Random Event

Rutger's Magic Trick

screen shot

» Walk from the Church area to Bluebell Town
» Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday
» Sunny weather
» 11:30 am to 3:00 pm
» Rutger is at full-bloom flower
» Jessica and Cheryl are at 4 flowers

You are checking the Bluebell message board when you're greeted by Jessica and Cheryl. Jessica suggests that you take a break from work every so often, just like she and Cheryl do.

Rutger joins the three of you. He's happy to see the village being so lively now a days. Rutger wants to show you a trick and asks you to volunteer to assist him. Rutger asks if you see anything on his head. You can choose "Nothing's there." or "Let me look again." If you pick "Let me look again" you'll just see Rutger tip his hat over and over again. The correct answer is "Nothing's there."

Rutger asks you to pay attention and after some grunting, out pops a chick from his hat! Everyone is amazed at his magic trick. Cheryl asks him how he did it, but he says that he will only tell her some day if she's extra good.

If you want to see the trick a second time, you can select "Again!". If you're done with the random event, choose "That was enough." You can see the trick two more times (with a Silkie chick and a chicken) before Rutger will call it quits. He's glad that people still find his trick amusing.

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