Ushi No Tane PHP-Update Farm'n Game Patch Updates, FS Video Contest Winners, and July Bokumono for Mobage Events Happy Farm'n Friday! It's another week of stay-at-home, now with a state-wide facemask mandate. It's been interesting to see all the different designs of masks that everyone is coming up with. It's a mix of hand-made, construction, and surgical-style masks. Creativity is overflowing here!
Those in the USA who preordered Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town through have received email notification from the online retailer that the shipping date for the game + preorder plushie has been delayed. Instead of a July 14 release date delivery, the game is expected to ship from Amazon sometime between July 29 and August 28. The reason for the delay is unknown, though it may be a safe assumption that it is COVID related.

Recent PatchesThis week, the patch to fix the invisible wall bug for the Nintendo Switch version of Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands was released. Roka Publishing apologized for the COVID-related delays with patching the game.Also patched this week was the Japanese version of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. The game update released a few weeks ago (version 1.1.4) introduced a bug that removed the text from the overhead thought bubble to indicate something eaten was delicious or unpleasant. For example, the text bubble that appears above the cooking festival's gourmet's head while he tastes contest entries, or the text bubble that appears after eating the community stew during the fall harvest festival. The 1.1.5 patch added the missing text bubble back into the game.The Switch edition of Summer in Mara has also recently been patched to fix various bugs and hiccups that came about when the game was released. Another patch has been submitted to Nintendo to review that will add some quality-of-life improvements to the Switch edition such as fast travel to islands that have been previously discovered and enabling Koa to craft and cook while away from her home island.

Farming Simulator Contest WinnersBack in April, the team at Farming Simulator invited players to submit fun videos showcasing the Bourgault DLC farming equipment. Giants Software has now revealed the third, second, and first-place winners. You can check out the winning videos on the official Farming simulator website:Bourgault Video Contest: Winners + Reaction Video!

July BokuMobage EventsThere's a new batch of events scheduled to take place this July in the online browser-based version of Bokujou Monogatari on the Mobage social community platform:A summer fireworks-themed competitive harvest festival started on July 1. Players try to earn as many points as they can by harvesting Dianthus firework flowers, Dianthus firework trees, goldfish-catching cats, and yukata-wearing rabbits. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the number of points a player earns. Throughout the festival, friendship hearts can be sent to other players that can be exchanged for more in-game prizes.A Big Crop event begins on the 11th. During this event, players grow special crops in a dedicated event field. Harvesting these crops will increase a level bar. Once the bar is filled, then a three-card monty game triggers where players pick one of three random cards. As you pick the right card, the pick-a-card chain continues until the wrong card is selected (a maximum of 5 hands are dealt), at which point players are awarded in-game nuts. These nuts will award prizes based on the amount collected during the event. There will also be a large crop in the middle of the dedicated event field that increases its size (i.e., becoming a big crop) as players trigger the three-card mini-game and earn their nuts.The fun Bingo event will be the final contest for the month. Starting on July 21, farmers will grow special bingo crop seeds and hope they get three of the same crop in a row or a full board of the same crop for a max bingo, which is worth more points. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the total number of bingo points collected during the event. Players can use their Sunshine Ability to increase the number of harvestable items on their friends' bingo cards, but bonus bingo points will only be awarded if the ability is used on an active three-in-a-row bingo. Typically it is best to wait until the board is full of the same crop to trigger a max bingo and then wait until a multiplier triggers to earn bingo points. This event often has time-based prizes that no longer become available for players to win once the availability time expires, so it's good to earn points as fast as possible before the prizes expire!
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HM:1W at NGPX, SuperGroupies SoS Goodies, and Steam Farm'n Summer Sale Happy Farm'n Friday! Mr.Fogu has been showing me his monster-seed farm added in this season of Path of Exile, and even sent me a picture of his "crops." It's definitely not the kind of farm I would have expected.He seems to be doing pretty well! He's still skeptical about enjoying "farming" in his game, but the other day I watched him design a grid to optimize his crop placements. I think he's getting into the groove. Planting monster seeds and then harvesting the monster-dropped crystals is a little bit different than growing a turnip. I'm impressed that he's happily farm'n!

