Ushi No Tane PHP-Update More SoS:AWL Game Info, Indie Farming Game Updates, and a New HM2 4-col Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! I'm almost done with the Christmas Light Extravaganza. The last little detail to add is the small inflatable Santa that my weird uncle added to the display in the middle of the night one year. A few weeks ago, he asked us if Santa was out in the yard yet, then teased Mr.Fogu that something else inflatable might magically appear if Santa gets sidelined. Mr.Fogu really dislikes inflatable decorations but does make an exception for weird uncle's special gift.
The flooring crew showed up earlier this week to start installing the floor material. Then they decided that a subfloor section needed to be replaced, which we told them needed to be replaced months ago when this whole thing started. So now the floor material is expected to be laid down next week. We'll see...

SoS:AWL Updates
This week, Marvelous' JP Twitter account confirmed that the strange contraption next to the super-fertile field in the northwest corner of the farm is the new location for the fertilizer maker. After adding materials to the fertilizer maker, such as failed dishes, the fertilizer can be added to the field sprinklers to automatically apply fertilizer to the fields at 8:00 am and again at 8:00 pm.
The seed maker is now outside by the food storage shed. Marv also shared an image of a Rank A Watermelon being processed in the seed maker, with a processing time of 16 hours left. In the original version, processing a field crop into 2 bags of seeds took 36 in-game hours, and making two bags of seeds from a tree fruit took 60 in-game hours. With just a small amount shown on the processing gauge in Marv's image and only 16 hours left until completion, it's clear that the amount of time needed to process seeds has been reduced in the AWL remake. It looks to be about 20 hours for crop seeds, but we won't know exactly what the processing time is until Marv confirms it or when the game's released at the end of January.

Marv also revealed the artwork for mad scientist Daryl and studious archaeologist Carter. Daryl is researching a solution for global warming as one of his projects while Carter is still digging around at the excavation site. That leaves us with Doctor Hardy as the last fellow to be revealed. I'm assuming they're keeping him in the shadows for new players who may not know the reason why he arrives in Forgotten Valley.

Indie Game Updates
The crowdfunding campaign for MeetLight and the Secrets of the Universe concluded on December 7. Kamai Games received 520% of their initial funding goal, with every stretch goal met. Now the team will work to redesign Meetlight to include a 4-person multiplayer component, more localized languages, home console ports, and the new musical instrument functionality. Whew! Good luck!
Stairway Games has released an update patch for their tropical Coral Island, currently in early access on Steam. This latest improvement adds controller support (yay!), map location tracking of the villagers via the relationship menu, menu sorting options, and much more.
The official release date for prehistoric farming and community game Roots of Pacha will be April 25, 2023. Soda Den plans to use the remaining time from now until then to finish a few remaining features of their game, which was successfully crowdfunded in March 2021. Soda Den teamed up with IGN to launch the official announcement trailer video:

Chibi-farming game A New Leaf: Memories has changed developers. IronHeart Studios released an alpha build of their farming game last January, but since then have come across development challenges that were too much to handle for the indie studio. Publisher Crytivo offered to take over the development of A New Leaf: Memories from IronHeart, and today announced that they've transferred that code project to Hidden Tower Studios. The original game style is expected to remain though there will be some changes, such as adding co-op functionality.
A New Leaf: Memories isn't the first farming game with a troubled development that Crytivo has taken control over. When the development of the 2018-crowdfunded game Farm Folks stalled in early 2020, Crytivo stepped in and acquired the IP for the game from developer Overgrown. Since then, the publisher has reworked Farm Folks and still publishes regular updates on the game's progress. I would imagine Crytivo will be as transparent with the development of A New Leaf: Memories as they are with Farm Folks.

HM2GB Comic
I finally found the box I had packed away the Harvest Moon 2 Gameboy guidebook, so here's a freshly-translated Igusa Matsuyama 4-col comic!

Until next time!

Cher(16 days left until Christmas day!) Fri, 09 Dec 2022 22:28:12 +0000
SoS:AWL Amazon JP Preorders, BokuMobile's Rumored Demise, and Indie Farming Game Updates Happy Farm'n Friday! Work is still progressing on the Christmas Light Extravaganza. I just have the front retaining wall to decorate to complete the project. The weather is forecasted to be a clear weekend, so hopefully, I can finish that and move on to the next project: baking holiday cookies.
Intern Hondo has continued with his slug retrieval quest. I have no idea how he found this one, but he sure is proud of himself for bringing that critter indoors, still attached to its leaf. He was caught licking the slug, of course /sigh
I had added a grass mat to the catio floor since his last sluggy adventures, which had kept the slugs out of the enclosure. I am guessing he pulled a leaf through the cage wires (a bunch of leaves had blown against the exterior of the catio), found his new friend, and triumphantly brought it back inside. Egads, little buddy, these belong outside!
I've also been playing Dinkum on my new Steam Deck. While fishing and exploration are interesting, I haven't had much luck with the farming aspects of the game. I don't own a scarecrow, so the wild animals ate my seedlings :( I also bought a chick but didn't know how to get the bird into the pen I made, as this early-access game has minimal instructions (lol). The next morning, a crocodile attacked and killed my unprotected poultry. Poor Lily tried to run away, but the crocodile followed and kept chomping on her until she turned into a pile of meat and feathers. Farming in the outback is rough! It'll be interesting to see how Dinkum continues with its development.
And the floor material has finally arrived! It's been months since the old floor was removed; such is the nature of the construction industry at the moment, I guess.

SoS:AWL Updates
This week, Marvelous has been promoting the same features of the game that we learned about in last week's website update. I'm still keeping my peepers peeled for any new info!
On the bright side, the special preorder package with the stuffed sheep-head toy can finally be reserved from the online retailer. The special Amazon bonus costs 7959円 (~$60), with shipping to the US costing between 3000円 and 3500円 (~$22 to ~$26). also has the ebten preorder bundle that includes a copy of the game, the cow milk glass, the 3 cork-backed coasters, and the Mukumuku digital costume for 9328円 (~$70) plus shipping.

Rumor: Tencent SoS Cancelled
There has been no word for the past year about the progress of Marvelous' collaboration with Tencent on a China-exclusive Story of Seasons game called Bokujou Monogatari OL. Farmers using WeChat discovered a few weeks ago that the official social account for the game has been deactivated. The official Weibo account is still active, but its last post was the New Year greeting and no news about the game's release. The rumor is that the development team was disbanded sometime last February. For now, the official website is still live, though it just contains a QR code linking to the official WeChat account.
I thought it looked like a promising entry into the series, even if it did have real-time elements and microtransactions. It had a good heart, and with NEXT Studio's involvement with fans of the series, it was shaping up to become a decent game. Maybe we'll see it again someday.

Indie Game Updates
At over 400% funded, MeetLight and the Secrets of the Universe has 4 days left in its Kickstarter campaign. The child adoption stretch goal was met earlier this week, meaning that the ability to adopt a kid will be included in the game when MeetLight is released late next year instead of being added post-release. The next stretch goal is more localized languages and flying pets.
Peaceful flower growing game The Garden Path has had its release window moved again, but this time to Spring 2023; just a few short months from now. Developer carrotcake also released a new trailer highlighting the latest progress with their casual gardening game.

