten raw or cooked to restore stamina.A separate demo of the game is now available for free for PC users from the Roka Publishing website. This prologue demo is 640 MB in size and begins one day before the story of Stranded Sails.The prologue starts out with you learning about how you'll sail the next day with your father and his rambunctious crew, but until then you've to sleep until morning. During the night you dream of an island adventure with a talking parrot as your guide through your dream. The prologue basically teaches you how to use the controls, grow crops, and so on.Stranded Sails PC Prologue Demo

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SoS: FoMT Updates and Stranded Sails Release Date
Happy Farm'n Friday! The steps taken to protect the Chinese Shawo Radish sprouts worked so well that I made a second grow bag of Chinese Red Meat (watermelon) Radishes. Both crops are happily growing away in their rat-free containers, and it's been raining frequently enough that I haven't needed to water the seedlings.I'm still picking fruit off of the two tomatillo plants that randomly grew back from the prior years' dropped fruit. With the first one that replanted itself, it was left to trail along the ground and grew similarly to a bush. The second tomatillo plant was supported with a metal trellis so it would grow vertically like a tree. The trellised tomatillo plant is producing much larger fruit than the bushed tomatillo, but there's fewer of them. The bushy tomatillo plant is producing smaller fruit, but there's more of them. It's kind of interesting how simply changing the way a plant grows will impact its productivity.

SoS: FoMT UpdatesThis week Marvelous posted a few more video tweets for their upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. In their first video, the protagonist is visiting carpenter Gotz to order a house upgrade. There's a couple of interesting things with his inventory:Gotz's construction menu is available for us to browse, showing the farm house upgrade, the chicken coop upgrade, the livestock barn upgrade, and the Town Cottage vacation house that cost 10 million G to construct. The Town Cottage will sit next door to Saibara's blacksmith shop if players fork over the big bucks for its construction.Another note is that the farm house upgrade costs 3000 G, 150 Lumber, and 50 Material Stone. In the original GBA game the first upgrade cost 3000 G and 200 Lumber, as the stone-type lumber did not exist in the game. So the amount of materials is the same in SoS:FoMT, but the type of materials has been expanded to two.The other option in Gotz's inventory appears to be house customization options. In the original game players would have the option to style their farmhouse windows and mailbox after the third farm house upgrade was complete. We'll have to see what magical goodies appears in that section of Gotz's inventory.After Gotz starts working on the ordered farm house upgrade, he takes 3 days (as expected) to complete the job. On the morning of the third day, the farm house has been expanded and a kitchen installed! The newly-build kitchen doesn't include the eight cooking utensils (knife, frying pan, mixer, oven, pot, rolling pin, whisk, and the seasonings).In a second video, the protagonist was down to 10 points of stamina and opted to use the hot springs on Mother Hill to recharge. It takes about 2.5 hours of sitting in the spa to recover 155 points of stamina (from 10 to 165). Each Power Berry icon under the stamina point level measures 15 stamina points.a third video was published by GEO, one of the retailers offering a preorder bonus. Their bonus is the cute sheep costume for the protagonist to wear, which they show off in their video. If you're really quick you can catch Barley and May hanging out by the Hot Spring as the protagonist runs by on their way up the hill.

Stranded Sails Release DateRoka Publishing revealed this week that the island exploration and farming game, Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands, will be released on October 17 for PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One for $24.99 USD. In this game players will be exploring the mysterious islands while collecting materials to help the shipwrecked crew survive until the player figures out how to build a new ship to return home. The farming aspect is used to grow food for the player and crew to survive on. Keeping the crew happy with home-grown crops can unlock new tools and camp benefits. There's also puzzles to solve and baddie ghosts to combat. PC/SteamNintendo SwitchXBox One(No Playstation 4 page available)

Don't forget that we also have another farm'n game coming out next Friday. Bandai Namco's Doraemon: Story of Seasons is scheduled to be released on October 11 outside of Japan. Available on Nintendo Switch, this game has players taking on the role of Noby, as he and his friends (and his robot cat Doraemon) are sucked into an unknown world called Natura. Each of his friends help out with the villagers of the town of Gaea, while Noby takes over managing the local farm. Using Doraemon's magical gadgets, Noby has to work the farm while also trying to figure out how to return back to their own world.Nintendo SwitchThe game will be digital-only in the US (742 MB) and both physical and digital in Europe. A PC/Steam version will be released in the future; there isn't a Steam wishlist page at the moment.

And near the end of this month (29th) we get Harvest Moon: Mad Dash for Ps4 and Nintendo Switch! There's a lot of farm'n coming out this October!

