Random Event

Let's Play With the Kids

screen shot

» Walk from the Konohana tunnel entrance area to Konohana Town
» Tuesday or Wednesday
» Sunny weather
» 12:30 pm to 4:00 pm
» Mako is at 25,000 FP or more (3 flowers = 20,000 FP)
» Rahi and Ying are at 3 flowers or more
» Ayame is at 15,000 FP or more (2 flowers = 10,000 FP)

Rahi and Ying are having fun outside when Ayame walks by. The doctor asks what they're going to play today but Rahi says they're just outside talking because the weather is so nice outside.

Mako stops by when he notices Ayame hanging out with the kids. Ayame invites him to join in. Mako says he's great playing with kids and asks them what game they're going to be playing. Rahi becomes a little intimidated by the large orchard owner and runs off. Mako interprets this as Rahi wants to play "tag", and starts to chase after the little boy. The two of them run all around town.

Ying was hoping to just have a nice, quiet chat.

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