Cam's Flower Events

Date Information

  • Date Times: Tuesdays (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm), Thursdays or Fridays (11:00 am to 4:00 pm)
  • Date Locations: Good = The Flowerbed, Outside of Town, By the River, Okay = By the Church, Bad = Town Square

Purple Flower Event

screen shot

Time: Tuesday, 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: The Flowerbed
Friendships: Cam at a Purple Flower color or higher

Cam notices that you seem to like flowers. These particular flowers are cared for by Rose. They really are well maintained; in fact, all of the flowers in town are well take care of.

He recently had to leave for a while. He saw a lot of flowers with different colors and fragrances, but the flowers in Bluebell Town are the best anywhere. What do you think about the flowers?

  • Option 1: They're so beautiful... (+2000 FP)

    All of the villagers that he's met are also kind, just like the flowers. Cam realizes that it is pretty late, but he enjoyed talking with you.
  • Option 2: They look delicious... (-3000 FP)

    ... you want to eat the flowers? Cam hopes that you don't plan on eating these particular flowers, as they are not edible! He becomes annoyed and walks away.

Blue Flower Event

screen shot

Time:Thursday or Friday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: Outside of Town
Friendship: Cam at a Blue Flower color or higher

Cam seems to be lost in thought. He explains that a friend of his in the city is going to get married and Cam is planning on sending a bouquet of flowers. The bride likes pink and white so he plans on using pink and white flowers, but he can't decide what to use as an accent flower.

  • Option 1: How about Pink Roses? (-2000 FP)

    He was asking about an accent color. Using the same color as the main color would hide the accent flower. Cam didn't really enjoy your chat today and he has to leave.
  • Option 2: Gerbera would be great! (+3000 FP)

    Cam had been considering using that flower, but since you think it'll work then it must be the right choice! He thanks you for your great advice and leaves to go work on the bouquet.

Green Flower Event

screen shot

Time: Friday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: The Flowerbed
Friendship: Cam at a Green Flower or higher, Rutger at 1 Flower (5000 FP) or higher

Cam tells you that lately that he hasn't been doing very well at his shop. He believes the reason is because he isn't very good with serving customers. Cam knows he has to do something to fix this issue, but he doesn't know what to do. You offer to help him at his shop. Maybe Cam can learn a few things by watching you.

At the shop, you ring a bell to entice customers but no one seems to be coming. Cam tries by shouting out a greeting, but it sounds forced and awkward. He is a little discouraged.

  • Option 1: Leave it to me! (-1000 FP)

    You get back to work and eventually take care of all of the items for sale. Cam is impressed that you've worked hard and sold everything. He didn't really get the chance to study customer service though because he can't do it like you do. Cam thanks you for the help you've given him today.
  • Option 2: You can do it! (+3000 FP)

    Cam agrees; he feels that the that the two of you can do it. You go back to ringing your bell and eventually Rutger comes to the shop to investigate all the racket you are making. Cam struggles to greet his "customer" but Rutger believes Cam has changed. Even as a child, Cam was never very good with expressing himself, but recently Rutger notices that he's been more animated. Maybe it's because of you?

    Well if Rutger has noticed, it must be true. Rutger decides to buy flowers for Rose and then leaves to return home. Eventually the two of you sell all of the items. Cam thanks you for helping him with his customers. He believes he is getting better at it. He invites you to spend time with him at the cafe before you go home.

Yellow Flower Event

screen shot

Time: Thursday or Friday, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Weather: Sunny or Snowy
Date Location: By the river
Friendship: Cam at a Yellow Flower or higher, Ash at Purple Flower or higher, Georgia at 2 White Flowers (10,000 FP) or higher

The two of you are chatting by the stream when you spot a cat that is stuck on the island the stream wraps around. You run over and help the cat to safer (and less wet) ground. Cam notices that the cat has a collar and guesses that it is lost. He suggests that the two of you search for the cat's owner.

You find Ash and explain the situation. Unfortunately he doesn't know where the cat's owner is.

Next, the two of you ask Georgia about the cat. The cat is familiar... she believes the cat belongs to one of their customers. If you can't find the cat's owner, she and her dad can take care of it for a while.

The two of you continue to search for the cat's owner but you're not having any luck. Cam is worried and isn't sure what to do if you can't find its owner.

  • Option 1: Let's put it back... (-4000 FP)

    Cam does not like the idea of returning the cat back to where the two of you found it. He didn't realize you were that kind of a person! Cam will continue to search for the cat's owner on his own. Cam and the cat leave you behind on top of the mountain.
  • Option 2: We can't give up now! (+3000 FP)

    Your encouragement cheers Cam up. Suddenly you hear a voice calling out. It's the cat's owner! The lady is ecstatic to find her lost cat. She was worried when she noticed the cat had run off to chase a bug and has been searching ever since. The lady thanks the two of you for helping her cat, Nico. She wanted to reward you when she has more time, but Cam is just glad that he was able to find the cat's owner and no reward is necessary. As they turn to go, the cat seems to thank Cam for helping her.

    Cam thanks you and feels pleased with the outcome of this situation.

    You'll return to your farmhouse when the event is over.

Additional Marriage Requirements

You need to have 4 flowers (30,000 FP) with Howard and Laney before you can marry Cam. He does not have a reverse proposal so you must be the one to initiate the marriage proposal.

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