HM One World In Development GameplayTuesday was the digital New Games Plus Expo live streaming event. During the one-hour showcase event, Natsume showed some in-development gameplay of their latest entry in the Harvest Moon series. The rough gameplay video showed the protagonists running through some of the areas where different shops and villagers lived. Even some of the farm animals were showcased in the video. The protagonist runs much smoother than in Light of Hope, and a bit faster too. There were some villagers present, though there were neither character portraits nor conversation dialog aired during the NGPX showcase. Hmm... I didn't see Doc anywhere...The towns also had shops, and the tropical town had a cafe and fruit-drink carts. One of the carts had a broken wheel and looked in disrepair; maybe we help fix it up? And who is the lady with the large yellow backpack and green outfit?The not-final footage was pretty interesting. Excited to see how the final game ends up!

SoS:FoMT Twitch StreamToday, starting at 5:00 pm Pacific time, XSeed Games will be live streaming an unboxing of the new Story of Seasons Nintendo Switch game, showcasing gameplay and giving out prizes to stream attendees. You can catch it live later today on XSeed's Twitch channel:

Snacko Kickstarter FinaleThe Kickstarter for Snacko: A Farming Cat-Venture ended earlier this week. The project received 152% of its funding goal. That's meooootastic!

More Bokumono Product CollabsFashion brand Super Groupies is collaborating with Marvelous JP on a line of five Story of Seasons branded accessories. And they are suuuuper adorable and available for preorder until July 20, with final delivery taking place later this fall.Bokumono silver watch with hour markers of franchise icons and heart-marker day of the week indicator = ¥15,800 (~$150 USD) + taxDenim backpack with red bandana and gold-cow charm = ¥14,800 (~$140 USD) + taxDemin purse with zipper pockets and gold cowbell charm = ¥13,800 (~$130 USD) + taxDenim clutch with cork-style embelishment and gold-cow charm = ¥10,800 (~$100 USD) + taxDemin wallet with red leather bow and cowbell charm = ¥9800 (~$90 USD) + taxI just want that cute little gold-cow charm! It's mooooootiful!

