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Racing Home

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» If you're living in Bluebell, walk from Bluebell Town to the Church area
» If you're living in Konohana, walk from Konohana Town to the Tunnel area
» 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
» Any day
» Sunny weather
» Your child is full grown
» Your child has 6 flowers or more

As you walk into the area you'll meet up with your child. He or she will suggest that you race home and the first one home will be the winner. Right before you start running you'll have two options:

  • Run as fast as you can. - You take off running and are the first one to arrive home. After waiting for a bit, your exhausted child finally shows up. You ran too fast and now your child is very tired and disappointed that it couldn't keep up with you. Your child never wants to race with you again! You will lose 1000 FP with your child.
  • Go easy. - You take your time and so you'll child will beat you home. Your child will be very proud of itself and you'll earn +3000 FP with him or her.

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