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Return to Godwin and explain to him that Sechs Empire is looking for the creature named Grimoire. Godwin is surprised to hear that the creature you sent back to its original world on top of Mt. Gigant wasn't the real Grimoire. Since the creature might be inside of the last cave, Godwin immediately issues the permit without requiring you to cultivate any soil inside of Danann Cave.

Greed is in the same area as Danann Cave, sealed behind a locked door. Mist finds the cave beautiful, and requests that you don't die as you venture forth.

Exp Earned Upon Defeat
60 Exp Mini Dragon
59 Exp Faust
Goblin Master
58 Exp Orc Lord
57 Exp Hades
56 Exp Little Emperor
54 Exp Goblin Sniper
Death Stalker

teleport pad

There's only one way to go inside of Greed so there's not much of a chance to get lost. The one challenge to the cave is the fact that the monster generators are tied directly to the teleport pad at the end of the cave. If there are monster generators functioning then the Teleporter won't activate.

You can not destroy the monster machines, exit the cave to rest, and return to run all the way to the end. You'll discover that the teleport pad won't be there if the machines are all standing.

The teleport will transport you to a new room where you'll find a large device of some sort. Lynette will block you way, and remind you she won't run away when they're so close to victory. You've already destroyed their machines, even the tank that was the last piece of their plan. Lynette says it was only a piece of their scheme!


Lynette turns on the machine and after a lot of flashing, a great beast is summoned onto the platform. She triumphantly declares that it is Grimoire! Mist notices the creature's horn... it seems that Lynette has actually summoned the earth dragon god, a Terrable!

"Grimoire" is actually just a name given to a young Terrable before its ascension to being divine. Lynette says they've been investigating this cave for quite some time. Lynette goes on to explain that all of the Shifts (the summoning machines) they set up in the other caves were for your benefit!

They had not been able to awaken the Grimoire that had been discovered. After doing some more research, it turns out only a chosen Earthmate could do so. You are that Earthmate! You had preformed better than expected, as all of the Rune Energy you accumulated was funneled into their plan to awaken the Grimoire. If they've been watching you for a long time then they must know something about your past! Lynette admits they were the ones who erased your memory and left you in Kardia village.

Wakey wakey, Grimoa!

After you destroyed the Battle Tank in Danann Cave, the trigger needed to awaken Grimoire was activated. Lynette says there's no way to restore memory, even if you really want to know who you are. Besides, it is time to awaken Grimoire!

Lynette powers on the machine again, energizing the dragon and awaking the Grimoire from its slumber. The world now belongs to the Sechs Empire! Now that Grimoire has awaken, they have no further use of your services. Lynette orders the dragon to destroy you and teleports away.


HP: 2600
DEF: 12

Grimoire will immediately take to the air after leaving Lynette's summoning contraption. When airborne, Grimoire will drop 5 bolts of lightning on your location, so keep moving to avoid them. If you're hit with the lightning then you may be affected with Paralysis.

When on the ground, Grimoire can spray the area in front of it with fireballs. If you stand behind the dragon you won't be in the direct path, but you might be hit with a few that end up behind the beast. It is definitely safer than standing in front! Watch out for Grimoire's tail whip!

beam attack

As for breath attacks, Grimoire can shoot a beam of light and a gas breath. Both of these attacks only spread from in front of Grimoire; the sides are its blind spots so whack the dragon with your weapon while it's breathing attacks. The gas breath can inflict Poison if you're hit.

When Grimoire is low on HP, its airborne lighting bolts will come down in groups of 10 strikes, and you don't have as much time to hit Grimoire's sides when it is breathing attacks. You just have to keep moving and eventually you will send the dragon back to its original world.

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