Ushi No Tane PHP-Update HM Mad Dash Switch Demo, and SoS;FoMT North America Trailer Happy Farm'n Friday! The Shawo Radishes decided they would rather bolt and flower, rather than produce tasty radishes. We did try eating one of them before this started, and it was quite spicy! Not the sweet flavor the plant was described to have. I guess the Willamette Valley in Oregon isn't the equivalent environment as its native growing area. On the other hand, maybe I'll end up with a lot of seeds for future attempts.My play through of Rune Factory 4 has been side-tracked a bit because of the release of Animal Crossing. Now I'm taking my battle-worn net to fight mighty clashes against wasps and tarantulas on the forested island of Moocau (har har har, so punny). Most of my playtime has been at night after work is over for the day. Now I don't have to walk very far to pick up my Switch and start the game, as there's no rush hour traffic anymore. Unless the singing cat at the end of the hallway is considered a traffic hazard. Meeoooow meooooow!

New Natsume BlogThis week, Natsume launched a new community site! You can learn how to become a Natsume VIP, how the company can help indie game developers publish their games, and read about the Natsume staff's abundance of cat overlords supervisors:

HM: Mad Dash UpdatesA demo of the latest farming frenzy game, Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is now available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The single-player eight-stage demo starts with how to make crops grow and harvest them to clear the Order Box requests and ends with a crazy map of trampling boars. If you'd like to give the game a try for free, head over to the Nintendo Switch eShop and download the demo.Mad Dash is also out for Google Android and Apple iOS. The game costs about $5 USD and supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Portugues (no Japanese). If you are having trouble locating the game on the mobile stores, search for the other Harvest Moon games and then look for the publisher profile for Natsume. That's how I was able to find the game.The Android/iOS version supports a drag-and-drop type of navigation system, where players can tap or drag on the crops to group them (so they grow), and then tap or drag to move the mature crops to the Order Boxes at the bottom of the screen. Rotating a crop is a little tricky, as you have to tap-and-hold on the crop, then tap the rotate button with another finger. The POWER MODE is shorter in length in the mobile version because it is so much easier than the console versions to ship the frenzied crops and animal products by dragging the goods to the Order Boxes.Finally, I may be able to finish this game by myself! With the Ps4 version, I needed to recruit Mr.Fogu to help complete the end-game levels. Whenever I try to get through Stage 55 on my Switch, he'll give me a funny look and reminds me that Mad Dash is supposed to be a multi-player game.

SoS:FoMT NA TrailerToday, XSeed Games released the North America announcement trailer for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. The trailer is the same as the one Marvelous EU released last week for the PAL and AUS regions, confirming that the North American audience will also have the new names for the villagers rather than the classic Natsume names.There are two HUGE differences between XSeed's trailer and Marvelous EU's trailer. The first is that XSeed's version doesn't have a defined release date for the game. The North American release for the Nintendo Switch game has a general "Summer 2020" release date. The other is the inclusion of a pre-order bonus plushie.This physical release pre-order Strawberry Cow plushie cow is 2.5" tall by about 4.5" length. In comparison, the capybara plushie from Trio of Towns is about 3.25" tall by 3" in length. So the cow is shorter than 'capy, but a bit longer. XSeed has stated they will let all farmers know when pre-orders that include this little bovine will become available.

Until next time!