Steam Summer SaleThe annual summertime sale is taking place on the Steam PC gaming platform. The sale on the following farming games expires on July 9:
Alchemy Story = $13.39 USD (33% off)Fantasy Farming: Orange Season (early access) = $10.49 USD (25% off)Farming Simulator 19 Platinum Edition = $23.44 USD (33% off)Garden Paws = $14.99 USD (25% off)Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Complete = $14.99 USD (50% off)Littlewood (early access) = $13.49 USD (10% off)My Time at Portia = $11.99 USD (60% off)Stardew Valley = $8.99 USD (40% off)Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands = $16.24 USD (35% off)Summer in Mara = $21.24 USD (15% off)
Doraemon: Story of Seasons, Pumpkin Days, and Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town are not included in the summer sale. Wada's Little Dragons Cafe is also on sale for $17.99 USD (70% off).
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Next Week's NGPX, SoS on Steam and eShop, and Snacko Kickstarter Update Happy Farm'n Friday! I hope everyone is still staying healthy and safe. Our local counties will be mandating facemasks starting on Tuesday, with exemptions for kids under 13 years old and those who would have difficulties breathing if they wore masks. We had to visit the local farmer's market last weekend to pick up Mr.Fogu's berry box, and most everyone was wearing facemasks to protect those around them responsibly. That wasn't the same experience at the local grocery store the next day when only about half of the shoppers were wearing masks. Several of them were not complying with the one-way aisle directions.We have one more forecasted rain shower for tomorrow morning before we'll start our 80°F (~26° C) streak of summer weather. I still have some watermelons to be planted in the front yard terrace, though they look rather unhappy because they are still in their pre-transplant pots. We'll see if they perk up after being planted in the ground.
New Games Plus ExpoNext Tuesday (June 23rd), the digital small-publisher showcase New Games Plus Expo will take place. This online event will air through starting at 8:00 am Pacific Time (currently -7 GMT), showcasing the games from participating publishers. After the one-hour showcase, each publisher/developer has a dedicated block of time to promote their upcoming games:Natsume's showcase takes place between 9:30 am and 10:00 am. We know that there's a new magnificent Doc game coming out later this year called Harvest Moon: One World, and recently the publisher announced the next title in the Natsume Indie series, Legends of Ethernal. Maybe that game will make an appearance too?Today, the company revealed the artwork for the nameless female protagonist. I think the perfect name for her would be Dockette.Introducing the female main character of #HarvestMoon: One World! No official name for her yet open to suggestions ;)Harvest Moon: One World arrives later in 2020 on PS4/Switch in North America, on Nintendo Switch in PAL territories via Rising Star Games & Nintendo of Europe.— Natsume Inc. (@Natsume_Inc) June 19, 2020
SoS:FoMT Platform OptionsThis week XSeed Games revealed during the digital 2020 PC Gaming Show that Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town will release on the Steam gaming platform as well as the Nintendo Switch platform on July 14. SoS:FoMT is the first mainline SoS game available for PC, as the post-2014 Harvest Moon series has been on Steam since 2017. FoMT has relatively low system requirements and only needs 2 GB of hard drive space. You can prepurchase the PC version on the Steam store:STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town
In North America, the digital version of Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town finally appeared on the Nintendo eShop for preorders. The game requires 999 MB of SD Card space and comes in English, Spanish, French, and German languages. It also supports save-data cloud backup. The digital version retails for $49.99 USD and comes with the DLC cow costume as a preorder bonus. The wearable animal costumes will be available for all players as DLC downloads for $1.99 each. It is publicly unknown yet if the new Cherry Blossom Sprite costume that was released in Japan two weeks ago will be available too.
Snacko Kickstarter UpdateThe kitty farming game, Snacko wraps up its Kickstarter next Thursday (June 25th). While the $30,000 funding goal has already been met (huzzah!), any additional funds will go towards the development of the game. Available backing tiers include the ability to submit a name for the livestock random name generator ($60), designing an in-game painting ($200), or even something as small as a PC key to download a copy of the game ($25). The game is currently scheduled for a mid-to-late 2021 release window. You can contribute to Snacko's development on the Kickstarter page:Snacko: A Farming Adventure Sim for PC
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Nintendo eShop Sale, Mara Digital Preorders, and Marv EU Interview with Matsuyama-san Happy Farm'n Friday! Our state was in the process of opening back up, but that was halted today by the Governor because Covid-19 cases are beginning to increase. The highest number of confirmed cases since this situation started three months ago was reported this past week. As a result, the state government is pausing the approval of additional reopening rules for one week to evaluate the possible impact on health care facilities. One of my coworkers safely visited the building earlier this week to take care of some paperwork, as our permanent in-office coworker took the day off. He checked in on the lotus experiment and sent me this lovely picture. Yucktastic... it may be time to conclude this trial attempt at an indoor-lotus pot as a loss. The seed has grown a lot of roots, but it's difficult to determine if there are any viable lotus leaves among that green muck. The fish aquarium looked rough too. The one snail that was living in the tank appears to have passed away, and the floating water-surface plants have blocked all light from reaching the underwater plants. It's like a mysterious, abandoned mini world. It can't smell pleasant...The completed portions of the SoS:FoMT guide were made public last weekend, though there is still more work left to do. The Nintendo Switch game comes out in four weeks!

