Wifi Network

Nintendo will be disabling the Nintendo "Wifi" system on May 20, 2014. After that date, players will no longer be able use the Wifi Connection feature.

Rune Factory's wifi system allows you to send screen shots, items, and chat with people you have registered in your Friends List. You can connect to Nintendo's Global Wifi Network or connect to your friends within 30 feet of you.

The connection sea shell

To start your wireless connection, visit the seashell sitting on the beach by Sabrina's Spear Fisher shop. After saving your game you'll reach the connection menu.

To find your own Friend Code, go to the Friend List and click on the Add button at the top of your list that is displayed on the lower screen of your DS. Your own code will appear on the top screen after pressing Add.

If you want to trade an item such as weapons, crops, jewels, and fish, connect to your friend and then select the Trade option at the top of the touch screen. You can send your friend up to 7 items from your rucksack. Each time the item is traded, it will increase its level by 1. The highest level you can upgrade your item to is level 100.

The higher level the item, the more it sells for. In the game you can only increase your crops to level 10 by using the Greenifier but with trading you can go much further. Leveling the crops is only beneficial for shipping though. You can't grow any crops past level 10, traded or non-traded.

You can also send a screen shot of your game to your friend. To make a screen shot, walk to where ever you want to have the picture taken and press the Left Shoulder and Select buttons at the same time. Your picture will be saved to your game and you can access it by going into your house and press A in front of the picture frame to the right of your wall calendar.

artistic talents

You can draw on your screen shot by selecting the tool you want to use on the left side of the picture. There is a draw line, fill, eraser, undo, hide, and back buttons. The colors available will be in the right-corner of your screen, and below the colors are the line thickness options along with seven types of shaped stamps. Only one screen shot can be displayed in the picture frame inside your house, and any other images you capture will overwrite the previous one.

Along with item and screen shot trading, you can text chat with your friend. The text chat is very much like the built in DS Pictochat system, where you write your message using the stylus and submit it to your friend. Unlike Pictochat, you can only chat back and forth with the person you currently are connected to.

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