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(Beginning to run low on shelter-in-place ice cream...) Fri, 27 Mar 2020 21:20:39 +0000
SoS:FoMT EU Release Date, and Upcoming Indie Farm'n Games for Switch Happy Farm'n Friday! So, how are everyone's local situations going? I hope you are all staying safe in these rather bizarre circumstances. Locally here, the outside has become much quieter. There aren't a lot of young kids in the neighborhood, but there are a lot of dogs. Lately, the pups have been staying indoors with their owners and aren't barking all the time. Even the busy street a block away from the house has less traffic. Usually, I can always hear cars going by during the daytime, but not so much anymore.One of the local garden nurseries will now bring plants out to drive-up customers. They are also taking online orders whereby customers submit what they're looking for, and the workers pick out the best flowers and plants that match the request. Since we're discouraged from going out if we don't need to, it is a nice way to get some flowers planted and bring a little bit of cheer. Yardwork can go on!
SoS:FoMT EU/AUS Release DateMarvelous EU has announced that the French, German, English, and Spanish versions of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town will be available on July 10, 2020. Woo!The game will be available in both Nintendo eShop digital and physical retail editions in Europe and AustraliaThere is not a collector's edition planned by Marvelous EUNintendo Coupons (i.e., pre-paid game vouchers) are not valid for this game.Those who own the Japanese version of the game will have to buy again if they want the game in their preferred language.The in-game text font cannot be changed.There are some name changes from the original GBA version. Mary is now Marie, and Ann is Ran. Gray, Jennifer, and Doctor retain their names.The localized game is using the improvements added to the Japanese version via the 1.1.2 update patch released last December, such as the updated designs for the seasonal festivals.The goddess is named the Harvest Goddess and not Mother Nature or simply Goddess like the Japanese version.Marvelous EU has a website where they are noting the names of the retailers that have opened up pre-orders for the latest SoS game. Eventually, farmers will be able to pick their country, and the site will forward them to the correct website:https://www.storyofseasons.gamesThe North American release is managed by XSeed Games (Marvelous USA). The publisher will reveal a release date once they are able to give one.When the game was released in Japan, there wasn't an overall pre-order bonus like the capybara or bunny micro-plushies from the previous Story of Seasons releases. The bonuses that did exist were retail-exclusives like stickers and tote bags. There were also the in-game costumes that were only available at specified stores. We'll have to see if North America will get something spiffy.Silly me built the Fogu guide using the classic names, so I'll have some updates to make this weekend!
Indie World Showcases Some Farm'nThis week, Nintendo aired a new Indie World Showcase video, promoting small-developer games scheduled for release on the Nintendo Switch. There were two games featured that include farming components:
Summer in Mara is an ocean-exploration adventure game by Chibig where players sail the Mara Ocean to discover islands, solving mysteries, locating treasure, and helping the local villagers. The protagonist, Koa, will be fishing, farming, crafting, diving, questing, and having all sorts of fun. Though, there's a sinister corporation looking to take over Mara...This game is a timed exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, scheduled to be released sometime this Spring. The game will eventually be released on Steam/PC, Ps4, and Xbox One.The other game is The Good Life, the countryside-themed RPG located in the farming community of Rainy Woods I mention every so often. Originally the game was not expected to be released on the Nintendo Switch, but developer White Owls has moved forward with releasing the game on Switch at the same time as the Ps4, Xbox One, and Steam versions. The game has also been delayed again; last summer, the game's release schedule was Spring 2020, but now The Good Life is planned for the "second half of this year." White Owls writes that the new delay is unrelated to the Switch release, but because they need more time to finish the game on all available platforms.
Farm'n Game DiscountsWith a lot of us staying home, to keep ourselves healthy as well as keep others around us healthy, there are lots of new discounts available on farming video games:North AmericaMy Time at Portia (Switch) = 50% off until March 29
EuropeFarm Together (Switch) = 20% off until March 25Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE (Switch) = 20% off until March 29Little Dragons Cafe (Ps4) = 25% off until April 1Professional Farmer: American Dream (Switch) = 70% off until April 2Professional Farmer: Nintendo Switch Edition = 70% off until April 2PC/SteamStranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands = 33% off until March 23Speaking of Stranded Sails, this week's update from LemonBomb states that the Exploration update will be released for consoles (Ps4/Switch/XboX) soon. The game update has been submitted to the appropriate console parties, and now it's just a matter of waiting for each publisher to give it their a-okay to release on their platform.Until next time!- Cher(I hope the office plants are doing well without me...) Fri, 20 Mar 2020 20:14:01 +0000
