The Makers

maker machines

In the north-east corner of your house you'll find a platform where you can place the maker machines. The makers can convert your produce into upgraded versions for you to sell. All of the makers can be purchased from Ivan and you don't have to give him any ore. Each Maker machine costs 1000 G.

To use the maker just hold the maker's component in your hands, stand in front of the maker you are going to use, and press the A button. The item will be converted and deposited into your Rucksack.

Upgrading your milk, eggs, and wool will earn you more profit when you ship the item. Some of the cooking recipes call for cheese, so you won't be able to cook that dish until you own the Cheese Maker machine.

Pre-maker Post-maker
Egg (S)150 G Mayonnaise (S)420 G
Egg (M)250 G Mayonnaise (M)520 G
Egg (L)350 G Mayonnaise (L)620 G
Milk (S)210 G Cheese (S)330 G
Yogurt (S)300 G
Milk (M)310 G Cheese (M)440 G
Yogurt (M)500 G
Milk (L)410 G Cheese (L)550 G
Yogurt (L)700 G
Wool (S)200 G Yarn (S)480 G
Wool (M)400 G Yarn (M)680 G
Wool (L)600 G Yarn (L)880 G

The Seed Maker machine is necessary if you want to level up your crops. The higher level your crop is, the more money you'll earn when you ship it.

In order you level up you'll first need to get some Gungun Green fertilizer. You can buy some from Edward's clinic, or make it yourself using the Pharmacy workshop. A bag of Gungun Green will only affect 1 square of soil, but it is a guarantee level up for the crop that is planted there.

Using Gungun Green and the Seed Maker, you can level up your crops to at most, level 10. If you want to go higher than 10 you'll need to use Nintendo's Wifi Network to trade crops and/or seeds back and forth.

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