Nintendo eShop SaleNintendo is hosting a mega-eShop sale on a lot of video games, including some digital farming games, until June 16 (North America) and June 14 (UK and Europe). The HM games are only discounted in EU/UK (Rising Star Game's publishing terratory):
Farmer's Dynasty (Switch) = $23.99 (reg. 39.99)Farming Simulator 18 (3DS) = $6.99 (reg $19.99)Farming Simulator 20 (Switch) = $26.99/£23.99/€26,99 (reg. $44.99/£39.99/€44,99)Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE (Switch) = £27.99/€31,99 (reg. £34.00/€39,99)Harvest Moon: Skytree Village (3DS) = £14.99/€19,99 (reg. £29.99/€39,99)Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (3DS) = £10.49/€11,99 (reg. £34.99/€39,99)Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns (3DS) = £8.99/€9,99 (reg. £17.99/€19,99)My Time at Portia (Switch) = $10.19/£12.49/€14,99 (reg $29.99/£24.99/€29,99)Rune Factory 4 Special (Switch) = $35.99/£23.09/€27,99 (reg. $39.99/£32.99/€39,99)
The EU/UK sale also includes Little Dragons Cafe (Switch) and Hometown Story (3DS).

Summer in Mara eShop PreorderThe ocean exploration game with home-island farming functionality, Summer in Mara, is now available for digital preorder on the Nintendo eShop in North American and Europe. The game retails for $24.99/€19.99 (plus tax if applicable) and requires 2 GB of SD card space. There is a 10% preorder discount currently available, which ends on June 23rd. Summer in Mara is scheduled for a June 16 release. At the moment the game is digital only, with a Ps4 version planned for release later this summer.

Igusa interview Marv EUAs part of their Europe-only art contest, Marvelous Games published an interview with the long-time series game character designer, Igusa Matsuyama. In his interview, Igusa talks about his "nostalgic but new" inspiration for the updated character designs originally from Bokujou Monogatari 2 (known as Harvest Moon 64 outside of Japan), the types of animals he'd like to draw for the series, and how he draws the character designs for the Bokujou Monogatari franchise as though each entry is a unique installment and not as a sequel of previous games.You can read more of Igusa's interview on the Marvelous EU site for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town:
Interview with STORY OF SEASONS artist, Igusa Matsuyama!
Don't forget, the European fanart contest ends this Sunday (the 14th), so upload your entries soon!
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Mara Demo, New SoS:FoMT Costume, and June BokuMobage Events Happy Farm'n Friday! While he isn't a fan of farming games, Mr.Fogu is a big fan of Path of Exile. So you can imagine how hilarious it was when Grinding Gear Games announced the other day that farming will be added to the next season of the game Path of Exile: Harvest includes its standard dungeon-crawling RPG gameplay, but during this season players will be looting special seeds to plant in their sacred gardens. Players will have to tend their crops until they mature, at which point they'll produce a monster at harvest. If the monster can be defeated, they'll drop materials used to craft in-game items and possibly higher-tiered seeds. A level 1 monster can drop tier 2 seeds, level 2 monsters can drop tier 3 seeds, and so on.Oh it'll be exciting to see the lovely crops that Mr.Fogu will grow! (So beautiful, thank you GGG for showing him the splendor of video game farming)Finished the last romantic event last weekend for the SoS:FoMT guide. With the game coming out in about a month in EU, it still needs important holes filled.

Mara Release DateChibig Studios announced this week that their tropical island adventure with farming and fishing gameplay, Summer in Mara, will be released on June 16 on the Steam platform. A free prologue is available to show oceanic farmers the protagonist's island farm:The prologue demo takes about a half-hour to go through, and covers the basics of crop care (tilling, sowing, and watering), chopping trees, and catching fish. Yaya's stories will foreshadow Mara's future to little Koa, with the prologue ending right as a mysterious pirate ship dock at their island beach. How exciting! Visually, the game is quite lovely. I was skeptical that the game would run on my PC, as My Time at Portia was a no-go on my system, but Mara did play in full-screen mode without too much trouble. There's a difference in watering crops than an SoS/HM game, as players will be carrying a water bucket that appears from the watering well; the prologue did not have a watering can, but a standard hoe was used to make a field for planting tasty carrots. Fishing is similar to Stardew Valley, where the fishing bobber has to follow the fish along its gauge, but it was also easier to successfully reel the fish.I enjoyed the short prologue, and you can download and play the prologue too from the Steam store:Summer in Mara - Free prologue

SoS:FoMT 1.1.4 DLCYesterday, Marvelous JP released a free 1.1.4 update for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. The release notes don't indicate any bug fixes, but it did add a cute Cherry Blossom Nature Sprite costume for the farmer to wear. We'll find out if this costume is available as a $2 DLC when the game is released outside of Japan next month.