A Paused Lotus Experiment, Stranded Sails Update, and the June '13 4-Column Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! In my wondrous journey through Rune Factory 4, I moved forward with the investigation of the water ruins south of town, where a mysterious voice has been emanating and spooking the townsfolk. The sound was a bit horse-like, and I soon discovered that I was not ready to search the ruins! After exploring a few rooms, I was shot at with arrows by Orc Archers and ended up back at the clinic.Ok, so obviously I need to work on upgrading my equipment. I then started getting the forge and materials to work on weapon remodeling. While out smashing ores in the overworld, I discovered a hidden Cluck-Cluck cave. It seemed pretty safe, right? Just a bunch of chickens, I told myself. Noooo that was not the case, as a giant bird kicked my butt with one peck of its beak. Back to the health clinic I reappeared! Luckily, Nancy has not been charging a fee for my frequent visits.The world outside Selphia is not a safe place. Maybe I should stay within the city walls for a while...Speaking of staying safe, I hope everyone is doing well given what is going on globally. The Coronavirus has started creeping around here in Oregon. Yesterday the Governor ordered the schools statewide to close on Monday and remain close until April 1.My weekday employer shut down the office on Wednesday, with most of us now banned from the building and required to work from home. I'm not sure how the office lotus experiment will turn out while I'm away, but the remaining employee in the building said she would care for all the office plants while I was away. I guess it will be a surprise whenever the bosses allow us to return to the office. When I left, the seed had sprouted three leaf-stems that had reached the surface of the water, with a fourth large stem beginning to sprout. I gave it a little bit of aquatic plant fertilizer and ensured that the blinds weren't blocking all the sunshine. Hopefully, it will be fine while I'm away.
Locally, we're keeping in contact with our older relatives and looking out for those who don't work in industries that permit work-from-home situations. There's also a lot of chatter in the neighborhood from parents volunteering to watch school kids whose parents might have to head out to work and weren't expecting this extended spring break.Let's hope the restrictions help contain the spread of the virus and things return to normal somewhat soon. Wash your hands, keep a reasonable distance between other people, and look out for your fellow humans (and their pets if applicable). We've stocked up on grocery essentials like flour, fish sticks, and the all-important ice cream. I'll also be glaring at the sky, as a cold front flowed down from the north today, causing a few snowflakes to fall in the backyard. Not on my watch! Go away snow! GRRRR!
Stranded Sails Dev UpdatesThe folks behind Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands are still hard at work on their next update to the game. This week, Lemonbomb confirmed they were still working on improving the relationship system the protagonist has with their fellow stranded crewmembers. The relationship status with a crewmember will soon be documented within the in-game menu with pictures of the crewmembers that will change as the player improves their relationship status. Sounds exciting!
Classic 4-Koma ComicHere's the newly-translated four-panel Igusa Matsuyama comic from the June 2013 edition of Nintendo DREAM magazine!Hina is referring to the previous month's comic, where the residents of Echo Village dressed up as Girl's Day dolls.Until next time!- Cher(7 days to go until Animal Crossing!) Fri, 13 Mar 2020 22:51:17 +0000
March 2020 BokuMono Mobage events and the Latest Game Discounts
Happy Farm'n Friday! This weekend will be wet and mucky, but there are lots of spring bulbs sprouting! This one is at the corner of the driveway, greeting everyone who walks down the street. Soon it will (hopefully) have the company of tulips and other lovely flowers that I don't exactly remember what I had planted there.
So far in my progress through Rune Factory 4, I found a weird butterfly girl in Yokmir Forest that beat me up the first time I met her because I got stuck against the wall during one of her attacks. The second attempt was successful, and now the overly-happy creepy girl lives in my town. I also found a cliff in the forest to jump down, found a treasure chest with lots of money (woo!), and then met a quick defeat at the hands of some orcs. Then while back in town, I finished a request to obtain my first sickle, somehow swapped it with the equipped watering can I was holding, and then ended up giving my watering can to Clorica as a gift. Thanks to that profitable treasure chest discovery, it was just a matter of heading to Bado's to buy a new can!Now I'm investigating a weird voice that is spooking various villagers. So far, the game is enjoyable, but sometimes I seem to get lost in the conversation text. Everyone seems so unnaturally positive.Still nothing to report regarding a localized release date from XSeed Games or Marvelous EU for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. I did manage to finish the fishing page for the Fogu guide last weekend, and I've another page completion planned for this weekend. Onward!
Don't forget fellow USA farmers, most of us will be springing forward one hour this Sunday morning because of the Daylight Savings Time change. Hawaii and Arizona do not participate in the hour-jump nonsense.
The Emerald City Comic Con in nearby Seattle was officially postponed today. The event was to take place this weekend, but due to the Coronavirus, will be postponed until this summer.
BokuMono Mobage Events

