Ushi No Tane PHP-Update New Plushs in NA and JP, PoOT Launches on Steam, and new Early Access Slow Life Farming Game Happy Farm'n Friday! The weather here is slowly turning to autumn, so it's time to start harvesting the watermelon ripening in the front yard! Most of the melons are ready for harvest, except for one stubborn fellow with a trendil that hasn't dried enough to indicate the fruit is ready for picking. I also had marked which melons were hand-pollinated with some of the other varieties. Hopefully, the seeds saved from cross-breeding with the Sugar Baby variety will germinate next year into something special! Or they could possibly be duds. I won't know until I give it a try!

Plushie Parade

The new 12" Cow Plush and 12" Corgi Plush arrived at Fogu HQ last weekend, direct from These two guys remind me of Squishmallows, the poofy pillow plushies that my cousin's kids like to throw at each other. They arrived flat and expanded when their packaging was removed, similar to mail-order foam mattresses. All in all, I'd say they're pretty cute; the cow has soft pillow udders, and who could hate that.
These guys are still available on in the US:
Harvest Moon 12" Cow PlushHarvest Moon 12" Corgi Plush

Also starting to be released are the new stuffed farm animals from Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. These fellows are prizes at participating arcade centers in Japan.

SoS:PoOT Launches on Steam
The PC version of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town launched on Steam this week. The home computer version requires 2G of hard drive space, Windows 8.1 or higher, and at least 8 G of RAM.
Last night, I stayed up past my bedtime (gasp!) and played through the first week of the game. Compared to the initial Nintendo Switch launch, the Steam version feels so much better. And it looks better on my PC, too! With the compilation of patches that updated dialog, conversation animations, the Chat Camera, and so on, the game 7-months post-release is a much better experience when starting from scratch. It's also loads much faster compared to the Switch version.

Another benefit to the Steam version is the game loading screens. This version does not include the online components that the Switch version has, so there are no more crotch shots or animal bungholes or other roll-eye types of images that photographers have submitted to be shared with other farmers. There's nothing but a nice, quiet beige screen that is gone within seconds because the next area has already loaded. It's amazing. The Steam version also doesn't have that on-screen stutter that the Switch version still experiences.
If you tried the original Switch game and put it down because of its... issues... I would give the Steam version a try. The 10% discount will carry over until September 22, available on both the base game and the game/expansion pass bundle. The discount is not on the separate DLCs or on the separate expansion pass. Buying the expansion pass is required to access the three remote islands (Windswept Falls, Terracotta Oasis, and Twilight Isle) and the marriage candidate outfits, as these aren't sold separately. The region-specific preorder costumes are also available on Steam, such as the Buffalo costume (NA preorders), the White Fox costume (EU preorders), and the Panda costume (Korea/Asia). The Buffalo and the White Fox were eventually released in other regions, but Panda has not until the Steam release.

Sakuna Clothing DLC

Also on Wednesday was the release of the optional DLC costume for the protagonist in PoOT based on Marvelous' rice-farming game, Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin. The free Princess Sakuna's Heavenly Garb is available for download from the Steam Store or Nintendo eShop for free until March 30, 2022; it does not automatically get added to your games like a patch update would.
After downloading the 5MB DLC, the Princess Sakuna Hairstyle and Princess Sakuna's Hunting Garment will be added to Karina's hat and clothing options at the Olive Town beauty salon.

New Farm'n - Slow Living
A new game with farming aspects is currently in Early Access on Steam. Slow Living with Princess tells the story of Red, the rejected fighter, starting a new life in the countryside of Zoltan. To collect ingredients for crafting medicine and cooking meals to sell in his new apothecary shop, Red has to farm the land, catch fish, forage for wild goods, and fight monsters for loot drops. A much slower life than having to fight the Demon Lord!

Red isn't alone in his quest to run the greatest herb shop. His sister Ruti is there to help out, but so is the princess who once fought alongside Red against the Demon Lord's army! Princess Rit of the Duchy of Loggervia has joined Red and Ruti in their venture. And with a little work, maybe Red can build a relationship with the powerful princess.
You can learn more about the game and add it to your Steam wish list on its Steam Store page:
Indie Games > Slow Living with Princess

Until next time!

Cher(A rainy weekend means indoor farming time, or fixing old code to function properly when the server gets upgraded...) Fri, 17 Sep 2021 21:03:07 +0000
Harvest Moon OW New Plushies, Platform, and 1.5 Patch Happy Farm'n Friday! Earlier this year, while browsing through garden groups, I read a post from a gardener who noted that they had excellent results with training zucchini to grow vertically along a trellis. Normally, the squash vines along the ground and eventually escape out of the garden box. Figured why not give it a try, 'ya know? I'd rather have them grow vertically instead of horizontally.
Turns out it does work really well for zucchini! Trellises were placed next to the seedlings at planting time, and it just took a bit of maneuvering as the leaves sprouted to get the vines growing upwards instead of sideways. The vines that grew vertically produced more squash than the vine that grew along the ground like normal; my control group vine, in a sense. The plants were easier to fully water, as the large ground-level leaves weren't blocking the irrigation heads.
The one downside is the compactness of the leaves made harvesting the squash a little difficult, depending on where the fruit formed on the vine. It was tricky sometimes to cut out the zucchini while at the same time trying to avoid cutting the leaf stems. The leaves are starting to die back as the season changes to fall, making it a bit easier now to access the zucchini.
Thank you to the anonymous zucchini grower for the great idea! I'll definitely grow them vertically every year! Now, back to canning more zucchini relish!

MTaP Console Version Updates
Some of the gameplay enhancements added to the Steam/PC version of My Time at Portia have finally made it to the Playstation 4, Switch, and XBox One versions of the game. The list of updates explained that not every bug has been fixed in the console edition, but the issues that stopped game progress have all been corrected. A list of all updates added to console MTaP are listed on the game's Reddit:
Console Update Is Finally Here!
Not everything in the Steam edition made it to this latest update, but it includes everything up to the August 2021 update. The updated voiceovers and extra DLC from that improvement patch will be added to the console versions at a later date; let's hope it doesn't take another couple of years...