The Garden Path takes players through a real-time plant adventure with colorful characters and their stories. The game is planned for Stream,, and Nintendo Switch at launch.
The official release date for Roots of Pacha will be revealed on December 5. Soda Den will release a new gameplay trailer next week that includes the long-awaited launch date for this prehistoric farming and village-building game. Recently they hinted that animal variants have been added to the beta build, allowing players to breed animals with unique designs. Physical rewards that were part of the Kickstarter campaign have also shipped to bakers
Sandbox world game Kynseed is finally coming out of Steam early access (yahoooooo!!!) Version 1.0 will be launched on December 6. Kynseed has been in development for several years by PixelCount Studios, a game dev workshop founded by former Lionhead Studios alumni along with a small team of indie developers. If you haven't heard of Lionhead before (RIP), they're the studio responsible for Black and White (which I've been playing a lot lately) and the Fable series.

In this game, players will start their lives in the land of Quill using a magical nut called the Kynseed. Activities include farming, fishing, cooking, store management, potion crafting, forging, combat, and relationship building. As the protagonist live through their lives and eventually die, the player continues the game as the protagonist's kid. The next generation will receive the protagonist's skills and powers.
More features will be added to Kynseed after launch, with a tavern feature being added in Quarter 1 2023 and more functionality added after then.

Until next time!

Cher(Ordered some new cookie stamps. Can't wait to try them!) Sat, 03 Dec 2022 00:03:33 +0000
Black Friday Game Sales, Shepherd's Crossing JP Release, and Updates for SoS:AWL Happy Farm'n Friday! I spent the last two weeks out of the office, putting up Christmas lights and handling other house projects. Got a lot of stuff done, such as finally finding a new home for the giant air hockey table in the next room. And now that the room is empty, I get to transform the space into a dedicated farm'n office! No more having to store my Bokumono guidebook collection in topple-friendly stacks above my head. Maybe there will be space to put out some of the many plushies currently stored in boxes or some nice shelving the interns can use to run up the walls.
Yea, all that stuff is still in boxes, as the floors aren't in place yet. It was supposed to be the week of the 7th, then the 21st, and now, /shrug. It'll happen when it happens, I guess!
At least the interior issues don't deter from the external Christmas Light Extravaganza installation. That's ongoing too. The weather has been cold and rainy, which puts a damper on putting up lights. Currently, there are 11,500 lights installed, and it's not done yet!

Shepherd's Crossing Switch
The reimagined version of Shepherd's Crossing for Nintendo Switch was released in Japan on November 10. The game retails for 4180円 (~$30) with tax included, either digitally or physically. The physical edition includes a code to download a special commemorative item in the Shepherd's Crossing online game.
A few bugs had been reported, including a failed save-game loading hiccup, but Success Co is working on releasing a patch. Players have also let the publisher know that playing the game was confusing, so an online overview manual was added to the official website.
An English release is expected sometime in 2023.

SoS:AWL Updates
While I was on my much-enjoyed break, Marvelous' official Twitter account has been actively sending out screenshots of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. The developer/publisher has also been updating official website in Japan.

Players can still whistle for their horse or their dog.
Dog training lets players interact with their puppy using 4 tricks: jumping, shake (paw), stand, and circle (turning). Training the dog in the original game would result in the dog chasing Murrey away when he came to steal food. With our favorite vagabond completely revamped in SoS:AWL, we've no idea if he will still stop by the farm to sneak a snack.
Murrey/Pui still likes to put out a mat and a coin cup. Looks like new-Murrey also says clothed when sitting on his outdoor mat. I hope I can still give him all my money since he's probably not a secret marriage candidate. Drat, my dreams have been crushed again! Maybe I can affectionately merge his old name and his new name to call him "Purrey" or something...
The official site added a new page about the seasonal festivals (also over on the latest Famitsu article). Spring has a New Years Day gathering at Romana's mansion, a fireworks festival during Summer, the harvest hot-pot gathering in Autumn, and Starry Night during Winter.
The new camera feature lets players collect pictures of their wonderful life. The camera also has a self-timer feature so players can put their protagonist in the frame before the picture snaps. Up to 25 pictures can be saved in the game's photo album.
Pictures of Grant, Samantha, Kate, Kassey, Patrick, and Pui have also been added to the official website. Hardy and Daryl aren't there yet, but an earlier screenshot confirmed Hardy was still around while Daryl's laboratory buildings have been pictured. We just haven't seen either of their faces.

There are 2 months left to go before SoS: A Wonderful Life is released in Japan. The game's localized version is still roughly planned for "Summer 2023."

Kickstarter Updates
Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe continues to grow, completing stretch goals such as seasonal outfits for NPCs and 4-player co-op. The next stretch goal is to add child adoption to the game at release instead of a feature that will be added later.
Sally successfully reached its campaign stretch goal to fund the development of a Nintendo Switch version at game release, currently planned for January 2025.
An update releasing later this month or early December is being tested for The Wandering Village. This future quality-of-life update will bring full Steam Desk and controller support, backdoors for buildings, autosave, and a new worker management screen.

Farm'n Game Sales
If you've been waiting for good deals on farming video games, this weekend is a great opportunity to stock up! First, we have the Steam Autumn Sale for PC games. These farming game deals expire on November 29 (next Tuesday). The prices below are in US dollars.

Atomicrops (66% off - $5.09)
Autonauts (50% off - $9.99)
Big Farm Story (50% off - $9.99)
Garden Paws (20% off - $15.99)
Harvest Days: My Dream Farm (Early Access) (50% off - $8.99)
Harvest Moon: Light of Hope (50% off - $9.99)
Harvest Moon: One World (50% off - $24.99)
Hokko Life (33% off - $13.39)
Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure (Early Access) (15% off - $12.74)
Immortal Life (Early Access) (10% off - $15.29)
Kitaria Fables (45% off - $10.99)
Little Dragons Cafe (70% off - $17.99)
Littlewood (50% off - $7.49)
Moondrop (Early Access) (20% off - $7.99)
My Time at Portia (75% off - $7.49)
My Time at Sandrock (Early Access) (20% off - $19.99)
Pomo Farm (50% off - $2.49)
Pumpkin Days (50% off - $12.49)
Rune Factory 4 Special (35% off - $19.49)
Rune Factory 5 (40% off - $29.99)
Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin (35% off - $19.49)
Slow Living with Princess (Early Access) (25% off - $8.99)
Stardew Valley (20% off - $11.99)
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (50% off - $19.99)
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town (40% off - $23.99)
Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands (85% off - $3.74)
Summer in Mara (65% off - $6.99)
Sun Haven (Early Access) (10% off - $22.49)

XSeed Games is putting on a physical game sale from their online store. These deals end on November 28 (Monday).