There's a new batch of events scheduled to take place this month in the online browser-based version of Bokujou Monogatari on the Mobage social community platform:
A Hinamatsuri-themed competitive harvest festival started on March 1. Players try to earn as many points as they can by harvesting dumplings, peach trees, rabbit musicians, and mouse lantern-bearers. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the number of points a player earns.Starting on the 11th is a bingo event, where players grow special crops that will mature into one of three plants. A bingo triggers when three of the same plant appear in a row on the 3x3 bingo card, or when all nine spaces are the same plant.Then finally, on the 21st, a hungry animal event begins. Players will grow crops to feed to one of three randomly appearing animals on their farm. Prizes will be awarded based on how many of each animal is fed by the player, along with the help of other players on their teams.

Farm'n Game Discounts
In Japan, Doraemon: Story of Seasonsis 20% off (down to 5368 Yen) during the Bandai Namco's Spring Festival eShop sale, which ends March 18.
Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands is on sale for 30% off, $17.49 USD/€17.49, until March 15. The game's developer, Lemonbomb, is still working on adding crew housing and furniture placement to the game in their Expedition update. Their latest improvements, the Exploration update, is available in the Steam version of the game, but not yet available for the console versions (Xbox, Switch, and Ps4).
Other games on sale include:Farming Simulator Nintendo Switch Edition = $14.99 USD (50% off, ends March 8)Farming Simulator 20 = $33.74 USD (25% off, ends March 8)Farm Together = $15.99 USD (20% off, ends March 8)Farm Expert 2018 = $20.99 USD (30% off, ends March 19)Professional Farmer: American Dream = $27.99 USD (30% off, ends March 19)Professional Farmer: Nintendo Switch Edition = $27.99 USD (30% off, ends March 19)
In the EU, farming Switch discounts include:Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition = €14.99 (50% off, ends March 8)Farming Simulator 20 = €33.74 (25% off, ends March 8
Until next time!

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RF4 Reminder, Sheep Riding in The Good Life, and the Flower Vase in SoS:FoMT Happy Farm'n Friday! I started the grand Rune Factory 4 adventure in Selphia earlier this week. So far, I've planted some turnips and tried to sleep in Volkanon's bed. Forte gave me a Claymore too, so now I'm off to explore a nearby forest. I haven't progressed very far yet, though I'm looking forward to showing everyone how awesome I am as a princess!Don't forget that the Another Episode stories are free to download from the Nintendo eShop until March 24 (US) or March 26 (EU). Players can download the add-on directly from the Nintendo eShop by searching for Rune Factory 4 in the eShop, then choosing the Another Episode Pack from there. The game does come with Ventuswill's extra story, but the others display as "locked" within the game until the additional DLC downloads from the eShop. After the March cut-off date, the extra episodes bundle will cost $4.99/4,99.
The Good Life NewsThe crowd-funded agriculture mystery game The Good Life is still in development at SWERY's White Owls game studio. The latest developer's blog from February includes the addition of ridable sheep to the activities heroine Naomi can participate in as she tries to solve the mysteries of rural Rainy Woods, which includes a murder and villagers that transform into cats and dogs at night:They plan to also add sheep races into the game too! Won't that be fun!The game is still scheduled for a "Spring 2020" release date on Ps4, XBoxOne, and Steam. The latest build of the game will be showcased at the MIX Indie Space at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco from March 18 to March 22.At the moment, GDC is still going to take place as scheduled. However, many developers (such as Microsoft, EA, and Sony) have canceled their participation in the video game developers' conference due to the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak. Update (Fri, 7:00 PM PT) - GDC has now been officially postponed.On that note, this weekend's eSports event, IEM Katowice 2020 in Poland, has closed its doors to the public as a cautionary measure to help prevent the spread of the flu-like virus. Those who purchased tickets to watch competitive rounds of Starcraft 2, CS:GO, and the Farming Simulator League (FSL), may request a refund within the next few days. Online broadcasts will still go on, but the tournaments will not have physical audiences cheering on the competitors.
Won's Flower VaseIn Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town the farmer's stamina doesn't always recover to 100% in the morning. One of the things you can do to help recover your health is to place flowers in the farmhouse Flower Vase. On Spring 3 of your first year, you'll meet merchant Won, who announced that every so often, he plans to stop by your house with an incredible item to sell you. On the 11th day of the season, he'll stop by your farmhouse in the morning and offer to sell you a Flower Vase if you have more than 5000 G on hand. After purchase, the vase will be inside of the farmhouse, next to the calendar.
The vase isn't simply for decorative purposes. Every morning, you will recover either stamina or fatigue, depending on the flower placed in the Flower Vase. There's also a chance that the cut flower will naturally wilt and disappear in the morning, but if you're lucky the flower will last for its maximum bloom time:Moondrop Flower: +10 stamina, maximum bloom time of 7 daysToy Flower: -7 fatigue, maximum bloom time of 5 daysPinkcat flower: -5 fatigue, maximum bloom time of 5 daysBlue Magicgrass: +3 stamina, maximum bloom time of 10 daysRed Magicgrass: -10 fatigue, maximum bloom time of 5 daysOrange Venus: -20 fatigue, maximum bloom time of 2 daysYou can toss a new flower into the vase at any time.If you decline Won's vase, he'll stop by on the 11th four more times. He will stop offering the vase to you after the fifth time you turn him down. At that point, there's NO way to obtain the Flower Vase.Until next time!- Cher(21 days, 21 days, oh Animal Crossing you will be here soon) Fri, 28 Feb 2020 19:54:32 +0000
FS convention dates, updates on up-and-coming games, and RF4 is sooooon! Happy Farm'n Friday! The sunshine has finally started to pop out of the clouds this week. There are a lot more flowers trying to bloom now! Soon it will be time to clean the raised garden bed and prepare it for this year's vegetables. Over the winter I picked up a nifty Seeding Square to help keep plants spaced properly.It comes with a chart that outlines what kinds of seeds can be planted through each of the colored holes (e.g., carrots can be dropped through the red holes), so each plant is space-optimized. It also comes with a handy seed dropper that measures how deep of a hole you can make through the seedling jig. And when not in use, the seed dropper fits into the jig via a magnet.It's a bit too early to start planting, but I'm intrigued to see how well this will work. I have a bad habit of planting seeds too close together. For example, I planted a lot of scallions seeds with the intent of thinning them after they sprouted, then never got around to pulling out the seedlings to make room for the remaining plants. Now there's a mass of intertwined scallions that I can't easily pull out of the ground when I need one. What a mess!
There still isn't a definite English release date for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, but both XSeed Games and Marvelous EU are hinting that there could be a date announced in the near future. No hurry, of course! There's still lots of work to do on the Fogu guide for the game.

