Random Events

The City Doctor

screen shot

» Walk from Konohana Tunnel Entrance area to Konohana Town
» Friday
» Sunny or Snowy weather
» 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
» Hiro and Ying have 45,000 FP or more (5 flowers = 40,000 FP)
» You are not married to Hiro

Hiro is brooding by the Konohana tree. He made another mistake today and feels really bad about it. Ying walks by but hides behind the tree when she notices Hiro talking to himself. Hiro wishes that he could be as good a doctor as his father is.

Ying finally reveals herself and tells Hiro that she thinks he can become a great doctor. She explains that once she went to see a doctor in the city. The doctor was very kind and looked just like Hiro. Just as she was about to mention something else, Yun calls for her to come home and eat dinner.

After Yun leaves with Ying, Hiro wonders if his father was Ying's doctor in the city. He can't give up being a doctor! He has to treat Ying just as well as his father did.

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