Rune Factory 4 Special (33% off - $19.99)
Rune Factory 5 (Standard: 40% off - $29.99, or Earthmate: 12% off - $69.99)
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town (Standard: 35% off - $19.99, Premium not on sale)
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (Ps4 and Switch: 35% off - $19.99, Xbox not on sale)
Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin (Standard for Switch and Ps4: 35% off - $19.99, Divine for Ps4: 40% off - $29.99)

Oh, but there is MORE! Nintendo (North America) has a cyber deals sale that includes a few farming games. These deals expire on December 4:

Doraemon: Story of Seasons - 70% off ($14.99)
Harvest Moon: One World - 30% off ($34.99)
Rune Factory 4 Special - 35% off ($19.49)
Rune Factory 5 - 40% off ($29.99)
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town - 50% off ($19.99)
Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive town - 40% off ($23.99)

Nintendo of Europe has a Black Friday sale until November 30 (next Wednesday):

Farming Simulator 20 - 50% off (£19.99, €22.49)
Farm for your Life - 50% off (£8.99)
Harvest Life - 80% off (£3.99, €4.99)
Real Farm, Premium Edition - 80% off (£5.99, €6.99)

Until next time!

Cher(I finally cleaned my keyboard, but now some of my buttons are annoying me...) Fri, 25 Nov 2022 22:05:59 +0000
RF3S Live Presentation and Kickstarter Updates Happy Farm'n Friday! The interns and I have started installing the Christmas Light Extravaganza, though work on it this week has been slow, with only 900 lights installed. While I took this week and next week off from office work, this first week was spent more on cleaning, packing, and decluttering the house than working on Christmas stuff. Now I'm waiting for more light strings to arrive to complete this year's holiday light goals. Next week will be the big push to get the whole thing ready by the 25th. On the other hand, I did manage to make this year's batch of eggnog! Mmmm... eggnog... 90 fluid ounces of egg-and-rum goodness. Last year I had a problem with the ingredients separating while the mixture rested, leaving the boozy portion at the bottom and a milk layer at the top. No idea how that happened, but MrFogu has been reminding me to stir the eggnog every night to keep the brew well mixed.
And we still don't have floors installed in Fogu HQ. Instead, the crew wanted to paint the walls and ceiling before moving onto the floors. Oh well, maybe next week.
There won't be a Farm'n Friday next week because I'll be busy with doing Christmas stuff for my birthday :)

RF3 Special Presentation
This week, Marvelous held a live streaming event for Rune Factory 3 Special, the upcoming Nintendo Switch remake of the 2009 Nintendo DS game. You can watch a recording of the broadcast on the Marvelous Youtube Channel. Similar to the presentations for Rune Factory 4 SE and Rune Factory 5, the live presentation showcased the upcoming game. The presentation crew was made up of professional broadcaster Mirukinu, VA Ryoko Shiroishi (who gives Micah his JP speaking voice), video game streamer Hira Saiore, Chief Director Shiro Maekawa, and special guest Takahiro Touhon (Sherman de Sainte-Coquille's JP VA).

Mirukinu showed the cute Golden Woolie cape being given away as a prize in Marvelous' Japan-only follow-and-retweet campaign. Marv will randomly choose the 30 winners on November 20.
Their presentation detailed the aspects of Rune Factory 3 that made it special, such as the protagonist turning into a monster, the plant seed companions, and the many marriage candidates (RAINBOW BE BEST). Director Maekawa also showcased the upgrades to the Switch version - the 3D graphics upgrade, the added Newlywed Mode, a new opening movie and newlywed mode movie, and the ability for the player to choose their difficulty level (normal, hard, or hell mode).

A link bonus will trigger when Rune Factory 3 recognizes an existing save file for Rune Factory 4 SE or Rune Factory on the player's console. This bonus will unlock a Lest outfit (RF4) and an Ares outfit (RF5) for Micah.
Besides promoting the special bundles (e.g., Dream Collection and Wedding Collection), the group talked about retailer-specific preorder bonuses. There are quite a few more Micah costumes available! Amazon Japan preorders can get a Doug costume (RF4), Geo preorders can get a Dylas costume (RF4), Joshin preorders get a Martin costume (RF5), Rakuten offers a Leon costume (RF4), and Nintendo eShop digital preorders get a Ryker costume (RF5).
This broadcast also announced the inclusion of an optional Another Episode DLC that will be available for a limited time in Japan. The extra DLC is free until April 3, and 648円 after the free period expires. Like with the Rune Factory 4 SE Another Episode DLC, the RF3 version will be made up of illustrated voice dramas about the marriage candidates.

Lastly, the broadcast aired the new opening title movie for Rune Factory 3. Pretty funky!
Rune Factory 3 will be released in Japan on March 2, 2023. The English localization is roughly scheduled for sometime in 2023.

Kickstarter Updates
The skyship exploration game, Sally, reached its funding goal and has moved onto stretch goals. Developer Lucid Tales has rearranged the Nintendo Switch stretch goal to require less funding to unlock based on backer questions on the possibility of launching on their favorite handheld hybrid console. With less than a week left for the campaign, there's a possibility that Sally won't be available for Switch at the initial launch. Lucid Dreams hopes to prioritize a Switch release in the future.
Blobby farming game Ova Magica plans to launch a backer-only closed beta on Steam before Christmas, and ClaudiaTheDev confirms that the game fully supports the handheld Steam Deck console. The stretch goal of being able to play with the blobs was added, along with the ability to position blob helpers exactly where you want them to work on the farm. There will even be an option to create fertilizer from the blob poop collected while cleaning the farm blob barns.
Blob poop. Eh he he he...
Meetlight and the Secret of the Universe easily reached its funding goal and already surpassed several stretch goals. This open-world farming game has unlocked the goals of home console ports (Switch, PS, and XBoX), plus the ability to customize the gender, name, and physical characteristics of the protagonist. Meetlight still has over 20 days left in its campaign to unlock more stretch goals, such as upgrading the animations using motion capture and seasonal-changing character outfits. The 4-player co-op functionality was unlocked earlier today!
Lastly, the pixel-art poultry breeding adventure, The Chicken Game, now has a page on the Steam Store. This indie farming game tasks players with discovering legendary chicken DNA through chicken breeding.

Until next time!

Cher(Auu... I did not win the Powerball lottery... ) Sat, 12 Nov 2022 01:18:00 +0000
The SoS:AWL News from Famitsu's Interview, and new Kickstarter for Meetlight Happy Farm'n Friday! It's finally time to start installing the big Christmas Light Extravaganza! Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating with my holiday plans. It's been raining off and on all week, and this weekend is forecasted to be a deluge of precipitation. Bah! I've been grounded until next Wednesday when the weather should dry enough for installing the roofline and icicle lights.
In the meantime, we finished the first of our new tomato-cage mini Christmas trees. Pretty snazzy, ya? The star on the top is 3D printed with a color-changing C7 bulb, with two strands of 100 green mini lights and a custom-made separate string of red round bulbs meant to resemble red berries. We haven't decided to stick with the smaller red bulbs or larger ones. I like the larger bulbs (that I can get more of), and Mr.Fogu likes the smaller ones that I can't get more of because the bulb size was discontinued. The small red bulbs are currently part of the roofline strings, and I don't want to steal them for another purpose!
(As always, the Christmas lights don't turn on at night until after Thanksgiving.)
Next week might be the new floor install as we near the end of the kitchen/house remodel. At least that's the plan, but we've had no-shows with an electrician and random unannounced visits by other contractors ("You weren't told we were coming?" Nope, this is a surprise...). Maybe I won't have to pack up my PC and store it away for a few days. Our contractor figures it will take the crew 4 or 5 days to finish, so I might or might not have a workstation to write next week's Farm'n Friday.