June Bokumono for Mobage EventsIt's a new month of events taking place in the online Bokujou Monogatari game on the Mobage social game paltform.A summertime morning glory-themed competitive harvest event started on the 1st. Players will harvest morning glory flowers and trees, and care for frogs and umbrella rabbits. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the number of points a player earns.A bingo event starts on the 11th, where players grow special crops that will mature into one of three plants. A bingo triggers when three of the same plant appear in a row on the 3x3 bingo card, or when all nine spaces are the same plant.Finally, a hungry animal event begins on the 21st. Players will grow crops to feed to one of three randomly appearing animals on their farm. Prizes are awarded based on how the number of animals are fed. Players can feed their hungry animals as well as their fellow farmers' animals.
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One World Boxart, Tencent Joins Marv JP, Snacko Kickstarter, and SoS:FoMT EU Art Contest Happy Farm'n Friday! The dahlias are growing great this year! Last year they did not grow well at all, but that year I had experimented with leaving them in the ground during fall 2018 to over-winter for the spring 2019 growing season. The majority of the plants that spring did not flower and the ones that did produce flowers weren't all that great. So last fall, the tubers were dug up to over-winter in the garage. Then before planting, the whole bed was rototilled (blah, native clay soil sucks) and amended with some lovely peat moss.The tubers were planted about six weeks ago, and some are doing so well that they've already been tipped. This is done when the top shoot of the plant is snipped off after the plant has several branches of lateral leaves (I do it at four branches). Tipping off the top encourages the plant to grow new branches at the lower points of growth, resulting in a shorter and bushier dahlia plant. Many years ago, I left the dahlias to grow au-naturel, leading to overwhelmingly tall plants that were difficult to support with plant stakes. Mr.Fogu had to rig up twine and attached hooks to the fence to keep the dahlias upright. He was such a trooper!I did manage to complete more content on the SoS:FoMT guide last weekend. I still need to finish one last romantic event and the cooking guide. Getting closer to having a lot completed before the game's release dates (July 10 and July 14).

Marv and Tencent PartnershipOn Monday, Marvelous announced that Tencent Games will be investing in its company via stock sale. The press release notes that Tencent doesn't typically directly invest in companies, so these shares are to be held by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Image Frame Investment. This deal gives Tencent a seat on Marvelous' board of directors and a 20% voting right. Marvelous plans to use the boost in funds to create new IPs, invest in new business developments, and to move forward with a global expansion of their existing IPs.The press release also notes that the Story of Seasons franchise has sold over 10 million during its 20-year existence and has 34 entries as of October 2019. The China-only mobile game made in collaboration with Tencent is still ongoing.

One World Boxart RevealNatsume revealed this week that their upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Harvest Moon: One World, will also be released on Playstation 4! (yaay!)Both the Switch and Ps4 editions are scheduled to be released later this year in North America.The Ps4 boxart shows off the new graphic style for the game's protagonists, and there are goats in the farm's pasture space! Though there doesn't appear to be any reference to the magnificent genius Doc anywhere in that boxart... hmmm, maybe he's hiding behind that big tree in the grassy area by the desert town...

