The Ending

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Lynette can't believe you defeated the mighty Grimoire and have distroyed her life's work. As she is lamenting her loss, a new person teleports in. The Sechs Empire's emperor, Ethelberd, is disappointed in Lynette's performance. She is willing to take her own life as payment for her failure when you interrupt to object. Ethelberd doesn't want such an incompetent general in his command, and she can not return to the Sechs Empire.

Well then she'll just have to live in the village instead! Even if she did try to kill you, the war is over. Ethelberd disagrees, and says it has just begun! Lynette's plan may have failed but but the secondary plan has started. His tank legions have already started to progress. You may have been able to stop Grimoire, but can you halt over 100 tanks all by yourself?

Ethelberd teleports away, leaving you and Mist with Lynette. You decide to hurry back to the village to warn everybody, and ask Lynette to accompany you. She agrees, so the three of you return to your farm.

Alerting the mayor

You all split up to cover more ground. Walk around the village and talk to all of the residents inside their houses. Mayor Godwin can't believe they're under attack! Ivan appears while you're talking to Godwin and announces that the tanks are already at the country's border. There isn't much time left.

The border of Sechs Empire is southwest of the village. Head to Misty Bloom Cave and then continue to walk south. Ivan will be there waiting for you. There's a lot of tanks coming up the road!

You'll try to defend everyone, and Ivan volunteers to accompany you. He may not look it, but he can use a sword. The two of you start towards the tank brigade to try and stop their progress, but the ground suddenly begins to shake! A giant shadow flies over the tanks. It's the dragon god, Terrable! The evolved Grimoire dragon beings to attack the Sechs Empire tanks with its breath. Instead of destroying everything, the breath causes plants to grow on top of the tanks! There's even a Radish growing out of the tank's cannons.

Grimoa's attack

There's so much grass growing that the tanks can't move anymore. The dragon's massive attack is a life breath! Ethelberd is furious, but the plants are intertwined everywhere. It doesn't matter if he orders them to attack because nothing on the tank can move. Ethelberd orders a retreat and his soldiers runs away, leaving his army of tanks behind.

Mist teases you about your great speech to Ethelberd, but you were honestly worried that there wasn't a way to win. Both of you have a laugh at your little bluff. Godwin runs in to meet with the enemy, although you have to tell him they've all left. Soon everyone comes to the battlefield to tell you how strong you are. Even former luitenet Lynette is impressed.

No one seems to notice Ivan slipping away from the crowd. He's glad that you've been accepted by the villagers, and silently wishes you happiness before walking away.

Prince Ivan

Ivan makes his way to the king of Norad, Gilbert. The king asks if the Ivan had met the swordsman who is able to communicate with the dragon gods. Ivan chuckles and says that it was a miscalculation. Gilbert has been searching for Ivan's younger brother, who was separated from his royal bloodline long ago. Ivan thanks him for permitting Terrable to be freed, but Gilbert says it was necessary to hold off Sechs' ambition to take over the world with machines. They don't seem to understand that it's important to coexist with the planet.

Ivan has more work to do, as he is the only one that Terrable trusts. As Ivan walks away from the King, he silently wishes for you to live with the earth.

The end

At this point the main storyline is over. After the credits roll you will return to your house, and it will be the same day you defeated the Sechs Empire's plans. The game will continue forever but there won't be any more main storyline to discover.

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