Harvestella Released
Square Enix's version of a farming life sim was released today on Nintendo Switch and Steam. While the free demo is no longer available on Steam, the demo is still downloadable on Switch. The game retails for $59.99.
SE wanted to let farmers know that a day-1 patch makes several gameplay adjustments based on feedback from those who played the demo. For example, they've slowed down the passage of time in both the world map (which was super fast) and the farm/towns. The full list of updates is located in the latest Harvestella blog post:
Harvestella: Quietus Dungeon, Cooking Deliveries, and the Day One Update

SoS:AWL Update
We've 83 days to go before the release of Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life in Japan. Besides the ongoing Twitter campaigns, Famitsu held an interview with now-Producer Nakano (the director of SoS:PoOT and SoS: FoMT) and new Director Rika Hoshina that revealed some new information:

Planning the game started in the Spring of 2020, with development starting later that autumn. Director Hoshina had just joined Marvelous when she learned about plans to remake AWL, so she requested to join the project. The game is 99% complete, as they're just working on the last finishing touches.
More family events have been added to the HM:AWL remake. Marvelous wanted to strengthen the sense of family in the game. Likewise, there have also been more marriage candidate events added.
Our little buddy Murrey has completely been revamped; not just his appearance and name change to Pui, but his backstory, attitude, and goals as well. He's an all-new character in the remake.
Lumina was also up-aged to 18 years old, so players would feel more comfortable pursuing a romantic relationship with her.
Marlin's hairstyle was also adjusted to be modern-day because his original style didn't look like something a person from the city would have had.
Rock is basically the same as the original.
While Takakura didn't have an active role in the original, they wanted him to be more like a friendly uncle for the child to look up to in the remake and have added him to more family events. The reason is that they wanted to highlight that family is more than just blood ties.
Livestock will not die of natural causes in SoS:AWL (they pointed out it was like PoOT), though I don't remember animals dying in the original game. Instead, they want to spotlight the variety of baby animals. Players can now have sheep and goats give birth.
The festivals are now more participatory, such as the change to the Harvest Festival. Players will gather with the residents to cook a giant hot pot. There is also a new fireworks festival and starry night festival. In Chapter 1, the fireworks festival is a date festival. Afterward, the fireworks festival will be a festival you can take the family to. The Starry Night festival is always a festival you spend with your sweetie, with the stars changing alignment slightly to highlight how the sky changes over the player's lifetime.
Like in HM:AnWL and HM:AWL SE, there is a final Chapter 7. Players can play forever on their farm or decide to start over and try a new life.
Despite the changes, Hoshina wanted to keep the game's core as a life simulation, where players can look back at the end and reflect on their life.

One thing that wasn't covered in the interview is where Director Hoshina got that cute dog plushie?! In the interview pictures, I recognized the Turnip and the Big Cow as part of the FansClub arcade prize series, but the large pointy-ear dog didn't have its source revealed. When HM:AnWL and HM:MFoMT were released in Japan in 2004, there was a write-in campaign to win one of 30 dog plushies. The art used for the campaign was the pointy-ear dog and the classic floppy-ear dog. Perhaps our pointy-ear dog plushie has been revived as an upcoming FansClub goodie, but we'll have to wait and see, I guess. It isn't offered as a pre-order bonus at any Japanese retailers that I've noticed.
Kassey was introduced as a valley resident, and he looks just like his twin brother Patrick. Go figure!
The December edition of Nintendo DREAM has a one-page piece about the new game, though nothing ground-breaking was revealed. The article noted that the screenshot we've seen with Takakura and Nami's daughter (pictured HERE) is one of the 70 new events added to the game, which takes place when our friendly farm hand visits the house to check on the protagonist's kid.

New Kickstarter Campaign
Two-person Indie studio Kamai Studios is looking for crowdfunding for their life-and-farm simulation game, Meetlight and the Secrets of the Universe. The duo are looking to raise at least $23,500 by December 7 to fund the production of their Steam game, with a future release planned for home consoles if stretch goals are met.

Meelight was inspired by some of the developers' favorite games, such as Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia, Ori and the Blind Forest, and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. All excellent games (though Ori was a bit too difficult for my skill level).
Players take on the role of Anna, who has traveled to bountiful Alaya Valley to find a fresh start after losing her beloved. As it turns out, taking over the old family farm is the life restart she was looking for. Anna will be tasked with growing crops and raising livestock, but there are many other things to do. Players can collect raw ores and use their great-uncle's old forge to craft tools, use lumber and other materials to build their perfect farmhouse, grow ingredients for completing recipes from their great-aunt's cookbook, and even dabble into a bit of alchemy.
In fact, connecting with the magical spirit realm will unlock a different side of the valley, where fairies, forest guardians, and other mystical creatures are waiting to meet Anna. This clairvoyance skill has limited strength, but players can improve their abilities in areas, such as intuition, hearing, and materialization, that will further strengthen their link to the nature world. Perhaps Anna can even learn the secrets of the universe from these fantastic creatures.
There will be social interactions with the valley residents, where players can solve the residents' problems by completing quests. There are also romance options, both human and magical. Having children isn't planned, but it could become possible if stretch goals are completed. Instead of kids, there are a variety of pets that Anna can choose from, both domesticated and wild-tamed.
You can learn more about Meetlight on the game's campaign page and official website:
Meetlight and the Secrets of the UniverseKamai Games | Discover Meetlight

Until next time!

Cher(Finally got my copy of Black and White running again! RIP Lionhead Studios...) Sat, 05 Nov 2022 00:12:16 +0000
SoS:AWL Trailers and Multi-Platform Announcement, Doraemon:FGK Preorders in NA, Kickstarter Updates, and Indie Farm'n Game Everdream Valley Happy Farm'n Friday! While last week I was glad to see the rain come and wash away the smoky air, it's now been raining all week. The rain has also brought cooler temperatures, and now it's like a switch has been flipped weather-wise. All the leafy trees have switched from green to shades of orange and brown. So many leaves to rake! It looks like we'll have a rainy Halloween night, too. The weather may discourage the usual trick-or-treaters, but that just means more leftover candy for me! Bwa ha ha!

SoS:AWL Weekly Recap
Whew, lots happened this week! First off, the official Marvelous JP website updated with new information about the upcoming A Wonderful Life remake.
The farm starts with two crop fields - the barren field and the fertile field. The site implies that improving the farm can improve the fields, but I can't tell if it means the existing fields will become improved or if a new, improved field will become unlocked.The site clarifies that a cow pregnancy requires "seeding" (heh) or the ownership of a bull. The baby cow can be fed Mother's Milk, and then the baby cow becomes an adult and produces milk in 10 days. Based on the images posted last week, I was super-wrong in assuming there was still a 20-day calf->junior->adult growth cycle. If the Marv website says that image is of an adult cow, that's what it is! Sorry about that. Shortening the cow growth cycle is a welcome improvement, for sure.Van still visits the valley two times per season. While he's gone, or even if he's around, players can still set up their outdoor market booth to sell goods to those walking by. This was also in the original game.The number of recipes has increased from 89 to 121. Besides cooking based on a known recipe, you can experiment and combine ingredients to discover new meal dishes.Errand tasks will be posted by the valley residents on the new bulletin board next to the "Lei-Over Inn." An errand will tell you the name of the villager making the request, the number of days before it expires, the item the villager is looking for, and the reward you'll receive in exchange. For example, the Marv website has a screenshot of Chris' 9-day task asking for 1 Egg Soup in exchange for 5 Rank B Potato Seeds.Griffin is confirmed to be a normal 'ol villager and not a marriage candidate.
Marv JP and Marv US released updated game trailers today. They're similar but a little bit different, too:

The Marvelous EU trailer is basically the same as the Marvelous US video, but with a European voiceover.
Marvelous JP's video contains some scenes of Celia's son and short clips of Rock's daughter and Lumina's daughter. The Marvelous US video has scenes of Celia's daughter and short clips of Nami's son.
Marvelous US's video contains more images of the character creation screen, showing the skin tones that can be picked by the player. There are also a variety of face types and hairstyles to choose. The character creation screen contains two tabs that weren't covered in the video - perhaps eye color and hair color.
We also see the goat in both videos, but the JP video has multiple goats between 00:43 to 00:45 (the same scene is from 2:09 to 2:11 in the EN video). Oh my, so many goats!
The scene with Lumina playing the piano has an adult Kate in the JP video and a kid Kate in the EN video.
The major takeaway from the EN video is the announcement of a multi-platform release. While the JP video states that the game will be released on Nintendo Switch, the EN video confirms Switch, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam/PC. I need to get a Steam Deck someday...

The Marvelous EU website also confirmed the multi-platform release on their website as well as announced the EU Limited Edition bundle. The EU special edition contains a physical copy of the game, an A3-size poster, a 140-page empty notebook, and a sticker sheet within a collector's box. This LE will cost €49.99/£44.99.
Marvelous in Japan started a Retweet-and-Win contest this week, where 20 fans in Japan can win a Wonderful Life tote bag. Participants have until November 13 to follow the official Twitter account and retweet a specific tweet from the above news article.

Kickstarter Updates
A big Early Access update was released for Pathea's My Time at Sandrock. The Builder Bonds Update added a pet system to the sequel to My Time in Portia, allowing players to adopt a cat, dog, and birds. These cute animals can be petted, walked, and even tasked with going out and collecting materials for players. The Builder Bonds Update also made a lot of in-game adjustments, fixed many bugs, and added new features such as the ability to reply to mailbox letters, a two-person sledding mini-game, and interactions with people like hugging. Steam Early Access to Sandrock is also 20% off until November 1.
You can learn more about the new pet system on Pathea's Youtube channel:Secret Cat Raising Tricks From The Devs | My Time at Sandrock
The farming-in-the-sky relationship game, Sally, is still working towards its crowdfunding goal. The game is 80% funded, with about 20 days left in the campaign.

Doraemon2 Preorders
The Nintendo Switch edition of Doraemon: Story of Seasons - Friends of the Great Kingdom is now available to preorder on the Nintendo eShop in North America in preparation for the game's November 2 global release date. The game costs $49.99, with a separate season pass for $14.99. The season pass contains access to the three upcoming DLC sets and a premium crop seed set as an added bonus. The eShop also has a game + season pass bundle for $59.99.
The title screenshot on the NA eShop says there is a "Demo Available," but the demo hasn't been available for download for the past few days. A demo IS available on the Steam Store page and on the Japan Nintendo eShop. The JP eShop demo does support Japan, English, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesian languages, so you can download it from there if you really want to play the demo on Switch.
Only Japan will have a physical release for this game. North America and Europe will have digital editions for purchase.
Doraemon:SoS2 is not available for preorder on the EU or AUS Nintendo eShops as of today (October 28). The Bandai Namco website in Europe has the Standard and Deluxe editions for preorder, but are only promoting it for PC/Steam and makes no mention of a Switch or Playstation release.

Indie Highlight - Everdream Valley

Spending the summer on grandma and grandpa's farm is the story of Everdream Valley, a farming simulation game with a unique overnight twist. During the day, the player is a chirpy kid, running through meadows, catching bugs and fish, and taking care of their grandparent's farm. But at night, a magic hat turns the player's dreams into their own animal adventure with barnyard drama and mysteries to solve! Players only have 2 months (i.e., their summer vacation time) to unravel the secrets of their grandparents' farm.
Alas, I only recently learned about this cute farming game that has been in development by Mooneaters since last year. How did I miss it? This farming game is planned for a Steam/PC and Switch release sometime in the future. A free demo is available on the Steam Store page if you want to check it out:
Everdream Valley on SteamEvergreen Valley official website

Until next time!

Cher(Don't forget to VOTE in your local elections if you can!) Sat, 29 Oct 2022 00:00:58 +0000
Cow Breeding in SoS:AWL, New Kickstarter - Sally, and Harvestella Faerie Orders Happy Farm'n Friday! We finally got some rain that made the smoky skies clear once again, or as clear as rain clouds can make it. Air quality went from 195 AQI on Thursday to 23 AQI today. The interns were glad to spend some after-breakfast time outside in their catio this morning, and Intern Hondo was kind enough to leave his slug friends outdoors.

I learned the other day that I could play the SNES game on my North American Nintendo Switch. "Whaaaa, you didn't know how?!" you say? No, I didn't know! If you didn't know how either, you first need a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership with access to the virtual console systems. You also need a Nintendo profile account registered on the Switch with Japan as its primary region to access the Japan-based Nintendo eShop. Then simply log into the Japan account, access the Japan eShop to visit the JP NSO page, and download the NES, SNES, and N64 virtual consoles (free - 無料!) as part of your NSO benefits. To play the Japan VC games, simply select the Japan VC app when using the profile that your NSO membership is associated with.
With Bokujou Monogatari 2 (HM64) planned for an NSO VC release in Japan next year, maybe I'll finally get around to playing through the game more than a few in-game days. I've tried a few times on the WiiU virtual console, but I just can't seem to get into it...

New Kickstarter - Sally
A cute life sim game with farming aspects launched a crowdfunding campaign this week. Sally puts the player on a flying ship exploring the sky and its floating islands while helping their fellow kid crewmembers discover their personal potential.

In this game, players will embark on a journey to find their own home island with a group of fellow kids and two nurturing grandma-like figures, Alice and Beatrix. At the start of the game, the crew kids are automatically generated with random looks and personalities. There will be preconfigured crew kids that are standard to every game for you to choose from as well. As the crew is different in every game, this makes for an interesting relationship-building experience. The crew will respond to the protagonist based on the player's personality, mood, and memories.
To move the story along, players will repair the neglected bits of the ship and customize Sally's deck with plants, crop fields, and decor. The plants grown in the fields can be cooked into meals and given to fellow crewmates to improve relationships. The core experience of Sally is the relationships built during the ship's journey.
Besides growing crops, players can pick wild items from floating islands that Sally visits. Wild animals will also live on these island biomes that can drop materials for cooking, gifting, crafting, and completing quests.
Located in Montreal, development studio Lucid Tales hopes to receive enough funding to complete and fully release their sky-dream sometime in Quarter 1 2025 on Steam, with a stretch goal for a Nintendo Switch edition. The Kickstarter ends on November 17. You can learn more about this game on the Kickstarter website:
Sally | A cozy life-sim game about community and belonging

SoS:AWL Cows
Marvelous posted a tweet this week that walks through a bovine baby birth in three screenshots. The first one is the typical animal birth event with Nik, Nac, and Flak when a momma cow gives birth. The next two images are a bit more interesting.

