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There are 8 caves you need to complete in order to find the true intentions of the Sechs Empire. Each one is locked until you complete the requirements and then go back to talk to Mayor Godwin. He will give you a certificate that allows passage into the caves.

To reach the boss of each area you'll need to destroy all of the monster generators. On your first visit to Carmite, Rude will give you a Monster Detector. If you use the detector and you hear a sound then there's still generators in the cave. Once all of the machines have been destroyed then the door to the boss room will unlock. Each time you leave the cave the machines will regenerate, but the boss will not reappear after you defeat it.

Time passes as normal when inside the caves!

A Carmite Cave
Req: Till 100 squares of your farm
Season: Spring
Machines: 13
Boss: Greater Demon

B Toros
Req: Till 50 squares in Carmite
Season: Fall
Machines: 17
Boss: Chimera

C Clemens
Req: Rescue Cecilia
Season: Summer
Machines: 13
Boss: Rafreshia

D Mt. Gigant
Req: Till 100 squares in Clemens
Season: Summer
Machines: 16
Boss: Grimoa

E Misty Bloom
Req: Till 100 squares in Mt.Gigant
Season: Fall
Machines: 10
Boss: Siren

F Kasimir
Req: Till 100 squares in Misty Bloom
Season: Spring
Machines: 12
Boss: Golum

G Danann
Req: Defeat the Kasamir Golum
Season: Fall
Machines: 12
Boss: Battle Tank

H Greed
Req: Defeat the Danna Battle Tank
Season: Summer
Machines: 8
Boss: ?????

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