Ushi No Tane PHP-Update SoS: PoOT Expansion Pass Details and New Indie-Farmie Kickstarter
Happy Farm'n Friday! A big batch of succulents arrived this week, thanks to the wide variety available from Etsy. The plush plant went into the kitty flower pot, while others are just cuttings of succulent plants that will have to be enticed to grow roots. I will be trying the water-bottle propagation technique, as I always have a terrible time with the standard method of simply placing cuttings onto bare dirt and hoping for the best.
As for my adventures through Rune Factory 4 SE, the townsfolk implied that I needed to find a date for the next-day Christmas festival. The fellow who has the highest friendship with the princess was Dylas, so I figured I needed to tell him that I loved him to get a date. He told me to talk to him the next day while he thought about my statement. Apparently, now we're going steady or something? I just wanted a date for the festival!
I also managed to find my way through the floating castle maze and defeated the big bad guy at the end. The credits rolled, and I returned to Selphia castle, only to hear the residents tell me that something still doesn't feel right. Guess I'll keep playing!
Mr.Fogu keeps asking, "Aren't you done with that game yet?!"

SoS:PoOT Expansion Pass Announced
A special bonus DLC package will be made available for players of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. The special pass will cost 2,500円 in Japan, $19.99 in North America, €19.99 in Europe, and £17.99 in the United Kingdom. Purchasing this pass grants players a monthly schedule of extra download content for the game. In Japan, the special-release content will become available in March 2021 and run until August (6 months). In North America and Europe, the releases will begin in April 2021 and run until August (5 months). All regions will receive the same content, but NA and EU get two of the content packs merged into one month.

JP: March, NA and EU: April

This bundle includes new animal costumes for the protagonist and equivalent costumes for the game's marriage candidates. Also added will be a new scenario with Mikey and Cindy as the three of you investigate a mysterious incident in the game.

JP: April, NA and EU: May
The second part will include a new area in the game called Windswept Falls, where four characters from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning will live: Dunhill, Hina, Neil, and Felicity, the latter two being new marriage candidates added to PoOT. Felicity's name is "Felicia" in the Japanese version of ANB. Knowing how XSeed tends to use the original names rather than Natsume's localized names, there is a possibility that her name could change when this part of the expansion pass is released in English. The new areas added via the expansion pass will not have crop-growing capabilities.

JP: May
This set will include new school uniform costumes for the protagonists and the 10 main marriage candidates.

All Regions: June
For North America and Europe, the new school uniform costumes will be released.
Everyone who purchased the expansion pass will receive a new area called Terracotta Oasis. This new space will house four more characters from previous entries in the series, this time from the first Story of Seasons game: Giorgio, Doctor Marian, Iris, and Raeger. Like before, the last two will be marriageable.

All Regions: July
Summertime brings new yukata kimono costumes to the protagonists and 10 main marriage candidates. We'll also get a new scenario featuring the Earth Sprites, who want to rejuvenate their legendary dance and hold a celebratory feast.

All Regions: August
This last release will bring the Twilight Island area to the game, where characters from Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns will be found: Moriya, Tigre, Lisette, and Ludus. Yep, two more marriage candidates!

Those who purchase the expansion pass will also be given additional in-game costumes. The starting costumes for the protagonists in Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns and Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town will be downloadable to pass holders once the game is released in February (Japan) or March (everywhere else).
A small note from the JP eShop indicates that the set of SoS:3oT and SoS:FoMT farmer outfits will become available in-game at the beauty salon after Olive Town has reached "level 3," and the clothing can be worn regardless of the protagonists' gender.
Also, at the moment, players cannot purchase specific parts of the expansion pass (e.g., you can't simply buy the extra marriage candidates and not the costumes). This could possibly change in the future.

Digital SoS:PoOT Preorders
The Nintendo eShop version of Pioneers was also made available this week in various regions. The eShop profile page indicates at the digital version requires 2.5 GB of storage space, supports the Pro controller and cloud saves, and has some touchscreen support (though the eShop doesn't specify what you can do with the touch screen).

In Europe and UK, the digital preorder for the base game is €49.99 or £44.99. The game + expansion pass will cost €19.99/£17.99. There will be a 15% discount for digital preorders. Digital preorders from the Nintendo eShop will receive a region-exclusive white fox costume for the protagonist to wear. The fox costume can also be purchased separately for €1.99.

In Australia, the digital preorder for the base game is $79.99 AUD, but there is NO listing for the expansion pass on the eShop. The expansion pass is also not mentioned as having an AUD price on the announcement from Marvelous. The fox costume is available in this region as a separate download for $3.00 AUD.

In Japan, the digital preorder is 5,920円. The game + expansion pass bundle is available for 8,395円. The game and the game + expansion bundle are 10% off until March 14, when they'll return to full price (6,578円 and 9,328円). Digital Nintendo eShop preorders will receive the Neil clothing outfit.
The JP eShop also lists the planned release dates of each part of the expansion:
Part 1: March 25Part 2: April 28Part 3: May 27Part 4: June 24Part 5: July 29Part 6: August 26

Digital eShop preorders are not yet available in North America.

New Kickstarter - SunySide
A new indie-developed farming game, SunySide, launched on Kickstarter a little bit ago:

Sunnyside is a farming JRPG with modern gameplay and deep social sim aspects. Create your character as you win the auction to a recently abandoned farm in the town of Sunnyside. You find yourself surrounded in a big world breathing with life and adventure to find in every corner. Almost everything in Sunnyside is interactable. You can craft, build, and plan to your heart's content. With so many things to do in Sunnyside, you won't find a moment wondering what to do next; there is so much gameplay in our farming JRPG.

Sounds pretty impressive! A successfully-backed campaign will help RainyGames meet their planned release goals: on PC in first-quarter 2022, with a console release in the second quarter of 2022. You can learn more information on the project's campaign page:
SunnySide - Your nostalgic farming JRPG with modern graphics and gameplay

Until next time!