The second screenshot reveals that the baby cow is no longer sectioned off into a separate calf hutch. Huzzah! Be free, little dude! The protagonist is shown hand-feeding Mother's Milk to the baby cow, so we know that mechanic continues on in the remake of HM:AWL.
If you're unfamiliar with Mother's Milk, it is a special type of milk that the mother cow produces for several day after giving birth. Ideally, this special milk would be hand-fed to a baby cow twice daily. Once you run out of Mother's Milk, you can feed normal milk or fodder to the baby cow. If Marv's screenshot indicates a cow that has given birth is producing Mother's Milk, there's a good chance that players will need to breed cows to encourage milk production. In the original Gamecube game, a cow's milk production is plentiful after she gives birth and becomes weaker as the year goes on. Eventually, the cow will stop producing milk until she gives birth again. Pregnancy requires the use of a bull. Players can rent a bull for a small fee or own a bull on their farm. The advantage of owning a bull is that it allows cows to become pregnant naturally once they stop milk production, but the bull takes up precious barn space. While you can breed any cow variety with each other (e.g., a normal cow with a marble bull), you have better chances of a female calf offspring when the two parents are the same type.
The third screenshot is the baby cow in its medium cow form; if it was an adult, the cow would be visibly taller than the protagonist. In the original HM:AWL, a baby cow takes 20 days (2 seasons) to mature into a medium-sized cow. In the second of Marvelous' screenshots with the Mother's Milk, the date is Indigo 5 (Winter 5 in the EN version), and in the third image, the date is Pepper 5 (aka, Summer 5). These imaged dates align with the baby-to-juvenile cow growth rate from the original Gamecube game, which would place each season also at 10 days long in the remake.

Harvestella Sprites
Square Enix's version of a farming life-sim game, Harvestella, will be released for Nintendo Switch and Steam/PC on November 4. This week, SE revealed that their game has its own take on farm-helper Harvest Sprites.
In Harvestella, the four seasons are influenced by giant crystals called Seaslights. The towns near the Seaslights enjoy the seasons each of the Seaslights blesses them with. The town of Nemea is surrounded by spring cherry blossoms, Shatolla is in a beachy summertime area, starting town Lethe Village is wrapped by colorful autumn leaves, and the holy city Argene is covered in snow and ice.

From A look at Winter in HARVESTELLA
During the game, the protagonist will be recruited by Seaslight faerie Juno to help the other faeries found at the Seaslights. The faerie sprites will also help the player with their farm as they complete Faerie Orders. These orders are tasks - such as harvesting a specified number of crops, crafting goods, and completing town quests - that unlock tool upgrades and farm enhancements. For example, once the player marks 3 Faerie Orders from wind faerie Aeril as completed, she will bless the player with the ability to harvest more than 1 square of crops simultaneously. The faeries can also improve fields for growing and harvesting higher-quality crops. Sounds like it would be pretty beneficial to help out that bossy fire faerie!

Until next time!

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The Many Preorder Options for RF3SE in Japan, New Hybrids in SoS:AWL, and Fan Localization Efforts for the Lost HM64 Shows Happy Farm'n Friday! There's another wildfire burning close by, so the valley air has smelled smokey all week. Bleh. The Nakia Creek fire started last Sunday and is over 150 acres currently. Unfortunately, this wildfire appears human-caused, and only a tiny bit of it has been contained.
While I was at an estate sale treasure hunt this morning (70s retro chic house with an entryway rock garden and carpeted master bathroom. Absolutely beautiful!), Mr.Fogu left the backyard patio door open for the interns. When I arrived home, the smoke alarm was having a fit! I found him fighting to quiet the noise because it interrupted his conference call. Lol! Oh dearest...

Dreamhack Indie Celebration
A demo of indie farming game Roots of Pacha is available again as part of Dreakhack Beyond's indie game celebration taking place from today (October 14) until October 23. You can download the free demo from the Steam Store page. Also available is a free demo of the River King like game, Fishing Paradiso.

Marv JP Launches Online Store
Marvelous has partnered with to open their own online store to sell various Marv-goods in Japan. The Marvelous Shop on Ebten's website has preorders for the Famitsu DX bundle for Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, the normal edition of SoS:AWL with Ebten's pre-order Hapi bonus outfit, the new deluxe bundles for Rune Factory 3, t-shirts and accessories from Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, and merchandise from other Marvelous games sold on Ebten's website.
Marvelous USA (XSeed Games) already has an online store. Marvelous EU doesn't have one at the moment.

RF3 SE Package
Marvelous JP released information the other day about the specialty goods available for Rune Factory 3 SE, scheduled to be released in Japan on March 2, 2023. RF3 is getting an RF4SE-style HD remake that includes a new Hell-level difficulty mode, Newlywed Mode with marriage side stories with all the bachelorettes, and an updated opening movie. Besides the stand-alone Nintendo Switch game for 4980円 (~$33.50), there are a few higher-priced options.

First, we have the Rune Factory 3 SE Digital Deluxe edition that costs 5980円 (~$40). This package comes with a digital copy of the game and a Swimsuit Mode DLC (pictured above) that players can enable in the game.
Of course, Daria is wearing a rainbow bikini. Ha!

We also have the Rune Factory 3 SE Dream Collection. This package costs 9800円 (~$66) and includes a physical copy of the game; the special Swimsuit Mode DLC; an all-star drama CD; a heroine love-story CD; an acrylic cut-out of the heroes from RF 3, 4, and 5; and a decorative box illustrated by the RF series artist, Minako Iwasaki. Whew!
(The Dream Collection is also available for preorder from Japan goods distributor, AmiAmi.)

Another option is available for those who want even more Rune Factory 3 goodies. Fans in Japan can buy the Rune Factory 3 SE Dream Collection + Wedding Collection (DC+WC). This super-duper special edition costs 33,600円 (~$226!) and combines the Dream Collection edition with a special Wedding Collection.
The Wedding Collection bundle comes with two non-digital, real-life rings - a size silver engagement ring and a Happy Ring - presented in an RF ring box. This bundle also contains
a silver chain necklace to wear the rings,an 11-card collection of the RF3 bachelorettes in their bridal dresses,a pop-up diorama of Micah and Shara in their wedding attire with cut-outs to customize their wedding scene frame, anda special wedding-themed collection box.
The red stone in the silver engagement ring is red-colored glass, and the Happy Ring is made of brass. The rings are size 9 and good for those of us with stubby fingers.
Oh, we're not done! A Famitsu DX edition is also available on Marvelous' new Ebten store. This special bundle of RF3 contains a copy of the game, a poster of the game's box art, a 2023-2024 calendar, and two small bean bowls (mamezara) printed with illustrations of Micah and Karin. The Famitsu DX edition is 9878円 (~$66.50).
More? Of course! There is a Famitsu DX edition that also comes with a light-up crystal cube of Karin that costs 14,278円 (~$96).
Do you want it all? That's available too! For the ultimate Rune Factory 3 fan in Japan, the Dream Collection, the Wedding Collection, the Famitsu DX, and the Karin cube lamp can be purchased together on the Marvelous shop for 45,760円 (~$308!).
... and when preordering through, players will get a copy of the game, the Newlywed Mode DLC, and Doug's Rune Factory 4 costume for Micah to wear.
What goodies do you think XSeed will offer? The Swimsuit DLC is a safe assumption since we got that with RF4SE, but I don't think we'll get the jewelry rings or the Karin light-up cube lamp.

