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Now that you have the permit, return to Carmite and go inside. The first you'll see is a strange, silver machine. While you're pondering about it, Mist will walk up behind you. The cave is full of monsters so be careful. When you ask her about the strange machine she doesn't know, as it is the first time she's been here.

Oh yes, and if you run out of HP when in the caves you will die. That was nice of her to tell you. She leaves for a moment and then returns, as she has forgotten to give you the Escape spell. Mist then explains how to use the ring-inventory system to equip weapons and magic spells. Escape is handy to own, since you can cast it and exit the cave even if you're out of Rune Points.

Before venturing into the caves make sure you have a weapon! Your farm tools are too slow to be of any use and you'll most likely reach a quick game-over. Check out Leo's shop to pick up a cheap Broadsword for 800 G. If you don't have enough money, spend a day fishing or picking up the wild herbs in your field.

For someone who is level 1, Carmite is rather tough! The beginning 3 Orcs are easy to avoid - just swing your weapon, move, and swing again when you're far enough away. The Orcs are rather slow, especially the Orc Archer. Just keep your hand on the Right-Shoulder button (the "run" ability) and you'll be able to attack the monsters as they swing and miss you.

Exp Earned Upon Defeat
4 Exp Goblin
3 Exp Goblin Archer
2 Exp Hornet
1 Exp Orc Archer

As you get closer to the staircase leading down to the second floor, Ivan the wandering merchant will stop you for a moment. You're going to need a Kikai Radar if you're going to go into the caves! The Kikai are the machines the monsters are coming from, and the Radar is a tool that will detect if there are any Kikai left in the cave. If you equip the item and press the B button, it will generate a tone for each Kikai that is on the floor you're on. Ivan is even giving it to you for free! He hands over the Kikai Radar and takes his leave.

When you reach the locked door on the 3rd floor, just destroy the Kikai spewing out the red chipmunks to unlock the door.

At the very end of Carmite you come across a locked door. Zavier will show up, and warn you that the next room is very dangerous. He has examined the door and it's his intuition as a treasure hunter that the locked door is bad. The cave might revive if all the Kikai are destroyed, but Raguna doesn't have the energy for that! It's no problem if you have a Sleeping Bag. It's necessary to have if you're going into caves. Since you don't have one Zavier gives you one of his.

The Sleeping Bag is like a mini-bed you can take with you while exploring caves. If you use the bag like a tool, you will wake up the next morning with some of your HP and RP restored. The higher level your bag is, the more HP and RP you'll recharge in the morning. You can only level up the Sleeping Bag by using it, but you can upgrade the bag with your own blacksmith forge.

Zavier feels that someone had to have made that locked door. It was not originally in the cave. He also reminds you that it's okey to run away, and then he takes his own advice. Once you finish off the last Kikai the door blocking the end monster will unlock.

When you destroy all of the Kikai inside of a cave, the door leading to the Boss' room will unlock permanently, even if you leave the cave. The Kikai will reset when you return, but the door to the last room will remain unlocked. You could simply leave, recharge your HP/RP, and return to run past all of the Kikai to the end boss.

Greater Daemon

HP: 250
DEF: 6

Greater Demon

As your standing there pondering your fate, Mist walks up and gasps at the monster. When she went to your farm and you weren't there, she thought you might still be in the cave. It is a frightful monster! It's unlikely for it to get here on its own. Mist requests that you send it to the First Forest. The Retornen spell on your weapon will be powerful enough to send the monster back.

boss fight

Greater Daemon has a very large arm reach, so try your best to stay out of its way when it swings for you. Besides just normal attacks, he can cast an Earth-spell that draws stalagmites from out of the ground. GD also will charge across the room at full speed, but will warn you in advance by standing on his hind legs and beating his chest. He is just a giant monkey after all.

He's tough to fight at level 10, so make sure you've filled up your Empty Bottle with some of Edward's HP recovery medicine. Greater Daemon won't stop attacking just because you're trying to recover your HP, so wait until he's pounding his chest before you take a snack break. When the beast turns red you're close to defeating it.

After you defeat the Greater Daemon, Mist emerges. You were so good that you must be a famous swordsman! The large numbers of odd monster generating machines seem to be related, but she has no idea how they all got into the cave. They'll just have to wait and see. It's time to return back to the village.

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