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Updates to Farm'n Kickstarters and a Big List of New PoOTy Information Happy Farm'n Friday! It is only January, but this little narcissus really wants to bloom NOW. I tried to convince the plant to sleep for a little longer, but it completely ignored my warning and started opening anyway. They never listen, do they? At least it is a nice blip of color in an otherwise muddy flowerbed.
My adventures through Rune Factory 4 SE took me to the end of the Leon Karnak dungeon last weekend. But there was nothing there except the two dog statues that asked why I was bothering them. After explaining that I was just there to hang out, they were like, "aight you're cool," and nothing else happened. Well, that was somewhat anti-climatic! Guess it's time to return to the floating empire and explore that maze.

Kickstarter Updates
Here's the latest updates to several indie-developed farming games highlighted in previous Farm'n Fridays:
Everafter Falls - Development is still moving along, with a new fishing mini-game revealed, along with changes made to farming. Initially, the player's pet would be the only one who could handle the tiling and watering seeds, but this has been updated so the player can do the same alongside their pet.
Sun Haven - This fantasy farming game is still on track for a late-May 2021 release. Pixel Sprite Studios has been cleaning up the user interface to make it as friendly as they can.
An upcoming indie-developed farming game, Coral Island, hopes to launch a Kickstarter in the beginning of February. In this island farming game developed by Stairway Games, players are tasked with managing a farm and reviving the local town and its nearby coral reefs.

PoOT JP Website Update
The official website for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town in Japan received a big update the other day, with equivalent English screenshots posted by Marvelous (EU) and XSeed Games (NA) through their social media accounts. Marv EU also confirmed that its release of PoOT will include English, French, German, and Spanish.

The update expanded a bit on how much character customization is available. Players can choose their eyes separately. The left eye can be different from the right eye if players choose it or make both eyes have the same color. After initial character creation, the farmer's facial features, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, skin color, voice, and motion can be changed by Jeanne at the Olive Town beauty salon. She will charge a fee for updating the protagonist's physical characteristics (e.g., 400 G for changing the facial structure, 160 G for eye color, etc.) New hairstyles can be unlocked and ordered from the salon for a fee.
The beauty salon can also have new clothing, hats, and accessories (such as glasses) crafted for the main character. Karina will request money and materials (such as weeds or cloth) for crafting wearable items. Clothing does not appear to be locked to gender, and Karina's crafting is completed upon purchase. Once created, changing to the new clothes can be done at the players' farmhouse closet or in the fitting room inside the beauty salon.

When first starting out in Olive Town, players will start living on grandpa's woodland property in a spacious tent. Eventually, you'll need to collect materials and funds so you can move into a dwelling that's a bit more accommodating. You'll need a bigger house for your future family, including one cute little kiddo of your own.

There are a variety of pets that can live on the farm. The number of pets you own is based on the farmhouse's size (e.g., the Large House can hold up to 3 pets). You can care for cats and dogs, each with a different visual style based on the pet's breed. So far, we know the dogs include Shiba Inu, White Shiba Inu, Black Shiba Inu, Pomeranian, Labrador Retriever, Burmese Mountain Dog, Siberian Husky, and Border Collie. Cats include Brown Striped Mix, Black Mix, American Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Calico, Persian, and Maine Coon. Pets also have personality types and can be walked by using the leash tool. The pets can be entered to participate in the Pet Derby festival. As this festival is being described as "annual," hopefully we won't have prizes tied to winning this festival an excessive number of times. Having to spend 13 years winning the Pet Promenade in Trio of Towns to unlock all the outfit prizes was not very fun.
Besides pets, players can care for a rideable mount. Options include the standard horse, a wolf, your scooter, and even a white unicorn!

There were about 15 more villagers included in the latest website update. There are a total of 27 non-marriage villagers revealed so far, not including the ones that haven't been formally introduced yet, such as Georg the ferry captain. With the remaining guy, that would be one fewer villagers as there was in Trio of Towns (29).

Beth - Has an eye for antiques and works at the museum. Alas, not a marriage candidate.
Cindy - Jack's little sister who likes to play with Mikey.
Dosetsu - This guardian has been watching over Iori since the bachelor was a kid.
Jacopo - The adult son of Mayor Victor, who owns a tourist boat.
Jeanne - A beautician who works at Karina's beauty salon.

Jessie - A gentle older woman who is married to Simon.
Lars - Loves motorbikes and is the brother of Clemens, the tool-shop owner. Seems to be close friends with bachelor Damon.
Lovett - The local food gourmet. Also NOT a marriage candidate (double drat!)
Manuela - Has a colorful personality, also Emilio's mom.
Marcos - The town's best fisherman and Emilio's dad.

Mikey - The mischievous kiddo of Jason and Sally.
Mystery Girl - A young girl wearing a strange mask. Who could she be?
Raul - A young man who wants to learn more about fishing from Marcos and Emelio.
Simon - The other friend who founded Olive Town along with the main character's grandpa. Jack and Cindy's grandpa.
Sydney - Laura's mom who is a lawyer from the city. She visits Olive Town on her days off.
Another note is the size of the player's rucksack. It starts out small but appears to be expandable up to 32 slots. Eight slots will be displayed at the bottom of the player's screen, with an option to navigate through the other set of eight slots.

Until next time!

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Marv's New Years' Wishes, Another Bachelor from HM:OW, and more PoOTy Videos Happy Farm'n Friday! Last weekend we managed to bring inside the Christmas spheres that line the sidewalk, but the weather turned to crud. I'm not the only one with their Christmas decorations still outside. There are a lot of neighbors that have also left their lights plugged in, though they began to decrease in numbers after the 6th. Our local NextDoor online social group was buzzing about keeping decorations up until the 12th day after Christmas.
Though the Christmas lights are going dark until the end of the year, on a brighter note, the daffodils are already popping out of the ground. Soon it will be time to start planting crops! This year I want to try growing Garden Huckleberries. I already have Evergreen Huckleberry bushes, but those little berries are not efficiently harvestable and mainly feed the birds. The Garden variety is an annual plant and appears to be easy to grow. Or at least I hope it's easy.
I also got this cute Snacko glittery-star keychain in the mail this week. The development of the game is still farming along. Bluecurse Studio recently blogged about their work on lighting details and the arcade cabinet that goes into player's houses containing mini-games to play. Sounds like a lot of fun!