Snacko KickstarterThe kitty-cat themed farming game, Snacko, launched on Kickstarter this week. The game's development has so far been sponsored via Patreon funding, but additional funding would allow the team to add more to the game. You can learn more about the Kickstarter, which is already 40% funded (might be more now!), at the Kickstarter project page:Snacko: A Farming Adventure Sim for PC

SoS:FoMT EU Art ContestMarvelous Games (EU) is sponsoring a fanart contest for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. The contest is open to those 13 years old or older who live in the UK and Europe. One entry per person is allowed. The contest deadline is June 14. Winners can receive a digital copy of the Nintendo Switch remake, and the grand-prize winner will receive a HyperX ChargePlay Clutch, a Switch console case that is also a large battery. More details about the contest are on the official EU website:STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town Fan Art Contest
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A June NGPE Streaming Event with Natsume, and Classic 07/13 4-Panel Comic Happy Farm'n Friday! The days blurring together have become worse. Mr.Fogu reminded me on Monday that this upcoming Monday was a holiday (Memorial Day), as I had forgotten entirely. Talking to the office manager confirmed that he forgot too, but the company handbook notes that we receive the day off, so that turned out well! Then yesterday, before signing off for the week, I reminded the lead programmer that we had Monday off ("Huh, we do?"). Though, he says that the extra day off simply meant he could sit in a different chair that day because where else is he going to go? With my extra day off, I'll have some more time to work on the SoS:FoMT guide. Last weekend I finished Gray's last two romantic events, leaving Cliff, Jennifer, and Rick remaining, plus the pages about animals, shops, and all other villagers. There are plenty of content holes that still need filling in.I was also notified by the one remaining in-office employee that the lotus experiment sitting in the windowsill is looking kind of filthy. She'll be trying to clean the algae off the glass and replace some of the green water, so we'll see how that goes. As I'm now working-from-home for the foreseeable future, I planted some more lotus seeds in an outdoor container. They've started sprouting, so we'll see how well they grow!
Stranded Sails Patch Live on XBoxThe patch to correct issues that emerged with the console version of the Exploration Pack is now available for XBox. The patch for the Nintendo Switch edition is still in the works. The Ps4 version appears to be a-okay.
Digital New Game+ ExpoA digital event, akin to the now-canceled E3, will take place on June 23.The New Game+ Expo will air on Twitch starting at 8:00 am Pacific Time (currently -7 GMT). The streaming conference will showcase upcoming games and new-game announcements from publishers such as SEGA, ATLUS, GungHo, Koei Temco, Natsume, NIS America, ARC System Works, and many more! Let's see if Natsume shows off some screenshots or gameplay of their upcoming Nintendo Switch game, Harvest Moon: One World.
Classic 4-Koma ComicAnd here's the 4-panel comic from the July 2013 edition of Nintendo DREAM magazine, drawn by the Bokujou Monogatari illustrator Igusa Matsuyama.And with that, the last of the NinDori comics have been translated. It's been almost seven years of Farm'n Fridays to publish all of them, spanning four entries of the Bokumono series (ANB, SoS, 3oT, and ToTT 3DS). Igusa's comic was published in the monthly magazine from January 2012 to May 2018 and appeared here in their roughly-translated format starting in August 2013.
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HM: One World Announcement and SoS:FoMT NA Release Date Happy Farm'n Friday! Yaay the peonies woke up!
The sunflower sprouts are now in the top terrace of the front yard, among the dahlia plants. And of course the next day, there were nibbles on the sunflower leaves from some pesky insect. From the pattern of destruction, it looks like earwigs munched the leaves, leaving the veins intact. There's an earwig problem in that flowerbed, as every year they like to eat the dahlias. Now I'm outside every evening after our neighborhood walk, dusting the leaves with diatomaceous earth. It appears to be working as there's no additional damage to the sunflowers.So how is everyone's stay-at-home going? We're wrapping up week 8 of voluntary self-confinement, still doing office stuff during the workweek and Fogu stuff on the weekends. Intern Reba is happy that we're home basically 24/7! The state has relaxed some coronavirus countermeasures, allowing some counties to move to the next reopening stage. Those in the Portland-metro area are still at the beginning stage, with take-out-only restaurants and gatherings of no more than 10 people. It may be a while before we can move onto the next stage of reopening.And this week I can't write the typical "there isn't any news about a NA release date for SoS:FoMT," because there finally is!
New Farm'n - HM: One WorldOn Tuesday, Natsume and Rising Star Games announced the planned publication of Harvest Moon: One World for Nintendo Switch later this fall in North America, South America, and Europe (sorry Japan).The press release notes that there will be multiple villages, new and returning characters (smexy Doc please?!), new graphics, and various environments as players track down long-forgotten crops that were referenced in an old, mysterious book.I'm pretty interested in the new graphics and characters, though we'll have to wait to see what the game visually looks like. In prior years new-game announcement takes place a few weeks before E3 (LoH and Skytree were both revealed in May), then a game demo is playable at E3 in June, and finally, the game gets released later in the year. We're on Step 1 at the moment, and with the physical E3 event canceled due to Covid-19, maybe we'll reach Step 2 next month in some form or other.
New SoS:FoMT InfoToday, Marvelous EU and XSeed Games released new information about the upcoming localization of the GBA game, Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town. Marvelous EU also revealed more information on their official blog, while XSeed Games announced the North American release date will be July 14.
Digital preorders for the game are now available on the Nintendo eShop in Europe and Australia for £42.99, €49.99, or $79.95 AUD. Marv EU and XSeed Games confirmed that Nintendo eShop digital preorders will receive the cow costume for the protagonist farmer as a preorder bonus. EU physical releases won't receive the strawberry cow plushie that North American preorders receive, but they will receive a sticker sheet featuring "various characters from the game." Marvelous EU and XSeed Games also revealed that the cow costume will be available as a separate purchase from the eShop when the game is released. This allows those who buy the physical edition to have the cow costume as well. In North America, the cow costume DLC will cost $1.99, though the EU cost hasn't been revealed yet. Marvelous has noted that "additional animal-themed outfits" will also be available for purchase off the eShop when the game is released in Europe and Australia. The other animal outfits might be the special retailer-specific preorder costumes offered during the game's Japan release: a sheep (Geo), a chicken (, a chick (Rakuten), and a dog (Joshin). The reindeer costume was included in one of the game's free bug patches. I don't know yet if that will be a DLC costume or be included in the game.The European website recently updated with some new information and confirmation of all localized names such as Dudley for Doug, Gotts for Gotz, Mei for May, Lou for Ruby, and Mugi for Barley.You can check it out at the official websites for SoS:FoMT: (North America) (Europe)You can even sign up for the Marv EU email newsletter!
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New Farm'n listed on Steam Store and Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