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Reel Fishing Road Trip Game Review and Farm'n Game Discounts Happy Farm'n Friday! The weather was clear last weekend (i.e., wasn't soaking wet), so I put the anti-squirrel plan into action to protect the second round of Chinese Showa radish sprouts. Those dang tree rats destroyed the first batch of seedlings... grr...The seedlings are now in a felt grow bag that I typically use for growing tomatoes, with an border of plastic leaf gutter guard around the interior edge of the bag to give some height to the next layer of protection. Then topped with deer guard netting clipped to the gutter guard with metal binder clips. The felt bag is deep enough to support the vertical growth of the radish root, as these grow into tall radishes (like daikon) rather than round radishes. There's plenty of space for the leaf growth too. I'd like to see a tree rat get through this crafty setup!

Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure ReviewLast week was the release of Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure, a story-based entry to Natsume's long-time Reel Fishing game series. Road Trip is available for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for $29.99 USD.The adventure starts out with three university students (Sean, Neil, and Alice) trying to decide on the topic for their group project. They head to the museum to clear their heads and come across a mysterious Legend fish painting. A man standing nearby overhears the friends discussing the art and tells them he knows a little bit about the artist. He directs the trio to a nearby town for more information, where they learn that the local fishing waters are full of trash that have kept away a lot of fish, including the mysterious Legend. Now it's up to them to clean up the water to entice the Legend to return.Players mainly control Sean, the group's fishing fanatic. Sean does the casting and reeling, while Neil and Alice stay back at camp. Each "day" in the game starts at 10:00 am and ends at 3:00 pm, when Sean announces that it's time to return to camp; in real-time, a "day" lasts about 5 minutes. Sometimes I'll catch a few fish during the gameplay day, and other times I can snag up to 9 fish. If the time hits 3:00 pm and you're still fishing, the day won't end until you've reeled in your line.Catching a fish is pretty clear; just toss out the line, wait for a bite, and then reel in the fish. There are two reeling options: a slow reel and a fast reel. The faster Sean reels in the line, the more tension there is. The line can break if there's too much strain on the fishing line, so it's a gentle back-and-forth between reeling, pausing to let the fish swim, reeling, and so on. When the fish is finally reeled in, Sean will take its picture and collect some trash from the river such as plastic bottles, string, lumber, and so on.After returning to camp for the night, Neil can then use that trash to craft new rods, reels, and lures. New reels and rods make it much easier to catch fish, especially once Neil start getting into A-rank fishing tackle. Neil can also upgrade existing reels and rods, though with the amount of trash that Sean collects it's just easier to craft better equipment than to upgrade the tackle Sean already has. It does use less trash to upgrade equipment than to craft new equipment, but it's just a matter of fishing for a few days to collect enough materials to craft new stuff. The in-game shop also sells trash if you just need a few more pieces to craft the next-level of fishing tackle.Alice dreams of being a chef, so she handles the dinner meals and snacks for the trio. Ingredients must be purchased from the in-game store (Sean doesn't bring home food, just trash) and are used after picking that night's meal. Alice has to cook every night, and can choose the no-ingredient Box Lunch if necessary. Each meal does add a benefit to Sean's day such as a stamina or EXP bonus for the next day.After the friends go to bed for the night, their activities are tallied to increase their experience levels. Leveling up earns Ability Points that can be spent to unlock new friend features such as new recipes for Alice or additional lures for Neil. Sean's handiest ability is his Angler's Focus - a mini-game of sorts that triggers when fish jump out of the water while they're trying to escape. If the displayed buttons are press correctly, the fish goes dormant for a short time and allows fast reeling without concern for line tension.The game's story is divided into chapters. After catching the necessary fish for that chapter, a scene will play back at camp that night. Some of the scenes are goofy, while some scenes are of the friends contemplating how they're going to spend the rest of their post-university lives. All the while the mystery of the Legend begins to reveal itself as the waters become cleaner.The game itself does have some nice details to it for being a simple fishing game. The foliage at the fishing locations will move in the breeze, there's birds that fly across the screen every so often, and even the trio of friends will wear different clothes each day. Another detail is the game can be played in either English or Japanese; you just switch the language from the game's title screen.Overall it is a fun little fishing game. If you've ever been interested in trying a fishing game, give this one a try! You can read more about the game on the platform pages:Reel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure - Steam StoreReel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure - Playstation StoreReel Fishing: Road Trip Adventure - Nintendo

Farm'n Game DiscountsThere's a variety of Nintendo Switch digital games on sale, including a few farming games!EuropeStardew Valley = 20% off (8.79£, ends Oct 13)My Time at Portia = 30% off (17.49£, ends Oct 7)Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition = 60% off (15.19£,ends Oct 13)North AmericaMy Time at Portia = 30% off ($20.99, ends Oct 7)Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition = 60% off ($19.99, ends Oct 13)Farm Expert 2018 = 10% off ($26.99, ends Oct 12)JapanMy Time at Portia = 30% off (2306 Yen, ends Oct 7)

Weekly JP SalesDoraemon: Story of Seasons has finally dropped off the Famitsu's Top 30 Sales this week. But that crazy Fishing Spirits is still in the top 10! That must be a super fun fishing game if it beat out both Doraemon and Rune Factory 4 in the top-30 chart.