Sakuna Patch
An adjustment patch was released today for Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, the rice farming demon-bashing game. Besides correcting several hiccups in the game, the patch added new animations and increased its in-game year limit from 999 years to 9,999 years. You can see the full list of changes on XSeed's Twitter account:
Sakuna version Jan 7 Patch Notes

Marvelous' New Years Message
Every year in Weekly Famitsu, video game publishers and developers will submit a New Years' celebratory greeting for the magazine's readers. This year, Marvelous sends their hopes for the new year using a special 25th-anniversary Cow card along with a special message:

"Happy New Year. In 2021, let's cultivate some rice and start a ranch. We'll also bring a lot of excitement, such as fantasy and assassin livelihoods. This year we wish everyone can smile. Have a Marvelous year!"
Marvelous' message refers to Sakuna, Story of Seasons, Rune Factory, and (I'm assuming) No More Heroes.

HM: One World Bachelor
The last of the bachelors was revealed for Harvest Moon: One World today on Natsume's community blog:

Jamil comes from the desert area of Pastilla, and has a soft spot for animal care. With his reveal we now know the full set of marriage candidates from One World:
Braden and Gabrielle from CalissonKanoa and Ahina from Halo HaloTristan and Laura from LebkuchenJamil and Malika from PastillaSami and Kirsi from Salmiakki
Alas, it appears that the magnificent Doc has been omitted yet again as a marriage candidate. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ HM:OW does have the equally-magnificent Doc Junior, who explains the Expand-Farm functionality that allows the protagonist to pick up and move their farm to other areas of the world. Junior is a bit young to be a candidate himself; perhaps he'll grow up in a future version of Harvest Moon and fill that neglected role.
The Collectors Edition of One World became available for preorder earlier this week. This special bundle from Limited Run Games costs $99 USD (plus tax and shipping) and includes a physical copy of either the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 game, the music box diorama, and the ploofy chicken plushie.

PoOT Family Life
This week, Marvelous tweeted a new how-to-play video for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, featuring the formation of the protagonist's family, from courting Rinh, to marriage, to having a cute little baby farmer hobbling around the farmhouse.
『牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地』🌱遊び方紹介🌱【恋愛】街の住人と絆を深めることで生涯のパートナーにしよう!恋愛候補は全部で10人!あなたのお気に入りは誰ですか?🌐牧場物語 #オリーブタウン #牧場物語25th— 『牧場物語』公式アカウント (@bokumono_PR) January 8, 2021
Marvelous also posted a few more videos. From the hanging out in the Wood Sprites' village video, the little spirits will share some of their production with you. For example, the protagonist in the video is gifted with cooked meals from the Meal Sprite (specifically, Tea, Grilled Fish, and Shellfish Soup), resulting in the little guy upgrading to skill Level 2 and expanding the types of dishes he gives. The protagonist also received 5 leaf coins. We'll probably learn the purpose of this currency in the future.
With the villager personalities video, Lovett seems to be amazed with Mushroom Hatsukoi that Misaki serves him at her cafe, and Gloria is not to pleased with where Lars parks his motorcycle. They even hinted at a mysterious forest girl...

Hmm... who could she be...?

Until next time!

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Happy Moooo Year! AMZ.JP PoOT Preorder Update, Farm'n Discounts, and Jan 2021 BokuMobile Events Happy Farm'n Friday! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, though as different as it may have been. It was a quiet day for us; a masked-up visit to his mom in the morning, then back home to play a new board game she gifted to Mr.Fogu called One-Hundred Torii. The game's goal was to earn points based on how long a path we can make through a Japanese garden. It was a bit confusing at first, but the two of us figured it out eventually. Ate some dinner while laying out our garden path, finished the game, then watched the new Pixar movie. It was actually a nice day without all the hubbub that typically takes place on Christmas.
Mr.Fogu's mom gifted me the Divine Edition of Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin and Layton's Mystery Journey, while my mom got me Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Dragon Quest Builders 2. They both picked some excellent gaming gifts! Though I must finish Rune Factory 4 SE first, which I've been able to play again now that my free time isn't dedicated to Christmas baking, gifting, and whatnot. Now my little princess is working her way through a floating castle fortress. Still, I happened to explore Leon Karnak and discovered I wasn't getting slaughtered by every knife-throwing baddie in the dungeon, so now the Goblin Bashing Fairy Crew are exploring that dungeon instead of going where we're supposed to be. That floating island isn't going anywhere anyway!

Year 2021 will officially be the year of the ox in February, but in the past, it was celebrated in BokuMono style at the start of the year. The last time the ox was the animal-of-the-year was in 2009, with Youkozo! Kaze no Bazaaru e (localized as Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar) as the latest released at the time. To celebrate the year, MMV published a New Year desktop wallpaper drawn by Igusa Matsuyama.

Here's a larger version of the wallpaper.

PoOT JP Preorder Update
While the most expensive PoOT bundle in Japan is the Ebiten Famitsu DX edition (~$95), with its bento lunch box and cloth carrying bag, the second-most-expensive preorder bundle is the limited edition. This package contains a copy of the game, the Agate DLC costume, and a little plushie cow with a polyester shopping bag. Amazon recently uploaded a preliminary picture of what the eco-bag looks like:

The bag is about 17 inches wide, 14.5 inches tall, and only 3.5 inches deep (43cm by 37cm by 9cm) and is printed with crops on one side and the Bokujou Monogatari logo on the reverse side. The bag tucks inside a zipper pouch on the cow plushie. This special preorder bundle is only $93!
The third-most-expensive bundle ($85) is the WonderGoo edition that comes with a coffee mug with Bokumono animals printed around it.