Spirit of the Island Funded
The tropical island town-and-farm building game Spirit of the Island reached its crowdfunding goal this week. 1M Bits Horde intends to update the game demo, including the new multiplayer mode for players to try. You can try out the beta from the game's Steam store page:
Spirit of the Island (Steam)

HM:OW Improvement Patch
An update was released on Tuesday for Harvest Moon: One World for Nintendo Switch and Playstation farmers in NORTH AMERICA. Rising Star Games handles the EU distribution for updates. The patch updated the version number from 1.2.0 to 1.5.0. This QoL update was based on player feedback and made the following adjustments to the game:
Harvest Wisps give more seeds
Crop seeds are discovered by locating Harvest Wisps. The little fairies appear throughout the lands during various times. Sometimes they appear at their spots every day, sometimes after a few days, and so on. Talking to a Harvest Wisp would reward players with 1 bag of seeds. A bag of seeds only plants 1 crop square, so collecting enough seeds to complete tasks would take a while.
After the update, most of the Harvest Wisps give 3 bags of seeds. The ones that don't are the wisps located at the bottom of the mines that already handed over 3 bags of seeds.
Seeds cost less in shops
As players sell their mutated produce, the seeds from these crops will start to appear in town shops. The base crops (carrots, tomatoes, etc.) require at least 30 shipped or directly sold to shops before their seeds will be buyable instead of only being found at Harvest Wisp points. Gen 2 mutations require 15 to be sold, and Gen 3 mutations (if applicable) require 10 to be sold. The shops would then sell seeds of that crop for 500 G for 1 seed. When a Potato is sold for 20 G, its seeds still cost 500 G.

The seed shop prices now are a bit more reasonable at 50 G! This will make earning money less costly when growing higher-profit crops like Snow Moon and Pink Orchid Cactus, as after deducting the cost of seeds, you can now earning 1950 G for selling the Queen of the Night flower mutations instead of 1500 G.
Players still need to ship 30/15/10 crops for the seeds to appear for sale in the shop. There's the exception of Rice and Lotus, as these two DLC expansion crops still don't seem to appear for sale as seeds in any shop that I could find.
Bag trashing options
Previously, when a player's bag would fill up, the only option was to head home and toss stuff into the shipping bin or farmhouse storage. When running around to find Harvest Wisps, this becomes cumbersome as players quickly run out of bag space if they haven't completed the bag upgrade sequence. A bag full of items meant the wisp wouldn't hand over new seeds.
After the update, a new Throw Away button is located in the profile of each bag item. The game will throw away the whole stack of goods when tossing an item. You can't pick to toss only 4 Wheat Seeds from a stack of 10; it's all or nothing.
Additional teleport locations
The memory portal travel points throughout One World help players get around quickly. The teleport points appeared at the Harvest Sprite shrines as the shrines were restored. While it was great to not have to walk everywhere, it still took some time to move from the sprite shrine to wherever you wanted to go. For example, the desert tree shrine was far from the desert farm location and Pastilla Village. Teleporting to the tree still meant a long trek across the desert to reach the desired location.

After the update, there are new memory portal teleport locations for Mom's House, Saeed's house in Pastilla, and the four mines. Players still have to run from Lebkuchen to the lava field or Salmiakki to the top of the snowy mountain, but now there's a fast-travel to Doc Jr's house! The mine teleport locations will appear on the memory portal map after you enter/exit the mine.
Some memory portals have been renamed because of the inclusion of new portal locations. For example, the old tree that was "Pastilla Village" is now the "Sacred Tree" because Saeed's house is now the "Pastilla Village" fast-travel point.
Text Changes
The patch notes from the Natsume community blog says there were some minor text changes included in the update.
Not every in-game text issue was corrected. Franz still explains that he needs three cooked meals as contest entries for the Red Hot Cook-off, but in actuality, only one cooked meal will be accepted for judgment during the cooking festival.
Additional changes
When married to Gabrielle, the animal vet doesn't spend all day asleep in bed anymore. As she's a night owl, Gabrielle would only be up and about by her house in Calisson during the evening. After the 1.5.0 update, she is now awake and walking around inside the farmhouse during the day, going to bed at 9:00 pm.
Some of the request villagers are available for longer now. For example, Deiter in Lebkuchen was only available to talk to and hand over requested items from 8:00 am until 10:00 am, but now he's around from 1:00 pm until 6:00 pm. Hikaru in Wagashi was only around from 6:00 pm until 8:00 pm, and now the little girl is at the crossroads from 6:00 pm until 11:00 pm. It should be easier to complete those tasks when the task givers are around for longer periods.

HM:OW Launches on Steam
Also new in the One World world (heh), the PC edition of the game launched on the Steam gaming platform for $49.99. The game's system requirements are a Windows operating system with at least 8 G of RAM. The game also supports Steam achievements, which are not a walk in the park, so to speak. Harvesting all 216 crops to unlock the Crop Master achievement is a challenge!
The four optional DLC bundles are also buyable from the Steam Store page. The Interior Design and Tool Upgrade Pack unlocks an extra level of tool upgrades beyond what the game already has, plus some minor interior designs. The Far East Adventure Pack unlocks the island of Wagashi and its water paddies that keep the crops nice and wet. The other two packs are simply extra pets and wild animals.
You can check out the game on the Steam Store page:
Harvest Moon: One World

More MEGA Plushies
CeeCee finally regained control of her unruly camera and posted pictures of the two new mega-plushies from Nastume.

These big-bottomed cow and Welsh corgi are available for purchase directly from Each mega-plushie is 12 inches long and about 7 inches tall. The corgi is selling out quickly!
You can read more about the ba-donka-donk plushies on the Natsume community blog:
Introducing Two New Harvest Moon Plushies

Until next time!

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BokuMono 25th Anniversary Announcements, More Animal Goods, and Sept BokuMobile Events Happy Farm'n Friday! Next Monday is Labor Day, which means we get an extra day off from office work. Time for some lounging around and peaceful catnaps. I'll give the hard-working interns the day off too. Running a farming website is still a challenge for these guys! Intern Captain and Intern Hondo need more hand-holding as they work on Fogu site maintenance; they like to interrupt my morning office Zoom meetings with farming questions. Luckily, all three interns take a nap during the afternoon.
Unless I have the back patio door open. That's when Intern Reba loudly lets me know (along with everyone else on the call) that she wants to go outside. She doesn't understand that I can't watch her and be in the conference call at the same time. Ah, the luxuries of working from home!

