Random Event

Another Giant Panda?!

screen shot

» Walk from Konohana Mid-Mountain to Konohana Low-Mountain
» Monday
» Sunny or Snowy weather
» 12:30 pm to 4:45 pm
» Yun is at 4 flowers or more
» Ying and Sheng are at 45,000 FP (5 flowers = 40,000 FP)
» the Panda wild animal has 701 FP or more (music-note friendship)
» You have seen Giant Panda?!

Yun is showing her granddaughter the bamboo thicket by Konohana Town, but when Yun goes on and on about the greatness of bamboo, Ying wanders off and finds a pair of pandas!

Unfortunately, the smaller of the pandas is actually Sheng; he introduces her to the real panda. It is so cute! Ying thinks it is even cuter than her toy panda. The panda responds favorably towards Ying, and Sheng thinks the panda likes her more than it likes him.

Yun then calls for Ying to head home with her. Before she leaves, Ying tells the panda that she'll come visit it sometime.

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