Natsume New Year Message
President Hiro sent out his good wishes for the new year today, highlighting the indie games they helped publish last year, along with ongoing news about sales of Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Prez Hiro also revealed that the upcoming game, Harvest Moon: One World will also be released for Xbox One in North America. The release date for the Xbox version will be announced later. You can read Prez Hiro's message on the Natsume Twitter feed:

Nintendo New Year Sale
There are just a few farming games on sale this week on Nintendo's platform:
Nintendo NA
Atomicrops = 40% off (ends January 2)Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town = 40% off (ends January 5)Summer in Mara = 45% off (ends January 8)
Nintendo EU
My Time at Portia = 75% off (ends January 6)

Steam Winter Sale
Besides the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Network game discounts, many farming games are now on sale during the annual Steam Winter Sale. These discounts are valid until January 5:
Atomicrops: 40% offDoraemon: Story of Seasons: 50% offFarming Simulator 19: 30% offHarvest Moon: Light of Hope SE: 50% offLittlewood: 25% offLittle Dragons Cafe: 70% offMy Time at Portia: 66% offStardew Valley: 33% offStory of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town: 40% offStranded Sails: 60% offSummer in Mara: 40% off

January BokuMobile Events

New social events are scheduled to take place this month in the online browser-based version of Bokujou Monogatari in Japan:
A harvest event to celebrate the year of the Ox started today. Players will care for cow-shaped darumas and kotatsu blanket cows, while growing new years milk kagami mochi and camellia flower decorations. Farmers will harvest as much as they can to earn in-game goodies based on the total amount of points earned from harvests.A large crop events begins on January 11. Grow crops to earn points towards playing a three-card-shuffle game, where players earn points for keeping their card-picking streak going.Finally on January 21 is the bingo event. Grow special crops on a 3x3 grind and hope they mature into the same type of crop to score big points.

Until next time!

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HM:OW Preorder Option #3 and Trailer, S;S:PoOT JP Preorder Options, and year-end Farm'n Discounts Happy Farm'n Friday! I finally baked a cookie recipe that grandma had typed out, though she still made it a challenge...

Oye jeez, that's a massive amount of ingredients! Three pounds of peanut butter and 18 cups of oatmeal?! Her instructions simply state to mix everything together but then didn't disclose how many eggs were necessary. Luckily, some quick sleuthing around the internet pulled up the same recipe from other grandmas, where they had noted that 12 eggs was the missing ingredient.
I mixed up half a batch, could barely fit everything in my largest mixing bowl (the oats were spilling out all over the place), and had leftovers even after packing a lot of them up to send to my cousins and cookie box recipients. Thanks grandma!

One World Super Duper Edition
This week, Natsume announced one more special bundle for farmers preordering Harvest Moon: One World in North America, scheduled to be released on March 2, 2021.

The Harvest Moon One World Collector's Edition from Limited Run Games is available for both Ps4 and Nintendo Switch. The CE comes with a physical copy of the game, the floofy chicken plushie, and a musical diorama packaged together in an extra-fancy box.

This little goodie plays a song from the game called "Spring on the Beach," and includes little animals and the two protagonists, which magnetically attach to the base. When the music platform is powered on, the animals will rotate and the music plays. So cute!
This limited edition package will open for preorders on January 5th on the LRG website for $99.00 USD. It's also mainly for Natsume's publish region (North/South America). It's up to Rising Star Games whether they want to have any special bundles for the European/PAL region release.
Harvest Moon: One World Collector's Edition (PS4)Harvest Moon: One World Collector's Edition (Switch)
Natsume also released an updated trailer of the game, featuring the various areas, crops, and gameplay functions!

The video showcases some of the old hybrid crops like Sunset Corn and Tall Wheat, petting the wild animals, and the expand-o-farm that allows players to simply pick up their farm and move it to a new area! And of course, we learn that THE MAGNIFICENT DOC exists in the game as the player's little menu helper. The video also showed the artwork for all 10 marriage candidates, some of which we haven't officially met yet. Plus lots of animals like chickens, Jersey cows, normal cows, sheep, and rideable animals like a reindeer and a black horse.
And then there's that strange girl with her large backpack again at 1:09 in the video. That bag seems so familiar...

Outpost Now Wishlist-ableThe galactic farming game, One Lonely Outpost, now has a page on the Steam Store. You can check it out at the link below to add the game to your Steam wishlist:
Aurorian Studios has also confirmed that OLO will support co-op online multiplayer when the game is officially released in 2022. The game's next alpha build is expected to be available on December 21 for Kickstarter backers that supported the appropriate tier.

PoOT JP PreordersAll of the available retailer-specific preorder packages in Japan have been revealed on Marvelous JP's official Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town website. We can now see what the tote bag and lunchbox looks like for the most-expensive bundle, the Famitsu DX Pack, priced at at 9,878 Yen (~$95 USD).

Farm'n Game Discounts
Nintendo Switch (NA)
Doraemon: Story of Seasons - $24.99 (50% off, ends Dec 31)Professional Farmer: American Dream - $11.99 (70% off, end Dec 31)Professional Farmer: Nintendo Switch Edition - $11.99 (70% off, end Dec 31)
Nintendo Switch (EU)
Doraemon: Story of Seasons - £22.49/€24.99 (50% off, ends Dec 31)Little Dragons Cafe - £31.49/€34.99 (30% off, ends Dec 31)Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE - £27.99/€31.99 (20% off, Ends Dec 31)Harvest Moon: Mad Dash - £13.59/€15.99 (20% off, ends Dec 31)My Time at Portia - £6.24/€7.49 (75% off, ends Jan 6)Summer in Mara - £10.99/€12.09 (45% off, ends Jan 9)
Playstation Network (NA)
Doraemon: Story of Seasons - $24.99 (50% off, ends Dec 22)Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life SE - $5.24 (65% off, ends Dec 22)Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE Bundle - $24.99 (50% off, ends Dec 22)Harvest Moon: Mad Dash - $6.99 (65% off, ends Dec 22)Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland - $5.24 (65% off, ends Dec 22)
Playstation Network (EU)
Doraemon: Story of Seasons - £17.49/€24.99 (50% off, ends Dec 22)Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life SE - £4.19/€5.24 (65% off, ends Dec 22)Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland - £4.19/€5.24 (65% off, ends Dec 22)
Stranded Sails - $11.24 (55% off, ends Dec 20)
The Steam version of Sails has all the quality-of-life enhancements from the Exploration update, Foundation update, and Completion Update. These improvements have not been added to the console versions. The original version of the game is also on sale in the Nintendo eShop.

Until next time!