SoS:AWL Hybrids
Marvelous JP released some images this week via their Twitter account

We already know that there were new crops added to the remake of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, and this latest screenshot appears to be one of those new crops - a Festival Day Fruit with a rank of B. The original third-generation hybrid crops were simply labeled "No Name 1" through "No Name 24", so giving the unique hybrid crops an actual name is a good change.
This is also the first screenshot I've noticed showing the game in Day #8. In the original version, each season was 10 days long. Marv hasn't come out and stated the season system is the same in the remake as the original, but images of the calendar on the farmhouse wall hint that each season is 10 days.

LiL's Deep Dive into HM64's TV
The guys over at Lost in Localization have been busy digging through the text of the Japanese version of Harvest Moon 64 to analyze and translate the fourth TV channel that was omitted from the EN localization of the game. Besides simply translating the text of the missing entertainment channel tv shows, they've also turned their work into a fun study guide for those learning Japanese.
Today's a special day for me. My interest in Japanese was sparked over 20 years ago by the mystery of Harvest Moon 64's untranslated 4th channel. Today, I begin solving that mystery, and help start your Japanese learning in the process.— Lost In Localization (@lostinloc) October 13, 2022
Each article in Lost in Localization's Variety Channel breakdown will go through episodes available from the JP version of the game, documenting the Japanese text, the literal translation, and what the text might have become during localization. They also explain language nuances that are tough to translate into English. Check it out if you're a fan of learning about the inner workings of HM64.
Harvest Moon 64's Variety Channel, Translated

Until next time!

Cher(Treasure hunted a new mason bee house and a 7-Up recipe book published eons ago by the old Portland distributor!) Sat, 15 Oct 2022 01:18:20 +0000
Indie Farming Game Updates, Doraemon2 Free Demo, A New Ceremony in SoS:AWL, and More BIG Cow Plushies Happy Farm'n Friday! As I was slowly waking up this morning, right at that point between deciding to go back to sleep or finally getting around to opening my eyes, I heard Mr.Fogu exclaim, "What did you guys bring in the house?!"
Well, that question woke me up pretty quickly...
You see, the interns like to go outside in their catio after Mr.Fogu feeds them breakfast while I'm still asleep. This morning, Intern Hondo discovered a leaf had made its way into their enclosure. So naturally, he picked it up and brought it back inside, along with a 3-inch slug that also happened to be attached to the leaf. Mr.Fogu had discovered Hondo licking the slug after it escaped off the leaf and was sliming around on the still-under-remodel mess of a floor. That's when he made his eye-opening statement I heard all the way on the other side of the house.
Mr.Fogu placed the slug back outside where it belongs, and Hondo doesn't appear to have any side effects from his slug-licking escapade. Hopefully, that's the last time we see Intern Hondo bring a new mucusy coworker to Fogu HQ to meet the bosses.

Kickstarter Updates
Magical farming game Critter Crops by Skyreach Studio will launch a beta version on Steam on October 23. The free public beta will be available until November 5. If you were a crowdfunding campaign backer or a game streamer, beta access would be available on October 15.
The latest update from Roots of Pacha brings in new elements to the fishing aspect of this prehistoric farming and village-building game. Players will naturally become familiar with each fish they catch, transferring that knowledge to the underwater shadows that appear during the fishing mini-game and increasing the quality of that particular fish. Soda Den has also expanded upon four characters' stories and worked on the art studio function that lets players decorate their in-game pottery.
Square Husky released a new trailer for his afterlife farming action game, Everafter Falls.

This farming game does have a specified bedtime for players to comply with, but instead of simply forcing the player to go to bed like in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, the player will be chased around by ghosts! The player can outrun the ghosts to make it back home, but if they're caught, the nanny ghosts tuck the player into bed in a charming way. The penalty for getting caught by sleepytime spirits is spending an extra 3 hours sleeping, but gosh, if that isn't an adorable sight. Also added are more details on how players can exchange shop-awarded points for tickets to unlock prize cabinets scattered around town and how to use an underground mine as a travel shortcut. Square Husky hopes to release Everafter Falls in 2023.
And a reminder that Coral Island launches on Steam Early Access on Tuesday, October 11. Those who helped with the crowdfunding campaign will start to receive their Steam keys on October 8 (Saturday). Stairway Games requests that those with early access copies wait until October 9 to start streaming gameplay. Farmers who didn't participate in the Kickstarter campaign and still want to play the game can purchase the early access game for $24.99. Stairway Games expects their tropical farming game to stay in early access for about a year, but it could be longer depending on how satisfied they are with the finished product. If they have to release a game update, the plan is to try and preserve players' saved data, but there may be instances when the update may clear all progression data. If that happens, Stairway Games intends to preserve, as much as possible, a player's gold, inventory items, mastery skills, inventory, and farm design (exterior and interior) will remain; basically, it's a reminder that the game is still in development. The early access launch won't include controller support, though (drat!). Coral Island's early access launch will support Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish, with plans to support additional languages.

New Wedding in SoS:AWL
This week, Marvelous publicized that a new wedding scene has been added to Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. In the 2002 version of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, players ended their first year of the game with a future marriage promise with their chosen spouse (or with the person who visited their house on their last day of the year to propose marriage). The couple is then unceremoniously married with a toddler at the start of chapter 2.

In the remake of AWL, there's a tranquil gathering at the forest pond between the protagonist and their chosen future spouse. Together, they pledge to spend the rest of their lives together and discuss their future family. This point is where the player can choose the gender of the child who appears in chapter 2 - either a girl or a boy or allow the game to pick for them because either would be a-okay. It's much simpler to have a daughter in the remake, rather than having to talk to Mr. Pots 100 times to unlock that option like in Another Wonderful Life.

Doraemon:SoS2 Demo
A free demo of Doraemon: Story of Seasons - Friends of the Great Kingdom is now available on the Nintendo eShop in Asia; there is still no entry for this game on North American or European eShops. The free trial version is also available on Steam.
Bandai Namco Asia released a new video that explains how Noby and his friends made their way to Illuma, where they meet Lumis and learn of his dream of restoring his dad's farm.

Doraemon 2 is very similar to the first version of the game, but this time the friends live together in the same house while they work equivalent jobs as they did in the first game. Even the world map of Illuma is very similar to Natura in Doraemon:SoS 1. The farm is in the middle, with a seashore, town, mountains, and forest in the same area. Some of the springtime events are also the same - the cork target festival, the spring harvest festival, and the horse race are during spring. Doraemon:SoS 2 does have a new Fishing Festival on Spring 18.
The similarities continue with the characters. There is a little girl who is super-friendly with the animal shop livestock, and the forage-shop owner has a son who doesn't want to be a smithy.