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SoS:FoMT Hidden Candidates, HM: LoH Complete EU Release Date, and My Time at Portia Sale Happy Farm'n Friday! It's been a wet week here at Fogu HQ. The lawn grass has grown exceptionally tall, and yet it can't be mowed because it's too wet outside. On a positive note, being indoors all last weekend has given me time to work on filling in missing pages on various HM guides.The next batch of Shawo Radish sprouts appear to enjoy the rain. I need to get these guys into the ground soon! I've an idea rolling around in my head to protect them from those pesky tree rats, who apparently are not appreciative of the stale Cheerios I left them as a peace offering (at least the crows enjoyed the breakfast cereal). Now they've targeted their attacks towards the round "squirrel proof" bird feeder. The tree rats are too large to fit through the protective cage that holds the bird seed, so instead they jump onto the cage and then jump off when they hear me walking down the hall towards the backyard, causing the globe to spin and dislodge the sunflower seeds via centrifugal force. And since they are technically eating the seeds off the ground, where they belong, I won't go into frenzy-raaar mode to chase them off. Clever little buggers...

SoS: FoMT Hidden CandidatesThis week Marvelous revealed that the secret marriage candidates from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town will also be available as challenge candidates in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. The candidates are the Goddess, Kappa, Won, and Gourmet. All of these candidates will require the base requirements of the upgraded farm house, a big bed inside the farm house, and a red-level friendship heart color. The challenge that these candidates don't have visible hearts on their character portrait that would indicate their current friendship level.Goddess is the ultimate completionist's candidate. Her marriage requirements in the original GBA game were to catch every type of fish, collect all 9 Goddess Jewels, ship at least one of every item that could be sold via the shipping box, discover all of the items in both mines, be in year 5 or later, and confess to Carter the player's interest in marrying the Goddess.Kappa generally has the challenge requirements as the Goddess, though players will collect the Kappa Jewels and confess to Carter about their desire to marry the green fellow. This candidate does have an additional requirement of telling the Goddess about their interest in marrying him. In the GBA game, after tossing in 20 gifts into her pond, the Goddess will appear and ask the player if there is a special someone they are interested in. The player has to choose Kappa from the available list to start their courtship of him.Won is the easiest of the four secret marriage candidates. The player has to buy the Flower Vase from him as well as raise his friendship to trigger special apple-themed love events.Gourmet is a long-game candidate because he only appears once per year in the game, on the day of the springtime cooking festival. After the contest is over, Gourmet can be found in Rose Square for a couple of hours; during this time he can be given gifts to raise his friendship level. Once the clock reaches 8pm, he leaves Mineral Town until the next springtime cooking festival takes place. Besides his rare appearance in town, players also have to complete the recipe book in the kitchen and win each of the five cooking festival judging categories. It will take at least 5 years to complete Gourmet's marriage criteria.The quality improvements made to the rucksack in the Nintendo Switch version will help with completing these candidate requirements. Now that items can stack in the rucksack, instead of taking up one space in the rucksack with the GBA version, it will be possible to bring stacks of stamina-recovering food while spelunking to reach the bottom floors of the mines to complete Goddess/Kappa criteria. Likewise the stacking element also makes it easier to flood Gourmet with gifts while he's available in the plaza, without having to run back to the farm house to grab another group of eight gifts like in the GBA game; though having the Teleport Stone makes this a little easier.SoS: FoMT will be released in Japan (both retail and digital) in less than a month!(Is that a tree rat emblem on Gourmet's armor? Naaaah that can't be what it is...)

New SoS:FoMT ComicThe long-time series character designer, Igusa Matsuyama, recently penned a new story comic for the Official Japanese Website. In it he tells a short story about "Yuuto", the yellow-hoodie protagonist from the upcoming game. It's a cute tale about Yuuto's first crop, the people he meets, and the other activities he participates in while waiting for his turnips to harvest.Special Short Story

LoH Complete in EURising Star Games has announced that the "Complete" edition of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope will be released in the EU region on October 25. This version of LoH contains the special edition and the four DLC bundles on a single cartridge (Nintendo Switch) or disc (Playstation 4). The "Complete" edition was released by Natsume on July 30 in North America.

Portia SaleThe farming/construction game My Time at Portia is on sale. The game is 30% off in the North American Nintendo eShop, and 40% off in the North American Playstation 4 Store. The game had a new patch released yesterday for all three consoles (Switch, Ps4, and XBox) to improve load times, add voiceovers, and correct bugs. The Nintendo sale ends on October 7, and the Playstation sale ends on October 1.

Weekly JP SalesDoraemon: Story of Seasons is still in the Famitsu's Top 30 Sales for last week, clinging onto spot #30 with about 1200 additional copies sold. That brings the total at 93,390 sales since the game was released in Japan on June 13.

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