Marv Celebrates BokuMono 25th

Marvelous (and its overseas subsidiaries) has started promoting the Bokujou Monogatari 25th anniversary with a contest in Japan and other news reveals.
In Japan, Marv has launched a fan contest via Twitter. From now until September 13, farmers in Japan can retweet a specific contest tweet to enter a raffle to win a framed art print (pictured above) drawn by long-time BokuMono character designer, Igusa Matsuyama. Twenty-five winners will be selected at random and notified by Twitter DM in early October.

Another anniversary bonus will be available globally starting on September 13. Farmers will be able to download a free costume based on another popular farming game, Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin (I'll open and play my copy someday, really!). Heroine Sakuna's clothing outfit and headware will be available for download in Story of Season: Pioneers of Olive Town from September 13 until the end of March next year.

Another announcement was the port of the Nintendo Switch game to PC/Steam. With a release date of September 13, we'll soon be able to play the game on our 'puters! Or on our living room TV sets courtesy of Steam Link.
The Steam edition includes the improvements that the Switch players had to wait for over the past 5 months. Visually, the Steam profile page videos don't have the lagginess that the Switch version suffers from, though I imagine that will vary depending on the digital farmer's PC hardware.
The Steam edition also has the option for a separate Expansion Pass purchase for an additional fee. The expansion pass goodies (clothing outfits, the extra scenarios, and dull DLC areas) are unlocked in one big glob rather than released over several months. Players will need to have unlocked Karina's clothing salon to collect their wearable free costumes for their protagonist. As in the Switch version, the Olive Town marriage candidate outfits are enabled via an option from the game's title screen.
A game-only package and game+expansion pass package are available for preorder. You can add the game to your Steam wishlist and see the price for your region on the Steam Store page:
STORY OF SEASONS: Pioneers of Olive Town (Steam)
Since the Steam version is less expensive than the Switch version in the USA, the digital version on the Nintendo eShop had its price reduced. Originally $49.99 (game only) and $69.99 (game + expansion), the full-price for SoS:PoOT is now $39.99 (game only) and $59.99 (game + expansion). In Europe, the eShop price remains at €49,99 / €69,99, and in Australia, the eShop price is still $79.95 / $109.95.
XSeed also confirmed that the XBox and Playstation versions of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town will be released on October 26 in North America. Marvelous EU already revealed that the GBA remake will be released in their region on October 15. As with the original Nintendo Switch release (July 2020), physical edition preorders can receive the Strawberry Cow mini-plushie at participating retailers (Gamestop US,, etc.)

More Japan Plushies!

Speaking of plushies, more limited edition plushies are being made available in Japan. These 5 special animals are arcade prizes like the XL Cow, XL Strawberry Cow, and XL Turnip from earlier this year. This time, they'll be available at Takarajima, Amipara, and Soyu Game Field arcade locations throughout Japan. The cow is 18 cm long (~7 inches), so they're by far smaller than the XL fellows. They look like they'd be a good size for crane machines! These farm animal plushies will appear starting the third week of September at participating arcade centers.

Natsume has started dropping hints on their official Twitter account about the next Harvest Moon plushie. One would hope that CeeCee was better at taking pictures by now! The partial-plushie image hints at something black and white, or cobalt blue and white, perhaps? Maybe it is a mythical Sasquash from Harvest Moon: One World? Those big floofy guys would make cute plushies. Keep an eye on the company Twitter account to see if CeeCee improves her photography skills!

September BokuMobile Events

September brings in autumn colors and new events in Marvelous' Bokujou Monogatari on social gaming platforms in Japan:
A fall-themed Sweet Osmanthus Tea Time harvest event started on the 1st. Players will harvest jam flowers and tea-tray trees and care for orange blossom foxes and birds. Players will harvest as much as possible before September 9 to earn in-game goodies based on the total amount of points earned from harvests.September 11 is the start of the bingo event. Grow special crops on a 3x3 grind and hope they mature into the same type of crop to score big points.Finally, on September 21 is the Hungry Animal event. Players will grow special crops to feed visiting animals, earning prizes based on how many animals are fed until they're full. Feeding everyone else's animals will also unlock more bonuses.

Until next time!

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Stories of Mara, SoS:PoOT 1.0.7 and Twilight Isle, and new game Monster Harvest Happy Farm'n Friday! Christmas Light Extravaganza planning has officially started, with some fancy red slow-glow LED light strings and accompanying white slow-glow strings heading this way. These are to replace the strobe-light strings that decorate the four porch columns on the front of the house. Slow glow is a much softer lighting effect than flashy strobe lights. The other hiccup I have with the strobes on the porch columns is each flashing bulb is spaced about 25 inches apart on the string of lights. With the circumference of the columns being 20 inches, the strobe bulbs eventually end up on the back side the columns as they loop around the post. Nobody can see them there!
November 1 is fast approaching! Gotta finish the prep work to ensure the whole Christmas light project installs quickly and with less impact on farm'n time.

One World XBox Update
Natsume noted this week that the XBox version of Harvest Moon: One World is now planned for a September release. The game hasn't been given an official, confirmed release date yet, but that'll eventually be locked in. Still, nothing publicly announced by Rising Star Games if they too will be publishing the XBox version in their covered Europe and Oceania regions.

