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Head back to Kardia and talk to Godwin. He lets you know that Toros Cave is just to the west of your farm, but you're going to have to till at least 50 squares of field inside of Carmite before he'll give you a permit. You don't have to plant any seeds inside of Carmite. Just using your hoe on the fields inside the cave is good enough.

Once you've received your permit to Toros Cave, don't forget to stop by Leo's shop. Since you're so good with caves he's going to give you a Hammer. With the Hammer you can smash the rocks inside of caves to reveal Ore to be used for tool upgrades.

Mist is there with you when you enter Toros, and gives you the same story about you not being on your farm so she came to the cave. She reminds you that the seasons don't change inside of caves. Mist leaves for a moment, but then returns to tell you about a rumor of legendary plants that take more than 30 days to grow! She wonders what kind of vegetables might come from such a plant, and then returns to her house.

Exp Earned Upon Defeat
9 Exp Demon
8 Exp Ghost
Silver Wolf
7 Exp Little Mage
6 Exp Woolly
4 Exp Reeno

The staircase leading down to the 2nd floor is blocked by a door. To unlock the barrier you'll have to destroy all of the Monster Machines on the first floor. You can then run up to the door and it will disolve away.

There aren't any other tricks in Toros. Simply destroy the summoning machines to unlock the door to the boss room.


HP: 460
DEF: 7


As you enter the room, Zavier will show up. It's the first time he's seen a Chimera, so he gives you a few words of encouragement and runs away.

If Chimera is chasing you around the room and you turn around and swing, quickly move perpendicular to his path. If he notices you have stopped, Chimera will jump in your immediate direction. For example, if you are leading him across the room (east/west) and you turn around to swing at him, move either north or south and his lunge will miss.


Chimera uses water-based spells like Water Razor (easy to avoid) and Freeze, which blankets the area with blobs of frozen gas. When the boss becomes low on HP and turns a shade of red, his lunge attack will get quicker and he shoots 4 beams of Water Razor from his head. Since his speed increased, wait until he's immobile during spell casts and you'll be able to hit him.

Once Chimera has been defeated, you'll be glad that you've been able to also send this creature back to the world from which it came from. Mist will arrive to congratulate you on saving the monster. You are doing a noble thing after all.

When you hadn't run out of the room, Zavier became worried and has returned. He becomes a little irritated to see Mist was there, and claims that he was in the cave trying to figure out the mystery. You aren't the only one who can do so! Mist starts to ask him what he knows but Zavier gets offended that she thinks he's discovered no information yet. They continue to bicker back and forth until Zavier finally gives up and storms out. He is a strange person!

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