The weather has started warming, as this weekend we'll finally hit around 85° F (~30° C). There are a lot of berry plants that have started to bloom: blueberries, strawberries, marionberries (Mr.Fogu's favorite), raspberries, and the lovely fellow pictured above. Long-time Farm'n Friday readers might remember the stories about the white blackberries from last year and their introduction from the year before. Now that the canes are two years old, they've pushed out some blooms and will, hopefully, be producing white-colored Snowbank Blackberries this summer. We're not sure how they'll taste; maybe bitter, maybe sweet? It'll be something to look forward to sharing when things return to some sense of normalcy, and we can visit with our friends and families again.North America is still awaiting the finalized release date for Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town in English. The game still has a rough date of July 28, which can change to sooner or later, depending on how things go. Preorders are now available in Canada at, which includes the strawberry cow preorder plushie.

Snacko Gets SteamyThe indie kitty farmer island resurrection game Snacko now has an entry on the Steam gaming platform. You can watch a short introduction video of the game and check out some screenshots (or perhaps even wishlist it) on the Steam store:Snacko on Steam

SoS Virtual Meeting BackgroundsFor those who have to attend virtual meetings during this global lockdown, Marvelous has created a set of Story of Seasons virtual meeting backgrounds to farm-up your conferences. They make for pretty good desktop wallpaper too!In Japan, the digital version of SoS:FoMT is currently 20% off in the Nintendo eShop until May 13.