Stories of Mara Ep 1
The first episode of the visual novel based on the tropical farming game, Summer in Mara, is now available for FREE on Steam or! Game developer Chibig hopes to make Stories of Mara an ongoing tale of the characters that make up the world of Mara. In Episode 1, Akaji the blacksmith discovers that Koa has gone missing, with just her abandoned boat left behind on Qalis. Akaji needs to work with the other residents of the island to discover what happened with little Koa.
You can download the free episode from the following platforms:
Stories of Mara on SteamStories of Mara on

PoOT Twilight Isle

The last of the paid DLC expansions released this Thursday for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. The new Twilight Isle area can be accessed by taking the boat from the dock by the farmer's house. The area is beach-like and has castle ruins set on a cliff above the houses. The island is small and only has two houses: the first is shared by Moriya and Lisette, and the other belongs to Tigre and Ludus.
Ludus and Lisette are the priority targets for most players, as they're available for courtship. As they're new to SoS:PoOT, we don't know what they like to receive as gifts right away! So far, it's easier to find gifts for Lisette than Ludus, so here are some suggestions I've come across:
Special Gifts (+1200 FP): Oh gosh, I'm not sure how to react! This is one of my favorite things. Thank you so much for thinking of me!
Blazing Waltz, Jewelry Locket, Moonlight Nocturne, Peach, Springtime March
Loved Gifts (+600 FP): Wow, you're sure you want to give this away? Thank you so much!
Hibiscus, Lemon, Orange, Royal Fern, Sunflower
Liked Gifts (+200 FP): What a delightful present. Thank you!
Fashionable Bracelet, Floral Perfume, Golden Rain Rosemary, Jewelry Ring, Lemon Marigold, Oregano, Sage, Shiny Watch
Special Gifts (+1200 FP): Wow, I love this! Did you pick it out just for me? Mahalo, (player name).
Banana, Fashionable Bracelet
Loved Gifts (+600 FP): You're so thoughtful. I like this a lot. Mahalo, (player name).
Catfish, Eel, Mixed Herbs, Shiny Watch
Liked Gifts (+200 FP): Mahalo. This is a nice gift
Durable Lumber, Floral Perfume, Mysterious Bait, Jewelry Locket, Jewelry Ring
PoOT Chat Camera

Also this week, the last two updates for SoS:PoOT were released in North America, Europe, and Oceania. The major change with 1.0.7 is the option for players to enable a Chat Camera from their game's Options > Gameplay menu. When this setting is turned on, the in-game camera will focus on the upper-body of the person the player is interacting with. The camera won't highlight the villager if it would have problems with walls or corners.
Version 1.0.7 also added visual changes to the town upgrade tasks. Now players will see a swipe-affect to show the difference between the old town style and the new town style when viewing the task completion cut scene.
The 1.0.8 update was also released on Monday. This update is a quick bug-fix with the chat camera along with other unspecified corrections.
FS22 Season Pass
The wildly popular Farming Simulator 22 is now available for preorder in anticipation of its November 22 release date. Giants Software revealed an optional season pass that players can purchase, which gets them full access to all the planned bonus content for the first year after the game's release. GS plans to have three content packs released in Winter 2021-2022, Spring 2022, and Summer 2022, plus a large expansion in Autumn 2022.
The season pass for FS22 costs about $38 USD, putting the game + expansion pass at $87.98.
Monster Farm'n

A new farming-style game will be released next week. After several delays, Monster Harvest by Maple Powered Games is launching on the Steam platform and Nintendo Switch console on August 31. In this game, the player will take control of a farmer starting a new life near the town of Planimal Point. As a farmer, players naturally will grow and harvest crops, but the crops in this game can mutate into monster buddies! These Planimals will follow the player around, participate in turn-based battles and helping the player explore dungeons. Different Planimals will pop out from the farm soil depending on the slime used to grow the seeds as well as the current season (Dry, Wet, or Dark season). Players can also build furniture for their farm and participate in town events like the Cooking Festival.
A free demo is available on the Steam platform page:
Monster Harvest on Steam
Monster Harvest retails on the Nintendo eShop for $19.99/€19.99, but is discounted 20% (15.99) until September 13.

Until next time!

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SoS:PoOT Twilight Island, MTAS Beta Updates, and New Farm'n Island Dev Kickstarter Happy Farm'n Friday! The weather has started to cool down as we roll into the autumn season. It's becoming dark outside earlier in the evening, despite my verbal encouragements directed at the sun to help it stay in the sky for more of the day. The dang thing isn't listening to a word I say!
Even though I'm lamenting the end of summer, it also means that the Christmas light season is fast approaching. This year, the plan is to design cone-shaped light trees using the support cages typically utilized for tomatoes and other crops. I have many icicle-style and matching string lights from the old multi-color design of the Christmas Light Extravaganza that have been cheering at me from the attic ("Use uuuss Use uuuus we're so pretttyyyy"). I even dreamed about my multi-color light trees last night; that's a good sign that it'll work! Or a least I expect that it will work. Imagination and reality don't always make good partners...
But, 'ya never know until you try, right? At least the dahlias are showing off their pretty colors, or at least the ones that have bloomed. There aren't as many flowers this year; perhaps it is caused by the 115-degree heat wave or there is still a nutrient missing from the soil. That heat wave did cause a huge mess for our local CSA. Their strawberry crop fried and they lost a third of their blueberries. The berry farm expects they won't recover well enough to offer a CSA next year

Garden Path Funded
The Kickstarter game I mentioned last week, The Garden Path, has completed its successful crowdfunding campaign. Developer Louis Durrant of the one-person game studio Carrotcake noted that the stretch goal to bring his artistic garden game to the Nintendo Switch was also cleared. The game's expected release for PC is by the end of this year, with Kickstarter backers getting a chance to play in October.

New Kickstarter - Spirit of the Island
A new life simulator with farming aspects is looking for supporters. Spirit of the Island (also known as SOTI) is a game from 1M Bits Horde about a young person who sets out from their home village to find their place in the world; in this case, a mysterious island in the middle of a tropical archipelago. The protagonist is then tasked with developing this wild land into a tourist destination while solving the riddle of the local legends.

