Getting Married

One of the activities in the game is the marriage system. The main storyline of the game will play out the same way, whether you're married or not married. Some of the festivals will change based on your martial status and there is a blueprint that requires you to be married before you can obtain it.

There are six marriage candidates to choose from based on the gender of your character. If you play as a boy, there are six girls to select from, and if you play as a girl, there are six boys to choose from. It doesn't matter if you change the visual style of your character (i.e. crossdressing), as the choice of marriage candidates will not change.











Witch Princess


To get married, you have to go through a series of steps and then give him or her a Blue Feather. You can only marry one person and you can not get a divorce if you decide you don't like that person anymore. If you don't want to be married, then you will have to start a new game.

Before you can get married, you need to have a red heart color with your spouse of choice, give a Ring and see the person's four heart events, upgrade the size of your farmhouse, and have the Double Bed in your house. After that, give the person a Blue Feather to propose marriage.

Raising the Heart Color

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When you talk to your potential sweetheart, on the character portrait that appears you'll see a heart. The heart color with be dark grey in color (black) and indicates how the person feel towards you. There are seven heart colors: black, purple, blue, green, yellow, pink, and red. Each stage of heart color is 10,000 Friendship Points (FP). You are going to need to reach the red heart color if you want to marry your candidate choice, which will occur at 60,000 FP.

To increase the person's Friendship Points and upgrade the heart color, give the person gifts and talk to the person on a regular basis. Each marriage candidate has a list of gift preferences that he or she likes. Give the best gift you possibly can to increase the person's heart color at a faster rate. You can only give one gift per day except on a gift-giving Harmony Day festival; on that day you can give a regular gift and a special Harmony Day gift.

Participating in festivals will also increase FP. You could earn between +1000 and +3000 FP just for attending an event with the other villagers.

Amir and Yuri do not have visible heart colors on their character portraits when you talk to them. This makes it a little more challenging to judge how far along you are in your relationship. You can guess how well you're doing by keeping an eye on their daily conversation dialog. When you see a change in their normal text, then that's a good indication that you've increased your friendship.

Heart Events

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When you have reached at least 5000 Friendship Points the first heart event can occur. Each candidate has set locations and times for their heart events to trigger. All you have to do is show up at the right time to watch the scene between the two of you. During the event you'll be given a choice of responses. If you chose an acceptable answer, then you will increase your friendship with the person. But, if you select the wrong answer, then you will lose friendship.

It is okay if you select the wrong answer. The only negative outcome is that you lose Friendship Points, which you can easily recover with gifts and attending festivals. You can't redo a heart event once you've gone through it, regardless of the answer you selected during the event.

You can freely see each marriage candidate's black heart event and purple heart event, as long as you aren't committed to a candidate. To see the green and yellow heart events, you must dedicate yourself to that candidate by giving him or her a Ring.

The Commitment Ring

Your marriage candidate has a green heart event and a yellow heart event, but you can only unlock those events if you give the person a Ring. The Ring is for sale at Hanna's shop for 30,000 G once you've reached a blue heart color. You can give your commitment Ring to your sweetie once he or she has reached a blue heart color, and you have seen the black heart event and the purple heart event. The time you give your Ring is also important; you can only successfully give a Ring on a non-festival Saturday or Sunday between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm when the weather is sunny. For the Witch Princess, you can only give her a Ring between 2:00 pm and 3:00 am because she doesn't get out of bed until noon, and for Soseki it is after 9:00 am because that's when he wakes up. Allen's reversal will trigger when you go upstairs to the living quarters above his salon.

Once you've had your Ring accepted, you can see your person's green and yellow heart events but not the green and yellow events for the other marriage candidates. You can also choose a nickname the person can call you (except for the Witch Princess, who is too great to do such a thing).

Commitment Ring Reversal

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For a different take on things, you can make the other person initiate the Ring exchange instead of doing it yourself. To do this, you need to have given the person at least 100 gifts, viewed the black and purple heart events, have the person at 25,000 FP or more (half-way through the blue heart color), and have a Ring in your rucksack. Then walk into the person's house on a sunny Saturday or Sunday to trigger the cut scene. The person will confess that he or she likes you and asks if you would become his/her boyfriend or girlfriend. If you agree, then you will give your Ring to the marriage candidate.

For Yuri, this Ring reversal will take place inside her Tailor shop and not at Emma's house. For the Witch Princess, you'll have to wait until after 12:00 pm to trigger it.

If you want to be a real turd, you can reject the commitment Ring exchange with the person confessing to you. The poor person will receive -3000 FP, +5 Anger Points, and walk away dejected and crushed. This doesn't mean you can't marry the person! You can still propose after you reject the ring reversal, but it will require at least 130 total gifts and it must be at least 7 days since you refused him or her. Then give the person the Ring just like you were doing it for the first time.

Couple Events

Committing to each other means that now the two of you will celebrate birthdays together. On your birthday or your sweetheart's birthday, walk into your farmhouse between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm to trigger an event. On your birthday you'll receive a gift, and on your sweetheart's birthday it will be a dinner party at your sweetheart's house after you cook it at your house. If the two of you share a birth date, then the party will be at your house. The dinner party is in addition to the birthday gift you may have already given him or her that day.

Your sweetheart will also give you free food each day. Just talk to him or her to receive a random cooked recipe if your stamina is below 2.5 hearts.

Anger Points

Once the two of you become a steady couple, Anger Points (AP) can start to accumulate. You can earn a negative hit by:

When the number of Anger Points reaches 5, the person will become so upset that he or she stays in bed all day. Don't worry, your sweetie will be fine the next day. The one day of moping around in bed will reset the AP back to 0.

