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A Website dedicated to Harvest Moon 2 for Gameboy Color

Harvest Moon 2 for Gameboy Color was released on November 9, 2000. A PAL (European) version of the game was released on March 30, 2001. Now you can buy this game on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console as of October 16, 2014.

In the beginning...

The whole game series started back in 1997 with the first one released for Super Nintendo, titled "Harvest Moon". Since then there have been several releases of the Harvest Moon gaming series spanning four different gaming consoles. Harvest Moon 2 for Gameboy Color is a sequel to the initial Harvest Moon release for Gameboy. Unlike the Super Nintendo, Playstation, and Nintendo 64 versions, the Gameboy versions of the game allow you to choose between playing a girl or a boy farmer. Specifying wether you want to be male or female determines how parts of the game will be played.

Harvest Moon 2's general storyline revolves around a small defunct village. The leader of the village determines that to stay alive, they must use the old abandoned farmland outside of town and turn it into an amusement park. Before this happens though, a brave farmer volunteers to take the rundown land and turn it into a productive farm. The leader of the village gives the farmer 3 years to accomplish this, else the village is doomed.

The sequel is a definate improvement over the origional Harvest Moon for Gameboy. Some of the new changes include...

  New animal - Sheep have been added to the game. The cows and chickens remain from the old game. Each animal now has a pasture land set aside for them behind their barns where grass is grown.
  Village interaction - previously going to the village ment you just walked off the farm and *poof* you were at the village. Pressing the diagonal pad on the Gameboy took you to each shop. Now you have to walk an extra screen to get to the village, plus walk up to each shop's doorway to purchase items. The village also now has a Town Plaza where the townfolk will gather for events and generally hang out.
  The Mountains - Like in the larger console versions, there is now a small wooded area between the farm and the village where you can go to chop wood and pick berries. The Hot Springs have been moved there instead of being underneath the Tool Shed like in the first Harvest Moon game for Gameboy.
  Hot House - Now you have the ability to grow flowers and herbs in a Hot House year round.
  And much more


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