Players will be taming their island by building their farms, raising crops and animals while fighting island pirates and wild creatures. They'll also develop a welcoming tourist attraction by building shops and museums, enticing them to spend money and possibly become permanent residents.
You can learn more about SOTI on the Kickstarter website:
Spirit of the Island - a colorful life simulation RPG

Twilight Island Preview
Next Thursday (August 26), the last of the expansion pass features will be released for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. Marvelous Japan created a short video summarizing the characters added along with the new Twilight Island.
【牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地】「エキスパンション・パス」第六弾恋愛候補パック「たそがれの島」8月26日(木)に配信決定!本日は『牧場物語 三つの里の大切な友だち』よりアノ4人が移住した様子を少しだけお届けします!⇒ #牧場物語 #オリーブタウン— 『牧場物語』公式アカウント (@bokumono_PR) 2021年8月19日
The characters being added to their remote area are from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns. Marriage candidates Lisette and Ludus will live together on the island instead of in their separate villages of Westown and Lulukoko. The fighter-in-training Tigre has also tagged along with Ludus, and for some reason, Moriya from Tsuyukusa joined in on the adventure as well.
Though this is the end of the paid expansion bundles, the game is still being updated with bug fixes. Version 1.0.8 was released in Japan on Monday, fixing a major bug along with other unexplained corrections. After enabling the new Chat Camera added with the 1.0.7 update, Japan players where having their games lock up when talking to residents while wearing the Green Argyle Sweater and Skirt outfit. Absolutely bizarre situation, but glad that Marvelous and Three Rings were able to find a solution.
Version 1.0.7 is still planned for a end-of-month release in North America and Europe/Oceania. The Chat Camera does work pretty well in place of character portraits, so give the game another try once the new camera update has been patched into your games.

Sandrock Beta Update

A big update was added to the beta of My Time at Sandrock this week, optimizing things such as quests, NPC daily behaviors, and text descriptions. Pathea also made updates to several mini games such as whack-a-mole (wooo!), sandrun sledding (watch the video above for the changes), food ordering, and trade hall inspections.
The Dew Collector was also added to the game. The machines that run in the player's desert workshop need water to keep cool, so the Dew Collector is available to collect water for the players.

Pathea is still working to entice Steam players to add the game to their wishlists. The developer plans to add two more marriage candidates once 400,000 Steam players have added the game to their lists. One character is a writer from the far-away town of Atara, and the other is a school teacher who moves to Sandrock.
You can add Sandrock to your Steam wishlist from the game's store page:
My Time at Sandrock on Steam
Until next time!

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XBoX OW Gets DLC, Good Life Gets EN VAs, and The Garden Path Kickstarter
Happy Farm'n Friday! Earlier this year, when the sunflowers were sprouting, the leaves were being mysteriously torn up. The green flesh between each vein was being chewed to shreds, leaving very holy leaves that eventually shriveled up. Despite dusting the leaves with diatomaceous earth to deter the nibbles, the damage continued to occur. Well, I figured the unseen insect would best me at anything I tried, so I left it be. The sunflowers were growing fine with a limited number of leaves anyway.
Turns out the damage was being caused by a bird. Last weekend, Mr.Fogu watched a little sparrow perch on the sunflower, tearing up the leaves and then flying away. Egads! I was blaming bugs this whole time! Good thing they don't hold a grudge, right?

This week, Natsume confirmed that the four optional DLC packs for Harvest Moon: One World will be available for purchase when the game is released on the XBox platform later this month - the Interiors & Tool Upgrades Pack, the Far East Adventure Pack, the Precious Pets Pack, and the Mythical Animals Pack.
The physical edition Amazon US preorder page now lists an estimated date of August 26 (instead of August 21), so the official release date isn't set in stone quite yet. A finalized release date will be confirmed by Nastume when it's available.

Good Life EN VAs
White Owls announced that they've added EN voiceover to The Good Life. Initially, the crowdfunded game was intended to have Japanese voices with English subtitles, but the farming murder-mystery game developers recorded English voices through a UK studio. Players can switch between EN and JP voices via an in-game setting.

Sounds pretty good! Can't wait to ride sheep, plant an English garden, and solve mysteries! The Good Life is planned for an autumn 2021 release (finally!) on Steam, Ps4, Nintendo Switch, and XBox One/S.

Sandrock Beta Updates
Pathea confirmed this week that they plan to bring additional functionality to the beta version of My Time at Sandrock. The beta will soon have in-game missions, a barbershop, new house interiors, the romance roles and dates, and even a new mysterious outlaw named Logan.
The game's beta is not the same as the available free demo. Beta access to Sandrock is only available to those who joined the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that included beta access.

New Kickstarter - The Garden Path
There's a little bit different take on plant parenting in the crowdfunded game, The Garden Path. This is a life-sim where the player cultivates a garden with a real-time aspect, drawn in a soft, artistic visual design:

Players will interact with various veggie residents that are enticed to the garden, along with special travelers that appear daily. Each day in the garden is one day in real life, though a in-game season lasts 7 days at the start of the game. The season length can be changed based on the player's collection of constellations.
A free alpha demo of the game is available for download from Carrot Cake Studio's website. You can learn more about this game on the official Kickstarter campaign page:
The Garden Path - A hand-illustrated slice-of-life sim game
The game's crowdfunding campaign ends in less than a week, and it's looking good that it'll be successfully funded (less than £500 to go).

Until next time!

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HM and SoS on XBox, MTAP is Now on Mobile, PoOT 1.0.7 due in Aug, and This Month's BokuMobile Events "Sorry... I had to schedule the meeting for Friday..."
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Oh well, it happens, I guess! Now we'll have a Farm'n Saturday instead! Besides making a batch of zucchini relish (I needed some way to use up those courgettes), I've also recently tackled one of the backlog games that have collected dust while farming takes precedence.

Finally opened Matchi-ing Maker DS, a city building game from 2008; the backlog does have some long-term gems in there. The first game of this series was released for Ps2 and localized by Natsume as Metropolismania back in 2002. In the DS game, players act as the town builder (the Machi-ing Maker), placing houses, offices, restaurants, and so on on the area map. The townsfolk that move in may request certain amenities to be constructed nearby, which requires the town builder to talk to other residents and ask if they know anyone who could complete that request. If friendship is high enough, the resident could respond that they do (and give the requested building invitation) or direct you to someone nearby that does. Each map has a completion criteria to unlock the next map.
The cute thing about Machi-ing Maker is that it has real-world buildings to add to your town, such as Uniqlo, Pizza Hut, TGI Fridays, Kentucky Fried Chicken, JTB Travel Agency, Mixi House, Eneos gas stations, and so on. Even defunct companies like Toys R' Us, Babies R' Us, and Tower Records are buildable in this 2008 game. It's a nice little walk down nostalgia lane.
The original Ps2 game is quite challenging, as it takes a bit of work to make everyone happy and remember where everyone is. On the other hand, this DS version is, unfortunately, much easier. Completing the map goals is as easy as getting a few hundred people moved in, which the increase in difficulty only being about 50 more people compared to the prior map. Later maps have more challenges, such as having 5% of the population being fishermen, which isn't difficult due to many fish-related building invitations the game issues to the Machi-ing Maker. Likewise, construction doesn't cost anything, so money is typically only used for energy meals and buying gifts for the townsfolk to boost friendships.
The Ps2 version contained side-story events that unlock as buildings are constructed. With the DS version, I've only experienced one side-story in an early game map, and it didn't get resolved completely before moving onto the next map; since then, I haven't seen any side stories. The story about the homeless cat was cute, so it would have been nice to see more event stories. And the game locked me out of accessing cleared maps, so the event remained unresolved.
Despite its issues, it is still a fun bedtime game. I still have Metropolismania 2 (Machi-ing Maker 2 for Ps2) and Machi-ing Maker 4 (Ps3) to someday knock off the backlog shelf. After the mixed appeal of MM4 in 2011, the developer, unfortunately, stopped making new MM games.
August 6 was also the 25th Anniversary of the first Bokujou Monogatari game in Japan, released on the Super Famicon (SNES) in 1996. A few game publications made note of it (Game Watch and Famitsu), but alas, there was no fanfare or mention of the milestone date from Marvelous.

