Random Events

Reina Talks to Plants

screen shot

» Inside Mako's house
» Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
» Sunny or Snowy weather
» 9:45 pm to midnight
» Kana and Mako have 15,000 FP or higher (2 flowers = 10,000 FP)
» Reina has 4 flowers or more
» Reina is not married

Reina is inside the house talking to her plants. She doesn't notice that Mako and Kana are standing right behind her, listening to her gossip to her plants. Mako finally interrupts Reina and asks if she was talking to somebody.

She explains that it is all in the name of research and scolds her uncle for making fun of her. Reina storms off upstairs, leaving a bewildered Mako and Kana downstairs. Mako thinks they may have entered the house at the wrong time; poor Kana was just hoping to find some good horse feed and ended up in the middle of this! Kana tells Mako that he'll just come back later.

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