Misty Bloom

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the cave

Misty Bloom is to the southwest of Kardia Village, and is only accessible when the waters surrounding the cave freeze during the Winter season. If you are lucky enough to trigger the ride-your-wolf-anywhere bug, then you can go into the cave during any season. For the rest of us who can't ever get it to work, the only thing to do is wait for the season change.

As you enter the cave you'll be greeted by Mist (as usual). It's her first time here and she marvels at the beauty of the water. Wouldn't it be a great place for a date, except for the monsters of course. Mist leaves but quickly returns to remind you not to stay in the cave when Spring comes around, else you'll be trapped.

What Mist says is true, but to a larger degree. There have been reports that camping inside the cave on Winter 30 will corrupt your save game. It's best that you take her advise.

Misty Bloom is a nice, short cave. There isn't really anywhere to get lost. There is a monster generator hidden behind a fiery wall, but there's plenty of water around to fill your watering can with! Misty Bloom is also a great place to level up.

Exp Earned Upon Defeat
54 Exp Tricky Mush
53 Exp Orc Hunter
34 Exp Shadow Panther
31 Exp High Orc
30 Exp Shira
29 Exp Scorpion
28 Exp Hitodama
27 Exp Sky Fish

The cave is also where you can find the Tokimeki Fish needed for marriage to Mei, the mysterious fishing ninja.

When you reach the end of the cave it appears as though nothing is there. Wait a moment and you'll hear a voice coming from the water. Mist thinks there's something there, and gets out of the way.


HP: 1300
DEF: 9

siren spot

The area you have to fight in is very small! You are trapped running around a ring of land. Siren will appear from the middle and sit on one of 4 points around the ring. A good time to attack is when she's sitting, facing the middle. Siren will begin her own attack when she turns around. She will goes back to facing the middle once she's finished, and finally jumps back into the water. She'll pop back out again randomly on one of the 4 outcrops.

music notes

The beginning battle is pretty basic. Hit her when she pops up, avoid her 2-beam Water Laser, and hit her again after she dives away and comes back up. Siren also sings a bubble-like music song where magic notes slowly float across the screen. You'll take damage if you're hit by one of the innocent looking notes, and there is a chance you'll be inflicted with Paralysis. If you're stuck walking with no way to cure yourself you've pretty much lost the battle. Either avoid the notes completely, or bring something to heal Paralysis.

siren and friend

About half way through the battle she'll summon a Hitodama to help her out. The gassy ghost can cast a 1-beam Water Laser and the always annoying Luftmesa spell. Even if you manage to destroy her helper she can summon another one. If you can run around enough to get the Hitodama off your screen, he won't attack until you go back into his view.

When you're getting close to defeating her, the Water Laser attack turns into a 4-beam attack, and the amount of time she stays above water is less. You'll have to run around the ring and hope she pops up right near where you happen to be. Attack her, then quickly move out of the way so you're not hit with Water Laser. Yes, she will still heal herself on occasion.

When you are finally triumphant, Mist comes out of her hiding place to check on you. She asks if you remember anything about this place, but unfortunately nothing comes to mind. Or maybe you don't think you can ever remember?

Mist changes the subject and asks if you keep going into the caves because of the generators. It's not possible for you to overlook these things appearing in this world. Mist feels you're a different kind of person, and you seem to have taken this up as your duty. Will you leave the village when your memory returns? You don't know, since there doesn't seem to be any signs that your memory is coming back.

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