Random Event

Oracle's True Name

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» The Oracle's house
» Sunday
» Sunny or Snowy weather
» 10:15 pm to 12:00 am (midnight)
» The Oracle is at 55,000 FP (7 flowers = 50,000 FP)
» You are married but not married to the Oracle
» You have seen The Oracle's Decision

The Oracle is glad to see you've come by for a visit. You've visited her so many times that you've made her very happy! Oracle realizes that she has never told you what her name is. She will then tell you her true name, which was given to her long, long ago. The Oracle never tells anyone her name, but she feels she can trust you. Until you started visiting her house, she hadn't had any visitors in many years. You're welcome to come and be her laboratory guinea pig any time you'd like!

The Oracle's true name is Ulyssa.

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