The Beginning

The story begins on the border of Norad country, near the village of Kardia. You (the hero) has wandered near a home, only to collapse from exhaustion. The female living at the house gives you a Hoe and a Watering Can when you asked her for some bread and water! What a strange lady! The two of you discover that you've lost your memory, so Mist decides to name you Raguna (or any name you decide for your character). Since you can't remember what exactly you are suppose to be doing, Mist loans you an unused house she has just to the north.

Follow Mist north across the bridge to arrive at your new home. Mist thinks that it's good that someone is finally going to use the farm, and begins to talk about the crop field. Suddenly a monster appears! Mist tells you to use your new Hoe for a weapon. Walk up to the Orc and press the B Button to swing your tool at it. After a few hits you'll defeat the creature.

Once it has been defeated, talk to Mist using the A Button. She's okey now that the monster is gone but Mist tells you it isn't really dead! Your farm tools (and weapons) are enhanced with the Retornen spell. The magic spell just sends the monster back to its original place.

Mist explains that the monsters are sent back to where they came from, but it isn't the same world that you live in. The spirit that you saw flying into the sky after the Orc's defeat was merely returning to the "First Forest". Raguna is glad to know that the monsters don't really die. It seems you know how to fight, even if you can't remember how or why. Mist feels it's unusual for a monster to appear since they can only be called forth by an Earthmates.

Earthmates are people who listen to the world's voice. They also have the power to communicate with monsters. It has been said that some time ago monsters and humans coexisted together, but fighting monsters weren't really summoned.

Mist turns her attention back to you, and as a reward for defeating the monster you can borrow the farm. How nice of her! She believes you'll naturally figure out what you need to do. Maybe growing some vegetables will help your memory to return.

At this point you have the option to ask her various questions, like how to till a field and what HP/RP are for. When you have finished with her explanations she will give you some Turnip seeds and ask you to name the farm. Mist will tell you that she'll be at the farm in the afternoons, and lets you off to do your own things.

the village

The village of Kardia isn't very large and is mainly full of shops where the resident live upstairs. Since the houses are shops you're going to have to wait until at least 9:00 am before you can go inside and introduce yourself. Your first day in the game happens to fall on the weekend so many of the shops are closed. You'll see a few little scenes where the villagers will introduce themselves:

bottle If you go into the basement of Bianca's mansion you'll find an Empty Bottle near some crates. Bianca will show up and explain that the bottle can be filled with medicine. Take a bottle to Edward's clinic and he'll offer to fill it for 400 G and 3 Medical Herbs. When you use up the medicine just visit his clinic again with the potion ingredients and necessary funds. Edward's potion will recharge 150 HP, but not any Rune Points.

Also visit Mist's house just south of your borrowed farm. If you investigate when standing in front of the shelves to the right of the Fireplace, you'll find another Empty Bottle. The remaining two bottles come from the Egg Contest and the Treasure Hunt.

The next morning you'll be greeted by Jasper and his daughter, Bianca. He had heard about the new person and wanted to check you out. Bianca on the other hand, thinks your house stinks and wants to leave. You can continue to explore the village now that it's Monday and shops are open.

To actually progress in the story you'll need to try and enter Carmite Cave, east of Mist's house. When you can't walk into the first dungeon, return to Godwin's house and ask him for a permit. Godwin agrees to issue the permit but there are monsters in the cave. You have to prove you have the strength by going to your farmland and tilling 100 squares of soil. Once you have met his requirements he'll grant you access to Carmite Cave.

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