Fighting with monsters

When you go to explore the 8 different dungeons in Rune Factory, you can opt to have a companion come with you. One of the monsters you've collected can help you fight the other beasts that you run into while exploring. All you have to do is talk to the creature inside your barn and ask it to accompany you out of the barn.

fighting with hammer troll

As you go through the areas the creature will automatically go into attack mode as you come up to a monster generator. It will continue to fight the creatures that spawn until the generator is destroyed. Your friend will take damage and status affects just like you do, and can also be healed using your magic spells.

Each of the friends available to you have different types of attack abilities. Some cause status affects themselves, some are brute-strength beasts, and others cast magic and can even cure your own HP.

If your companion ever runs out of Hit Points then it transports back to the barns on your farm. You don't permanently loose the creature and there's no penalty for allowing it to be defeated. On the other hand, you'll be on your own in the cave until you exit or reach the boss.

Even when you do eventually reach the end of the area, your companion can not venture into the boss room with you. If you try to enter the last room you'll be told that it's too dangerous for your friend and asks if you want it to return back to your farm.

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