More Farm'n for XBox
More information about the upcoming releases for Harvest Moon: One World and Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town for the XBox console were announced this week. Yaay more farm'n!

Preorders for the XBox version of HM: One World are now available on It isn't available for digital preorder from the Microsoft Store yet, but physical and digital versions will be released. The Amazon website has an estimated release date of August 21.
Preorders for the XBox version of SoS: Friends of Mineral Town are available in EUROPE from Marvelous EU at select retailers (such as, with an October 15 release date in their covered region. The Ps4 version is also releasing on that same day. No word yet for the North American version of the XBox/Ps4 editions.

RoP at Gamescom
The European video game show Gamescom will take place from August 25 to August 27. This year's event is fully digital and free to visitors. Soda Den's prehistoric farming game Roots of Pacha will appear sometime during the show. More details will be released later.

Portia Goes Mobile
The popular indie crafting/farming game, My Time at Portia is now available for Android and Apple iOS. Players will need to have at least Android 9 or higher or an Apple 7-plus iPhone to play the game. The mobile game is fairly inexpensive: $7.99 (Android) and $5.99 (iOS). The Android version is currently on sale for $5.99.
Pathea hosted an Ask-Me-Anything earlier this week, where they revealed that the game improvements added to the PC version of the game are finally making their way to the console versions. Pathea also plans to bring in additional voice upgrades to the PC version.

PoOT 1.0.7 for NA/EU
This week, XSeed Games confirmed that the 1.0.7 update for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will be released by the end of August. The latest update to the Switch game will bring the Chat Camera, additional animations when talking to villagers, and updated visuals when town upgrades are completed. You can see videos of the 1.0.7 updates added to the Japan version of the game on last week's Farm'n Friday news update.

August BokuMobile Events

Here are the August events scheduled to take place on the mobile browser-based version of Bokujou Monogatari on social platforms in Japan:
A Tropical Fruit-themed harvest event started on the 1st. Players will harvest cupcake bear flowers and chiffon cake trees and care for kiwi-headed bears and fruity foxes. Players will harvest as much as possible before August 9 to earn in-game goodies based on the total amount of points earned from harvests.A Hungry Animal event starts on August 11. Players will grow special crops to feed visiting animals, earning prizes based on how many animals are fed until they're full. Feeding everyone else's animals will also unlock more bonuses.Finally, a large crop event begins on August 21. Grow crops to earn points towards playing a three-card-shuffle game, where players earn points for keeping their card-picking streak going.

Until next time!

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SoS:PoOT Expansion 4 and JP 1.0.7, Sandrock Demo Reappears, and Cat Farming Game Kitaria Fables
Happy Farm'n Friday! It's sunflower season in the front yard, much to the delight of the local bees. Bringing in the bees and other pollinating insects helps with setting fruit on the watermelon vines close by. This is great because going outside every morning to manually pollinate a melon bud was getting dull. I did manage to cross-pollinate the watermelon varieties with pollen from the Sugar Baby melon flowers, so we'll see how those turn out when the seeds are planted next year.
The sunflowers are actually dropped seeds from last year's yellow and brown sunflowers. This year they were all yellow. There's even a tiny 18-inch tall sunflower by the pathway steps with a cute yellow flower!

SoS:PoOT Expansion Pass 4
The worldwide release of the fifth expansion pass (in Japan) and fourth expansion pass (everywhere else) for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town occurred on Thursday.
Source: Bokumono JP website
The marriage candidates now can wear summertime yukata as their everyday attire. This functionality can be enabled by accessing the Downloadable Content menu from the game's title screen, then selecting Apply Downloadable Content to choose the new Yukata Set outfits. The new outfits are available for the original Olive Town candidates. The DLC candidates can't wear yukata.
The protagonist can also wear yukata. The Blue Yukata and Floral Yukata can be ordered for free at Karina's Salon Ailes D'ange.

A new scenario was also included with the expansion. The Legendary Sprite Dance can be triggered by visiting the Earth Sprite Village. Boss Sprite wants to put on a dance party, but he's too tired to move the plan forward. The little Earth Sprites need your help to make their reverend boss' dream come true.

Mara Gets Physical
The tropical farming and sailing adventure game, Summer in Mara, will get a physical package release in Europe at the end of 2021. The physical edition will be the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Chibig notes that since this is an EU release, those who reside overseas will have to use their online resources to import a copy of the game.

Sandrock Demo is Available Again
A short demo for My Time at Sandrock, the sequel to My Time at Portia, was released a few weeks ago during the Steam Next Fest. As the demo generated over 100,000 downloads during the Steam festival, Pathea Games has released the demo again on the game's Steam Page. The free demo will take about 4 hours to complete and will be available for download from the Steam platform until August 9.

Kitty Farm'n with Kitaria Fables
The action/adventure/farming game, Kitaria Fables, will be released on September 2 (Steam) and September 3 (Ps4, Ps5, and Nintendo Switch). Developed by Twin Hearts and published by PQube, players take the role of a kitty cat knight defending the peaceful Paw Village. The local town has been besieged with monsters and other ailments and needs a mighty feline farmer with combat skills to defend them.

