Next to Melody's hot springs you'll find Neumann's Farm. His shop sells Fodder and seasonal fruit you can't grow on your own farm. Felicity likes to visit his store and help out now and then, but if it's raining outside Neuman closes up shop for the day. He was once married to Sabrina, and moved to Kardia after she did.

Birthday: Spring 13

Favorite Gift Liked Gifts Disliked Gifts
Grilled Shrimp Apple, Orange, Eggs, Fried L. Snap Strawberry, Pineapple Juice

Shop Inventory

Neumann's Farm, 9:00am to 6:00 pm, closed Weekend and rainy days.

House Upgrade - 200,000 G and 2000 Lumber

Grazing Grass100 GAny
S. Egg500 GAny
Strawberry600 GSpring
Orange540 GSpring
Pineapple1200 GSummer
Grapes390 GFall
Apple360 GWinter

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