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Danann cave is west of Kasimir Ruins, past the giant lily pads surrounding the ancient site. Enter the cave opening and you'll have two ways to go. The path to the west takes you to Danann, and the eastern path takes you to the final cave, Greed.

Mist will greet you at the entrance of Danann Cave. She has heard a rumor that the Sechs Empire's weapon is located here. You are interested in seeing it, but she wants to know what you're going to do. Of course you don't know! She's going to check into it too, and heads off in her own direction.

Exp Earned Upon Defeat
54 Exp Tricky Mush
53 Exp Arch Demon
52 Exp Blood Panther
51 Exp Little Wizard
49 Exp Plantcore
Hunter Wolf
48 Exp Mini Golem
46 Exp Leafball

getting to the fields

Danann is a mixture of snowy outdoor areas and caves with lots of poison spots. As you're going through you'll come to a locked gate. Just like in Kasimir, you'll have to plant crops to unlock it. The fields are hidden behind a mass of fire walls in the northwest corner of the room. Though unlike the ruins, this area has a watering pond and a save point!

The season inside the cave is Fall, and the fastest growing crops available are Spinach (6 days) and Sweet Potatoes (5 days). After you have turned the 5 crop fields into little rune factories, the gate will unlock and you can continue on.

another door...

Just when you thought you were done with prohibited areas, you'll find another locked gate just to the northeast of the one you passed through. This one requires a key, which you don't happen to have. There happens to be a message on the gate from an unknown explorer named F.Tanken, hinting that you can find the key if you dig in the fields.

The Frozen Key is located in the cave right at the beginning of the dungeon. Use your hoe in the left corner of the western field to dig it up. Behind the gate you'll find a Kikai that summons the Mini Golum monster.

Past the last gate you'll find a large number of railroad tracks. Mist doesn't know why a weapon is inside of Danann Cave. While the two of you are pondering all this, the mysterious woman from before teleports behind you.

Lynette appears

She introduces herself as Major Lynette, Faist District special investigation force from Sechs Empire's 8th division. Because the surrounding area is so rural, Lynette says it has been claimed for the soldiers of Sechs! They have been looking for the legendary Grimoire in the area for a long time. You thought you had sent Grimoire to the other world, but Lynette says you just banished a common dragon.

The country that controls Grimoiore is the only one who can be the supreme ruler of the world! Do they think they can control such a powerful creature? She doesn't think you understand what Grimoire actually is. They searched all the caves and used Shift to call up monsters in an attempt to summon Grimoire. So Sechs really was behind all of the Kikai placed in the caves!

Mist thinks it's awful that Zecks has been summoning all these monsters just to get their hands on the legendary creature. Lynette feels it would be foolish not to use Grimoire's power once they capture it. You want to fight but she just mocks you. This location has been where they had planned to capture Grimoire, and as such they have built a powerful machine! Lynette quickly teleports away and their weapon rolls into view.

Battle Tank

HP: 2000
DEF: 12

Battle Tank
battle tank tracks

The tank is easy to fight against since it's only going to run on a set path. The tank will emerge from one of the cave openings around the room, run around on the track, and then roll back inside. The biggest problem you'll have is if your main weapon is Fire, Wind, or Earth based. You'll hit for very little damage and probably use up all of your Rune Points/Hit Points before you can put a dent into the tank's armored body.

Battle Tank will shoot fireballs at 45 degree angles that are easily avoidable. It also will aim its main cannon and shoot a beam of Water Laser, which is simply avoided by moving around so Battle Tank can't get a good lock on your location.

super tank

After you've done a lot of damage, the top turret of the tank will explode, revealing a large beam cannon. While the tank is aiming with its improved weapon, keep an eye on the tip of the gun. It will charge up two times before firing, so you don't really have to move until right before the gun discharges. The fireballs Battle Tank shoots will also come out at 90 degree and 45 degree angles, but you only have to stand between the two angles to avoid being damaged.

Once Battle Tank has been destroyed, Lynette will appear again. She is curious how you could of won, especially since you're not a sword master. Mist laughs and suggests that perhaps the machine was defective. You tell Lynette that it's over and demand she return to her home country. Lynette becomes frustrated, and declares that she won't forget this little incident. She escapes by teleporting away.

It doesn't matter if you chase after her, since the Retornen spell on your weapon only works against monsters and not humans. Mist tries to convince you otherwise but you won't instigate the fight. She smiles and says she's glad that she met you.

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