The only blacksmith in the village is Leo; a grouchy old man who is revered for his talents. He will upgrade your basic set of tools but only a few times. If you want to surpass Leo's skill then you will have to upgrade your house and remodel the tools yourself. Leo's dream is to acquire a Grimoire Scale to be used in crafting a sword.

Birthday: Winter 11

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Bronze Bracelet Butter, Flour, Curry Powder  

Shop Inventory

Sword Leo, 9:00am to 6:00 pm, closed Weekend and rainy days

Tool Upgrades
Lvl 2 Hammer500 G4 Iron
Lvl 3 Hammer1400 G5 Silver
Lvl 2 Axe400 G5 Iron
Lvl 3 Axe1600 G7 Silver
Lvl 2 Sickle500 G3 Iron
Lvl 3 Sickle1400 G3 Silver
Lvl 2 Watering Can450 G2 Iron
Lvl 3 Watering Can1800 G3 Silver
Lvl 2 Hoe600 G2 Iron
Lvl 3 Hoe1200 G2 Silver
Lvl 2 Fishing Pole550 G2 Bronze
Lvl 3 Fishing Pole1400 G5 Iron

1h Swords
Broadsword800 GAnyNone
Long Sword2980 GAnyClear Carmite
Wind Sword5800 GSpringClear Carmite
Aqua Sword9200 GSpringClear Misty Bloom
Defender19,800 GAnyClear Kasimir
2h Swords
Claymore2500 GAnyNone
Punisher7000 GSummerClear Carmite
Two-Hand Sword12,800 GAnyClear Toros
Gaia Sword24,000 GSummerClear Misty Bloom
Great Sword35,600 GAnyClear Kasimir
Spear1800 GAnyNone
Lance4600 GAnyClear Carmite
Needle Spear7500 GFallClear Carmite
Water Spear13,600 GFallClear Kasimir
Halberd18,000 GFallClear Misty Bloom
Halberd18,000 GAnyClear Kasimir
Battle Hammer7600 GAnyNone
War Hammer18,500 GAnyClear Misty Bloom
Great Hammer55,000 GWinterClear Misty Bloom
Battle-Axe8500 GAnyNone
Ball Axe22,300 GAnyClear Misty Bloom
Alldale70,000 GWinterClear Misty Bloom
Small Shield1200 GAnyNone
Iron Shield1600 GAnyClear Toros
Round Shield2000 GAnyClear Misty Bloom

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