Breaking Up

If you decide that maybe you made the wrong choice for a potential lifetime spouse, you can break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Breaking up with a candidate will free you from the commitment so you can give a Ring to another person and see the new person's green and yellow heart events.

To break up with your sweetheart, do not talk to the person for at least 31 days and allow the person's heart to drop to purple or black color. Then walk into the person's house on a sunny Saturday or Sunday to trigger the break up scene. When prompted, if you decide to stay together then you will gain +5 AP and -1000 FP. But if you truly want to break up and choose that option, you will get +5 AP and -10,000 FP! Ah, the single life again!

To lower a person's heart you will want to give the person the most horrible gifts you can create. Another way to lower your sweetheart's affection is to show the commitment ring or blue feather to another marriage candidate (-2000 FP). Once the person's heart color is purple or black, ignore the person for 31 days. If you want to check the person's heart color, save your game before talking to him or her, and then reload your save after you've finished looking at the heart color on the conversation dialog box.

Participating in festivals counts as interaction with the person, so you will have to avoid all festivals and cut scenes with him or her until you break up.

Flip Flopping

So now it's been at least 63 days since you broke up and you're feeling sad; you miss your ex's goofy video game character smile, birthday parties, and free lunches. You really want to get back together! Simply giving the Ring again won't be good enough this time.

If you want to give a commitment Ring to your former sweetheart, you're going to have to make some extra effort. You need to raise the person's heart color all the way to red and give at least 10 of his or her special +800 FP gift. If it has been at least 63 days since you broke up, and you've made the extra effort to be forgiven, give your ex the Ring on Saturday or Sunday during the standard Ring exchange times.

House Upgrade and Double Bed

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To prepare for your marriage you will need to upgrade the size of your farmhouse and build a larger bed. The blueprint for the Upgraded House is available at Rebecca's shop for 3200 G once you begin Town Renovation Plan #3. The farmhouse upgrade requires 30 Material Stone, 30 Lumber, 2 Glittering Stones, 5 Brick, and 5 Glass Stone.

Next, you'll need to build the Double Bed. The blueprint is at Rebecca's for 4000 G after you finish the Upgraded House construction and you have any marriage candidate at a green heart color. The Double Bed requires 10 Lumber, 5 Cotton Fabric, 10 Yarn Balls, and 3 Fluorite. You can get Cotton Fabric by growing Cotton and placing the harvested Raw Cotton into the Cloth Maker machine inside of your Maker Shed. Yarn Balls also come from the Cloth Maker by putting sheep's Wool into the machine. Fluorite is an item from the mine. The Star Rank of the resulting products won't matter.

Proposing Marriage

If you have seen all four heart events, have a red heart color, are still committed to the person, and you have the Double Bed, you can propose marriage.

Buy the Blue Feather from Hanna's store for 100,000 G. The feather will be available in her shop starting on Winter 1 of your first year. To propose, give your sweetheart the Blue Feather on Saturday or Sunday when the weather is sunny (not rainy or snowy) and it is not a festival day, between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm; Soseki is after 9:00 am and the Witch Princess is after 12:00 pm. Some of the candidates have additional requirements:

If you are proposing to...

The two of you will travel to the Harvest Goddess' pond where the feather exchange will be finalized. You will earn +2000 FP with your fiancé and your wedding ceremony will be set for 7 days later.

When proposing to the Witch Princess, her feather exchange will be inside of your house. The witch doesn't want that obnoxious Harvest Goddess to see that she's getting married!

Reverse Marriage Proposal

If you want your sweetheart to propose instead, you need to complete the above requirements and also have given your sweetheart at least 150 gifts. Then just walk into his or her house (Yuri is at the Tailor shop) with the Blue Feather in your rucksack to trigger the reverse proposal event. You will travel to the Goddess' pond just like before. If you accept his or her proposal, you'll get +4000 FP and the wedding set for 7 days later. But, if you refuse the proposal then you'll get -3000 FP and +5 AP. Refusing to accept the proposal won't trigger a break up scene.

Don't lose hope! You can re-trigger the reverse proposal just like the second-chance Ring exchange. You will need to give at least 200 gifts and it has to be at least 7 days since you rejected the marriage proposal. Then just walk into the person's house on Saturday or Sunday, just like before.

The Wedding

The ceremony will take place at the festival grounds 7 days after a successful proposal. In fact, it is the only thing you can do that entire day!

Two days before the wedding, your fiancé will visit in the morning to discuss the wedding attire. You will then decide on the clothing choices for the two of you to wear during your ceremony. The boys will have three colors of tuxedos to choose from and the girls will have two wedding dress styles:

Black Tuxedo

Grey Tuxedo

White Tuxedo

Simple Dress

Elegant Dress

(Dress pictures submitted by farmer Lotti)

screen shot

If your fiancé is Amir or the Witch Princess, you do not get a choice in what he or she wears. Amir will wear a traditional wedding outfit from his country and the Witch Princess will wear whatever the heck she wants! You will still get to choose your own wedding clothes though.

On the morning of your wedding, the villagers will gather in the festival area for the ceremony. Dunhill will act as the Master of Ceremonies and take you through your vows. After the wedding takes place, you'll earn +1000 FP with all of the villagers and you'll watch the staff game credits.

After the credits roll, you will return to your farmhouse with your new spouse. You can choose a nickname you would like to be called (the Witch Princess does not give you this option, of course). The nickname cannot be changed later. Once you have decided on your name, the day will end and you'll wake up the next morning.

From now on, your spouse will spend the first 2 hours of the day at home with you. After that, he or she will go and do normal activities, whether it is appearing at a random location or it's going to his or her shop. Your spouse will always return home at 6:00 pm.