To recruit farm help, talk to a farmhouse resident. After the conversation dialog, another prompt opens with a "Go Together" option. The friend will then follow Noby and help with the field crops. You can tell them to buzz off by talking and choosing the "Split Up" option. The farm help is quite convenient, speeding up field chores and conserving energy. The downside is that the prompt to ask for help opens up every time you talk to Doraemon, Lumis, Sue, and the other farm friends.
One thing that is obviously different in Doraemon:SoS 2 is the inventory system. The backpack is now split into two parts - items and equipment. Tools no longer occupy the same backpack space where crops, bugs, fish, and foraged items are stored. Another new change is that the dialog during events is fully voiced in Japanese, with the written text displayed in the language chosen by the player. The audio will refer to the characters using their Japanese names; Noby is "Nobita," Sue is "Shizuka," and so on. Another improvement is Noby carries around a spotlight necklace that shines on the ground when it's dark outside, making it easier to see where you're going at night.
If you enjoyed the first Doraemon:SoS game, then you'll like this one too; it's basically the same underlying game with some enhancements, plus a new storyline.
The digital version of the first Doraemon: Story of Seasons game is currently sale again for 70% off on the Playstation Store until October 12.

New JP Plushies

Fansclub is releasing more "Big" sized plushie cows that will become prizes at participating arcade/game centers in Japan starting this month. The black-and-white Big Cow looks like a re-release of the original 25th BokuMono Big Cow that came out in October last year, but this one is a smidge smaller at 27 cm long; the Big Cow from a year ago was 29 cm long. Even plushies are affected by shrink-flation, I guess. The brown Big Cow is a larger version of the same one from last September, but the black Big Cow is new to the Fansclub plushie series.

Until next time!

Cher(Another 85°F weekend? I thought this was supposed to be the cool-weather autumn season...) Fri, 07 Oct 2022 21:48:31 +0000
D:SoS2 News, Cody's Artwork Revealed, and HM2GBC Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! I must have jinxed the weather last week with my observation of "not much rain," as it started raining mid-week. I don't mind the rain (booo snow!), as that means I don't have to go outside and water the front-yard garden boxes. The cover crops are still coming along, but it looks like I'm growing a bed of weeds to someone who doesn't know what's going on.
Tomorrow is OCTOBER 1 already! Holy smokes, this year has passed by quickly. With 30 days left before the great Fogu Christmas Light Extravaganza install begins, I've been plotting what special goodies will be added this year. There are new light strings to wrap around the porch columns, and another outdoor electrical outlet is being installed to help power the whole project. We're even trying to build some stars using the 3D printer, though we aren't sure how those will turn out yet. Will I surpass last year's 16,000 lights? It all depends on how long it takes for me to get tired of installing Christmas lights.

Doraemon:SoS2 Updates
Bandai Namco in Japan continues to promote the upcoming release of Doraemon: Story of Seasons - Friends of the Great Kingdom, scheduled to be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Steam/PC on November 2.

From the official Doraemon2 website
In this version of the series, developed and produced by Marvelous but published by BN, Noby and his friends are magically transported to the planet Illuma. They'll meet Lumis and help his dream of revitalizing his dad's neglected farm. Instead of living in separate houses like in Doraemon: SoS1, now everyone lives together on the farm along with Lumis, Luana (the bird-like scholarly girl from the Asif tribe), Toton (a miner from the Dogan tribe), Sylph (a teen from the Mist tribe), and Pico (an amnesiac robot). Yep, that's 10 characters living under the same roof. The house residents will eat meals together and sleep in their own beds.
The game will also include a checklist of tasks that guide players on their next step to move the story along, a sorely missing feature from the previous version of the series. Information on completing each important task and villagers' personal requests can be found in the main menu.
Players can ask a house friend to help them with farm work. The assistant will water crops without any instruction from the player, making a convenient way of getting out of fieldwork. Optionally, a real friend can join by utilizing the game's two-player co-op mode. Players can also grow fruit trees (e.g., apples, grapes, persimmon, lemons, etc.) and bamboo. The harvested bamboo is used as a crafting material for house decorations at the carpenter's shop. Players can also help Lumis with his research on big crops, which requires multiple people to successfully harvest.

From the official Doraemon2 website
The alpaca has been added as a livestock animal. There are also new color varieties of alpaca, cows, and chickens. They're so cute!
The number of secret gadgets added to the game was increased to 80. For example, besides the return of the Go-Anywhere Door, there is
a new Move Wand that lets players rearrange their fields and even move their trees around,the Restaurant Field that turns crops into cooked dishes at harvest,a sticky sticker that makes a dog house wherever it's attached,a device that lets Noby explore underwater,a golden propeller to explore the sky, and even a can of cloud gas that turns airy clouds into solid surfaces to walk and grow crops on.
Bandai Namco recently tweeted a short video on how to grow crops in the game:
✨システムPV「作物の育て方」編✨畑を耕すところから、収穫して出荷まで・・・季節によって収穫できるものがかわったり♪「ひみつ道具」を使ってより楽しくすごせます!のんびり牧場ライフを満喫しましょう🐄11月2日発売🍀予約受付中!ドラ牧— ドラえもん のび太の牧場物語【公式】 (@dora_boku) September 29, 2022
A game demo is not available yet, but Bandai Namco had previously stated that there were plans to make one available. Interestingly, while there has been an active marketing campaign in Japan, BN NA and BN EU haven't promoted the game since it was announced in July's Nintendo Direct. At least there are now pages for the game on the BanNam NA website and the BanNam EU website, but social-wise things have been rather quiet outside of Japan.

SoS:AWL Updates
This week, Marvelous revealed the official artwork on Twitter for Rock, Cody, and Chapter-2-and-beyond-Lumina for Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Cody's profile page on the official website in Japan confirms that he is still a metal artist of little words, content with living a solitary life as he quietly contemplates the world around him. Naturally, that will change at the start of Chapter 2 if Cody is the player's chosen spouse. I'm guessing that Cody's workshop will still be visited by him after Chapter 2, much like how Gustafa would hang out at his yurt post-marriage.
We also don't know yet what Cody's localized name will be. In the Japanese version, his name is ゴーディ. As Marvelous likes to keep names as close as possible to their Japanese names, and Natsume's "Cody" is not quite the same, we could get "Gordy" as a possible name. Maybe "Gordon" or "Gore" instead?
If you haven't seen it yet, the website has a slideshow of Cecilia's baby boy in all stages of his life. His Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 outfits are generally the same as the original Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, but his Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 outfits have changed.
The wide variety of preorder items available for next January's release of the game in Japan have been detailed on the official website too. Most items are kind of... meh... but the milk glass, Mukumuku towel, and sheep-head plushie pouch are a bit more worthwhile. The Famitsu DX game bundle with the glass (11cm or 4.3" tall), towel (20cm or 7.8"), and drink coasters cost 9328円 (about $65). The Original Goods game bundle with the sheep-head plushie and raincoat costume doesn't have a price yet. The AMZ bundle with just the raincoat costume is 5478円 (about $38), though. You can preorder a physical edition from, but you'll have to pay extra (about $20) for international shipping.
With all the preorder costume options, the outfits are delivered to a blue box in front of the protagonist's house. While the body covering is a normal clothing outfit, any costume with a hat is categorized as a hairstyle.

HM2GB Comic
As it's been a while since we've had one of these, here's another comic from the Harvest Moon 2 GBC guidebook, drawn by Igusa Matsuyama back in 1999.

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