The seed shop is run by Jean and his daughter Rosetta. She tends to boss her father around the store, but he just smiles and complies with her requests. Besides selling seeds he will have various low level accessories for sale. Since the various caves aroun the village don't change season, you can buy all of the seeds available all year long.

Birthday: Spring 3

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Cow Horn Moondrop Flower, sashimi (Amago, Ugui, Iwana, Nijimas, etc.)  

Shop Inventory

Material, 9:00am to 6:00 pm, closed Weekend

Spring Crops
Radish Seeds200 GNone
Potato Seeds340 GNone
Cucumber Seeds240 GNone
Strawberry Seeds400 GNone
Cabbage Seeds220 GNone
Moondrop Seeds200 GNone
Toyherb Seeds150 GNone
Grazing Grass Seeds600 Gnone
Cherry Grass Seeds4000 GClear Greed
Lamp Grass Seeds6000 GClear Greed
Blue Crystal Seeds700 GClear Greed
Emery Flower Seeds10,000 GClear Greed
Summer Crops
Tomato Seeds210 GNone
Corn Seeds300 GNone
Onion Seeds190 GNone
Pumpkin Seeds600 GNone
Pineapple Seeds700 GNone
Pink Cat Seeds300 GNone
Grazing Gr Seeds600 GNone
Ironleaf Seeds8700 GClear Greed
4-Leaf Clover Seeds9000 GClear Greed
Fireflower Seeds3300 GClear Greed
Green Crystal Seeds880 GClear Greed
Fall Crops
Eggplant Seeds250 GNone
Carrot Seeds210 GNone
Sweet Potato Seeds330 GNone
Spinach Seeds210 GNone
Green Pepper Seeds260 GNone
Charm Blue Flower Seeds1000 GNone
Grazing Grass Seeds600 GNone
Noel Grass Seeds2680 GClear Greed
Autumn Grass Seeds900 GClear Greed
Pom-pom Grass Seeds1200 GClear Greed
Red Crystal Seeds990 GClear Greed
Cheap Bracelet500 GNone
Charm1200 GNone
Pendant5200 GNone
Earring7920 GClear Toros
Poison Ring3200 GClear Toros
Parasite Ring4200 GClear Toros
Silent Ring3600 GClear Toros
Razor Boots3600 GClear Toros
Silver Ring3000 GClear Kasimir Ruins
Brand Glasses13,200 GClear Kasimir Ruins
Magic Ring4000 GClear Kasimir Ruins
Critical Ring8000 GClear Kasimir Ruins
Bandana1600 GClear Kasimir Ruins

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