Ivan is a traveling salesperson, much like Won or Van from previous versions of Harvest Moon. He will arrive every weekend and stand at the benches next to the Plaza. Each week he'll have a different set of items for sale, and they rotate back around every 5 weeks.

He is more than he seems though...

Birthday: Unknown

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Unknown Unknown Unknown

Shop Inventory

Peddler Ivan, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, closed Monday through Friday

Week 1
Kitchen - small1000 G
Kitchen - large1000 G
Refrigerator - small1000 G
Refrigerator - large1000 G
Week 2
Cheese Maker1000 G
Mayonnaise Maker1000 G
Seed Maker1000 G
Yarn Maker1000 G
Yogurt Maker1000 G
Week 3
Shelves - small1000 G
Shelves - large2000 G
Table Set - small500 G
Table Set - large1000 G
Week 4
Frying Pan1500 G
Knife Set1000 G
Mixer700 G
Oven2000 G
Pot1200 G
Steamer800 G
Week 5
Double Bed10,000 G

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