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Farmer Customization in HM:One World and New Details for SoS: Pioneers of Olive Town Happy Farm'n Friday! Hope everyone is doing well! This weekend will be dedicated to cookie baking. Since I won't be spending any time with my relatives this year, cookies and gifts will be sent by mail. With the before-Christmas mail deadline coming up, I have to get those cookie goodies out the door soon!
The weekend baking plan, for now, is to whip up some marshmallow fudge, bake some chocolate/vanilla sugar cookies, and perhaps one more type of cookie. Anyone remember the "Chenice Chew" mystery from last Christmas? Grandma's hand-written recipe for these bars never really panned out, but it may be her written instructions were difficult to interpret. I happened to be flipping through the 1960 Ladies' Home Journal Cookbook, and came across a similarly-named recipe. Turns out Grandma's recipe card had a few misspellings and a different outline of baking steps. The instructions probably made sense to her at the time, but it was confusing for someone trying to read it years later! No wonder they never turned out.
One World DetailsThis week, Natsume confirmed that some character customizations will be available for players of Harvest Moon: One World, scheduled to be released next spring on the Nintendo Switch. Players can choose their farmer's hair color, eye color, and skin tone! And the little Harvest Wisps (Aqua, Ignis, and Vitae) are cuties too.

The video game company also shared another screenshot of their in-development game, showing off some of the crops that farmers can grow. On closer look, it appears that hybrid crops from previous versions of the series are also in One World. We can see a pink-colored Royal Herb (from the celery series), some Purple Asparagus, a Crimson tomato, and possibly a White Carrot and a Mandrake carrot. And if you look just a little bit closer, blue sprinklers are watering the crops directly adjacent to their placement! Yaay, automation!

PoOT UpdatesMarvelous also updated information on the Japan website for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.

The sky garden the little Earth Sprites can take players to is way up in the sky, with a giant beanstalk leading to a small crop field.
Villagers will post requests at the Olive Town city hall. Tasks that are town-based are for improving the town, such as helping to remodel the town's streets. Town improvements will help to attract more tourists.
There are town festivals such as a painted-egg hunt, a mushroom hunt, and a barrel-distance launch.

Newly introduced villagers are:

Misaki - Manages a town bistro
Clemens - Tool shopkeeper
Angela - Owns the town general store, and Cindy and Jack's mom
Nguyen - Flowershop owner
Carina - The local stylist of hair and makeup
Norman - A cooking ingredients shopkeeper

There are still villagers with official reveals remaining such as grandpa's remaining friend (besides Mayor Victor), the biker-guy Rash, Manuela the fisherwoman, and Mikey the kid. Lots of villagers still left to go!
More gameplay videos were released over the past week, including this one that covers crafting:
『牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地』🌱遊び方紹介🌱【クラフト】開拓や牧場で手に入れた素材で色んな物を作ろう!収納箱やメーカー、柵や道にニワトリのオブジェまで!?クラフトであなただけの牧場を自由につくろう✨🌐牧場物語 #オリーブタウン #牧場物語25th— 『牧場物語』公式アカウント (@bokumono_PR) December 11, 2020
The video begins with a massive list of craftable items in the main menu, along with a calendar, world map, and rucksack. Player can craft decorative items such as topiaries, paths, street lamps, and furniture. There are also recipes for useful items like gates and fences, farm tools (bucket), and maker machines. There is also a recipe for Small Fish Bait that can be attached to the fishing pole to make small fish easier to catch, and a recipe for a ring and a necklace! More than one of the same item can be crafted at a single moment Some crafted items can be customized by changing its color with paint; the current color will be noted in the corner of the item's icon in the rucksack.
Earlier videos cover the change of seasons and visiting the Sprites' village and taking care of animals with harvesting and using a farm bell to herd the animals out of their barns. There was a strange, grey-colored chicken in the poultry barn... hmm...

Japan-only Lottery Drawing

Marvelous in Japan is also holding a Twitter contest, with the grand prize being a BokuMono 25th-anniversary cow pillow. Farmers in Japan can enter by following the Official BokuMono account and then posting a tweet using the #告発牧場 hashtag in their tweets that states the cold, hard truth of video game farming. Examples given were comments like "watering crops until midnight" or "the sprites don't finish all their work" or "being chased by wild dogs."
Players have until midnight (Japan time) on December 25 to tweet their best farming truths. Qualifying entries will be entered into a drawing for the puffy cow head pillow that has holes to insert your hands for maximum nappage.

Until next time!

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New HM:OW Candidate, PoOT Deluxe Edition Preorders, Kickstarter Updates, and December BokuMobile Events Happy Farm'n Friday! The Christmas Light Extravaganza is in full swing, the Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments and topped with a The Child doll wearing a Santa hat, and the advent calendars are slowly being opened day by day. Besides the annual Farm World calendar that I share on Twitter, Mr.Fogu has a Lego Star Wars calendar, and Intern Reba has her own cat-treat calendar. It's a fun time for all! While our calendars only have 24 days to open, Reba's advent calendar has 25 days. Maybe she'll share the treats with us that came from her extra day? Mmmm, tuna snacks.

New HM:OW Marriage Candidate
Today, Natsume revealed the sixth marriage candidate from their upcoming Ps4 and Nintendo Switch farming game, Harvest Moon: One World, scheduled to be released on March 2, 2021, in North America and March 3, 2021, in Europe:

Kirsi has an interest in archaeology and loves the coldness of her hometown, Salmiakki. And check out those cute boots!
So far, the marriage candidates revealed have been:
The grasslands of Calisson: Gabrielle (bachelorette)The shores of Halo Halo: Kanoa (bachelor)The desert of Pastilla: Malika (bachelorette)The hills of Lebkuchen: Tristan (bachelor)The snowlands of Salmiakki: Sami (bachelor) and Kirsi (bachelorette)

Special PoOTy Preorders Available
XSeed Games and Marvelous EU revealed the special deluxe edition bundles that can be preordered for their upcoming game, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, scheduled to be released on March 23, 2021, in North America and March 26, 2021, in Europe.
Farmers who preorder the game in Europe (either stand-alone or deluxe/premium editions) will get a special pre-order Buffy the buffalo plushie. In North America, the buffalo plushie is reserved for the Premium edition. The standard edition of the game costs $49.99 / £44.99 / €49.99 plus tax, if applicable.
North America Options
For about 10 Dollars more than the stand-alone game, farmers can preorder the premium edition. Currently this is available on Amazon US and directly through XSeed's website.

