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. Ushi No Tane

Every season there will be certain events that take place. Some events are festivals that you can attend in the village. Others are on random days like storms. You can learn about when events happen by viewing the posts on the Bulliten Board in the Town Square. You can also look in your system notebook by pressing SELECT once to activate it, and then SELECT again to bring up the "Schedule" option.

Going to festivals will raise your happiness and raise your friendships with the villagers. Some festivals require you to go to them during the day, and others take place at night. Festivals take place in the Town Square. Sometimes you will also get a photograph of you at the festival that appears in Mary's Photo picture book. You can print out your pictures using your Gameboy Printer if you have one.

Weather storms are listed on the Schedule to happen on certain days but often times they don't. Hurricanes and Snow Storms will happen around the date that they are scheduled for. If there is a Snow Storm scheduled for the 20th of Winter, the storm could actually take place on the 19th, 20th, or 21st. You can only find out when it is specifically going to happen by watching the weather report on your tv inside your house.

Storms will also damage your crops and grass, so keep that in mind when you're planting. If you are replanting grass and notice that a storm is scheduled to occur within a few days, wait until the storm has passed before replanting. When a storm occurs you are also trapped inside all day, which means you can't take care of your animals. The next day after the storm your animals won't produce anything and they'll be grumpy for three days. Just take care of them like you normally would and they should be fine three days later. Sometimes the chickens won't get any better no matter how nice you are to them. In that case it's best to just sell the chicken and hatch a new one.

If you want to be sneaky, you can avoid storms. If you notice that the weather on tv for the next day calls for a typhoon or a snow storm, and it's not a sunday, you can go to the village and talk to Ken. You ask Ken to do an estimate for you the next day. When you wake up in the morning instead of a storm you get Ken giving you a building estimate. If at some point you actually have Ken building something for you, the schedule in your system notebook will let you know what day his project is going to be done. Your birthday will also appear on the schedule.

Listed below is a list of what is scheduled to occur each season.


   1st - New Years Festival - Doesn't occur the first year, but every year after.
   15th - Cherry Cup - A horse race you can participate in. Doesn't occur the first year. Winner gets 10000G the second year, 20000G the third year. You get your picture taken for Mary's Photo book.
   25th - Flower Viewing Festival - Will, the Doctor, the Mayor, and Ken are all outside in the Town Square looking at the Cherry Blossums. Will mentions that Bill can't come outside because of his Hay Fever. You get your picture taken for Mary's Photo book.


   7th - Star Festival - Go to the Town Square at night (6pm - 12am). Rosie, Chet, Chocola, and Daisy are out viewing the stars. Rosie will tell you the history of the Star Festival if you talk to her twice.
   11th - Hurricane/Typhoon warning - Storm will occur around this date.
   21st - Hurricane/Typhoon warning - Storm will occur around this date.


   10th - Moon Viewing Festival - Head to the Mountain at night. Mary will be there viewing the moon. Also get your picture taken for Mary's Photo Book.
   15th - Daisy Stakes - Horse race you can participate in. Doesn't occur in the first year. Winner receives 10 Napa seeds.
   25th - Harvest Festival - Everyone is hanging out in the Village, yet Rosie is staying indoors. One of the twins mentions that she needs some dairy product to complete her cream stew. You will be able to enter her Restaurant if you are carrying Milk, Butter, or Cheese above your head. She'll thank you for giving her the missing ingredient. Go talk to the Mayor after that and you'll all go dancing in the Town Square. Get your picture taken for Mary's Photo book.


   1st - Heavy Snow warning - Storm will occur around this date.
   14th - Giving Thanks - Depending on what gender your farmer is you'll either get Rosie (for boys) or Bill (for girls) will come by that morning and give you a cake from Chocola/Will. They are too shy to give it to you personally so they sent their siblings to do it for them.
   20th - Heavy Snow warning - Storm will occur around this date.
   25th - Holy Night Festival - Go to the Church and Cain says if you pray to the Harvest Goddess she is sure to hear your prayer. You can choose to pray for 5 different things. If you pray for Sunshine, it will be sunny the next day. If you pray for Happiness, your happiness will go up. If you pray for Friendship, she will deepen a friendship with someone. If you pray for Health, you will become healthy (even if you already are). If you pray for Wealth, you get a scolding from the Goddess and she tells you to go work hard.

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