FarmCon 2020The folks that develop the popular Farming Simulator video game series has announced that FarmCon 2020 will take place on July 18 and 19 in Lauingen, Germany. This annual event showcases everything associated with the game such as meeting up with other players and workshop pannels with in-game mod developers. This year's FarmCon will also showcase the grand finale of the current Farming Simulator League (FSL) eSports tournament.GIANTS Software also announced this week the company will be opening an office in Chicago, Illinois, and they're hiring! If you are looking for a job relating to video game farming in the Windy City, check out the list of available positions on

Other Farm'n Game DevelopmentsThe developers of Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands are still working on functionality improvements to their shipwreck-themed farming game. The next feature being developed for the game are houses for the stranded crewmates to live in. Players will be able to enter the crewmates' houses and even decorate the house interiors. The next update will also include protagonist clothing options and additional side activities to do in the game.

The Kickstarted farming game, Farm Folks, is back in the swing of development after a rough patch with developer Overgrown last fall. The three-person team has been busy building new features into their game. The recent updates include how the game proceeds while the protagonist is alseep for the night (it keeps going!), the addition of skin tone options for the protagonist, and the final designs for several animals like the chickens, sheep, and cute little piggies. You can see more pictures of the community-sponsored game on their Kickstarter page: the game is listed on Steam for wish-list additions, with early access planned for the future.

4 DAYS TO GO!The enhanced version of Rune Factory 4 will be available on the 25th. The digital version is still locked until the eShop says it is a-okay to play the game (drat), but the Archival editions have begun to travel to those who pre-ordered the special edition. Some players have even discovered that physical copies are popping up in retail stores.This will be my first adventure into RF4. I finished RF1 when it was originally released in Japan back in 2006, then muddled my way through RF2 for a few years until I finished it last year. After the RF4 Switch remake was announced, I jumped into RF3 and finished that last fall. Now it's time to jump into a new world with a dragon and a princess and lots of exciting adventures!