The NA premium edition from XSeed Games comes in an oversized box and includes a copy of the game, the buffalo plushie, and a large cloth poster (13.5 inches by 24 inches, or 343mm x 610mm).
Europe Options
Also for about 10 Euros more than the stand-alone game, farmers can order a deluxe edition from select retailers.

The EU deluxe edition from Marvelous EU comes in a deluxe-size box and includes a copy of the game, a 140-page notebook to doodle game notes in (148mm x 210mm, or 5.8 inches by 8.2 inches), an art poster (297mm by 420 mm, or 11.6 inches by 16.5 inches), the buffalo plushie, and 10 trading cards that feature the 10 main marriage candidates.
Japan Options
The details for the retailer-specific bundles are still being revealed in Japan. One of the latest bonuses is a free DLC of Neil's outfit from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for those who preorder a digital copy of the game directly through the Nintendo eShop. Preorders at WonderGoo can get a coffee mug with the game animals printed on it. Each of these bundles vary in price. So far, it looks like the Famitsu Limited Edition is the most expensive at about $94 USD, which includes a lunch box and tote bag along with a physical copy of the game.
So far we know that DLC outfits exist for Neil and Felicity from HM:ANB, Agate from Story of Seasons, Licorice (Reina) from Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns, and Ludus and Yuzuki from SoS: Trio of Towns. Hopefully these will also be paid DLC when the game is released outside of Japan.

New PoOT Gameplay Video
Along with the new preorder offerings, a new gameplay video was published by XSeed Games:

The new gameplay content shows the protagonist clearing the farm, repairing old buildings, and even donating to the museum. Besides photos and fish, players can donate "treasure" to museum curator Gloria. It also shows the protagonist hitting a stone in the mine to uncover a ladder down to a lower level. How exciting!

Kickstarter Updates
For The Good Life, SWERY confirms that his game is scheduled to be released sometime in Summer 2021 and published by THE IRREGULAR CORPORATION. This murder mystery game set in the English sheep-herding town of Rainy Woods was originally planned to be released at the end of 2019 for PC and Ps4 but has been postponed twice. On the positive side, during the many changes to its release, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions were added as supported platforms.
For Sun Haven, the fantasy farming and town sim game has started an Indiegogo project for those who want to continue to contribute towards stretch goals such as adding highly-desired ridable mounts. And maybe pay for some tacos for the team at Pixel Sprout Studios. 'cuz, tacos. Nobody can hate on innocent and tasty tacos.
For Everafter Falls, the is-this-real-life-or-is-this-just-fantasy farming adventure game has reached its funding goal! With less than a week left in its crowdfunding campaign, the first stretch goal is to add another type of in-game pet for the player to select.
And for My Time at Sandrock, the sequel to My Time at Portia, Panthea Games plans to have a beta version of the game available in late January or early February 2021. The beta will be available for backers who opted for the Steam beta during their crowdfunding campaign, followed by early access on Steam sometime in late March or early April. The final console/PC release is planned for Spring 2022.

December BokuMobile Events

New social events are scheduled to take place this month in the online browser-based version of Bokujou Monogatari in Japan:
A pinecone candle-themed harvest festival started on December 1. Harvest as much as you can and earn in-game goodies based on your total harvest point value.A bingo event begins on December 12. Grow special crops on a 3x3 grind and hope they mature into the same type of crop to score big points.Lastly, a hungry animal event begins on December 21. Grow special crops to feed visiting animals, earning prizes based on how many of each animal are fully fed.

Until next time!

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Christmas Light Updates, New SoS:PoOT info, and the Latest Farm'n Game Discounts Happy Farm'n Friday, and I hope the US folks had a nice, socially-distant Thanksgiving yesterday! This weekend is the last sprint of the Christmas Light Extravaganza project. The lights being used this year are all installed. However, I have to get some of them powered on still because I ran out of black SPT-1 electrical cord for making my own extension cables.
Much of my time has been spent making these wireframe spheres. I saw them online and assumed, "Hey, I can easily do that!" Oh boy, it was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. After deciding to make 30 of these things, I had to re-spray the forms with paint to make them more rust-resistant as it rains here a lot during winter. The next step was to find light strings that would be the right length, but I could only find green-colored strings with warm-white lights. Then I had to attach 1,500 wireframe plastic clips to the spheres and light strings. My fingers are sore from all that snapping! Then there are the shepherd hooks, glittery bows, and large ornaments for displaying each of the 30 light spheres along the front of the house... ooph! Hopefully, the neighborhood kids will like the new additions to the Christmas light display. Their parents too, but it's mainly for the kiddos.
I finally started down the Maya Road in Rune Factory 4 S, eventually running into a Fiergaenger fire dragon. Since I was very over-leveled (from being lost all the time), my little fairy pets quickly beat the dragon. I hit it a few times with my weapon, but for the most part, I simply cast Cure All and let them go at it. During my adventures through Maya Road, I forgot about the Handicraft Contest that was taking place! Since I already missed one festival, I headed back to town before I missed White Day and the Autumn Harvest Festival too.

PoOT InfoWhile I was spending my vacation week putting up Christmas lights, Marvelous updated the official SoS: Pioneers of Olive Town in Japan.

The website showcases a little bit more information on the Earth Sprites, the little critters that you can discover while improving your farmland. Called Koropon in the Japanese version of the game, the egg-shaped Earth Sprites appear in various colors in the screenshots, along with little versions of themselves. The little sprites live in their own village, and raising your friendship with them could reward you with crops and other goodies. We know that they can also take you to magical places like a sky island, "gardens where the seasons never change" (as noted on the official EU PoOT page), and a volcano. On the official JP site, there is even a screenshot of the volcano area. Wonder what else these little guys can do?

This new game has a camera that players can use to take scenic photographs. The camera can hold up to 10 pictures. While trying to capture a subject, you can crouch down and zoom in or out. Players can then take their wildlife photographs and donate them to the Olive Town Museum. The fish you catch can also be sent to the museum to be displayed. We know that Reina helps out at the town museum, and now we know the name of the museum director, Gloria, who is also married to Mayor Victor. She gives players the camera to help populate the museum's exhibits.
Other new villagers include:
Patricia the animal shop owner, who is Bridget's mom.Nigel the town carpenter, who makes house furniture.Jason the owner of the town hotel.

