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At the beginning of the game your first weapon will come from Leo at his Blacksmith shop. If you try to venture into Kammait with just your basic tools to protect yourself, you'll reach a quick game over.

As the game progresses, Leo will have more weapons available for sale. Each time you clear a cave his inventory will expand. His stock will also change depending on the season you currently are in. The items he sells are used for when you start crafting your own weapons and shields. You can make them on your own, but often it's more of a burden to collect the items required compared to simply visiting Leo's shop and purchasing what you require.

There are 5 types of weapons you can use:

Weapons also have a Charge and a number of Swings you can do before the weapon retracts. If you hold down the B button when you have a weapon equipped, it will "charge" its power until you release the B button. Some charges results in just bigger damage hits, while others shoot beams across your screen. The number of "swings" a weapon has is the maximum number of times you can smash the B button until you can move your character. If you press B once you can move right away after your swing has finished, or you can opt to press B multiple times to swing wildly until you reach the swing limit.

You can also build shields for increasing your defense against attacks. Leo sells three basic versions, which can be converted into more powerful items when combined with other ingredients.

Sword Leo's shop inventory

1h Swords
Broadsword800 GAnyNone
Long Sword2980 GAnyClear Kamait
Wind Sword5800 GSpringClear Kamait
Aqua Sword9200 GSpringClear Mistbloom
Defender19,800 GAnyClear Kajimill
2h Swords
Claymore2500 GAnyNone
Punisher7000 GSummerClear Kamait
Two-Hand Sword12,800 GAnyClear Taurus
Gaia Sword24,000 GSummerClear Mistbloom
Great Sword35,600 GAnyClear Kajimill
Spear1800 GAnyNone
Lance4600 GAnyClear Kamait
Needle Spear7500 GFallClear Kamait
Water Spear13,600 GFallClear Kajimill
Halberd18,000 GFallClear Mistbloom
Halberd18,000 GAnyClear Kajimill
Battle Hammer7600 GAnyNone
War Hammer18,500 GAnyClear Mistbloom
Great Hammer55,000 GWinterClear Mistbloom
Battle-Axe8500 GAnyNone
Ball Axe22,300 GAnyClear Mistbloom
Alldale70,000 GWinterClear Mistbloom
Small Shield1200 GAnyNone
Iron Shield1600 GAnyClear Taurus
Round Shield2000 GAnyClear Mistbloom

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