This Rune Factory-like game has the protagonist fighting, farming, crafting, questing, and all sorts of fun activities that we enjoy. A demo of the PC version of the game is available on the Steam Store. You can learn more about Kitaria Fables on the game's official website:
Kitaria Fables | A brand new Action RPG adventure and Farming Sim!

SoS:PoOT 1.0.7 in Japan
The latest update to PoOT was released on Tuesday in Japan. Version 1.0.7 corrects a few bugs and adds in two changes:
(Your browser does not appear to support embedded videos)
The first is the Chat Camera mode, a setting found in the game's options that can be enabled or disabled. When the Chat Camera option is enabled, talking to a villager will move the in-game camera in front of the person you're having a conversation with. You'll then see the text dialog and watch the person express themselves with facial changes or hand movements. It's kind of a different way of bringing character portraits into PoOT without having to rely on adding artwork to the game.
The Chat Camera doesn't work in every instance. If the camera view is obstructed by a tree (as in the above video), the typical dialog box will appear. Likewise, talking to Laura while working at the Tourist Center won't trigger the Chat Camera either. Depending on how Iori and Dousetsu are standing on the boat dock, you might see the normal text box, or you'll see the Chat Camera view. Talking to a shopkeeper to open their shop will always be in normal mode, though going behind the counter and talking to them as a person will trigger the Chat Camera. Basically, any location where panning the Chat Camera might be blocked by a wall or obstacle will prevent Chat Camera mode from triggering.

The Chat Camera also works with the updated mealtime expressions added with the 1.0.6 update. Before 1.0.6, talking to a villager eating while seated would just open a dialog box of conversation text. With 1.0.6, the seated villagers will put down their utensils, turn to the player, and then the conversation dialog would appear. Now with 1.0.7, initiating a chat while a villager is eating will result in them putting down their forks, the Chat Camera triggers so you see the front of them turning their head to talk to you, and then the conversation text appears on the screen. Sometimes, the expressions are a bit... unusual!
The second change to the game from 1.0.7 are updated visuals when a town upgrade has been completed.
(Your browser does not appear to support embedded videos)
After the 1.0.7 update, during a town upgrade reveal, the original version will appear briefly, followed by the improved version. Now we can see the difference! The rest of the event will play out as it did before the 1.0.7 update.
A new Producer's Message from Dai Takemura was also posted, where he explained the new Chat Camera mode and that they added more animations to the characters that trigger when you talk to them. This time, his blog post did not include a message about upcoming patches being developed for the game. We'll have to wait and see if we get a 1.0.8 update or if 1.0.7 is the last one planned for the game.

Until next time!

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Big NA HM Sale, Upcoming HM/SoS on Xbox, and PoOT Pass #4
Happy Farm'n Friday! Earlier this year, we were walking through the local Asian supermarket and found they had a display of Kitazawa Company seed packets. "Hey, let's grow some daikon!" I told Mr.Fogu. "Sure..." he said, which is his typical I'm-just-going-to-agree-because-I-don't-care response. Since the new 24-inch tall raised beds weren't filled in with Hood Strawberries yet, I planted the seeds there. I figured the raised bed would be deep enough to support these radishes. And boy howdy are they happy plants! It only took about 10 weeks to grow these two monster radishes, and there are still lots left to harvest. Even Intern Captain looks small next to the daikon (oh why is he growing so fast! Stay tiny, little kitty!)
Daikon is pretty tasty after it has been roasted. Cutting it up, tossing it with some olive oil, and baking it at 425° for about 30 minutes makes for a delicious roasted root vegetable.

Sakuna Merch in Japan
Marvelous is collaborating with limited-run merchandise retailer NestLabo to sell Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin goods in Japan. The long-sleeve shirt sells for 4180 円, and the rice scoop sells fro 3850 円.
NestLabo Shop
The mall arcade shop MollyFantasy is also holding a Sakuna themed lucky drawing in Japan. Participants just need to follow the @mollyfantasy_of Twitter account and then retweet the promotional Tweet to enter the drawing. Three winners will be selected to receive a Sakuna plushie and a Sakuna-printed long pillow. The raffle entry window ends on August 1.

Natsume NA Mega-Sale
A big sale on Natsume-published farming video games is taking place on the North American Nintendo eShop until August 3rd and on the North American Playstation Store until August 18. Some of Natsume's non-farming titles are for sale in Europe too, though most HM games are published by Rising Star Games in the EU.
Nintendo Discounts

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns 3DS = $9.99 (50% off)Harvest Moon: A New Beginning 3DS = $14.99 (50% off)
Harvest Moon: Skytree Village 3DS = $14.99 (50% off)
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE Switch = $19.99 (50% off)
Harvest Moon: Mad Dash Switch = $9.99 (50% off)
Harvest Moon: One World Switch = $39.99 (20% off)
Harvest Moon: One World Season Pass = $12.99 (20% off)
Harvest Moon: One World DLC Bundle = $51.99 (20% off)

Though not all the Harvest Moon games on the North American Nintendo eShop are on sale. The below games are still at full price:

Harvest Moon GBC 3DS = $4.99
Harvest Moon GBC 2 3DS = $4.99
Harvest Moon GBC 3 3DS = $4.99
Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley 3DS = $29.99
Harvest Moon SNES Wii U = $7.99
Harvest Moon 64 Wii U = $9.99
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Wii U = $6.99
Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town Wii U = $6.99

Playstation Discounts

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life SE PSN = $7.49 (50% off in both NA and EU!)
Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland PSN = $7.49 (50% off in both NA and EU!)
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE = $19.99 (50% off)
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE DLC Bundle = $24.99 (50% off)
Harvest Moon: Mad Dash =$9.99 (50% off)
Harvest Moon: One World = $39.99 (20% off)
Harvest Moon: One World DLC Bundle = $51.99 (20% off)

While the season pass for One World is on sale on the Nintendo eShop, it is not discounted on the Playstation Store. The individual DLCs for OW and LoH are also not on sale on either platform.