Besides populating the museum, photographs can be shared online, allowing you to see other players' pictures. Other players' main characters can also appear as random tourists in your game. The game does not allow you to travel and visit other players' towns though.

The unnamed bachelor from the previous week has been revealed as Jack. He is the son of the general store owner and Cindy's big brother. I guess he's not a mid-90s comedy sitcom actor after all! We also learned that Laura is an Olive Town tour guide, bistro-waitress Blaire dreams of being a big worldwide star someday, and Ralph is even more awesome by being the local wildlife ranger. And his theme music is equally dramatic!

『牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地』🌱恋愛候補紹介 "ラルフ"🌱街の自然を守るレンジャー。冷静で口数は少ないが、いざというときは先頭で動けるリーダータイプ。かつてはスポーツをしていたようだが……?🌐牧場物語 #オリーブタウン #牧場物語25th— 『牧場物語』公式アカウント (@bokumono_PR) November 27, 2020

Latest Farm'n Game DiscountsThe holiday shopping season officially kicks off today, and there are several farming games are discounted:
Steam - discounts end December 1
Doraemon: Story of Seasons = 40% offFarming Simulator 19 = 30% offLittle Dragons Cafe = 70% offLittlewood = 20% offMy Time at Portia = 66% offStardew Valley = 30% offStory of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town = 40% offStranded Sails - Explorers of the Cursed Islands = 55% offSummer in Mara = 35% off

Nintendo Switch (NA)
Doraemon: Story of Seasons = 50% off (ends Dec 2)Farming Simulator 20 = 40% off (ends Dec 2)Farming Simulator: Nintendo Switch Edition = 75% off (ends Nov 29)Harvest Life = 80% off (ends Dec 2)My Time at Portia = 75% off (ends Dec 6)

Nintendo Switch (EU)
Farming Simulator 20 = 40% off (ends Dec 3)Farming Simulator: Nintendo Swith Edition = 75% off (ends Nov 29)Rune Factory 4 Special = 40% off (ends Dec 16)Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town = 40% off (ends Dec 16)SoS:FoMT optional costume downloads = 40% off (ends Dec 16)

Marvelous in Europe is also having a mega-sale on their Archival Edition of RF4 from their online shop.

Until next time!

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Everafter Launches Kickstarter, NISA HM:OW LE stock, and Lots of New PoOT Info Happy Farm'n Friday! Last weekend we got the icicle lights attached to the eaves of the roof. This weekend I'll start on the porch columns and rafters, where it is nice and dry. As anticipated, the November rains have arrived and will last through all next week. I'll be spending the week installing more lights (had to burn some earned vacation days from work), and hope to have most of it complete by the time I have to return to office work. So far, the total light count is a little more than 3,100 bulbs.
In my Rune Factory 4 S update, I managed to explore Idra Cave and discovered that sleazeball Ethelberd and a Terrable dragon?! It's been a very long time since I saw those two in a Rune Factory game! As my protagonist is over-leveled at that point, Terrable wasn't terribly difficult to defeat. But then I was stuck for a while, as the soldiers had destroyed the bridge to Maya Road. I had thought that teleporting to "Maya Road Entrance" would just take me back to that destroyed bridge. What a surprise when I happened to try it after being stuck for days on where to go next. Now I'm back on the right track!

Everafter Falls now on KickstarterThe post-"death" farming and town simulator game, Everafter Falls, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter:

Besides directing your pet to plant crops, players can also raise animals, build drones to tend fields, catch fish for the town aquarium, explore dungeons, customize their house, and complete requests from the animal villagers. The game has a scheduled release for March 2022 on Steam, and mid-2022 for Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about Everafter Falls on the Kickstarter page:
Everafter Falls: A Farming Sim RPG (Kickstarter)Everafter Falls - A New Farm/Life RPG Adventure (official website)

HM:OW NISA LENIS America announced this week that half the preorder stock for the Limited Edition bundles of Harvest Moon: One World remains. There will be no more preorders of the LE available once NISA's preorders have been filled by fellow farmers.
This limited edition from NISA includes a physical copy of the game (either Ps4 or Nintendo Switch), a collector's box, a CD of the game's soundtrack, a cloth poster, and six lapel pins. The bundle costs $79.99 USD and has a March 2, 2021 ship date. You can preorder the bundle at the NISA website:
Preorder Harvest Moon: One World Limited Edition - 50% Available (Switch and Ps4)
The NISA LE does not include the cute chicken plushie for farmers in the United States who preorder through GameStop (Switch or Playstation4).

New SoS:PoOT ProfilesMarvelous posted new mini-profiles of two more marriage candidates from their upcoming Bokujou Monogatari game, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.
『牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地』🌱恋愛候補紹介 "エミリオ"🌱兄貴肌の街の漁師。何でも笑い飛ばしてしまう気楽な性格。海が大好きで、いつまでもこの美しい海と暮らしたいと思っている。🌐牧場物語 #オリーブタウン #牧場物語25th— 『牧場物語』公式アカウント (@bokumono_PR) November 12, 2020
Emilio has just finished up his work and is asking the protagonist if she'd like to join him for a meal. Well of course! He then asks if you liked the cheescake and further inquires what your opinion of it was.Gosh, I haven't had cheesecake in a long time...
『牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地』🌱恋愛候補紹介 "レイナ"🌱博物館で働く女の子。ノリは軽いが仕事は真面目にこなす。展示品に対する知識が豊富で、館長のグロリアからも頼りにされている。🌐牧場物語 #オリーブタウン #牧場物語25th— 『牧場物語』公式アカウント (@bokumono_PR) November 12, 2020
The second candidate is Reina, the museum employee. In this intro, Mayor Victor leaves the protagonist with Reina, leaving her perplexed for a moment. She then asks if the protagonist is interested in power spots? If the protagonist wants to know more about them, she's full of info!
I'll expect we'll learn more about what she's referring to at some point.
Then last night, Marvelous released a new trailer for the Nintendo Switch game:

