Random Event

Dangerous Cake

screen shot

» Howard's Cafe
» Saturday or Sunday
» Sunny weather
» 1:15 pm to 4:00 pm
» Jessica and Cheryl are at 4 flowers or more
» Laney and Georgia are at 5 flowers or more
» You are not married to Laney or Georgia

Georgia has come to visit Laney for snacks and some chit-chat. After the girls have finished their treats, Laney is surprised that she ate the whole thing. She is concerned because she's gained a little bit of weight recently. Georgia has as well! The girls figure they probably shouldn't be eating so much cake and candy, but it tastes so good!

Cheryl and Jessica come into the cafe for a visit and notice the girls at the table. Laney invites the two girls to join them at their table for some cake.

The girls start to talk so Jessica explains to them why it is important to watch what they eat. They've all had so much fun that Jessica didn't realize how late in the day it was getting. Jessica and Cheryl leave the cafe, but not before Cheryl comments on how delicious the chocolate cake was. After they leave, Laney and Georgia are now in the mood for more cake! They convince each other to resist the cake temptation, though.

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