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Happy Winter Harmony Day to Everyone! Happy Farm'n Friday! The first attempt at growing a lotus plant in the empty 1-gallon fish tank at the office didn't work out so well. We had started with a base of soil and covered the soil with gravel for the plant to grow into. It had started well, as the lotus sprouted four leaves, but then the plant shriveled up and rotted away.So now we're trying a new lotus tank set up. This time I have set up a base of clean sand-like gravel with larger gravel on top to keep the finer gravel from floating to the top. We'll be successful this time! Teamwork makes the dream work!Though my coworker's contribution is simply popping into my office and asking how the lotus is growing. He's the support group leader for this little experiment I guess.
Still nothing set in stone yet regarding an outside-Japan release date for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town from XSeed Games (NA) or Marvelous Europe. Famitsu magazine notes that the game has now sold over 133,000 retail copies in Japan since its release last October.XSeed Games has launched their own Discord server to connect with fans of all their published games. You can join at the following URL using your Discord account, which is free to register if you don't already have one: is a popular voice/text chat network for video game fans. Even the publisher for Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands has their own Discord server, as do the Snacko farming game developers. Come join in!
Harmony Days in SoS:FoMTSince it's a romantic day today, let's go over how the Valentines-day equivalents work in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. There are two days each year that are dedicated to this event: Winter 14 and Spring 14. On the date of the wintertime Harmony Day, the girls will give gifts of Chocolate, and on the date of the springtime Harmony Day the opposite will happen, where the boys will give gifts of Cookies.
In the original GBA version of the series, these events would play out differently depending on if you were playing Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town:
In the male-protagonist FoMT game, on Winter 14 there would be visits from the normal girl marriage candidates to your farmhouse front door if they had a purple heart color or higher. Each girl would give you a gift-wrapped Chocolate bar. Then on Spring 14, the male-protagonist could return the favor by giving the girl marriage candidates home-baked Cookies to raise their Love Points.In the female-protagonist MFoMT, on Winter 14 you would be the one to give Chocolate bars to the normal male marriage candidates. Then on Spring 14, the purple-heart-or-higher male marriage candidates would visit the farm to deliver gift-wrapped Cookies. Since Kai wouldn't be in town, he would mail his Cookie gift to your farm mailbox.
In both versions the special candidates don't participate in these festival days.
This is generally the same in the Nintendo Switch remake, but also a little bit different...
In the updated version of the game, both sides of the event play out on their dedicated days. As the Switch remake doesn't present a different experience based on the chosen gender of the protagonist, players can both give and receive on each of the annual Harmony Days. On the Winter Harmony Day, the normal girl marriage candidates will visit the farm throughout the day to give their Chocolate gifts, while also permitting the protagonist to venture into town to give Chocolate to the male marriage candidates. Then on Spring Harmony Day, the normal male marriage candidates will be the ones visiting the farm to deliver Cookies, and the normal female marriage candidates could also be gifted Cookies to raise their Love Points.
The fun part of this change is that you can simply recycle the gifts you receive on the Harmony Days. For example, if you can't bake Cookies using your kitchen for the Spring version of Harmony Day, the Cookie gifts received from the boy candidates can simply be re-gifted to the girl candidates! Love Points for everyooooone!
Farm'n Discounts!
On the Nintendo eShop in Japan:My Time at Portia = 50% off (1647 Yen) until February 16Wada's Little Dragons Cafe = 60% off (2552 Yen) until February 26Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands = 30% off (1799 Yen) until February 25
On the Nintendo eShop in North America:My Time at Portia = 50% off ($14.99 USD) until February 16
And on the eShop in Europe:My Time at Portia = 50% off (12.49 or 14.99) until March 1

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SoS:FoMT 1.1.3 Patch and Classic NinDori Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! There's lots of bulbs coming up out of the ground now. Even the peonies have begun to germinate; now to find a good fertilizer to help them bloom in the poor front yard soil. At least the tulips don't seem to mind!Even the Shawo radishes from last year are beginning to look like radishes, at least the long green style of radishes they're suppose to be. Maybe another few months and they'll be ready to harvest. In the meantime, the crop will need to be protected from slugs.The Watermelon Radish are growing too, but they aren't as far along as the Shawo sweet radishes. They were planted several weeks after the Shawos as a replacement for the first batch of Shawos that were destroyed by those dang-nabit tree rats.No news about the English release date for SoS:FoMT or or news about upcoming Harvest Moon games, but we do have Rune Factory 4 coming out in less than three weeks!
SoS:FoMT PatchMarvelous released a new patch for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town in Japan, updating the game to version 1.1.3. The patch notes simply state that it was to fix some bugs in the game, but didn't specify what those bugs were.One bug that they've appeared to fix is an issue that came about in the 1.1.2 patch regarding achievement letters being sent to the farm house mailbox. Normally as players proceed through the game the Goddess would send good-job letters to your mailbox after you reached and unlocked in-game achievements such as spending 10 consecutive hours in the hot spring, reaching year 3 in the game, or even having a total of 100,000 G. This relatively minor glitch would trigger when players had an existing save file with unlocked achievements and then would start new save file. On the second day of the new game, all of the Goddess' congratulatory letters would arrive in the mailbox as well as all associated achievements from the first play file would be marked as completed in the new game file. So you'd unlock achievements like "Win the Chicken Festival" without even owning a chicken yet.Granted, the in-game achievements don't actually do anything in the game; they're just mini goals you can try to complete. The 1.1.3. patch has corrected this little quirk. Now when starting a new game players are no longer bombarded with all of the achievements unlocked in their other save file.

