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» Walk from Bluebell Low-Mountain to the Bluebell Church area
» Saturday or Sunday
» Sunny or Snowy weather
» 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm
» Year 3 or later
» The tunnel between the towns is completed
» You are not married to Ash or Reina
» Ash and Reina are at 5 flowers or more

Reina is investigating the plants in Bluebell by the tunnel entrance. She is amazed by the different types of plants in the area. Reina is envious of the plants because they have so many "friends" (i.e., the other plants).

Ash comes over to visit with her for a bit. She explains that she is on a plant expedition for her research. Reina needs to study the plants' life cycle, scent, and so on. She shows him that there are even rare trees growing in Bluebell. Ash tells her that this particular tree only grows in Bluebell and is the symbol of their town. He lets her know that there is even a flower shop by the cafe in town. Next time she is in the area, Reina plans to check it out.

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