New Stone-age Farm'n in DevelopmentSoda Den Studio has revealed their new farming and town building game, Roots of Pacha, set to be released next year on Steam.The game sets the player into a vast paradise and tasks them with developing a prosperous society. Players will grow crops, forage for wild item, go fishing, domesticate animals to care for, and go cave spelunking. They'll also interact with their fellow residents and can even entice people from other clans to join their clan.You can learn more about the game on its official website or its Steam Store profile:Roots of PachaRoots of Pacha on Steam

Stranded Sails Console Update HiccupsThe quality-of-life improvements to the console editions of Stranded Sails: Explorers of the Cursed Islands released on the 29th. This week, Roka Publishing acknowledged that some players that downloaded the Exploration Update on Switch and Xbox experienced difficulties with the latest patch. The publisher is aware of the issues and is actively working on a solution and encourage players to continue to send them gameplay issues using their online bug submission form.

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Doraemon:SOS Update, May Mobage Events, and FS19 free for PS+ Happy Farm'n Friday! Some of the iris started to open their blooms this morning. This fellow was planted a long time ago by the mailbox, then replanted in a bit better spot a few years back. For whatever reason the iris decided that this year was going to be its year to show off.There's a purple-on-purple bearded iris rhizome in that spot too, but it bloomed back in 2016 and hasn't bloomed since. This year we started adding some low-nitrogen fertilizer once a month to the iris bed because last year there were no blooms at all, so maybe that helped to awaken this lavender-on-purple fellow.Maybe next year some of the others will pop up too? I need to learn more about caring for these temperamental beauties.
Doraemon PS4 UpdateA preview of the Ps4 version of Doraemon: Story of Seasons was in this week's Weekly Famitsu (May 7 issue), including comments from several producers of the game:Koiji Nakajima from Bandai Namco noted that they received requests for a Playstation version of the game soon after the Nintendo Switch version was announced, but could not work on a port until the overseas versions were released. The Ps4 version contains the same content as the Switch version. After the release of the Ps4 version, a free update will be available for both Switch and Ps4 version.Hikaru Nakano from Marvelous (the director of SoS:FoMT) writes that combining the Doraemon world with the Bokujou Monogatari series worked out very well. He is glad that Playstation players will also be able to enjoy this game and notes now that SoS:FoMT is for sale, they are preparing to develop a new entry into the Bokumono series.Shuhei Yamashita from Brownies is glad he was able to work on this project. They had some challenges with porting the game to different hardware but were able to succeed. The free update will contain new content, though he can't comment on the exact contents yet.
The Famitsu article notes that the development of the Ps4 version is 85% complete. The game is scheduled to be released in Japan on July 30, and then on September 4 for NA and Europe.
May Bokumono Mobage EventsNew month, new events taking place in the online Bokujou Monogatari game on the Mobage social game paltform.A Mother's Day Carnation competitive harvest event begins on the 1st. Players will harvest Mother's Day flowers and trees, and cares for ducklings and flowery red pandas. In-game prizes will be awarded based on the number of points a player earns.A hungry animal event begins on the 11th. Players will grow crops to feed to one of three randomly appearing animals on their farm. Prizes will be awarded based on how many of each animal is fed by the player, along with the help of other players on their teams.Then finally, on the 21st, a hungry animal event begins. Players will grow crops to feed to one of three randomly appearing animals on their farm. Prizes will be awarded based on how many of each animal is fed by the player, along with the help of other players on their teams.
PS Plus for MayFor those who are members of Sony's Playstation Plus program, this month's free Ps4 games are Cities: Skylines and the standard edition of Farming Simulator 19. Woo, free farm'n! The digital version of Farming Simulator 19 will be free starting May 5 for PS+ members and remains available until June 1.
FarmCon Changes to DigitalThe annual Farming Simulator convention, FarmCon 20, is scheduled to take place on July 18 and 19 in Lauingen, Germany. Because of the ongoing Coronavirus situation, GIANTS Software has changed the format of the farming video game convention. The show will now take place as a digital livestream on July 19. Farmers who had purchased tickets to attend the show will receive a refund.Important Announcement: FarmCon20 Goes DigitalThe final round of the Farming Simulator League (FSL) will also not take place at FarmCon as scheduled. The event is being rescheduled for a future date and updates will be announced on the FSL website.
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