Random Event

Carpentry Business

screen shot

» Walk from Bluebell Church area to Bluebell Town
» Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday
» Sunny weather
» 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm
» The tunnel between the towns is connected
» You are not married to Nori or Reina
» Eileen is at 6 flowers or more
» Nori and Reina are at 5 flowers or more

Nori and Reina have come to Bluebell Town because they heard a rumor that there is an extraordinary carpenter living in town. Eileen offers them the chance to carry some lumber like she does, but both girls decline. Eileen is glad to know that they are interested in her work anyway, and lets them watch her create some lumber.

The Konohana girls are impressed with Eileen's speed and strength. Eileen is glad to hear their complements, even though Sheng has never made one towards her. Reina is jealous of the carpenter's strength! The girls thank Eileen for allowing them to watch her work.

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