Nindori ComicAnd here's the four-column comic drawn by Igusa Matsuyama that originally was published in the May 2013 volume of Nintendo DREAM magazine, featuring Hart from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning! Poor Neil is a good sport!

Until next time!

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How Pets work in SoS:FoMT and Feb '20 Mobage Events Happy Farm'n Friday! The anemonies are starting to produce more bloom buds in anticipation for springtime. The peonies are beginning to pop up, as are the tulips and the alliums. Huzzah! Go away winter! It looks like we're about to get another overnight cold snap this weekend, as winter hasn't quite decided to buzz off for the year. There's a few outdoor plants that will need protection like the hydrangeas. A few years ago I neglected to cover the budding bushes with sheets at night, and the overnight early-spring frost destroyed some of the leaf buds on the bushes. The plants were okay of course, but just putting in a tiny bit of work would of prevented the damage in the first place.Rune Factory 4 Special comes out on Nintendo Switch in North America, Europe, and Australia in less than a month! In Japan there is now a variety of special goods that Japan fans can purchase such as a new 2020 Calendar, a Woolie drink tumbler, a denim bag, a book cover, and a towel. Shipping appears to be Japan-only though.Still waiting on news regarding a NA/EU release date for SoS:FoMT, so let's cover some more information from the latest release of Bokumono.

Pets in SoS:FoMTIn the original version of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town a pet dog lived on the farm to keep you company. The little puppy was given to you at the beginning of the game and would take 2 seasons to grow to an adult dog. The adult dog would then scare off the wild dogs that randomly appeared on your farm at night. You could also participate in the Beach Opening Day festival on Summer 1 after your dog was full grown, where during hte contest your dog's ability to catch a far-flying frisbee disc would be judged.Pets return in Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town, with changes of course. In the updated game for Nintendo Switch, you won't start your game with a pet dog. Players will have to purchase their pet, but now they can care for up to 5 pets on the farm. The types of pets to chose from have also been expanded:Now players can choose from three types of dogs, two types of penguins, three types of cats, and two types of capybara. The pets are all functionally the same; there's no advantage or disadvantage to selecting one type of pet over another.Van the traveling merchant must be unlocked in the game before pets are available to buy. Van will start appearing in Mineral Town after tossing one gift per day into the Goddess' pond for a total of 30 days. The merchant from Forget-Me-Not Valley will then set up a merchandise shop on the second floor of Doug's Inn on Wednesdays.Interesting fact: in the original GBA game the outline of Forget-me-Not Valley could be viewed in the distance from the top of Mother's Hill, as Mineral Town was connected to the valley from the Gamecube game, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, via the Gamecube-to-GBA Link Cable accessory. In the new Switch remake, Doctor will still mention Forget-Me-Not Valley in his conversations, but the valley itself can no longer be seen in the distance from the top of Mother's Hill.On the 15th of every season, Van will set up a pet shop in Rose Plaza. This is the only day each season that you have the option to buy a pet. Another point is that Van will only set up his shop if it is sunny weather. For example, if it happens to be raining on the 15th in your game, then you're out of luck with Van until next season - no pet for you! This restriction is also made more exasperating by the fact that Van only sells certain pets during specific seasons: cats on Spring 15, penguins on Summer 15, dogs on Fall 15, and capybara on Winter 15. If you wanted a cat, and it happens to be raining on Spring 15, then you've to wait a whole year for the opportunity to buy a cat again. I'm hoping this changes during localization (please XSeed?), but it may end up being this way when the game is released in English. To get around this issue, save your game on the 13th and go to bed for the evening. If the weather report on the TV in the morning says it will be raining the next day (15th), then reload your save game until the weather report on the 14th confirms that the 15th will be sunny.If Van's Wednesday visit happens to land on the 15th, he'll start the day upstairs at Doug's Inn and then close shop at 1 PM to move to Rose Plaza to open his pet shop.You can also only buy one of each pet. Unfortunately, the game doesn't permit a player to have a colony of five penguins. Players can buy one normal Penguin, one Navy Penguin, and three other pets for a total of five pets.The pet you buy from Van will take 2 seasons to grow to adulthood. There are Pet Treats you can give to increase its friendship hearts. You can also talk to the pet and play ball with it.A second pet can be obtained after the first pet reaches at least 8 hearts of friendship. The fastest you can earn 1 heart of friendship is 8 to 9 days, so at a minimum it will take 67 days to reach that level of friendship. Van will not allow you to buy another pet until you're super-friendly with the pet you already have. He also does not buy pets that you don't want anymore; you're stuck with what you pick as your pets.Since there are no wild dogs in SoS:FoMT, the adult pets don't help out on the farm at all. They are still used for the Beach Opening Day contest on Summer 1. Practicing for the festival can be done by having the Frisbee toy in your rucksack and then activating the frisbee sign board next to Kai's Snack Shack; since the pets can't leave the farm area in SoS:FoMT, players don't have to physically bring the pet to the beach to play frisbee like in the GBA game. The pet you chose to play with will instantly appear on the beach to play fetch with you. The more hearts of friendship your pet has, the longer you can play frisbee until the pet wants to stop for the day.

