Before you can capture any creatures for your farm you'll need to build monster barns. Talk to Camus at his shop and pay him 1000 G and 100 pieces of lumber. The building will be constructed immediately on your farm.

Unfortunately once you've captured a monster, there's no way to organize them inside your barns. Your livestock beasts will most likely be intermixed among the other creatures you have captured.

Queen Bee Hornet Honey - Hornet and Queen Bee

The Hornet will most likely be the first livestock animal you befriend. You can find the brown and black bees inside of Kammait Cave. If you use the Collection Basket on a bee then you'll receive a jar of Honey every 4 days. You can also capture a Queen Bee in the fiery Cremans Cave that also produces Honey, but there is no difference in the quality of Honey between the two creatures. They both give the same stuff.

Honey sells for 300 G a piece, no matter how many Friendship Points the buzzy insect might have.

Moko moko Wool - Mokomoko

The second creature you'll find is the sheep creature, Mokomoko. You'll find the generator that spits out these guys inside of Tarus Cave, but they're off in another room. In the area with the Demons, destroy the icy rocks blocking the path to the north. Past the next crop field room you'll find the Mokomoko.

The sheep will give you different sizes of wool depending on your Friendship Points. Harvest the wool using your Clippers. The wool will regrow after 4 days.

After you upgrade your house, you can buy the Yarn Maker from Ivan to convert your wool into something more profitable.

ItemPointsSell Price
Wool (S) 0 - 3 FP200 G
Wool (M) 4 - 8 FP400 G
Wool (L) 9 - 10 FP600 G
ItemPointsSell Price
Yarn (S) ---480 G
Yarn (M) ---680 G
Yarn (L) ---880 G

Buffamoo Milk - Buffamoo

There are two types of cow beasts; the Buffalo and the Buffamoo. Only the black and white cow give milk. You can ride the Buffalo like a horse, but it won't produce anything for shipping.

The Buffamoo can be found on Gigant Mountain. When you enter the area, take the left path as far as it can go. When it ends at a cave you'll find the cow creature machine inside. The Buffamoo are slow but beefy, so make sure you've got enough Hit Points to withstand its blows until you've got it tamed. Sometimes the Buffamoo will drop Milk (S) when defeated.

Just like the Mokomoko, the Friend Points you have will determine what size of Milk you can receive. You just have to use your Milker when standing next to the beast in your animal barn. You can collect Milk from a Buffamoo every 4 days. You can convert Milk into Cheese and Yogurt if you want to earn more money.

ItemPointsSell Price
Milk (S) 0 - 3 FP210 G
Milk (M) 4 - 8 FP310 G
Milk (L) 9 - 10 FP410 G

ItemPointsSell Price
Cheese (S) ---330 G
Cheese (M) ---440 G
Cheese (L) ---550 G
ItemPointsSell Price
Yogurt (S) ---300 G
Yogurt (M) ---500 G
Yogurt (L) ---700 G

Kokehoho Eggs - Kokehoho

This bird is also found on Gigant Mountain, but it is up the right side instead. Walk as far east as you can to find where the Kokehoho's are being generated. You'll find another pink bird called a Wegull on Gigant, but it does not lay any eggs.

To harvest eggs from a Kokehoho, use your Collecting Basket. Friend Points, again, determine the size of egg you receive. A Kokehoho will lay an egg every 4 days, and you can even convert the Egg into Mayonnaise if you own the Maker machine.

ItemPointsSell Price
Egg (S) 0 - 3 FP150 G
Egg (M) 4 - 8 FP250 G
Egg (L) 9 - 10 FP350 G
ItemPointsSell Price
Mayo (S) ---420 G
Mayo (M) ---520 G
Mayo (L) ---620 G

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