Release Information

Console: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Release Dates:

Japan: (No planned release)
North and South America: March 2, 2021
Europe and Australia: March 5, 2021

Xbox release date will be announced later

Preorder Bonus Options

North America: Published by Natsume. All bundles come with a physical copy of the game.

Europe and Australia: Published by Rising Star Games.



The Harvest Goddess has disappeared once again; I swear she needs GPS or an ankle tracker or something... Before she vanished, she entrusted crop-growing wisdom to the Harvest Wisps. Now the rest of the world knows very little about the variety of crops that used to grow. It's up to the player to explore the world, hunting down the little sprites to reclaim the lost knowledge.


The world of One World is made up of five distinct environmental areas. Each area has a town, animals, and other tidbits that are unique:

Players will choose where they want to place their farm by using the Expando-Farm tool. The great and mighty Doc from prior entries in the Harvest Moon series will live on in this version via his ancestor, Doc Junior. Baby Doc (du du du du duuduu) has a variety of inventions to help you on the quest to learn about the long-forgotten ancient crops. The Harvest Wisps will help as well: three of their names are Aqua, Ignis, and Vitae.

It appears that hybrid crops from prior entries in Natsume's version of the series have returned. There has been Crimson Tomato, Purple Asparagus, Royal Herb, Sunset Corn, and White Carrot. There are also new crops like Tall Wheat. Sprinklers can be placed that water the field squares adjacent to the sprinkler.

Besides plants, players will raise animals such as normal cows and jersey cows, goats, sheep, chickens, and reindeer. So far we know the horse comes in black or tan colors. There is a mine to collect ore. Players can even cast their fishing pole in rivers of lava to reel in fishies!

Playes can customize their protagonists by selecting eye color, hair color, and skin tone.

Marriage Candidates

There are a total of 5 candidates per gender: 5 male candidates and 5 female candidates. It's assumed that same-sex marriage will not be a part of One World.

The candidates are associated with each of the five areas in the game:

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