HM:One World for XBox
This week, Natsume announced the planned release date for the XBox version of Harvest Moon: One World will be sometime next month. The game will be playable on both the XBox One and the XBox Series X, and preorders will be available for both the digital version and a physical edition. An official release date will be announced later. This announcement is specifically for North America, as Rising Star Games handles the release of the game in Europe and Australia. RSG hasn't announced plans yet to release the game on the Ps4/Ps5 or XBox consoles in their supported regions.

SoS:PoOT July Expansion Pass
Next Thursday (July 29) will be the release date of the next expansion for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. This optional bonus content will unlock the summertime yukata outfits for the protagonist and the marriage candidates. Like the pet costumes and the school uniforms, this DLC can be enabled under the Downloadable Content menu from the game's title screen.
This bundle will also include a new story scenario featuring the Earth Sprites. It's Boss Sprite's dream to have an Earth Sprite dance party, but he's too tired. Navi Sprite needs you to help them make his dream come true. After completing the scenario, you'll receive a Navi Sprite costume to wear.
The last planned expansion pass will be released at the end of next month. August will unlock the third new area, Twilight Island, along with bringing four new characters from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns into PoOT: Moriya, Tigre, Lisette, and Ludus.

SoS:FoMT for XBox and Ps4
XBoX players will also have the opportunity to play Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town sometime this autumn when the GBA remake is released for XBoX. Ps4 too! Those who preorder the physical edition of the game may receive the Strawberry Milk mini-plushie that was given out with the Nintendo Switch edition when was released a year ago.

Until next time!

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Intern IG, Sakuna in Smash Bros, PoOT 1.0.6 Update, and Kickstarter News Happy Farm'n Friday! Things are going well here at Fogu HQ. The tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen, the raspberries are producing more red berries, and the dahlias are starting to flower. I'm still going outside in the mornings to pollinate the watermelon flowers and have had some success getting melons to appear on the vines! Hopefully, they'll ripen before it gets too late in the season. The last time I grew watermelon, there was still a lot of unripened fruit when frost arrived.
The new interns are doing great. Intern Captain and Intern Hondo are growing fast and have decided that 5:00 am is the perfect time to play with my feet. Except I'm not awake that early in the morning. Sometimes I sleep through it, and sometimes they wake me up. They haven't taken over Intern Reba's favorite sleeping spot on top of Mr.Fogu's computer. Still, they claimed one of her window seat blanket forts, which is basically a Delta Airline passenger blanket I took from the plane during one of my international adventures, attached to the window rails with binder clips. They also set themselves up with an Instagram account like all the cool kids cats. I should have known they were up to something when they asked to borrow my phone...
I'm still bouncing between playing Harvest Moon: One World and Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. Last weekend was mainly HM and collecting information about mining and seed selling. Though earning money is still slow for me, I did manage to get the large house upgrade, large refrigerator, large dresser, and pay for a few clothing outfits. Then Eino unlocked his super-expensive outfits. It's going to take forever to earn $3.2 million G to buy four clothing outfits!

Sakuna Joins Smash Brothers
From July 16 (today!) until July 20, characters from Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin will be available to battle on the Spirit Board of Smash Brothers Ultimate.

Sakuna, Tama, and Kokorowa will make appearances on the Spirit Board. Sakuna is the toughest of the three at an ACE level of difficulty, followed by Kokorowa (Advanced) and then cute 'lil Tama (Novice). Nice to see some farming representation in SMASH! Maybe someday we'll get more farming game characters, like a big bubble cow. Moooo oooof!

PoOT 1.0.6 Now in EU/AUS and NA!
The next bug-fix update for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is now available in Europe, Australia, and North America. Originally released in Japan on June 22, the update includes the critical bug fix that causes player games to become unplayable when several cut-scene events happen right before a child-related event occurs in the morning. As noted by XSeed Games last month, the 1.0.6 update includes:

—-【Version 1.0.6 Notes】————
Makes it easier to see who is running the event at festivals
Adds an event for when the player participates in the Egg Festival by themselfAdd the ability to change your child/your animals' namesImproves visuals when completing town requestsImproves visuals when upgrading toolsImproves character behavior when talking to villagers who are eating, fishing, etc.Implements a new message when returning home at 2AMFixes an issue where the game could freeze after the child adoption event when several events occur in successionFixes an issue where the load screen could freeze when leaving a coopFixes an issue where the game could freeze during the Mushroom Hunt when picking up a mushroom after changing the camera distance in a certain areaFixes an issue where the game could freeze when the player interacts with an animal immediately before it returns to its coop or barnFixes an issue where the game could freeze when starting the game with no controller connectedFixes an issue where pressing the A button repeatedly while moving in front of an unrepaired farm facility could cause actions that use the A button, such as picking up items, to not workOther minor bug fixes
Source: Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town Upcoming Version 1.0.6 Notes

Pictures and videos of the changes included in 1.0.6 from the JP release are noted on the June 25th Farm'n Friday. As of this Farm'n Friday, version 1.0.6 is NOT out in North America yet, but I'd expect it soon. (Ha! It's out in NA too!) Version 1.0.7 is planned for a July release in Japan and includes improvements to movements and reactions during villager conversations and improvements to what happens as you complete town requests.

Kickstarter Updates
White Owls' The Good Life is looking better and better at having a release this fall. This murder mystery in the sheep-herding and farming village of Rainy Woods has been postponed several times since its 2018 crowdfunding campaign. On their latest development journal entry, Swery noted that the team has a little bit of work left to do and hopes to do their very best to make the game as good as they possibly can.
The island survival game with farming and world-building aspects CloudScape is reaching the conclusion of its campaign. There is less than a week left to jump in on supporting this game's development. The campaign has almost reached the next stretch goal - at $145,000, the in-game characters will change their clothes to match the current season; for example, during summertime, the characters will wear swimsuits.
The post-death farming game Everafter Falls is still moving along in its development. SquareHusky is still working on designing farm animals and has included a Piggy Bank function to the game to allow players to earn interest on funds deposited into the bank. They hope to have an alpha build available for testing within the next few months.
Great Gretuski Studio's Peachleaf Valley: Seeds of Love was successfully funded last week. This is a farming-inspired visual novel game where the player can control the story of Seraphina to guide her along a path towards farming and romance. A prologue of the game is available for download from the developer's official website.

Until next time!

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