What we learned from the new trailer include:
Cows can produce more than 1 bottle of milk at collection time (0:20)There is a shipping bin (0:45 and 1:54)A chicken shed requires 20 Branches, 20 Stone, and 30 Weed to repair (1:04)Caught fish have up to 10 stars of Star Rank (1:16)An ore mine has both up-ladders and down-ladders, with both on-ground stones and ore nodes (1:19)While cooking, ingredients can come from the rucksack or refrigerator, and refrigerators are numbered. Cooked meals have Flavor and Temperature elements. The displayed Baked Apple dish in the video has an ingredient slot that is locked, so perhaps special Toppings can be added? (1:47)Cooking meals take time, as the Baked Apple dish will take 30 minutes to bake (1:49). Perhaps there are cooking maker machines?There's a wild tree rat! Arrg why do they follow me everywhere?! (1:53) stupid squirrels...Lots of fruit trees can be grown - peach (1:30), grape, kiwi, apple (1:59)Olive Town has a clothing shop and a hairstyle shop (2:06)New villagers: Mikey (2:15), unknown short-haired blonde lady (2:17), unknown ship captain (2:18), Lache (2:19), Cindy (2:21) Dog racing shows the protagonist's white dog (2:17)

The other four marriage candidates are introduced, with three of them having names and one mystery dude (2:30)Fish traps are back (2:46)Earth Sprites are adorable (2:49)JP price is 5980 Yen (~ $57 USD) either digital or physical
How exciting! The game is scheduled to be released in Japan on February 25, 2021, in North America on March 23, 2021, and in Europe/Aus on March 26, 2021.

Until next time!

- Cher(Oregon is back to Covid lockdown for the next few weeks... wear 'yo masks!) Fri, 13 Nov 2020 21:37:03 +0000
New Marriage Candidates from SoS:PoOT, HM:OW, and MTAS; November BokuMobile Schedule; and Mara for Ps4 Happy farm'n Friday! The lovely weather continued throughout last weekend, so I managed to attach the roofline Christmas lights to the gutters. Good thing too, as the rain came soon enough! Now the roof is too wet to safely walk on. Installation can continue in other areas, such as attaching icicle lights and wrapping the porch columns. Lots still left to do! Woo Christmas time!Alas, I didn't make much progress in Rune Factory 4 Special with all the Christmas-ing going on. I did start exploring the cave that the Sechs Empire soldiers are hiding in. Maybe Dylas would like to go exploring with me? Heee ee ee ee...

PoOT Marriage CandidatesThis week, Marvelous published introduction videos for two of the marriage candidates in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.
【牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地】🌱恋愛候補紹介 "デイモン"🌱趣味はバイクいじりで、コーヒーはブラック派。いつもぶっきらぼうにふるまうが、星を愛するロマンチストな一面も。🌐牧場物語 #オリーブタウン #牧場物語25th— 『牧場物語』公式アカウント (@bokumono_PR) November 6, 2020
In Damon's video, he is at Sally's coffee shop, where he orders a black coffee and asks her if he can change the station on the radio. Sally is the blonde-haired middle-aged lady in the "see the locals" portion of last week's Nintendo Direct Mini.

【牧場物語 オリーブタウンと希望の大地】🌱恋愛候補紹介 "ブリジット"🌱一生懸命でいつも前向きな動物屋の娘。動物たちととっても仲良しで、いつも動物たちに囲まれている。弟デイモンの将来を心配している。🌐牧場物語 #オリーブタウン #牧場物語25th— 『牧場物語』公式アカウント (@bokumono_PR) November 6, 2020
In Bridget's introduction, the protagonist is helping her with Catherine the cow. Bridget is wondering about the cow's health when she figures out Catherine's temperament is because she's pregnant with a little calf. Bridget is super excited that Catherine is going to be a mom!Looks super cute! The Nintendo Switch game is scheduled to be released in February 2021 in Japan and March 2021 in Europe and North America.

HM:OW New CandidateThis morning, Natsume revealed the third of five male marriage candidates in their upcoming game, Harvest Moon: One World, scheduled for a March 2021 release in North America and Europe:
Tristan hails from Lebkuchen, a bountiful village surrounded by hills. He has a sister and a famous bread-baking dad, though we don't know their names yet.So with the candidates we do know of are...
The grasslands of Calisson: Gabrielle (bachelorette, though she isn't native to Calisson)The shores of Halo Halo: Kanoa (bachelor)The desert of Pastilla: Malika (bachelorette)The hills of Lebkuchen: Tristan (bachelor)The snowlands of Salmiakki: Sami (bachelor)

Sandrock UpdatePathea's upcoming game, My Time at Sandrock, has started introducing several of its possible marriage candidates over on their Youtube channel:
The candidates showcased are:
Owen: The owner of the Blue Moon saloon who enjoys presenting live music and intriguing stories at his bar.Amirah: A sculputure artist originally from Barnarock who runs a pottery shop.Qi: A disheveled-looking scientist who is researching old-world technology.Elise: A fiery woman who works on her dad's cattle ranch.
Pathea is also holding a contest to give away a Nintendo Switch. Simply subscribe to their Youtube channel and post a comment on the above video stating who your favorite Pathea game character is and why they are your favorite. A winner will be picked once there are a total of 10,000 subscribers to their Youtube channel (which may or may not happen, as they have over 5,000 to go.)

November BokuMobile Events
New social events are scheduled to take place this month in the online browser-based version of Bokujou Monogatari in Japan:
A harvesting event started on November 1 with a mushroom forest theme. Harvest as much as you can and earn in-game goodies based on your total harvest point value.A hungry animal event starts on November 11. Grow food crops on special fields and feed the random animals that appear on your and your friends' farms. Earn in-game prizes based on how many of each type of animal you satisfy with food.Finally, on November 11, a large crop event begins. Grow crops to earn points towards playing a three-card-shuffle game, where players earn points for keeping their card-picking streak going.

Mara coming to PlaystationThe indie island exploration game with tropical farming aspects, Summer in Mara, will be released digitally on Playstation 4 on December 9. This heart-warming game is already out on PC/Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Until next time!

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