February Bokumono for Mobage EventsTomorrow is a new month and a new set of events in the online Bokujou Monogatari game on the Mobage game network. January's themed events were Year of the Rat (a harvest contest), Strawberry Cake Room (a big crop contest), and Snow Village (a bingo contest).February's events are a Winter Flower and Chocolate Land harvest event (1st to 9th), a hungry animal contest (11th to 19th), and a big crop contest (21st to 29th - leap year).

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RF4 Official Release Date and Latest Farm'n Game Discounts Happy Farm'n Friday! It's still January, but it feels like springtime is just around the corner. Even the anemones are starting to give the 'ol heave-ho to winter."Winter? Psaw, it's MY time to bloom!"It's not just the anemones that are sprouting early. The neighbor down the street has a patch of daffodils that are almost ready to show off their bright-yellow flowers. The iris next to the mailbox are beginning to sprout too. Hope I'll get to see some pretty iris blooms this year!

Rune Factory 4 SE Release Date

This week both Marvelous EU and XSeed Games announced that Rune Factory 4 Special for Nintendo Switch will finally be released next month. In North America the game will be released on February 25, and in Europe/Australia the game will be released on February 28. The game was originally released in Japan in July 2019, so about a 7-month localization period.XSeed posted a localization blog entry that explains some of the going-ons that occured during localization. Localizer John explains in clear language some of the challenges they faced when localizing the game for the Nintendo Switch, as it wasn't as simple as swapping in the original 3DS English text.
Physical releases are available for preorder. XSeed's website has both the Standard ($40) and Archival ($60) editions, and Marvelous EU's website has the Archival edition only; the physical Standard edition is available for pre-order at select retailers listed on the company's website. Digital versions are available for preload on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Both Standard and Archival are available for purchase at .
All digital pre-orders and Archival editions will receive the Swimsuit Day DLC that allows players to change the marriage candidates' default outfit from everyday wear to skimpy swimsuit wear. The Standard edition of the game will not include the Swimsuit Day DLC, as the day-wear swimsuits will not be sold on the eShop. All copies of the game will have the extra Another Episode DLC available as a free download from the Nintendo eShop until late-March, when it will become a $4.99 paid DLC option. The Another Episode content includes 12 new voice drama stories starring Ventuswill that players can listen to.
The game will be published in English, French, and German, and include both English and Japanese audio tracks. Players can switch between the audio language from the game's main menu.
So if the Switch localization of the Rune Factory 4 remake took 7 months of hard work by XSeed Games, maybe we'll get Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town sometime in late May or June? We'll see!

Latest Farm'n Game Discounts
In North America, Sony is having a Totally Digital sale with discounts on several farming style games. This sale ends February 4:

Stardew Valley = 20% off
My Time at Portia = 50% off
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (Game + DLC) = 50% off
Harvest Moon: Mad Dash = 30% off
Real Farm = 93% off

There's also a bun'cha farming game discounts during Steam's Lunar New Year Sale. These specials expire on January 27:

Littlewood = 10% off
Doraemon: Story of Seasons = 25% off
Fantasy Farming: Orange Season = 25% off
My Time at Portia = 25% off
Stardew Valley = 33% off
Stranded Sails = 33% off
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (Game + DLC) = 50% off
Staxel = 50% off
Little Dragons Cafe = 70% off
Harvest Life = 90% off

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